tagIncest/TabooLily Takes Control

Lily Takes Control


"Oh, God. Save something for when we get back to your place," Eric begged.

The black Audi was speeding down the freeway and he was clutching his groin muscles, trying to keep himself from cumming while trying to keep his sports car between the white lines.. Lily's hand was buried deep in the crotch of his jeans. Her fingers danced up and down his rock hard shaft.

"Oh, I've got it!" Lily suddenly shouted. "Get off ahead... uh, I mean exit here. Let's go fuck in my parents' bed. They're not supposed to be home until tomorrow night. How naughty would that be?"

"I'll do whatever you say right now, honey," Eric sighed, shifting his legs so that Lily couldn't get a tight grip around his stick.

The two lovers met in college, five years earlier, and dated off and on until finally committing to each other at twenty four. They didn't want to give up their sexual adventures, though, so they maintained an open lifestyle, constantly communicating about their individual sexual exploits and frequently swapping partners with couples of different ages. At dinner earlier that night, Lily had downed most of a bottle of wine on her own and Eric knew trouble was brewing when she practically flashed her perky tits to their server. He managed to pay the check and drag her to his car before she caused a scene but he knew she wasn't done with him.

While she maintained a hold on Eric's stiff prick, Lily helped him navigate some twists and turns until he made it to familiar territory.

"You want to put that hand away, honey," Eric requested as he swung the car toward the security gates in front of Lily's parents' neighborhood.

"I guess. See you soon, 'lil E," Lily waved goodbye to Eric's cock and patted his lap one last time before rolling down her window and dropping her right arm limply into the open frame.

Rows of ground level lights projected onto Lily's parents' spacious home. Eric knew the whole display was automated, so the couple could come and go as they pleased and not worry about the house ever looking too dark. It never struck him that there could be another reason why the track lights over the kitchen counter were on after he and Lily stumbled in from the garage.

"Take it off, take it off, take it off!" Lily chanted in a whisper as she dragged Eric's polo shirt over his head and then pulled at his belt.

"Why are we whispering?" Eric asked while Lily began licking circles around his nipples and then traced a line down his torso with her tongue.

"It feels more naughty this way?" She answered before pulling her dress off over her head and tossing it onto the island in the middle of the kitchen.

Eric never grew tired of staring at his girlfriend's bouncy pale breasts. They were held high on her chest by a lacy white strapless bra that looked like it was barely clinging to her chest. She turned around to lead Eric through the kitchen and he watched her long pale legs strut through the house on a pair of black heels. Her tight ass cheeks bounced with each step. She rarely wore underwear and tonight was no different.

Around the corner Lily went and Eric found her heels lying in the sitting room next to the kitchen as he tried to keep pace. When he reached the bottom of the steps, he collected her bra and looked upward to see her tip toeing up the stairs as though she was trying not to wake the empty house. He struggled with his zipper before finally finding the right angle and dropped his pants to the floor at the foot of the steps before quietly following his girlfriend up the ornate winding stairs.

"Why are these still on?" Lily asked, meeting Eric at the top of the steps. She grabbed his boxer briefs by the bottom hems and ripped them down his legs to the floor. "Shh," she whispered with a finger to her lips.

Lily grabbed Eric's long soft manhood like a trunk and used it to lead him toward the end of the upstairs hallway where the master bedroom was located. The night air in the house was cool and it caused Lily's nipples to harden and Eric's cock to engorge as a draft passed across his genitals.

Suddenly, as Eric and Lily reached the end of the hall, they heard moaning from the bedroom.

"Oooh, yeah. Who's a big daddy?" A male voice groaned.

"Oh my god, what is happening?" Lily whispered with a shocked look back to Eric. "Come on," she beckoned to her lover.

"What are we doing?" Eric whispered to Lily, futilely trying to pull her back away from the door.

"You said you thought my parents were hot. Now's your chance!"

Eric did not want to risk a scene in the hallway, so he let Lily drag him to her parents' bedroom door. The door was cracked just a little and Lily dropped to the floor to peer in through the opening. Eric joined her, standing over his crouching girlfriend as he tried to let his eyes adjust to the low light in the room.

It was difficult to make out what was going on in the room but there were definitely two bodies joined in a circle on the top of the blankets. The king sized bed sat in the middle of two small bedside tables on the far wall of the enormous bedroom. Lily didn't seem happy with the view, so she carefully pressed a hand against the wooden door, pushed it a few inches farther, and extended her neck between the door and the frame.

"Oh my, god!" Lily exclaimed and then jumped up and flicked on the light.

"Shh, what are you -" Eric tried to interject but it was too late.

"What the - Lily - what the fuck are you doing - why are you naked?" Lily's father, Henry shouted at the doorway. He was scrambling away from another man. His chest had a patch of curly dark hair on top of a powerful set of pectoral muscles. His curly salt and pepper hair was a mess on the top of his head.

"What the hell? Eric? Oh, god..." Came the frantic cries from the other man on the bed with Henry.

Eric's mouth dropped open. Shock prevented him from even considering hiding his nakedness from the men on the bed. Looking back over a thick muscular shoulder was Eric's father, Thomas. Even through his shock, Eric was a little impressed at the toned back and muscular glutes on his father's backside. He hoped he looked like that in twenty five years.

The two men were circled up on the bed, lying on their sides in a sort of 69 position. They scrambled into sitting positions and tried their best to cover themselves with whatever was nearby. Eric's dad grabbed a small pillow and tried his best to press it over his massive erection, while Henry was holding a small triangle of the silvery sheet in between his legs. His other hand was poorly covering impressively thick balls.

"What are you two doing?" Lily shouted into the room.

"Well... uh, honey... you see... sometimes your mom travels and... when you've been married as long as we have..." Henry struggled to spit out words.

"I knew it! You've been fucking people behind each other's backs for years! Does Mom know about this?" LIly shot back.

"Well, not exactly. You see, uh, we don't alway see eye to eye... uh, you might call this a game - a secret game... I don't know what to say here," Henry finally gave up trying to explain himself.

"How did this start?" Eric asked.

"We hit it off at Lily's birthday party a couple years ago," Thomas tried to explain. "We had a few drinks later and, well... you see, we're not exactly gay. I mean this is fun but..."

"... but I think I know what you're talking about..." Lily replied with a devilish chuckle. "And I think Eric' knows what you're talking about."

"Lily -" Eric futility tried to interject again.

"You see, Eric has a been know to enjoy a nice big dick every now and then. Tell 'em, sweetie." Lily waited for Eric to responded but he could only stand in the doorway, frozen. "Fine. I'll tell them. Since we're all grown up, sometimes we like to fuck other people. How's that, daddy? Except, we do it the responsible way and talk about it. And share it. And Eric doesn't go sneaking around sucking other guy's dicks without telling me. It's not some shitty game we play behind each other's backs."

"Lily, if you're mom finds out, she'll stick a knife in my back. I think she's just been holding out for a reason to divorce me for years. Our pre-nup protects my future income unless I'm unfaithful..."

"Well, isn't that just peachy." Lily put a hand on her hip, cocking her athletic ass and hips to the side as she pondered her next words. "You're in luck. I'm not going to tell, as long as you two can help us out."

Lily's words were still coming out slurred.

"Lily - you're drunk. Let's go get some sleep in your old room and talk this over in the morning," Eric begged.

"No," she defiantly held a finger up to Eric's lips. "Eric told me in the heat of passion one time that he wanted to watch his dad fuck me. Has he told you that, Thomas?" Eric's father's eyes shot open wide. "Except, I'm turning the tables. Come here, Thomas. That's right come sit with me over here."

Lily slipped away from the door frame and onto the divan positioned on the wall next to the door. She patted the soft red seat next to her. Like a hostage taking marching orders, Thomas hesitantly stood up. He was ghostly pale and still holding the pillow between his legs.

"Now, sweetie, why don't you go sit on the bed with my handsome father over there."

"Darling, uh..." Henry looked desperate for an excuse.

"Silence, father. You'll do what I say or I'll blow this whole thing... plus let's have some family fun! You and Henry were all revved up in here and Eric and I were just getting ready to jump all over each other, so why don't we make something of it?" Lily's voice was almost reaching a super villain pitch.

"Now, Eric..." Lily waved a hand toward the bed and Eric slowly crossed the room and then climbed on the big four post bed, leaving a gap between where he sat and Lily's shameful looking father.

"Daddy, please lower the sheet so Eric can see your penis. There's no shame here. That's what you and Mom always taught me, right?" Lily continued. "Doesn't he have a handsome cock, Eric? Wouldn't you like to play with it?"

"Uh, I guess?" Eric quietly replied.

"Let's just warm up a little. Boys, why don't you get a grip on those two hot dicks and give them a little jerk for us."

"Lily, there' has to be some other..." her father begged.

"Quiet! Sorry, I'm just a little tipsy. Just go with it. I'm giving you both a free pass here. Go on..." she instructed.

Eric and Henry exchanged a quick glance and then looked down at the meaty snakes between their legs. Eric's pubic hair was waxed clean off, a standing bi-monthly treatment he shared with Lily. A pink circumcised tip capped the head of his cock. Henry, on the other hand, had a curly patch of pubic hair above his penis. His cock and balls were shaved, and the shaft extended into an uncut sheath around his tip. Each man grabbed hold of his own shaft and began stroking as they looked straight down.

"Come over here, Thomas. I need a hand," Lily instructed as she spread her legs. Her bare pale labia opened into a pink flower as she guided Thomas' fingers between her slit. She took hold of his limp penis with her fingers and began stroking it while she monitored the bed.

"Good, I can see you're actually getting into this. Now, why don't you swap? See how good you feel in each other's hands. Don't be shy, " she continued, with a sing-songy teacher tone to her voice.

Eric looked deeply into Henry's big brown eyes. "Might as well enjoy it, right?"

Henry stared back and finally broke. "I've been waiting to do this for a long time," he confessed.

Henry and Eric quickly shifted on the bed so they were kneeling in front of each other. They were pulling at each other's growing erections with both hands and juggling each other's balls. Thomas was also perking up and his veiny cock was becoming stiff and tall inside Lily's grip.

"Ooh, Thomas, you really know how to treat a girl," Lily swooned after exchanging handjobs with Eric's father for a few minutes. "Let's get a little closer. I don't want to miss anything."

Lily stretched her long legs in front of the divan and then stood, pulling Thomas by his erection. She led him to the bed, released his cock, and crawled up on the mattress so he could stare at her tight brown butthole and pink labia lips from behind while she turned around.

"Right over here," Lily called to Thomas. She called for him with a seductive finger and rested her head on her hands while her ass stretched up in the air. "Hate to interrupt, but why don't you see what my dad's spectacular cock tastes like, honey?"

Thomas saddled up next to Henry and soon the elder couple in the room were receiving dueling blowjobs from the younger couple. Eric's semi-erect penis hung toward the top sheet on the bed while, next to him, Lily's soft thick breasts stretched down from her chest. The pale fleshy set bobbed and jiggled while Lily aggressively bounced her mouth up and down Thomas' pole. Eric tried to keep pace with his girlfriend as he worked his lips up and down her father's shaft but he was no match for her prowess with a dick and, besides, her father's uncut cock stood at least an inch taller.

"Oh, fuck, maybe I could get used to this," Thomas cried out after letting Lilly slurp at his manhood for a few minutes.

"Is this working for you, Eric?" Lily asked, trading her lips for a hand on his father's shaft for a moment.

"Mmmmhmmm," Eric mumbled back as he turned his head to watch his girlfriend jerk his father's cock.

"Jesus, Eric, you gotta teach me how to do this," Henry sighed. He was starting to relax into the moment and pump his hips into Eric's mouth. Eric gurgled and gagged as Henry's cock found its way to the top of his throat. His eyes watered but he managed to keep his lips sealed to his girlfriend's father's aggressive thrusts.

"Let's change positions..." Eric wheezed as he pulled his mouth free from the older man's pulsing cock.

"That's what I'm talking about. I presume everyone has been tested?" Lily's question was met by nods all around, so she sat back on her knees, spun around and dropped to all fours.

To her left, Eric mirrored Lily's position. Henry spit into his hand and began rubbing his wet fingers around the younger man's rim. Meanwhile, Thomas pressed Lily's firm butt cheeks apart so he could watch his cock head penetrate her pink folds. From Henry's perspective, all he could see was a meaty cock penetrate a willing young hole. His cock stiffened a little more and he pressed it in through Eric's tight waiting rectum.

'Oh, shit, Henry. I feel so full right now. Just go slow but that feels so good," Eric complimented the older man and began to use one hand to stroke his own shaft.

It wasn't long before Lily's left hand found Eric's big bouncing sack between his legs. She kneaded his testicles while Eric's hand jerked his own pole and her father pumped into his tight asshole.

"See, now we're all connected," Lily pointed out.

Henry continued to bang Lily with long hard strokes. Her ass bounced with each thrust and Eric watched her breasts sway in response. Eric released his own shaft so he could grip the mattress tighter and press his ass back into Henry's pelvis. His cock waved in circles below his waist as the older man filled him again and again with his manhood.

"Oh, Henry! Fuck me! Fuck me hard while my daddy watches! I'm going to... cuuum!" Lily shouted as her head and neck stretched upward into the night air. Eric glided his fingers between her folds and rubbed back and forth across her clit. He could feel his father's stiff erection pistoning in and out of his girlfriend's pole and nearly came himself.

"That was fantastic! Now I want us to do something else. Eric, let's trade places," Lily squealed.

"What? Lily... no way..." came her father's emphatic response.

"Now, daddy, you can't tell me you've seen me in all my little bikinis at the beach and not wondered what could be if we weren't related?" Lily sassed her father while she looked back over her shoulder and continued bouncing in rhythm with Thomas' thrusts. "Plus, I've heard how hard you made mom cum and I want a piece of that. Plus, you have to do what I say."

With an athletic twist, Lily was soon climbing over Eric and pushing him toward his father.

"This wasn't exactly..." Eric started to protest but he was met with a sloppy kiss from his girlfriend and relented. "OK, let's see what you've got," he said to his father, almost issuing a challenge.

The young couple laid on their backs, legs spread in anticipation as they faced their fathers. Thomas' cock was still wet from fucking Lily and he carefully slipped it under Eric's back and into his already warmed up hole.

"OK, let me show you how real men do it," Thomas said to his son and he pushed the young man's legs back until the tops of his thighs pressed into his muscular abs.

"Come on dad, you can pretend I'm Mom, if you want," Lily cooed as she pressed her perky breasts together for her father.

"She never had a body this tight," Thomas whispered and then dove into his daughter's bubbly cleavage. His stiff erection poked straight into her wet opening and he fucked the young woman with abandon.

The room was alive with moans and groans as the two incestuous couples clawed into and pounded at each other. At times, Eric's hand reached for his girlfriend's breast. Other times, Eric's cock and balls were being massaged by her father's manly grip. The two couples abandoned all pretense as they shared their flesh with each other.

"Oh yeah, Thomas, fuck your little girl like the good slut she is," Eric egged on his girlfriend's lover while receiving a pounding from his own father's cock deep inside his bowels.

"Fuck me, daddy! Oh, fuck!" Lily called as she gripped each of her father's ass cheeks with a hand and then spasmed and shook with another orgasm. "Fuck that's good. Ok, time for some facials!"

Lily jumped away from her father's throbbing erection with glee and rolled Eric away from the jackhammer pounding he was receiving from his own father. She spread herself on the top sheet, legs and arms stretched open and beckoned the men with both hands.

"Give me everything you've got, gentlemen!"

Eric placed a knee inside each of his girlfriend's armpits so he could get his cock front and center. Henry circled around to his left and Thomas squeezed into the small patch of mattress to his son's right.

The two older lovers each gripped Eric's cock and jerked and pulled at his shaft until his face flushed and his hips shook.

"Oh, god, Lily. Thank you for this!" He wailed and then fired a rope of white creamy semen across her lips and nose. She opened her lips to receive his gift and a stream of cum dribbled into her mouth while Eric fired rope after rope of semen across the middle of her face.

As Lilly tried to scoop some of her boyfriend's gift into her mouth and away from her eyelids, her father's shaft began to pulse. He flung his hips over her face and was soon balls deep in his daughter's creamy mouth. Foam formed at the base of his shaft from Eric's milky cum. Henry withdrew his shaft until just the tip of his cock remained in his daughter's lips and his body twitched as he let out a long moan.

"Oh, suck it, Lily. Suck it hard!" Henry begged. His daughter didn't disappoint and, soon, Henry's balls were drained and he moved out of the way for Thomas.

"I need a dick," Thomas begged as she spit into his hand and rapidly stroked his erection over Lily's waiting lips.

"I'm still hard," Eric said and he pulled up behind his father and slipped his cum lubricated prick inside his father's ass and pumped.

"That's it, don't stop. You're right on my prostaaaa..." Thomas tossed his head back and a stream of semen dumped off the tip of his cock and fell into Lily's wide open mouth. She rolled his cum around her tongue where it met her father's gift and then closed her lips tightly.

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