tagLoving WivesLimousine: The Driver

Limousine: The Driver


"Hello? This is Beth Roberts. I need a limousine this afternoon. My husband David hired a limousine last Saturday, but I can't remember the driver's name. I wonder if you could check your records and tell me whether he is available this evening?" Beth asked in her best professional voice. "Yes, I can hold."

The hold seemed never ending. Actually the dispatcher was gone only four minutes, but Beth was nervous and it seemed he would never return.

"Ma'am? Yeah, he's available this evening. We don't get a lot of calls for a limousine on Thursdays. I just had to check his schedule. What time do you need him?" The dispatcher inquired.

"Eight o'clock." Beth replied.

"How do you want to handle the charges, ma'am?" he inquired flatly.

"Will you invoice us for that?" Beth answered with a question of her own.

"The Roberts account?"

"Yes, thank you." Beth said politely and disconnected the call. "What the fuck am I doing?" Beth thought to herself. Since the night she caught the driver spying on them while her husband fucked her in the back of his limo, Beth had not been able to get the scene out of her mind. She played it over and over again. Each time she re--lived in vivid detail the thrill she experienced looking into the eyes of the handsome stranger while he watched her husband fucking her. Twice the memory got her so hot she retrieved her little blue, buzzing friend from her bedside drawer. Both times she reached orgasm within minutes after she first touched its bulbous--headed to her clit. Now her lust had driven her to call North Georgia Limousine to hunt down the driver who has been driving her fantasies. Beth snickered inwardly at her off--the--cuff pun.

"Oh well . . . the first part is taken care of. Now to take care of part two." Beth said aloud to herself. She opened her cell phone and dialed her husband.

"Hey baby. Whatcha doing?" Beth began.

"Just working, baby, what are you doing?" David replied.

"Nothing really, but I'm feeling a little frisky right now." Beth continued.

"Frisky?" David asked, genuinely puzzled.

"Horny, baby." Beth cleared up his confusion.

"Well, . . . I'll be glad to come home at lunch. You know I never pass up an opportunity to do you!" David said excitedly.

"I kinda had another idea." Beth started tentatively. David melted.

"You knowwww . . . you always told me if I wanted to fuck someone else, all I had to do is tell you, right? Aannnnd . . . you also said you'd like to watch someone fuck me, right?" Beth had her husband's full attention.

David laughed. "Yeah, I did. Found someone hot, have you?" David laughed again, "Exactly who do you want to fuck?"

"Never mind. Do you trust me?" Beth asked.

"Of course I do," David reassured her. "You know that."

"Okay. You'll find out. Its not anyone you know and its not anyone I ever dated or anything. Just make sure you are home by eight tonight." Beth said excitedly.

"Okay sexy. I'll probably be home earlier, but I'll call if I'm going to be late. And I definitely won't be later than eight o'clock," David said with a chuckle. "No way I'll be late," David thought to himself.

"Good! I love you," Beth said.

"I love you too, baby," David answered. "Bye bye."

"Bye baby," Beth said and disconnected the call.

David wondered what, or more precisely whom, his beautiful wife was planning for the evening. His mind was awhirl with possibilities and fantasies. He went back over the short conversation in his mind. Beth did not say very much. All he really knew was his wife wanted to fuck someone. Although he assumed the person she wanted to fuck was male, she did not say whether the person was male or female. The fact the person is not someone she dated before they were married seemed to indicate the person was male. Although she had enjoyed sex with at least one woman, he did not think she had dated any women. David also wondered if Beth's reminder that he had told her he wanted to watch her get fucked meant he was going to just watch or whether he would be invited to join in. Either way, the turn of events was exciting and he truly would enjoy seeing his wife get a good fucking.

David arrived home shortly after six o'clock. He brought chicken home from Zaxby's. As he was taking the carry--out containers from the bag, Beth walked into the kitchen.

"I want this evening to be a complete surprise, so no questions, okay?" Beth looked at her husband earnestly.

Although curiosity was killing him, David could see in his wife's eyes that her request meant a lot to her. He agreed. "Of course, baby. This is your game. I'll play along with you."

"Thank you," Beth sighed. David knew he made the right decision not to push for details. His wife visibly relaxed. Beth was glad David agreed not to discuss her plans for the evening. She was so nervous, she may have decided not to go through with it if she had to answer too many questions. Beth added, "He'll be here at eight o'clock."

Beth and David ate dinner on the breakfast table. Their dinner conversation could have been any night. After dinner, they busied themselves with the ordinary pursuits of home life until a few minutes after seven o'clock, when Beth went to the master bathroom to bathe. David got a drink and followed her into the bedroom. He immediately noticed the loveseat had been moved from the corner of the bedroom to the center where anyone sitting on it would have an unobstructed view of the bed. David lounged on it with a drink as his wife bathed. After her bath, in keeping with habit, Beth sat on the bed in her thong and applied her makeup with a hand--held mirror. David loved watching her put on her makeup in just a thong. They shared more small talk. Even though he was tempted, he still did not ask her about her plans. At about 7:45 p.m., Beth put on her clothes. She was stunning.

At precisely eight o'clock, the doorbell rang. Beth jumped, looked at David and asked, "Will you wait for me in the den?"

"Of course, sexy, go get him," David chuckled and smiled lovingly at his wife. He rose from the sofa. As he left the bedroom, he glanced out the front window and saw a limousine parked in the front drive. David lowered his head and broke in a broad grin as he guessed the identity of Beth's mystery man.

From the den, David heard his wife greet the driver at the door. She stepped outside and pulled the door shut. About ten minutes later, David heard the front door open again. He heard hushed laugher and voices. The driver and Beth were kissing and feverishly exploring each other's body. The driver grabbed her ass and breasts, as she laughed and backed herself toward the bedroom.

"David, you can come in now if you want," Beth shouted just before she backed through the bedroom door pulling the driver with her. David jumped from the couch on which he was sitting and walked quickly to the bedroom. On his way, he noticed the driver's hat laid eschew on the sofa. His jacket and tie had been hastily removed and thrown carelessly on the floor. As he entered the door, David saw his wife locked in an embrace with the limo driver. They were kissing passionately. David could feel his dick starting to swell. He quietly sat on the loveseat especially positioned for him this evening.

As the driver kissed Beth, she reached down and placed her hand directly over his crotch. She located a familiar bulge and grabbed the shaft of his cock through his trousers. She trailed her hand up its length to his belt. Stepping back a half--step, Beth used both hands to quickly unbuckle his belt. She reached for the clasp of his trousers, but before she could reach it, the driver grabbed the hem of her shirt and lifted. Beth raised her hands to allow the driver to pull her shirt over her head. With her shirt discarded on the floor, the driver grabbed the bottom of Beth's camisole and repeated his actions. Now, with her copious tits spilling over the cups of her bra, Beth finally was able to unclasp his pants and pull the zipper down. She tried to pull his pants down, but the driver once again interrupted her. This time he occupied her with more kisses as he reached behind her to unfasten her bra. Once it was unfastened, Beth leaned forward slightly and the weight of her tits forced her bra off. She unceremoniously tossed it on the floor. Beth grabbed the sides of her own pants, pushed them down to the floor and stepped out of them.

David's attention was fixed on his wife. The scene unfolding before him was overwhelmingly exciting. His dick had been fully erect since shortly after he first saw his wife kissing the stranger before him. Now he was rubbing it through his jeans.

Clad only in her thong, Beth knelt in front of the driver and pulled his pants and underwear down in one movement. His cock sprang forward in her face. It was only a little above average in length, but it was thick. Its large bulbous head was only slightly disproportionate to the thickness of his shaft. His balls hung low in his scrotum. Beth moaned her approval and brought her hand up to cup his balls. She took his cock in her mouth.

"Oh god, yessssss," the driver hissed as Beth began to move her mouth up and down the length of his dick. His plump head was hard to fit in her mouth, but she did not mind. As she sucked his dick, she kept thinking, "God, this is gonna feel good in my pussy!"

"Mmmmmmmm," Beth said audibly. David's dick twitched. Her tongue swirled around its thick shaft. Her head moved expertly back and forth. Beth massaged his balls hanging loose in his sack. She slowly drew her mouth back to the tip of the driver's dick and held it there while she brought her left hand up. She grasped his cock at the base of its shaft and let her hand slide up it before pulling its head up toward his belly button. She kissed his scrotum, taking first his left and then his right ball in her mouth.

David knew how good his wife sucked cock. He easily imagined how the driver felt with Beth's mouth around his dick. David unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down. He began rubbing his own cock and watched his beautiful wife blow this stranger.

With his cock held skyward and his right ball still in her mouth, Beth's eyes looked up to the driver's face. She released his right nut from her mouth with a pop and looked at the driver with a smile held almost in a hissing position. Holding his gaze as long as she could, she dipped her head under his sack. With her tongue and mouth, she licked and kissed her way back to his asshole. She flicked his asshole with her tongue twice quickly. Then she licked it once with the flat of her tongue just before rising slowly to stand chest to chest with the driver. Beth glanced briefly at her husband. David's was slowly rubbing the underside of his dick in a circular motion. She could see he was entranced by what she was doing with this stranger right in front of him.

Turning her attention back to the driver, Beth placed her arms around his neck and pulled him toward her for a deep kiss. When the kiss broke, the driver quickly removed his shirt. He kissed Beth again. Discarding his shirt on the floor, he quickly removed his socks. Beth kissed the driver again, grabbed his elbows and pulled him toward the bed. David wondered how she would receive him as he continued to slowly rub the underside of his cock.

When she reached the bed, Beth pulled herself upon it and laid back. She raised her hips and removed her thong as the driver stared down on the woman of his desires. Looking deeply into the driver's eyes, Beth bent her knees and spread her legs, exposing her pussy to him. To the driver's delight, she was totally shaved. She reached between her legs and, with all four fingers, quickly rubbed her pussy first up and down its crack, then twice in a circular motion. She was sending a clear message to the driver. She was ready for him. From his post six feet away, David could see his wife's pussy was sopping wet.

The driver stepped forward between Beth's legs. When he was near, Beth reached out and grabbed his dick. She rubbed it up and down her slit and coated the bulbous head of his cock with her juices. Then she pulled him forward and positioned the head of his dick at the opening to her cunt. Beth looked up at the driver.

"Fuck me. Fuck me with your fat cock," Beth half whispered. There was no embarrassment in her voice. "I want you in me now!"

The driver moved a little closer and placed his hands on either side of Beth's hips. She closed her eyes just before he drove his cock into her pussy.

"Oh god!" Beth exclaimed, throwing her head back. The bulbous head caused her to take a sharp breath as his cock pushed past the opening and invaded her cunt. Her pussy stretched to accommodate the unusual heft of his organ and gripped it tightly. The driver withdrew to the head of his cock and plunged it back into Beth. Then, over and over, he impaled her on his cock.

The driver began talking to Beth as he rammed his cock into her like a piston. "Shit! You're so hot! I've been dreaming about your pussy since I saw you in my car. Hot and wet, . . . just like I imagined!"

"Aggghhhhh . . . oh, god, your dick feels great." Beth returned his lusty compliment and then offered needless encouragement, "Don't stop fucking me! Give it to me good!"

"You like my cock, bitch?" The driver asked in mock humiliation.

"Oh yeah! Fuck me with it." Beth retorted.

The driver answered Beth by ratcheting up the force with which he thrust himself in and out of her pussy. From his vantage point, David could see the driver's thick organ stretching his wife's pussy. Her hips bucked to meet the force of every lunge. Her juices had wet her ass and the insides of her legs. Excited by the sight of his wife getting fucked, David started moving his hand up and down his shaft as he watched the driver plunge his dick into Beth over and over.

"That's it. Fuck me hard. Fuck me harder." Beth had her eyes closed. She moved her head slowly from side to side as she absorbed the pounding. The driver hooked his arms around each of her legs and used them to spread her wider. David heard their flesh pop every time he slammed into his wife's pussy. Beth felt his balls slapping against her ass cheeks with every thrust. In this new position, the fat head of his cock was rubbing her g--spot and she felt her orgasm rapidly building. Sensing she was near climax, the driver lifted up on Beth's legs and rammed his cock into her with even more fury. He could feel himself peaking.

"Oh, . . . oh, I'm cummmmmmiiinnnnggg! Ahg! . . . ahg . . . ahg . . . aaahhhhhgggg . . . uhh!!" David heard the familiar staccato exclamations of his wife's climax. David began ejaculating as he watched and heard his wife orgasm. His sperm shot out over his chest and coated his stomach.

The driver buried his dick deep into Beth and started pumping his seed into her. As he continued to ejaculate, he watched Beth spasm involuntarily in orgasm. He held thick organ deep within her until her orgasm reposed.

"Oh god, that was great," Beth said as she opened her eyes. The driver stepped back and withdrew his dick. Beth laid on the bed with her pussy coated in the juices of her orgasm, not offering to move. The driver stepped to the side of the bed and stood to Beth's right. She reached down and took his softening dick into her hand, rubbing it absent mindedly.

"You're awesome. Shit, I've wanted to fuck you since I saw you in my limo." The driver confessed.

"I saw you watching, Beth told the driver what he already knew.

"Oh yeah, you were so hot! I've thought about it two or three times a day since I saw you." The driver continued. "You really got me worked up that night. My dick was so hard I wanted to crawl back there and fuck you myself! I wanted to drive my hard cock into your pussy and make you scream!"

"Would you have made me scream?" Beth giggled.

"I woulda fucked you hard and dumped a huge load in you. Your pussy woulda been leaking all night." He continued without answering Beth's question.

"Well, I'm pretty sure you just did that," she mused.

Beth and the driver fell silent for several minutes. David was quite himself. Just as he was beginning to recover, David noticed his wife was stroking the driver's dick with more purpose. Then he noticed the driver's cock was becoming engorged again. He heard his wife speak.

"Looks like you're not through yet . . . and neither am I," Beth said with a giggle. She rolled over onto her stomach and let her legs slide to the floor. She wiggled her hips on the balls of her feet to expose her beautiful ass to the driver.

"Fuck my ass. I want you to fuck me in my ass." Beth looked back over her shoulder at the stranger.

The driver looked down at Beth's fully exposed asshole. Their combined juices made it glisten like a pearl. He felt his dick tighten as he contemplated fucking this beautiful woman's ass. He bent over and, spreading her cheeks with his hands, first licked and then kissed Beth's nether hole. The warmth of the driver's mouth felt good against her asshole. Beth unconsciously lifted her hips in an effort to experience more if the pleasure of his tongue. The driver stood.

As the driver took his dick in hand and positioned it to violate Beth's ass, he heard her say, "There's Astroglide on the nightstand."

"Oh okay," muttered the driver almost under his breath. He turned at the waist to his right and found the lubricant. He applied a small amount to the palm of his left hand and rubbed it onto his dick. He applied a smaller amount to his fingers and rubbed Beth's asshole. After applying the lube with his fingers, he massaged it around and over her orifice. Applying a little pressure, he tested its pliability with his thumb. Then placing it directly over the opening, he pushed and curled his thumb. It slipped easily past her sphincter. Beth moaned her approval.

The driver once again held his cock and placed its head against the opening of Beth's anus. He pushed gently. Beth felt her hole start to expand. She moaned again. Encouraged by her reaction, the driver applied more pressure. The large head of his cock disappeared in her ass. Pausing only momentarily, he pushed forward and the shaft of his cock slowly disappeared into Beth until his balls rested against her pussy.

"Oh god, I feel so full. Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass with your big cock!" Beth encouraged the driver. The driver withdrew his cock to its head and, still tentatively, but with more force pushed the length of his member back into her. He withdrew again, faster than before. Then he drove himself back into her forcefully enough for his balls to slap against her pussy.

"Oh god, yes, yes," Beth's voice was rising. "That's it. Fuck my ass good!"

The driver began to fuck Beth's ass harder. David could hear the wet slap of the stranger's balls against his wife's cunt from his station six feet away. The sound was punctuated with an audible burst of air from Beth each time his cock was driven home, "Uh, . . . uh, . . . uh, . . . uh, . . ."

Beth reached beneath her body searching for her cunt. Her fingers found their mark, and she began to rub her clit in circles. The pleasing pain emanating from her ass fused with the intense feeling her fingers elicited from her clit. She was overwhelmed. She craved the deep pleasure only a controlled pain can produce. She needed more.

"Fuck me harder!" Beth demanded. Her voice had a gravelly edge. "Fuck my ass hard!"

The driver grabbed both sides of her hips and pulled her roughly back into him as he impaled her ass. Having slammed his cock into her four or five times, he reached out with his left hand and grabbed a handful of Beth's black tresses near their roots and pulled sharply.

"Uhhgahhhhhh!" Beth yelled as the pain registered and her head snapped back toward the man forcefully riding her. Despite her exclamation, he continued to hold her hair in his strong grip. With a hold on her hair and his right hand leveraged by her hip, the driver continued to forcefully pull her back into his body as he lunged forward into her. Over and over he violated Beth's ass with his cock. Both them knew they could not last much longer.

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