tagMind ControlLily Ch. 02

Lily Ch. 02


"You have the same power." Lily glared at her boyfriend trying to look more upset then she really was. They were standing in his dorm room.


"Why the fuck didn't you tell me? You knew I had this power."

"Yeah." Luke was waiting for her to start screaming. He was waiting for her to dump him. He had known for a while that she was controlling him sexually and he loved going along for the ride. Now he had finally decided that tonight, on their three-month anniversary, would be a good time to tell her the truth.

"Are we still going to date?" Lily's world was crashing down on her. He knew. He didn't really love her. She had been caught up in the thrill of everything.

"How about I show you what I want instead." Luke grinned and imagined his long fingers stroking he pussy slowly.

"Don't." Lily whispered those words under her breath. Luke was grinning from ear to ear and was holding back laughter.

"What's wrong baby? Don't you like when I finger you. He was imagining his fingers deep inside her tight pussy and here she was squirming around.

"Two can play this game." Lily thought hard and imagined herself sucking on his cock. She grinned when Luke jerked.

"You win." Luke was panting hard and was happy when she stopped what she was doing.


"Do you wish we didn't have these powers?" Luke had found an area in the front lawn that was empty and secluded. Lily sat down across from him, her legs crossed.

"Yeah. I hated it. In high school I was teased so much and had to watch to make sure I didn't wish for bad things to happen."

"Me too. Once I made a guy I hated start flirting with the geekiest girl in school. He thought he was totally in love with her."

"I like that we're connected. I like knowing that even when we're apart I can make you feel good." Lily leaned over and kissed him softly. She cleared her mind of everything she was thinking about. She wanted this kiss to be only about him. Luke moaned and pulled her into his lap. He cleared his mind and thought only of his girlfriend. He ran his hands over her back and cupped her ass. Lily was rocking back and forth gently, whimpering.

"You drive me crazy. You know that right. Absolutely crazy." Luke was running his hands over her stomach, inching his way up her body.

"I know. I love you." Lily bit her lip as she said those words. She had never said that to anyone else before.

"I love you too."

Luke barely had time to finish the sentence when they both heard loud chuckling. They turned to be face to face with Georgie. Luke knew he was a big football player at the college, but had never spoken to him. Engineers stayed away from the jocks.

"Little Lily has a friend. So cute. You making him like you like you do all your boyfriends. You know it doesn't count when you force them to fuck you."

Luke took two deep breaths and slid Lily off his lap to stand up. He had no idea who this guy was, but he was not about to let him talk to Lily that way.

"Get lost. Mind your own fucking business."

"As if you'd be attracted to that lump of lard. She is fat you know, and ugly. Not like you're any better, but I could hook you up with a lot of cute horny girls."

Luke did not know what came over him, but he took a swing at Georgie. His fist made contact with his cheek and George stumbled back. Luke punched him in the stomach. He had so much strength he could not believe it. Punch after punch was thrown at George and finally he stopped and stared.

"Don't you dare come near my girlfriend again. You don't scare us."

"Let's go." Lily held his hand tight and they walked down the path towards his dorm room. They did not notice Georgie scowling at him nor did they see his friends come running to see what had happened. The couple did not say a word the whole way to the dorm and it was not until they entered the room and locked the door that Luke spoke.

"I have no idea what happened back there. I just lost it. Fuck, he'll probably call the police on me."

"It's my fault. I made you do it. I wanted you to beat him up. I'm sorry." Lily was biting her lip like she did when she was nervous. She saw Luke smile and knew he was not mad.

"Come here baby." Luke sat down on the bed and started to undo her jeans. "He's the guy that teased you in high school right?" Lily just nodded. She felt his hands slide her panties and jeans down her legs and she stepped out of them. "I hate him." Lily raised her hands and let Luke undress her completely, removing her shirt and bra.

"I wish I didn't have this power." Luke was undressing himself now and nodded at her statement. Once he was naked, he lay her down on his bed and entered her slowly.

"We can get rid of the power forever, if you want." Luke was pushing slowly and deeply in and out of her pussy. She was always so tight and the fact she was not soaking wet was a pleasant surprise. The friction felt good and he could prolong the slow torture.

"I know we can. Do you want to?" Lily stroked her nipples softly. She was slowly being built to an explosive orgasm. In just a short period, Luke knew exactly what to do to make her cum and all she could do was layback and moan.

"One more play night and then we'll do it. Oh God make me cum please." Lily whimpered those words and began to thrust up hard and fast. Luke slid her legs onto his shoulders and pumped hard and fast. He was close to cumming and was waiting for her to cum first.

"Oh." Lily cried out and thrashed around under him. Luke thrusted twice more and then exploded inside her. He held his cock deep inside her and leaned over to kiss her.

"I love you. You know that right?" Luke nuzzled her nose and smiled.

"Yeah. I love you to."

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