Limo Driver


Chapter One

The Airport's International Departures area was extremely busy as the stretched limousine was directed into the "First Class Departures" drop off area. Kevin the chauffeur switched off the engine and raced around to open the door for Richard Maguire and then collect his expensive leather suitcases from the luggage compartment of the car. He loaded the baggage onto a porter's trolley as Mr. Maguire handed him a ten-dollar tip and left for his week abroad without a word.

Kevin shook his head in disgust at the man's rudeness and quickly returned to his car where Mrs. Maguire sat waiting patiently for him to take her home. As he pulled the car out into the traffic he wondered not for the first time if the Maguires ever spoke to each other. Many time he had driven the millionaire couple to business and social occasions but rarely had they exchanged any conversation.

"Straight home Mrs. Maguire?" Kevin asked via the intercom.

"No Kevin, put the screen down please."

Surprised by the request Kevin pushed the button and lowered the glass screen separating the driver from the passengers.

"Yes Mrs. Maguire?"

"Do you have to be back at a certain time?" The attractive socialite asked.

"I do have another hire this afternoon, but I can contact the depot and arrange for another car to take over, where would you like to go?" Kevin replied.

"Rather than going back into the city I'd like to go for a drive in the country so turn left when you get to the freeway and not right." Mrs. Maguire stated. "And would you turn the damn air conditioning off so we can open some windows, let's have some fresh air for a change."

"Certainly Mrs. Maguire," Kevin said as he wondered about the sudden change in his day. "I'll just contact the depot and let them know."

The driver followed the instructions and turned off the air conditioning allowing Mrs. Maguire to play with the electric windows. Kevin then contacted his depot on his mobile phone and told them brief details of the change in plans. He refrained from commenting on the hiring controller's lewd remarks about Mrs. Maguire feeling horny and steered the car into the countryside.

"Ah, that feels better." Mrs. Maguire said as the warm air rushed into the car. "Thank you Kevin, I need a break from the house and the stress. Just drive and we will see where the road leads."

Kevin nodded and surreptitiously adjusted the interior rear view mirror so he could get a better view of the attractive lady sitting in the back seat. He noted that her jacket had been removed and two buttons of her blouse had been loosened to display a little cleavage. The driver was quite happy to spend some time away from the busy city streets and relaxed as the limo cruised smoothly into the green countryside. The freeway ended after twenty or so minutes but the country road was in excellent condition as it passed the cattle and sheep farms of the area.

Kevin stopped at a tee intersection and asked, "Right or left Mrs. Maguire?"

"Kevin please call me Olivia," She said as she leant forward and looked at the road signs. "Oh Twin Hills Reservoir, I remember going there when I was a kid, turn right please and take me there."

"Sure Mrs., I mean Olivia, Twin Hills Reservoir it is. Did you go there with your family for picnics?" Kevin asked as he turned the car to the right.

"I'm sure we had some Sunday School picnics there, we all came out in buses," Olivia paused and sighed, "Life was so simple then, unlike now."

Kevin left his passenger deep in her thoughts as he followed the signs to the picnic area at the reservoir. Being a weekday the large car park was empty and, apart from a couple of gardeners, there was no other sign of life in the well-manicured picnic gardens and lawns. He parked the car where they had a lovely view over the water and switched off the engine.

"Oh this is lovely." Olivia said as she opened the door and clambered out of the large car. "I think I'll go for a walk Kevin."

Kevin quickly closed all the windows and jumped from the car. "I need to use the toilets." He explained as he used the remote-locking button. He also wanted to keep an eye on Mrs. Maguire just in case there was any trouble.

"Of course, I do too." Olivia smiled. "I'm so glad we came out here it's lovely, it's just as I remember it, except it was full of people."

They walked slowly up the path in silence as the late summer's warm sun filtered through the trees.

"Bird noises," Olivia smiled, "How rarely one hears only bird noises in the suburbs."

When they neared the toilet block Kevin asked, "Olivia, would you like me to check the ladies?"

"Don't be silly Kevin, I don't need protection here." She smiled. "If you hear me scream come running."

Kevin grinned and left her while he released the pressure of his full bladder in the men's room. He was ready and waiting when Olivia reappeared and made to follow her as she walked down a path towards the water.

Olivia stopped and smiled at her chauffeur. "Kevin, please let me have some time alone, stay here and keep an eye on me by all means. I promise I won't jump into the water, ok?"

"Yes, sorry Olivia, take your time, we are in no hurry at all."

Olivia Maguire smiled her thanks and set off down the path to the water. Kevin stood and watched her trim arse swaying in the loose skirt while he wondered what had attracted her to her rude and ignorant husband in the first place. He wandered back to the car while keeping a watchful eye on his lovely companion for the day. Olivia sat on a seat for nearly an hour and a couple of times Kevin thought she was crying as she gazed out over the calm water. Finally she rose from the seat and walked back to the car, smiling at Kevin as he opened the car door.

"Thank you Kevin, I really needed some quiet think time." Olivia said as she climbed in and settled back into her seat.

"My pleasure too Olivia, I enjoyed the break from the traffic." Kevin said as he shut her door and climbed in behind the steering wheel and asked. "Home now?"

"No, not yet Kevin, you don't have any cold drinks in the fridge by any chance?"

"I'm sure there is some champagne, beer and water in the fridge." The chauffeur replied.

"Be a dear and come and open the champagne for me please?' Olivia asked coyly.

Warning bells flashed through Kevin's mind as he quietly flicked the switch that turned on the concealed tape recorder before moving to the rear of the limo. He sat on the rear facing seat opposite Olivia, opened the small fridge and found a half size bottle of champagne. The driver soon had a champagne flute filled with the bubbling liquid that he passed across to his grateful passenger.

"Ahhh, I needed that." Olivia sighed after drinking half the glass. "Tell me Kevin, what do you think of me?"

"Think of you Olivia? What do you mean?" Kevin asked warily as he sat and looked directly at his attractive passenger.

"Give me a straight answer please Kevin, this is just between us, do you think I'm good looking?"

"Honestly Olivia, I think you are very attractive." Kevin replied carefully as he maintained eye contact.

"My husband thinks I need a facelift and bigger breasts," Olivia said angrily as she burst into tears. "Hell I'm only thirty-five." She sobbed.

Kevin quickly pulled a clean handkerchief from a pocket and passed it to Olivia as he watched her with concern.

Olivia finally calmed, wiped away the last few tears and blew her nose several times into the handkerchief.

"I guess you won't want this back." Olivia said with a wan smile. "I'm sorry Kevin to put you through this, my situation just got too much for me."

"I'm not supposed to get involved with clients, but is there anything I can help you with?" Kevin said as he glanced around the car park that was still empty.

"You said I am attractive." Olivia said as she downed the balance of the champagne before pulling the hem of her skirt halfway up her thighs. "Do you like my legs?"

Kevin's eyes were riveted on Olivia's legs as he gulped and said, "They are beautiful, so shapely but not too thin."

Olivia smiled as she handed the empty glass back to the driver, "Refill please my sweet talking chauffeur."

As Kevin refilled the glass with shaking hands Olivia proceeded to unbutton the remaining buttons of her blouse and pull it out from the waistband of her skirt. She slipped the silk off her shoulders to reveal a small pink bra covering her pert breasts.

"Thank you Kevin." Olivia said as he passed back the full champagne glass. "So, do you think my breasts are too small like my dick head husband does?"

Kevin realised that the situation was getting out of hand but he could not refrain from saying, "I love small breasts, please never have implants, I think they look terrible." He replied as he wiped some perspiration from his forehead.

Olivia swallowed some more champagne, placed the glass aside and reached both hands up behind her back. Kevin licked his lips as the sexy lady quickly unclipped the bra to reveal her lovely breasts.

"See my nipples are quite large." Olivia said as she smiled at Kevin's discomfort. "Just made for sucking on don't you think?"

"They're beautiful." Kevin nodded his head in agreement.

"Is that a mobile phone in your pants or am I exciting you?" Olivia giggled as she pulled the skirt a little higher.

"I think that's pretty obvious." Kevin replied as he wondered how far Olivia would go.

"Do you like oral sex?" Olivia asked almost innocently as she hiked her skirt up to her waist revealing her naked pussy. "My moron husband thinks it's dirty."

"I love it, both ways." Kevin panted.

Olivia crooked a finger at Kevin, spread her legs wide apart and rubbed her fingers over her vagina. The extremely aroused driver crawled the short distance to his seductress and knelt between her slim calves.

"Ohhh God, you're beautiful." Kevin gasped as he gazed at Olivia's wet slit.

Those were the last words Kevin was to speak for some time as Olivia pushed his head down towards her groin. He teased her by licking up her thigh from her knee almost to her pussy, then withdrawing and repeating the licking on the other leg. Olivia groaned as the driver's fingers spread her pussy lips apart and his tongue licked around the edge of her labia. Olivia moaned as the driver moved down to a sensitive spot on the inside of her thigh where he teased by licking, kissing and making designs with the tip of his tongue. He came close to her pussy then floated away making Olivia anticipate what was to follow.

Kevin licked the crease where Olivia's leg met her pussy and then buried his head in her trimmed bush. Gently he brushed his lips over her slit, exciting Olivia so she raised her hips to his face, demanding more. Kevin felt Olivia's thighs rest on his shoulders as he placed his lips right over the slit kissing gently, then harder. Olivia moaned loudly as his tongue separated her labia and ran up and down the layers of pussy flesh. Then he tongue fucked her, pushing his tongue into and out of her vagina, teasing her as once again she raised her hips, wanting more. Kevin's tongue rested on and gently caressed Olivia's clit and her legs shuddered as she approached orgasm.

"Ohhhhhh, this is fantastic, don't stop Kevin, don't stop!" Olivia screamed.

The horny chauffeur continued to lick and suck on Olivia's clit and added to her pleasure by slipping two fingers into the tightness of her pussy. Slowly but surely he finger fucked her into a powerful orgasm. Olivia was like a bucking bronco but Kevin held on, continuing to play with her as the driver removed his fingers and replaced them with his tongue. He looked up to see perspiration glowing on her forehead and as their eyes met her pleading look told him to 'keep going, don't stop'. Kevin returned his somewhat tired tongue to her clit bringing Olivia to another thrashing orgasm.

"Fuck me!" Olivia begged as she gasped air into her lungs and slid off the seat onto the thickly carpeted floor.

Somehow Kevin managed to push his pants and undies off and find a condom in a special drawer of the drinks cabinet. The wild pleading look in Olivia's eyes spurred Kevin on as he scrambled to kneel between the sexy lady's wide spread slim thighs. He pointed his penis at the entrance to Olivia's dripping vagina and thrust his hips forward. Kevin grunted as his hard cock slid easily into the depths of her welcoming pussy. It had been a long time without sex for both Kevin and Olivia and the limousine was soon rocking on its springs as both revelled in their unexpected encounter. The time for subtle sensual intercourse was long gone as the turned on couple humped like two frenzied teenagers. Loud moans and grunts filled the car as the frenetic driver thrust his cock in and out of the sexy wife of the affluent businessman. It did not take long before Olivia screamed as another intense orgasm shuddered through her body. Somehow she managed to wrap her legs around Kevin and hold him tight as he climaxed with his cock deep in her vagina. The driver withdrew and managed to roll sideways as they gasped air into the lungs while lying side by side on the floor.

"Ohhhhhh Goddd I needed that so badly!" Olivia was the first to speak after several minutes. "Do you suffer from active tongue disorder?"

Kevin laughed at Olivia's pun but he was unsure of what to say, this was the first time he had screwed a client and the uncertainty showed on his face.

"It's alright Kevin, this is just between you and I." Olivia said reassuringly. "Nobody need ever find out, it just happened because of the circumstances."

Kevin nodded in understanding. "We both needed it that's for sure, yes, just between us, our secret."

Olivia smiled and rested her head against Kevin's chest while they cuddled together on the floor of the limo.

"You are such a naughty girl." Kevin grinned as he spoke after a few more minutes of silence.

"Me, a naughty girl?" Olivia giggled as she looked at him in mock surprise.

"Seducing your driver like that, tsk, tsk. Not the done thing for a lady of your social position."

"So what should happen to such a naughty girl?" Olivia enquired with wide-eyed innocence.

"Oh, naughty girls get spanked." Kevin said with a somewhat evil laugh.

"Spank me? Are you for real?" Olivia questioned as she looked at him seriously.

"Only if you want to try it." Kevin said unsurely, acutely aware that he may have said the wrong thing.

"Oh God Kevin, it's something I've dreamed about for years." Olivia said excitedly. "You'll really spank me?"

"Wow, I thought I'd said the wrong thing then." Kevin said with some relief. "I'd love to spank you sometime, if we see each other again."

"Oh we will see each other again." Olivia replied definitely, "You can give me my first spanking, and whaaaaaaat?"

'Bang, bang, bang!' Olivia's sentence was cut short and they both jumped with fright as someone outside knocked loudly on a side window.

Kevin quickly scrambled off the floor and looked outside. "Shit, it's the police!"

"Oh God no!" Olivia wailed as she pulled her skirt down and tried to cover her face and breasts with her blouse.

"Just a minute!" Kevin yelled as he quickly pulled on his pants.

The chauffeur took a deep breath and let the window down a short distance. "Yes officer?"

"Excuse me Sir, we just want to make sure everything is all right here." The officer said as he tried to see inside the back of the limo.

"Yes, we are fine, ok." Kevin replied with a sigh of relief.

"And the lady?" The officer questioned, "Let me hear your voice."

"Um, um, yes I'm fine, quite safe thank you." Olivia managed to respond with a shaky voice from under her blouse.

"Very well, may I suggest you find a more private place next time, like a bedroom?" The officer said sarcastically, "There are bus-loads of children due here any minute on a school excursion." He paused for effect then added. "We will take this incident no further."

"Oh hell, yes thank you officer." Kevin replied. "We will get out of here now."

"Thank you Sir." The officer said before moving back to his patrol car.

Kevin finished dressing as he watched a very dishevelled Olivia hurriedly slip back into her bra, blouse and skirt. They kept glancing at each other and giggling like two teenagers who had been caught by a teacher and let off with a warning. Olivia decided to ride in the front of the limo with Kevin as they returned to the city. The millionaire's wife rested a hand on Kevin's thigh as he drove and they discussed where and when they could risk meeting again. After a long talk it was decided that they would take advantage of Richard Maguire's absence and spend a few days in private at the Maguire's beach house at Sorrento. The horny couple both realised that they were asking for trouble but decided to risk the consequences.

"Here we are already." Kevin sighed as he drove the limo into the driveway of the Maguire's mansion.

"Damn, I wish we could go now." Olivia grumbled.

"You have the charity lunch tomorrow, it would cause too much gossip if you pulled out of that, and I have to work." Kevin reminded his sad faced companion. "But it's only two days away."

"Let me have your mobile phone number." Olivia suggested. "And there's one thing I forgot to ask you."

"Yes, what's that?" Kevin asked as they swapped phone numbers.

"This will sound silly but do you like my hair style?" Olivia asked with a blush.

Kevin leant across and held Olivia 's long hair back from her face. "Honestly my sweet I think your long hair hides too much of your lovely face. I prefer short hair and think you would look even sexier with short hair, but that's just my opinion."

"Dickhead prefers my hair long." Olivia grumbled. "He won't let me get it cut."

"Don't worry about it honey." Kevin guided Olivia's lips to his and they kissed for the first time.

"Mmmmm that's nice, I want more of those." Olivia smiled. "I'd forgotten how good a real kiss can be."

The couple kissed passionately once more before Olivia gathered her belongings from the back of the car, threw her panties at Kevin as a souvenir and left with a promise to phone later that night. Kevin removed the tape recording from the car and replaced it with a blank one before returning the car to the depot. When he arrived home he played the tape once before destroying the evidence of his wonderful time with Olivia.

Chapter 2

The two days passed frustratingly slowly until Kevin finally arrived bright and early to collect Olivia from the rear of the Maguire mansion. He knocked on the back door that was quickly opened by the excited lady of the house.

"Hey look at you!" Kevin exclaimed.

"You like it?" Olivia questioned as she turned a full circle to show off her new short haircut.

"I love it, it really suits you!" Kevin enthused as he wrapped his arms around Olivia and kissed her deeply.

"Richard will be upset, but too bad." Olivia pouted as their lips parted.

"Try and forget about him and enjoy our days together."

"Yes you are right, I've only got the one bag, let's go." Olivia said positively.

Kevin grabbed her bag and placed it in the rear of his car while Olivia locked the door of the mansion and coded the security system. They were soon whizzing down the freeway on the ninety-minute trip to the seaside resort of Sorrento. The sexy couple spent the drive getting to know about each other's backgrounds and their individual likes and dislikes. Both were silently pleased at how easily they were able to converse and how much they had in common. As Kevin stopped his car outside the tall gates of the large holiday home they were both sure that three fun-filled days were ahead of them. Olivia opened the gates with a remote control and Kevin whistled in amazement as he drove down the driveway to the front door.

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