All characters are 18 years of age or older. The story, all names, characters, places, and incidents portrayed in this story are completely fictitious. No identification with actual persons or places is intended nor should be inferred. Any similarity with real names is only coincidental. This story is intended as entertainment only.


"Hey, Miss Greene. Going to the beach?"

David Lender had been a student in my senior English class 3 years ago, my remedial English class, my first year teaching. He was never the sharpest knife in the drawer and I was surprised he could grasp the obvious after seeing me in a two-piece swim suit with a fishnet beach cover-up. I didn't like the idea of him seeing me so scantily attired, but I didn't want to be rude.

"Hello, David. Yes, I'm going to be working on my tan."

"Hey, why don't you join Olivia and me? We can all go together."

The absolute last thing I wanted was to spend a day at the beach with a former student of mine, especially one who had never done anything to distinguish himself in any way. I didn't like David. No, that's not fair. I didn't dislike him; he had just never done anything while he was in my class to earn my respect or admiration. Actually, he did have one distinguishing characteristic. Every grading period he would study for the first test so that he made a grade right in the middle of the C range. Then for the rest of the grading period he seemed studiously to attempt to make sure he didn't do anything to change his grade either upward or downward. He was just a slug.

"No, that's alright. Thanks for the invitation, but I just want to be by myself."

The attractive blonde girl who had been sitting in his beach buggy got out and walked over to me. "Come on, Pam, let your hair down and come along with us."

I was slightly put off by her referring to me by my first name when we really didn't know each other. Besides, David had established the social propriety of referring to his former teacher by her title and last name. I was shocked to see Olivia with David. To say they were opposites would be an understatement. Olivia was never in my class, I didn't have enough seniority to have any honors English classes, at least not then. But we all knew the outstanding students in the school by reputation. Olivia was outstanding. She was a stunning blond, not that David was not attractive, I had to admit. Olivia had been a cheerleader and an honor student. She also played the cello in the school orchestra. I was still trying to process what those two were doing together.

I made a fateful decision in that moment. Why were they together? I had to know. I couldn't come right out and ask her; nor could I call her later and asked. If my curiosity was to be satisfied I needed to spend the day with them at the beach. I had taken a basic sociology course in college and I viewed this as an opportunity for some sociological lab work.

"Well, my hair is already down, but you're right. I think I will join you." I parked my car by the side of the gas station, letting the manager know. They knew me as a regular customer, so there would be no problem leaving it there. Olivia moved to the back seat of the beach buggy with a surf board and I got into the passenger's seat up front.

We engaged in some polite chit-chat. Olivia was starting her sophomore year in college where she was pre-med. David actually earned his AA degree at the local community college and he was entering his junior year at the state college 70 miles away where he and Olivia would be rooming together. More evidence for my field notebook of observations of my little society.

"Yea, I don't think her dyke girlfriend is too happy about that."

"Will you stop that. First of all, she's not a dyke, secondly she is not my girlfriend."

"Come on, I'll bet you two are lezzin' each other every night."

"You're such a Neanderthal."

This was much more than I bargained for as far as a case study was concerned. This was not Heloise and Abelard, clearly. It wasn't even Harry and Sally. What was the attraction?

"Olivia, I love you bob hairstyle. Didn't you use to wear it long in high school?"

"After I graduated, I decided I needed a more mature look in order to present a professional image." I subconsciously felt my long hair and made a mental note to have it cut short.

When the highway we were on ended at the ocean, instead of driving onto the beach, David turned South. I figured he was heading to a special more private beach off the beaten path. But when he kept driving 20 miles, I really became curious. Finally, he turned off the highway onto a narrow road that immediately turned into a parking lot. We got out of the buggy and started walking to the beach. We were on a wooden path that led over a dune. When we got to the other side, I saw a sign that warned: "Attention: Beyond this point you may encounter nude bathers."

I really felt ambushed. Here I was 30 miles away from my car and without any warning, preparation or asking permission I was going to a nude beach with two former students of mine.

I had to make a decision. I immediately decided not to make a scene or to give any indication I was upset or that I felt betrayed. I wasn't about to let that slug David get any ammunition to tell all of his buddies about how he had waylayed me and taken me to a nude beach. After all, I was still in control of my attire. I still wasn't sure how far Olivia and David were going to go as far as the nudity was concerned.

I could see there were maybe 40 or so people spread out on the beach. About 5 of them were clothed and they were interspersed with the nudes. One group had a banner that read "National Nude Day, July 14." I followed quietly as if nothing was wrong.

We walked about 100 yards from when we left the wooden walkway onto the beach and picked out a spot. Olivia took off her cut offs. There was nothing on underneath. David had already shed his shirt, He had on a swim suit which quickly was dropped and he was as naked as the day he was born. I knew I had to do something. Olivia took off her shirt tied loosely and she stood there completely naked. "Come on, Pam, if you stay there like that you're going to stick out like a sore thumb." I wasn't about to let them get the better of me.

When I took the sociology course, I had studied and written a paper about Margaret Mean. She became a bit of a hero for me. I remember when she went to New Guinea to study teen sexuality there, she made a decision if she was going to be accepted by her subjects, she had to accept their habits including their nudity. Hey, if that's what a sociologist has to do to further her studies, then I'm all in.

I took off my cover up; that was the easy part. I had on a very unrevealing two piece swim suit. I had delibertly chosen it this morning since I hadn't trimmed my bush lately and I didn't want too much pussy hair showing. I took off the top; surprisingly I wasn't nervous about that part as I stood there with my breasts exposed. I decided I quickly had to drop my bottoms, and off they came. I couldn't believe what started out as a quiet, secluded day at the beach had suddenly turned into a naked romp with two former students, two I hadn't particularly imagined I really wanted to hang out with.

Olivia was stunningly beautiful in her petite perkiness. Her breasts seemed perfectly proportioned for her small frame; of course, they were nice and firm. She had a long thin narrow strip of pubic hair accenting her pussy. If I felt self-conscious, it was because my pussy hair looked like the Black Forest. David, I must admit, had a very striking body. I couldn't believe I was actually checking it out; I guess he had to have some redeeming body part since his brain was never going to carry him through life.

Olivia and I sat on the blanket David had carried and spread out. David was standing with the surf board. Olivia produced a bottle of sun screen and passed it around. David hogged it at first and applied it all over. "Hey, babe, catch my back," he commanded Olivia. "Yea, that's good. Now catch my dick."

"I am not going to put sunscreen on your schlong."

"I don't want it to burn. You've never have any trouble handling it before."

"You're such a troglodyte." She squeezed some sunscreen into her hand and grabbed his prick and rubbed it all over. She didn't do it vigorously nor long enough to make him cum, but he was getting more erect when she stopped and threw his cock down. "Now go do your surfing thing. Pam and I will stay here soaking up the sun."

With that David grabbed his surfboard and jumped into the ocean. "Why did you let him bully you into doing that?"

She got a sheepish grin on her fact. She looked straight at me and said, "I really enjoyed it. Besides, I wanted to see your reaction."

"My reaction?" She really turned the tables with that remark. Here I started out making this into a sociological field trip and now she has turned me into the observed. "And what was my reaction?"

"You weren't outraged, you weren't even offended. It was just a day at the beach. You are very stoic. I'm not sure if you were even aroused. I'm not sure if you were envious. We haven't even come close to approaching your limits."

"Is it important for you to test my limits?"

"Everyone's limits need to be tested."

"And what are your limits?"

"We'll see." She had been applying sunscreen all over her body as we talked. "Here, catch my back for me."

I started to say, "Will you catch my back, please?" but I let it go. I grabbed the tube, squeezed some sunscreen into the palms of my hands and started rubbing it in. She was on her stomach, and when I finished with her back she said, "Now get my ass cheeks."

"I think you can reach them."

She half rolled over, smiled beguilingly at me and said, "I know, but if I do it myself, it won't been nearly as much fun as you doing it."

I don't know why I did what I did next. I started rubbing her ass cheeks. "Testing my limits again?" She didn't answer.

"So Dr. Phil, what barriers have we exceeded?"

"You're not afraid to express intimacy with a woman."

"Or maybe I have a natural tendency to show the same care to you that I had to show to my invalid mother when I had to apply lotions to her as she was dying." I didn't have an invalid mother and she was alive and well in Tennessee.

"Lie down. Let me catch you."

I lay on my back and applied lotion to my face, breasts, stomach thighs and calves.

"Now roll over."

I did. She applied the lotion to my back and then jumped to my calves and my thighs. She was thorough and covered the insides of my thighs. As she was getting close to my buttocks, I moved my hands back there to cover them up, gently arranging them over the ass cheeks. She reached to move one of them, but I resisted. "Come on, Pam, if I don't put lotion on your cottontail, it's going to look like a tomato." Her logic convinced me. Sure, I could have reached them myself, but I was really getting into her rubbing me all over. As she first touched my ass cheek, I heard myself audibly moan. Damn, why did I moan out audibly? It felt good and I must admit I was aroused. As she applied more and more lotion, I heard myself moaning louder and louder.

"Oh, you really like that."

I couldn't help myself. Why was I allowing such lustful pleasure to manifest itself. But the more I moaned, the more she rubbed. I felt her nurturing fingers creep into my ass crack. I had to stifle my moans of pleasure, but it was a real struggle. And then her finger started massaging my sphincter. Oh, how I wanted her to keep it up. I was so glad I had thoroughly washed my asshole this morning when I showered and I'm glad I hadn't farted all morning. I didn't want her to have any surprises. How could I tell her I wanted her to insert her finger; but she just lingered at the gate. She would not come in. "Your finger is magical" I uttered trying to catch my breathe after my orgasmic release.

"Your asshole is magical," she replied.

"So that's one more limit we just recklessly crashed through."

"I'll make a note of it."

We lay their quietly soaking up the sun. Finally Olivia said, "Come on; let's go for a walk on the beach."

We got up and started walking down the beach. We came to a section that was even more secluded that the area where we had been. But there were 4 guys, all naked, walking toward us from about 50 feet away.

"Hold my hand," she commanded me.


"Let's see if we can make those guys get a hard on. Nothing revs a guy up like thinking he sees a couple of lesbians walking hand in hand." She grabbed my hand, but since she made it clear we were just play acting, I didn't offer any resistance.

We were only 20 feet away when she said, "That cute little guy on the right is getting a little hard, but we need to step it up for the other ones. Kiss me."

Without waiting for my response or my consent she grabbed me in a passionate embrace and we locked lips until the guys caught up to us. She asked them, "Get an eyeful, boys?"

They chuckled nervously and uttered such nonsensical things as "Oh, yea." "You two are hot."

We continued on our way. We were beyond the boys, but Olivia was still holding my hand. I did't drop her hand.

She turned to me and asked, "So, have you ever walked hand-in-hand completely naked with a naked woman along a public beach?"

"Sure, I do it all the time. That's another limit I'm sure you need to add to your catalog."

"Oh, I will. I will."

We turned around and headed back to where we were set up. When we got there, we lay down again. I figured we had bonded enough so I could start interrogating Olivia. I mean, she had stuck two appendages, her finger and her tongue, into two of my orifices, my mouth and my ass hole, if that wasn't enough bonding I wasn't sure what more we could do.

"So, Olivia, I think you can probably tell I'm a little surprised at you two being an item. So what's the story?"

"I wouldn't say we're an item."

"What attracted you to him?"

"We grew up on the same street, just 3 houses down. We've always hung out together. It was only natural we would become fuck buddies. David is damn good in bed; and, if I may say so, I think I am too."

"So it's purely physical? Just a carnal relationship?"

"Don't knock it until you've tried it. So where are you getting your meat these days?"

"Are you kidding me? It's been so long since I've gotten any meat as you euphemistically refer to it, I might as well be a vegetarian. Why do you think I was enjoying the, uh, as you call it 'carnal pleasure' you've been providing me all day."

"Are you a lesbian?"

Well, that was blunt. But nonetheless, I hesitated. Oh, why did I hesitate. "I didn't think so. At least not until a couple of hours ago."

She got the biggest grin on her face, "I'm flattered."

"Are you? You said we were just playing games."

"You asked, uh, me, uh 'What are my limits?' I thought I knew the answer to that this morning. Now," she turned to me with a longing look in her eye, "i'm not so sure."

Just then, David came out of the ocean toward us.

Olivia quickly changed the subject, "Pam and I want to go surfing." She asked David, "Do you want to join us?"

"Sure. Do you surf much, Miss Greene?"

"I never have in my life. But today is full of a lot of firsts."

We were all in the surf and they were trying to give me some rudimentary lessons. I wasn't very good at it. David steadied the board while Olivia tried to get me onto it. Her hands were groping every part of my body in her effort. She finally got me on the board, but I was kneeling. She jumped aboard and tried to lift me upright. In her efforts, her hands got an ample sample of my breasts but she did get me upright.

We finally got out of the water. David said, "Let's go have our picture taken under that Nude Day banner."

"I really don't think that's a good idea, David." I went with them and they had a whole series of pictures taken. I snapped a couple with my cell phone camera. Finally, I agreed to a picture with my back side to the camera so you couldn't see my face. They were on each side of me pointing to my white cotton tale and laughing. I told them I didn't want to see that on Instagram and got their promise, but I was sure I would see it before the day was over.

We packed up and went back to the buggy. We dressed and headed home. As we were driving, I took out my phone. I went to the notepad function and started making a list. "1. Cut hair into a bob. 2. Get a bikini wax. 3. Get a new bikini. 4. Check Instagram." When I was through and about to put my phone away, Olivia grabbed it from me. She dialed a number and when I heard her phone ring I realized she was calling her phone. "There, I've added myself as a contact." I heard a ring tone and she said, "Whenever you hear 'Take it to the Limit' you'll know that I'm calling."

"Wouldn't 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun' have been more appropriate?"

When we got back to the gas station, I jumped out, but Olivia spoke first.

"Pam, I'm really glad we spent this day together. I'm glad I got a chance to get to know you better, Maybe again soon?"

"Put me down for next July 14."

I smiled and just walked away, but I turned my head around and winked at Olivia as I walked to my car.

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