tagNonHumanLilith's Gift

Lilith's Gift


The snow began to fall around six p.m., and by eight the world was blanketed in a soft layer of powder. Lilith turned up the heater and snuggled down close under the covers, wishing that she weren't going to spend another holiday alone. Small, plain Lilith of the books, and the laptop was alone again on Yule. Shunned by her strict Catholic family. Living in a remote area where she could be free to practice her pagan lifestyle in peace. But then alone was better than stifled wasn't it? Closing her eyes she wrapped her arms around a pillow and fell asleep thinking of how beautiful the large oaks that surrounded her house looked crowned with their winter glory.

Lilith opened her eyes slowly, registering that the clock said three a.m. She looked longingly out the window at the frosty yard lit with soft moonlight. Stretching, she arose from the bed and pulled on a pair of sneakers. A walk couldn't hurt. She made sure that the Yule log was still burning brightly in the fireplace and slipped out the back door to explore her own little winter wonderland. As she ran through the trees she began to feel lighter. So what if she was alone on Yule, the trees were her family and they would always be there. Offering up to her their eternal majesty, as if it were a gift for her alone. Suddenly reality crashed back down upon her, making the world seem remote... lonely. She wrapped her arms around the largest oak and began to cry. Her tears dropped from her cheeks and froze before they hit the ground, making tiny holes in the undisturbed snow. The tree began to glow with a somewhat otherworldly light, and a sense of peace came over Lilith. The world was once again a friendly place, and as she smiled the tree shimmered once more and dissolved before her eyes. In its place stood a man. Or rather, he might have passed for a man if it weren't for his piercing green eyes and slightly pointed ears.

The man just stood there, looking into her eyes as if in a trance. Her gaze traveled down his naked body, taking in his long lithe limbs and well toned muscles. Lilith smiled. "If this is a dream," she whispered," I don't want to wake up." The man blushed slightly and brushed his long black locks out of his eyes.

"This is no dream." He responded. "You called me, and I answered. Haven't you always known that you weren't alone in these woods? I have watched you for quite some time now. Watched you dance naked among the autumn leaves, and run barefoot through the rain misted grass. I have watched you frolic as I once did among the flowers of spring, and revel in the storms that crashed down upon the trees. I have seen your laughter, your rage, and now your sorrow. You have never truly been alone."

Awestruck, Lilith reached up to run a finger down his arm. "You're real, I always felt... but I never thought. You know so much about me, and yet I know nothing about you. Who are you? What are you? Where did you come from?"

The man laughed. "Ah, my little one. You are so full of questions. I am the earth, the trees, and the snow, I am the wind that caresses your face as you walk through the forest. I am this place, and I have always been here. But, you may call me Oak."

Lilith took a deep breath and held out her hand. "I am Lilith." Looking him up and down again she giggled "Aren't you cold?"

He reached out and ran his fingers through her long fiery mane. "No my little one, I do not feel cold the same way that you do, and if you come with me you will no longer feel it either."

Taking his hand trustingly, Lilith followed Oak deeper into the forest. The trees grew closer together here, shielding them from the still falling snow. A light appeared ahead, and as they rounded a bend Lilith saw a clearing lit with small streaks of gold shimmers through the trees. The clearing was carpeted in moss and looked as though it held the secrets of perpetual spring. In the middle of the clearing was a boulder, flat topped and covered in wildflowers. Lilith, for the first time in her life, felt truly at home.

Oak pulled her towards the boulder, and as she stepped fully into the clearing her clothes disappeared, and her hair was suddenly dotted with flowers of every color. "My gift to you." Whispered Oak as he lay her down upon the rock and captured her mouth with his own. Giving in to the moment, Lilith closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around him as he covered her body in kisses. His mouth trailed along her jaw and down her neck, stopping to pay homage to her collarbone on its journey towards her center. Moaning softly, Lilith tangled her fingers in Oaks hair as his lips traveled over her breasts. Gently he sucked a nipple between his lips, increasing the pressure when he felt her jump beneath him. His hands ran along her sides, stroking softly. The moment seemed to last forever.

Lilith couldn't take any more, it was torture, sensual, beautiful torture. She pulled Oak's face up to her own and kissed him, wrapping her legs around his hips and flipping him onto his back. "My turn!" she gasped as her lips began to make the same journey down his chest. She dipped her tongue into his belly button then ran it along is pelvic bone. Her hot breath stirred the dark curls surrounding his manhood as she reached her tongue out and flicked the head. Groaning with pleasure Oak ran his fingers through her hair as he looked deeply into her eyes.

"So eager, my little love, but I am yours now. No need to rush." Oak whispered. Her mouth slowly made its way down his shaft until he was buried in her throat. She sucked softly, bobbing up and down as she ran her hands over his body. Her tongue swirled around him as she tried to swallow him whole. Her mouth watered at the sweet honeyed taste of his skin. Then her eyes widened as he began to shake and emptied himself into her mouth, the sugary liquid sliding down her throat. "So beautiful." He murmured into her ear as he pulled her close. "So free now of the world that haunts you."

Lilith pulled herself up onto her knees and slid him inside of her. "Only with you." She groaned as she felt him filling her, stretching her until finally she had taken all of him. Slowly she began to rock back and forth, biting her lip as she felt him sliding within her walls.

"Don't hold back." He chuckled. "I want to hear you, feel you, see your pleasure."

Lilith began to move faster, building towards something she had never felt before. Every motion, every breath brought her closer to it. She felt her lungs expanding, taking in the fresh air, her heart racing. Her eyes closed as she neared it, felt it moving through her in waves, and then... he was on top of her. Pinning her down and driving inside of her as her world shattered. She screamed his name into the night sky, and then everything went black.

Lilith awoke in her bed. The window was open and the snow had drifted inside, wetting the wood flooring. The clock said six a.m. She walked over to the open window and breathed in the night air. Had it been a dream. The wind whispered softly against her face with a promise. Inside her head she heard his words "Forever my love, I am here."

Closing the window, Lilith climbed back into her bed. "Well," she whispered as she drifted back into sleep "there's always next year."

(As always... My work... Please ask before posting it anywhere other than Literotica!)

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