tagMind ControlLily Ch. 03

Lily Ch. 03


"What are you doing right now?" Lily held her cell phone as she wandered through the lingerie store. She knew that she should be studying for midterms, but she needed a break. She had wandered through the entire mall and had only one thought on her mind – Luke.

Luke was her boyfriend of only a few months. In the short period of time they had known each other, they had fallen head over heels in love with each other. They were truly connected both physically and emotionally. Lily also wanted to do something she had been dying to do for a while. This was her last chance before they met Delilah.

"I'm in my room studying. Why?" Luke always smiled when he spoke with Lily. She was so sweet, cute, and romantic. They had made a deal not to see each other during midterms. Neither one of them could trust each other or themselves to keep their hands to themselves. Their marks had been dropping and the last thing they needed was to have to repeat some first year classes.

"I think I want to suck your cock." Lily whispered those words and then quickly exited the store. She walked the short distance to the door and then down the row to her car. She opened her mouth and licked gently in the air. She did enjoy this part of her mind control powers. It was something she had had since she was a child. She did not truly understand it until high school when she could control others, making them do whatever she wanted.

"Fuck. I'm trying to study." Luke felt her tongue on his cock and he rolled onto his back and closed his eyes. He was holding the cell phone tight, trying to concentrate.

"I would love for you to cum all over your stomach. Having me lick your cock, tasting your precum." Lily was in her car now and was breathing hard. She and Luke had spoken about doing this, but had never actually done it.

"I wish you were here doing this for real." Luke undid his shorts and slid them down. He watched as his cock throbbed and pulsed.

"It's more fun this way. Imagine me deep throating you now, all the way to the base." Lily was driving home now, hoping no one noticed her facial expression.

"Fuck. Lily seriously. I'd rather you here." Luke pushed at his cock, but of course realized that there was no one there. She was inside his mind, controlling his sexual thoughts.

"Nope. You're cumming right now." Lily closed her mouth and hummed. She imagined his cock in her mouth and could almost taste the semen as it filled her mouth.

Luke watched helplessly as he came all over his stomach. He could hear Lily panting and knew that she was aroused.

"You coming over?" Luke could not move. He had cum so hard his toes were tingling.

"Yeah. I wanted to play one last time before we saw Delilah."

"I'll be outside waiting." Luke hung up the phone and then cleaned up the mess. His mind was spinning. Luke ran out to the parking lot and jumped into her car.

"Did you like your virtual blowjob?" Lily was smiling. Luke was not.

"No, I didn't. Do you know where you're going?"

Lily nodded and half the drive was silence. Finally she spoke.

"I'm sorry. I always wanted to do that and never wanted to do it with any other guy. This is getting out of control. I know it. Delilah will be able to help."

Luke reached out, grabbed her thigh, and squeezed gently. They pulled down a street and were stunned at how run down it looked. The houses were boarded up and there were people just lying outside their homes. They found the address for her house and stopped the car.

Delilah was a well-known witch in town. She had given mind control powers to a bunch of computer geeks and the only reason that was known was that they were stupid enough to blurt out what she had done. She lived in a tiny house with a cracked window. She answered the door before they had a chance to knock. She was an older woman with a great smile and healthy teeth. She smelled like spaghetti sauce. Her outfit was orange and her hair was strangely the same color.

"Come in. Come in." Luke and Lily followed her in and sat next to each other on the sofa.

"I've only had to do this once before so I apologize for taking so long. Psychic powers are very strong and reversing them is complicated. Did you bring the things I asked you to?" Delilah held out her hand and was handed a lock of each of their hair. She placed it in a cup and ran her hand over it.

"Right. Just drink the liquid. One big gulp each. You might feel dizzy, but then no more powers. No more being able to hypnotize people. No more controlling people's thoughts. No more using your power for sexual gratification."

Luke and Lily held the cup. Lily gulped the drink down first and then offered it to Luke. There was enough for another sip so they both finished it off. They placed the cup on the stained coffee table and waited. They felt no different.

"Is that all?" Luke was surprised.

"Yes that's all. You want smoke and sparks or something?"

"No. Thank you." Luke thanked the old woman and walked to the front door. Lily nodded at the old woman and they left quietly. Delilah locked her door and pocketed the money they gave her into her bra.

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