Lillian Muller


The lovely Lillian Muller was excited about the audition. The part was unusual. She would play a lawyer, very prim and proper, very uptight. There was no sexuality to the role, in fact just the opposite. Her agent explained that the writer and director wanted an actress with a lot of sex appeal for the part because it would add 'complexity' to the character. Lillian didn't care about that; it was a good role that could help her career; it was a supporting role but it could be the kind of part that can steal a movie.

The beautiful blonde's body glowed in the pale light of the morning. She stood nude before the mirror getting dressed for the audition and touched her perfect breasts and rubbed them for a moment. Selecting a sexy, low cut black bra she slipped each luscious mound into a cup, snuggling them in the fabric that could barely contain them, and clasped it closed.

Holding her flimsy black panties up she lifted one shapely leg, then the other, and pulled the sheer garment up her thighs and covered her golden pussy. The sweet bush still could be seen through the black of the silky cloth. Then she slowly rolled up black silk stockings; she loved the way the cool silk felt as it made contact with her warm skin.

A plain black wool skirt was next, then a white silk blouse. She spent long minutes slowly buttoning up, watching her supple white skin disappear behind the pearl white silk. She left just a few buttons open so a hint of her delightful cleavage peeked out teasingly.

Lillian slipped on some sensible shoes and twirled in the mirror. She was a ideal combination of sexy and prim. The soft waves of her blonde hair bounced seductively as she spun before the glass. She puckered up and painted her lush lips bright red. In a flash of inspiration she put her long hair up in a loose bun with a few strands hanging free here or there. Finally she put on a pair of glasses. She inspected herself and thought she projected the right combination of prim librarian or kindergarten teacher and whore.

She took a cab to the midtown production offices. The friendly receptionist put her in a vacant office and explained that Lillian would be meeting the writer and, if he liked her, a audition with the director and the other actors would be arranged. She was told to look over the production designs on the desk.

Lillian sat behind the desk a little nervous and tapped her long fingers on the glass top while she waited. She glanced at the various set and costume designs; apparently this would be a very expensive production and she was anxious to be a part of it. The writer, who was also the producer, had already won an Academy Award a few years ago.

He walked through the door with an air of confidence, obviously pleased to be meeting her. In addition to his self-assurance she noticed that he was good looking and well dressed.

Stepping in front of the desk he extended a hand and introduced himself . He explained that he was merely going to talk to her about the part and get a sense of whether or not she was right for it. Then he sat down in one of the leather chairs positioned before the desk and they started to discuss the script and the character. he was very complimentary and enthusiastic about working with her. He seemed delighted with her Scandinavian accent and told her it would fit perfectly with the character she would play.

The conversation went well; she found him amusing and intelligent, keeping her interest when he talked as well as being a good listener when she spoke. At some point during their conference she moved from behind the desk to sit in the chair next to his so they could look at one of the costume designs together. They both turned slightly so that they were facing each other.

As they talked she found her mind wondering, caught it thinking about things completely unrelated to their conversation. Her eyes, behind her glasses, would occasionally drift down to his crotch and she would wonder what he had hidden in his pants. When this occurred she would silently chastise herself for such musings.

Unconsciously one of her hands roamed across her chest, lightly brushing the skin under her lovely throat. It was merely a comforting, something-to-do-with-your-hand sort of thing. The fingers lightly wiping back and forth in a small area a couple of inches above where her breasts pushed the silk forward.

Also without any conscience thought she crossed and re-crossed her legs, causing the hem of her skirt to ride up her thigh slightly; the soft wool made a whispering noise gliding across her white skin. The nervous movements of her legs tickled her pussy and she slowly became aware of a kind of gentle aching starting to grow between her tender thighs.

She willed her mind to focus on the discussion and was startled when, a few minutes later, he announced that he should be going; he explained that for security reasons she would have to read the script here in the office. He wanted her to look it over and they would meet again the next day. He handed her the pages and stood up to leave. When he did her eyes once more dropped toward his crotch where she could see the outline of a slight bulge. Suddenly she realized that he had gotten a partial hard-on while talking to her. She felt a string of tiny tingles race along her spine as she thought about this and looked at the evidence.

She quickly got to her own feet and walked him to the door, thanking him for the opportunity and expressing enthusiasm for the project. She even gave him a slight hug; she was European after all, but she didn't want to come on too strong. The part came first. But he did seem to hold her for a few seconds longer than she expected. And he did smell good.

After he left she returned to the chair in which she'd been sitting and leaned back into the warm leather and closed her eyes. Her mind was filled with his image, his good looks and charming smile. Then an image of his crotch and the semi-stiff cock under his clothes emerged as well. Again she felt the tingles run up her spine.

Reflexively she re-crossed her legs again and now she could feel the ache in her pussy growing a little stronger. Her left hand was once more lightly touching her chest, her fingers dangling downward and tracing small circles over the white silk blouse, spreading her fingertips just inches above her breast.

Closing her eyes she leaned back into the corner of the chair and allowed her mind to run free with her memory of the writer and the bulge in his crotch.

The fingers touching her upper chest slowly descended until they were tracing small circles across the top of her breast, the delicate touch of her nails sending more tingling sensations through her body. Her other hand rose up to do the same to her other breast, the two hands working in unison as they scratched her fingers across the white silk. Beneath her clothing she felt her nipples starting to harden, felt them swelling as blood raced to the nubs, felt them starting to press into the bra. She shifted slightly in the chair. As she caressed her firm breasts, the sexy black lingerie began to slide slightly, the soft, lacey material rubbing over her swelling nubs.

"Mmmm," she sighed softly at the sensation of her fingers touching her firm mounds and the rush of cool silk on her skin.

Her mind continued to fill with images of the writer as her hands glided over her breasts, sliding down further, looping around to scratch at the bottoms and across the very front of them. She imagined his cock swelling under his clothing, imagined it growing stiff and hard as he kissed her, imagined that it was his hands delicately teasing at her breasts.

Eventually her fingers pressed harder, scraping across the silk, drawing lines around her fleshy mounds. She slid the fingers down and over where her nipples, having become hard and swollen, pressed into the bra, the lacey material causing hot sparks on the sensitive flesh.

As her hands started to cup her breasts, massaging and kneading them through her blouse she slouched lower into the chair, her long legs stretching out. She opened and closed them slightly, causing the skirt to ride a little higher on her thighs. She was beginning to breath deperately: light, rapid, shallow, pants gasping through her parted lips.

Her mind continued to fill with the images of the writer, his hands on her breasts, squeezing and cupping them in place of her own hands. She imagined his cock growing harder in his pants, then dreamed of it uncovered and stiff before her.

Her hands covered her breasts, her palms flattening over her nipples as they lay hidden beneath her clothing. She pressed at her fleshy mounds, rubbing them and plying the flesh between her grasp.

"Oohhh," she sighed as she felt her actions sending tingling sensations down her body to her loins.

Her hands left their kneading for a minutes as she reached up and started to unbutton her blouse, her fingers pulling at the buttons as she quickly undid them down to her belly, all but the last one. Her hands slid inside the opening and closed onto her now nearly bare breasts. She squeezed at them, massaged the sweet mounds of flesh, her fingers plying the delicious skin.

She sunk a little lower into the chair, her legs rocking, opening and closing in rhythm with her frantic breathing. The blonde beauty squeezed her thighs together, feeling a throbbing pressure ache inside. Her hands pulled at the bra partially covering her breasts, pulled it down and away so that she could get at her nipples. Her fingers reached for the swollen nubs; they enclosed the pink buds, rolled them, tweaked them.

"Oohhhh," she sighed, electrical sparks flying through her nerves.

She was pressed back into the corner of the chair, her head laying with strands of her silky blonde hair escaping the knot and cascading down her soft shoulders, her eyes closed, her bottom lip hanging open slightly as she panted. Her blouse hung open, her bra pulled away to expose her flesh. She was rubbing her breasts, massaging them and pulling at her engorged nipples. Her skirt was riding high on her legs, exposing one of the elastic bands holding her stockings up, her legs rocking open and closed. She felt her arousal mounting, felt her pussy aching and her juices starting to flow, moistening her inside.

"Oohhh God," she sighed, her fingers rolling her nipples as she imagined they were his fingers.

She pulled on them, her hands cupping and massaging her fleshy breasts as she did. Her breathing grew heavier, her panting now more of a sensual huffing . She squeezed at her breasts, pressed them together, molding and shaping the fleshy mounds under her grip. When her fingers closed on the swollen nipples and tweaked them she whimpered with pleasure.

Soon she allowed one of the hands to slide away from her breast, down across her belly, her nerves quivering beneath the light touch of her fingers as they traced a path across her flesh. When it got to where the last button remained closed and the bottom of her blouse was still tucked into her skirt, although disheveled, she lifted her hand and moved it quickly to her thigh.

She pulled on the skirts hem, pulled it up until both of her thighs were bared, the garment barely covering where her legs came together at her crotch. Her legs were spread open now. Her fingers scratched at the soft flesh of her inner thigh, pressing into it and causing small indentations to form where they traveled.

"Mmmmmm," she whimpered hungrily as her fingers neared her crotch, then slid away again.

Her one hand continued to knead at her breast, squeezing and plying the flesh. Her fingers rolled over her tender nipple, pulling and tweaking at the swollen nub. Her other hand rubbed and scratched at her thigh, its close contact causing her juices to flow even more freely. She started to pant heavier, her breath gasping from her as she felt her arousal growing steadily higher.

In her mind it was his hands on her body, touching her, teasing her. She could see his cock now, hard and bared, sticking out as it bobbed in the air before her while he played with her body.

The fingers on her thigh scratched higher, nearer to her aching pussy, now wet with her juices. They reached closer, slipping under the very edge of her skirt and coming to within an inch of touching her swelling lips, then backing away. They moved closer still, less than an inch away this time.

"Ooohhhh," she squealed urgently as they moved across the very edges of her puffy lips.

Then she allowed them to touch her, allowed them to swipe onto the panties covering her sex; they scratched delicately at the lacey material. Simultaneously her other hand squeezed hard at the breast it held, her fingers pinching at the swollen and sensitive nipple.

"Oooohhhhh," her ass lifted off the chair slightly as thousands of electrical sparks ignited in her body.

Pulling the skirt even higher she slouched into the chair more, her legs splaying out, spread open. Her one hand scratched at the crotch of her panties, wet from the juices that had leaked form her pussy. Her other hand massaged and kneaded her breast.

Inside her loins were a raging fire of desire, burning hot with a hungry need. She pushed her hips forward at her hand as the rubbing fingers pressed along her slit. Her lips were swollen, parted out and starting to edge out from under her panties. She found her clit and pressed at it with her thumb while her fingers continued to scratch at her covered slit.

She was in a trance, hungry lust blocking out the world as she played with and manipulated her body, imagining that it was his hands rather than her own. Her hips pushed harder into her hand, her chest heaving against the one massaging her breast. Her head rolled slowly from one side to the other, her lip quivering as she panted. The hand between her legs scratched harder at the wet material and the even wetter slit beneath it.. Her fingers brushed at her opening and pressed gently, pushing the material into her and rubbing the very inner edges of her pussy.

"Oohhh yeess," she whimpered, her mind seeing his cock rubbing at her slit now rather than her hand. "Ooohhhh God yeesss."

Her head rolled from side to side a little faster now, her chest rising and falling as she panted heavily from her hunger and lust. She mauled her soft flesh, squeezing and plying the mound, her fingers grabbing at her sensitive nipple. Her other fingers scratched heavily at her sex through her panties, rubbing against her slit and pressing on her swollen clit.

She soon pulled the panties material aside with two fingers and probed at her opening with two others. She pressed the digits at the juice soaked gap, pushing them slowly into her, making small circular motions as she did.

"Huh... huh... huh... hu-ooohhhhhh," she moaned quietly as the fingers delved into her sex.

Still she imagined that it was his cock and not her fingers slipping into her wet pussy, pressing into her and stretching her open. She rolled her fingers inside of herself, pushed and pressed them while her palm rubbed at her clit.

She was slouched low into the chair now, her head jammed into the corner as it rolled on her neck. She had one hand attacking her breast, shaping the fleshy mound as she squeezed it, pinching at her red nipple. Her panties were now yanked aside, the strain misshaping them, with two fingers rolling into her pussy, slowly and steadily pumping her. She panted and moaned quietly as she continued to finger herself.

"Ooooohhhhhh God yeessss," she sighed as she felt her orgasm coming forward, building and growing as it raced to where it would come crashing through her body in an explosion. "Oooohhhh yeeesssssss."

Her hips were pumping at her fingers, driving up at the digits as they pumped into her sex. She pushed harder, tried to bury them deeper into herself and whimpered when they would only reach so far. Greedily she rubbed harder at her clit, sending sparks of white fire at the growing orgasm inside of her.

"Uug... uug... uug... Uuugggghhhhhhhhhhh," she moaned, her hand and hips increasing their pace.

She threw her head from side to side now, her bottom lips hung low as she panted and groaned past it. Her hand pulled at her breast stretching her nipple hard. Her hand became a blur as her fingers flashed in and out of her pussy, her hips driving up at them. Her orgasm reached the edge and teetered there for just a second before it came crashing down, waves of pleasure breaking over her nerves and causing her body to tense and quiver as her head was tossed back, her mouth hanging open.

"Oohhh... oohhh... Oohhh-Uuuggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" She cried, cramming her fingers as deep into her as they could and planted her palm hard onto her clit.

She remained like that for a few minutes while her orgasm washed wave after wave of delight over her body, then began to fade. Then her breathing grew slightly steadier and the hand on her breast softened its massaging actions. Her fingers remained in her pussy, now gently rubbing at her inside edges as her juices flowed over them.

Laying back, her bottom settled back into the chair, she whimpered softly as she felt the delightful experience slowly slipping away. It had been a nice orgasm, a pleasurable wave of ecstasy, but it had lacked something. It had not been hard and explosive, the way she knew orgasms could be. She already knew what it had been lacking and her mind imagined it in front of her. A man, the writer, with a raging hard-on to feed the ache deep inside her where her fingers couldn't reach. That was what had been missing, that was what she wanted, what she needed.

"That was amazing," a male's voice broke into her thoughts.

Shocked and frightened her eyes flew open. Standing in front of her, smiling as he stared down at her, was the writer. Somehow he had come back into her office and seen her masturbating and now he stood watching her body shiver as the after shocks of her orgasm washed through her. How long he'd been there she didn't know, she'd been so wrapped up in her own pleasures that she hadn't heard anything.

Lillian's mind registered the thrilled and lustful expression on his face as he stood looking at her; she slowly dropped her eyes to his crotch. She could see a serious bulge there, pushing out at his trousers. The sight of it made her fires spark back up from the embers deep inside her.

Unconsciously she continued to play with her pussy and massage her tit while she stared at his crotch, her tongue reflexively licking her lips.

"That was beautiful," he whispered. "But I don't think your fingers really did the trick."

She continued to stare at his crotch, seeing the bulge throb as he watched her.

"I think you need something more, some extra attention," he continued.

Her fingers were pushing at her pussy again as she watched his bulge throb and jerk beneath his pants. Her hand on her breast stroked at her swollen nipple, now raw from the attention she'd been giving it.

"I want you to give me something special," she managed to gasp in her lilting accent. "I need you to give it do me."

She smiled as he dropped to his knees between her splayed legs. Her heart raced as she watched his hands slowly move up her thighs; tingles of excitement raced through her at the touch of his fingers on her flesh. His eyes were staring at her crotch, glowing with lust while he watched her fingers continued pushing into her sex.

"Move your hand," he said, "I'll take care of you."

She was looking down her body at him, watching his face as he stared at her hungrily. She felt his hands reach the waistband of her panties, felt him start to tug at them. She pulled her hand away, brought it up to massage her other breast. She lifted her plump bottom slightly so that he could pull her panties down and off, pulling her legs together so that they could be slid down and off over her feet; then he eagerly spread her legs again.

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