tagNonHumanLily in the Otherworld Pt. 01

Lily in the Otherworld Pt. 01


Lily stared at herself hard in the mirror.

"Fuck," she spat, "fuck, fuck, fuck..."

What had she done? She loved Martin. She wanted to be with Martin. Martin was a good man. How could she have done such a horrible, horrible thing to Martin?


She hadn't even wanted a hen do, but Evie and Rebecca had insisted and it seemed a harmless enough thing to go along with. Even when they revealed the venue - male strippers at a dive of a club - she hadn't been particularly worried. She'd seen cocks; she wasn't about to get all hot and bothered about cocks.

But then he'd danced for her. Tall, dark and brooding; she'd been bewitched the second she laid eyes on him, and as soon as that had happened she'd done what she had been sure she wouldn't be in any danger of doing - she got carried away. Once he'd slipped off his meagre thong leaving his proud, succulent member a mere inch from her drooling lips she'd lost control, given in to temptation and pulled him into her waiting mouth. She'd licked his cum beading on the tip and it had been like nothing she had ever tasted before. He tasted of honey and the power of his essence left her heady and reeling as if she'd downed a shot of pure liquor. She had managed to maintain some semblance of composure at that point and released him back to the screaming hordes after just that merest taste, but later on she'd gone in search of him backstage, where she'd found him and dragged him, not unwillingly, back to her flat.

There she had gorged on him, drinking him in, letting his heady semen fill her mouth and, when she couldn't swallow any more, she let it splash down her chin and over her naked breasts. He fucked her until she was raw inside, and when she was brought to tears with the ecstasy and the agony of his thrusts, he turned her over and opened her virginal arsehole wide with his insatiable manhood. She had, eventually, passed out with him still inside her, and when she awoke he was gone.

A tear rolled down her cheek. She was a horrible person. What was she going to do?

"Fuck," she screamed, red faced in the mirror, "fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK!"

"Calm down," said a voice behind her, "I'm here now..."

Lily's heart leapt into her mouth and she spun around in shock. There, perched on the edge of her bath, completely naked, was a large, middle aged woman. Her heavy breasts rested on top the folds of her swollen belly, which in turn hung down to just above her wide, dark pussy. Her arms and legs were covered in dark, downy hair, wiry tufts sprouted from under her arms while her pussy was a dark, impenetrable thicket. She spread her arms wide in a welcoming gesture. Lily was having none of it.

"Who the fuck are you?" She demanded.

"Who the fuck am I?" Asked the woman, indignantly. "Well, let's see shall we? Did you say fuck 10 times in the mirror..?"

Lily stared at her.

"I... I don't know," she snapped, although she'd definitely said it a lot. "I wasn't counting."

"Well you did," confirmed the old woman. "In fact you said it eleven times, but there's no maximum limit so... Are you in need of assistance with a being from the Otherworld?"

"I... I don't know," snapped Lily again, she really didn't understand the question.

"Oh, but you are," cackled the woman. "You most certainly are! But we'll come to that. I'm your Furry Godmother. You are very welcome."

Lily gaped at the old woman, staring at her naked, hair covered body.

"You're what? This is, literally, some kind of, very literal, joke?"

"No joke, my love. You're getting married in the morning..."

"Yes," Lily felt on surer ground here, "yes I am..."

"...but not to the lovely Martin, as you think."

Lily said nothing. She was starting to connect some dots and she didn't like the pattern that was emerging.

"You tasted the seed of the Dark Prince, didn't you?" She enquired.

Lily nodded. There was no point in challenging, or asking who exactly this Dark Prince was. She had definitely tasted someone's seed - someone who's seed should have remained untasted - and although a few minutes ago she didn't think she could regret it more, now she was getting an awful feeling that she was about to.

"He's coming for you," warned the old woman. "He wants you for his bride. And you didn't just taste his seed now, did you, you little slut? You let him screw you a new pussy, and then fuck you up the arse for good measure."

"I did, and I am," sighed Lily, resigned. "And there's nothing I can do about it."

"No! Don't be so daft," scolded her Furry Godmother. "You can turn him down. He'll be coming for you at midnight, but as long as you tell him you love another before then, you'll be hunky dory.

Lily instantly brightened.

"So I'll tell him now!" She exclaimed. "Where is he, where can I find him?"

"With difficulty," mused the old woman. She suddenly was distracted by a large, black dildo that was resting on the side of the bath. Lily reddened, it was her bath toy that she usually kept out of sight just in case she had visitors. She must have left it out. The Furry Godmother picked it up, inspected it approvingly and then, without warning, inserted it into her own pussy and began to work in firmly in and out.

"There are labours," she mumbled, and she began to moisten and the thrusting motion became a little easier.

"Labours?" Asked Lily, trying not to stare at the strange sight of an old, hairy woman perched on the edge of her bath, frigging herself with her dildo.

"Aye," nodded the woman, "trials... Ordeals... You will have to degrade yourself and shame yourself before you can visit the Dark Prince. He keeps his inner sanctum well guarded. You could learn a thing or two from him... "

Lily was stung, but she kept silent.

"I'll do it," she agreed, in a flash. She couldn't imagine greater shame than she was feeling at that moment.

"Excellent," groaned the old woman finishing her thrusts with a shuddering orgasm and removing the dildo from her vagina. "Ready to go?"

Lily indicated her nightdress.

"I'll need to get dressed," she protested, "I haven't even got any underwear on."

"Nonsense!" Insisted the Furry Godmother, "No time like the present. Here, suck this..."

She grinned at Lily's look of disgust.

"It will transport you to his realm. And remember, if you don't reject him he will come for you at midnight, good luck! You're going to need it..."

She handed the slick rubber cock to Lily who, before she realised what she was doing, took it. Instantly the Furry Godmother disappeared in a flash of light and puff of smoke. Lily was left holding the dildo.

She sniffed at it, suspiciously. It had a heavy, musky scent, mixed with sweat and something faintly floral. It was quite intoxicating and before Lily knew exactly what she was doing she was slowly bringing the head of it into her open mouth...

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