tagLesbian SexLilly's Sweet Revenge Ch. 01

Lilly's Sweet Revenge Ch. 01


"What are you doing Suzy and where is your bikini young lady?" Mom asked, as I was leaving the kitchen with Jasmine's drink. She looked at me with an expression that was both curious and angry, wondering why I was naked.

"I am getting Jasmine a drink, Mom," I answer, ignoring the question about the bikini, "She is thirsty."

Jasmine is the 18 year old black girl I had become accustomed to servicing. She was now lying in a lounge chair out by the pool, wearing the yellow string bikini I gave to her about two hours ago. This was the first part of Jasmine's plan to show me a side of my Mom that I had never seen before.

"Where is your bikini young lady?" she asked again, "You were wearing it earlier!" getting angrier now since she bought the bikini for me last week.

"Oh I gave it to Jasmine, it looks better on her than me," I informed her.

"Why the hell would you give away your new bikini?" Mom was steaming now, "What has gotten into you young lady?"

"Jasmine said she wanted it so I gave it to her. She has it on, go see for your self how good she looks in it. The yellow color is perfect against her black skin," I said it just like Jasmine instructed me to, "she looks so erotic in it!"

When Jasmine first told me that my Mother was as hot for black pussy as I was, I could not believe my ears. My Mom has always been so conservative and somewhat stuck-up. Jasmine told me that she would prove it, telling me of her plan. This is what led us to this situation; I am naked talking to my Mom while Jasmine is lounging by the pool with my bikini on.

I followed as my Mom stomped out to the pool area. She stormed right up to Jasmine to confront her about my bikini, "My daughter has no right giving you that bikini young lady, so why don't you take it off and give it back right now!" She sounded so stern.

I watched the stunned look on my Mom's face when Jasmine just looked up, "What the hell are you talking about bitch, are you telling me it was not hers?"

"I bought that for her last week, she has no right giving it to you." my Mom responded, trying to regain her composure.

"Don't you think it looks good on me?" Jasmine stretched showing off her luscious black body.

"That's not the point, she can't just give it to you," Mom responded, caught off-guard by the question. I watched as Mom's eyes followed Jasmine's hands as she ran them slowly up and down her body.

"I did not ask you that bitch! I asked you if it looks good on me. Why can't you just answer the question?" Jasmine snapped back.

You could see my Mom start to waver, her passion was evident. Her nipples were sticking out proudly as she stared at the hot black teenager. She could not take her eyes away. Jasmine turned to give me the 'I told you so' look.

"Yes you do look good in it," my Mom said barely audible.

"Speak up bitch, what did you say?" Jasmine demanded.

"I said the bikini looks great on you!" Mom spoke up this time.

"That's better bitch, speak up when spoken to. Do you like the yellow color next to my black skin? Don't you think it looks erotic?" Jasmine egged my Mom on using the same description I uttered before.

"Amazingly so," was all my Mom could muster as she openly stared.

I could see at this point that Jasmine was right. The way my Mom stood there with a glazed look in her eyes, lusting over Jasmine's hot body, showed me she wanted this hot black teenager as much as I did. A point not lost on Jasmine, as she glanced at me with a smile, watching her latest conquest cave in to her desires.

"I can see that you like the way this bikini shows off my body. Would you like a closer look?" Jasmine said while letting her hands continue to roam over her body.

My Mom just stood there, transfixed in place, "You look so hot!" she practically moaned.

"Do you like the way it shows off my big black tits?" Jasmine said as her hands cupped her breasts, offering them up to my Mom. "Would you like to feel them bitch? Put your hands all over these luscious mounds?"

"Oh yes, I would love to," Mom said in a whimper, watching intently as Jasmine bounced her tits.

"Suzy loves to suck on them," turning to me, "Show your Mommy how I like you to take care of them Suzy!" Jasmine commanded.

I never thought that I could put on such a lewd display in front of my Mom, but there I was, at Jasmine's side, submissively licking and sucking her tits. The look of jealousy on my Mom's face was so obvious I knew that she was going to become one of Jasmine's little toys too.

"You see, Suzy loves to suck my big black tits, she is so eager. I bet you wish you could join her." Jasmine said. "Would you like to suck my tits bitch?"

"Yes," Mom replied in a low whisper.

"Yes what bitch, speak up!" Jasmine demanded. "Tell me what you want!"

"I want to suck on your big black tits," my Mom managed a little louder this time, practically drooling with desire.

"Well bitch you need to get naked like your daughter if you want the pleasure. Get them damn clothes off!" Jasmine knew that this was the last task needed to complete her total control of this white bitch.

I saw Mom remove all of her clothes quickly and then she just stood there, apparently seeking Jasmines approval. I had to admit that for a 36 y/o my Mom still looked fine, I guess the three trips to the gym each week are worth it. Mom did lack in one area though, her tits were small, little more than bee stings, a fact that always embarrassed her.

"Damn don't any of you white bitches have tits?" referring to my Moms 32B tits. "Get down here and help your daughter with some real tits."

Mom got down on her knees and immediately took a nipple into her mouth, sucking on it for all she was worth. She held the big tit with both hands as her tongue went to work. Jasmine must have been in heaven with two naked white bitches sucking her big black tits.

"At least you white bitches are good for something! Both of you are doing a good job, it feels so good," Jasmine moaned. "You like that big black tit bitch?" Jasmine asked my Mom.

"Umm, it is so big and beautiful," Mom answered.

"Now do you want to know how I got this bikini from little Suzy?" Jasmine inquired, ready to push this adventure on.

"She just told me that it looks better on you." I heard my Mom reply, "I have to agree with her, the color looks so hot against your black skin."

"It does look good but that was not the real reason. I told Suzy that if she wanted to lick my pussy she would have to give me her bikini. As you can see I am wearing the bikini now," Jasmine said proudly.

Jasmine hesitated for a second, running a hand through Mom's hair as she watched her suckle the nipple, "Would you like to get between my thighs and please me bitch? Put that tongue of yours to work servicing my black pussy?"

"Umm oh yes!" my Mom squealed.

"What are you willing to do for the opportunity bitch? I already have a bikini thanks to Suzy." Jasmine pulled me back by the hair and locked lips with me while waiting for Moms answer.

I glanced over to see Mom alternating her attention, first on one nipple, then the other, as Jasmine's tongue invaded my wanton mouth. Seeing my Mom get so excited sucking Jasmine's big black tits was turning me on, she was so horny.

"Anything, I'll do anything to please you Mistress," and there it was, my Mom's total and unconditional surrender, Jasmine was right.

It must have been quite a sight for anyone to see, two naked white women next to a black teenage girl, fighting for her attention. I really did not care, I was too preoccupied watching my Mom give in to her lust, sucking Jasmines tits with a fever I have never seen in her before.

"Look at your Mom Suzy! She is such a horny slut!" We both watched my Mom devouring her big black tits, "You like those big black tits bitch? Umm you are doing a good job, keep it up slut!" Jasmine encouraged my Mom.

"They are so big. Umm," as Mom continued to maul the tits, moaning louder now.

"Okay that's enough you horny slut." Jasmine made a big deal of replacing the bikini top back in place, watching the disappointment cross my Moms face. "I bet you wish had a set like these instead of these pathetic ones," Jasmine started slapping my Moms tits, hard enough to leave red marks.

Mom's reaction to this was a surprise to me. Instead of being repulsed, my Mom seemed to relish the attack, pulling her shoulders back to give Jasmine better access.

"Umm....umm....oww!" my Mom groaned as the abuse continued.

"Damn bitch, maybe this will help them grow." Jasmine was pulling my Mom's nipples hard.

"Umm....umm....oww!" my Mom's moans were almost constant now, filled with a mix of pain and pleasure.

"Your Mom is quite the horny slut Suzy! I bet her pussy is wet," reminding my Mom that I was here. "Tell us you nasty slut, is your pussy wet?"

"Yes! My pussy is wet." Mom humiliated by the position she was in but unable to deny the pleasure she felt.

Leaving my Mom to stew, Jasmine directed me to sit on the lounge chair between her legs with my back lying on her chest. She whispered loud enough for my Mom to hear, "Why didn't you tell me how much of a slut your Mom is? Look at the bitch!"

"I never knew," watching my Mom with one hand fingering her pussy, obviously very hot.

"Okay you nasty slut, time to put up or shut up. You still want to taste my juicy pussy slut?" not waiting for an answer, "Take care of Suzy's pussy and show me how nasty you can be. I want to see if you deserve a chance first."

"I can not do that! She is my daughter and it would be wrong," realizing the situation she was in.

"Okay then bitch, get the hell out of here, you are worthless to me." Jasmine's hands were now caressing my tits as she spoke.

I could see the disappointment cross my Mom's face. She really wanted Jasmine's pussy bad, but bad enough to do such a degrading act? I watched as she struggled with her conscious, wondering what she would do. In the end, she gave in.

Defeated, Mom crawled between my legs with her head down, embarrassed by her behavior but overcome with the need to please Jasmine. She started off so slow it was agonizing, her tongue parting my lips and teasing my clit so gently, it felt incredible. I could clearly see where my submissive nature came from.

"That's it nasty slut, make Suzy cum for me!" "Come on bitch, you can do better than that!" "Lick that pussy like you mean it slut!" The constant derogatory remarks were driving my Mom crazy as her licking increased with every one.

"Okay you nasty slut show me that you deserve my pussy! Eat Suzy's pussy like you would mine," degrading my Mom even further.

The feelings running through my body could only be described as utterly amazing. My Mom was doing things to my pussy that I never imagined. Lying in Jasmine's arms, watching my Mom of all people, eating my pussy with a vigorous enthusiasm was such a turn-on. It was so naughty and nasty at the same time.

"Do you like that Suzy? Is the slut doing a good job?"

"Oh yes, it feels incredible!" and I meant it.

"Such a nasty slut your Mom is. Clean her asshole slut, get her nice and clean."

This was a sensation like I have never felt before. One I hoped would happen a lot more in the future. I never knew how sensitive my asshole was or how good a tongue would feel invading it.

I pulled my Mom's tongue from my asshole and back into my wet pussy. Jasmine was having a hard time holding on to me while I bucked my hips up to shove my pussy harder into Moms face. I could feel my orgasm approaching and I knew that it would be explosive. I have never been so turned-on in all my life.

I broke free of Jasmine's grasp so I could use both hands to hold my Mom's face into my pussy as the orgasm overtook my body. I was happy that her tongue never stopped while my juices flowed, covering her face.

What happened next caught me totally off-guard. Jasmine stood up, pulling me with her so we were standing above my Mom.

"You really do want this black pussy don't you slut?" I saw my Mom staring intently at Jasmine's pussy, only inches from her face. She looked so nasty on her knees, face covered with cum, using both hands to caress her pussy.

"Oh yes I want nothing more!" her eyes lit up.

I was shocked when I saw Jasmine let out a stream of warm piss, spattering my Moms face and running down her body. What was even more surprising was watching my Mom fingering herself more vigorously as she spit out the piss that had landed in her mouth. My Mom actually got turned-on by the degrading act.

After covering my Mom with her golden shower, Jasmine grabbed my hand and we turned to go inside, "I don't know about you but I am hungry, lets get something to eat."

"What about Mom?" I asked looking down at her pleading eyes as she came to the realization she was not going to get what she really wanted.

"That stupid bitch, did she really believe she would get my pussy the first time? She needs to practice on your pussy a few more times."

With that Jasmine and I walked nonchalantly into the house leaving my Mom withering on the ground. I never believed in my wildest dreams that my Mom was such a slut.

As I walked next to this black Goddess I was proud to be picked to serve her. A power emanated from her as we walked hand in hand. I knew things around here were changed forever and my mind wandered thinking about the future events...

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