After injuring my knee in a football game, I had to have an operation to repair my damaged ligaments. After the operation, I needed almost a year of physiotherapy treatment, which meant a weekly trip to the local hospital. The physiotherapy department ran a knee class every Wednesday morning.

An exercise program was worked out for me on my first visit, and you would be assessed by a physio every four or five weeks. On my second visit, I got talking to Linda. She was on the exercise bike next to mine, and as we were both due to be on there for 10 minutes, Linda asked me about how I got my injury. We chatted and Linda told me how she had injured her knee in a fall on an icy path outside her house. She seemed really friendly, although she was old enough to be my mother. She finished her time on the bike and smiled at me, saying, "See you later," as she got off. Her smile really was amazing, her brown eyes lighting up her face despite the crow's feet at their edges.

"See you," I said and watched her make her way to the rowing machine. She was a slim woman, with shoulder length, chestnut brown hair, flecked with grey. She seemed kind of shapeless in her baggy blue tracksuit.

Over the course of several weeks, I grew to look forward to seeing Linda at the gym. I never really read much into it, but as time went on, the tracksuit was abandoned in favour of tight running pants and vest top. The flecks of grey were gone from her hair too and we were soon having a drink together in the hospital coffee shop after our gym sessions.

I learned that Linda was 56 years old and was married, with three grown up children, all of whom had left home. Her husband was 63 and she dropped the odd hint that he was past it in the bedroom department. One morning as we sat at the table after the session, my eye was caught by a stunning young nurse passing the door. Linda caught me looking and playfully punched me on the shoulder.

"Hey you, what would your wife say if she saw you ogling at that young woman?"

"Oh, she wouldn't be too bothered Linda, she's not the jealous type," I replied.

"So is blondie over there your type?"

"Well... she's nice, but I prefer the darker type, maybe a bit more... mature?"

Linda blushed and looked down, smiling.

"I'm twenty-five years older than you Bob, behave yourself!"

As she said it, she allowed her hand to brush against my arm. I couldn't help but take a peek at her cleavage, her tanned skin accentuated by the white vest top. I smiled and looked away.

As our rehab program developed, we had to do more "resistance" exercises. With a partner, you have to try to move your leg, while the other person tries to stop you. The objective of this is to strengthen the knee joint. Linda and I naturally paired off. I think that was the time when I seriously began to think about her sexually, probably because of the close physical contact necessitated by our new exercises.

Linda sat on a couch, her left leg drawn up. with her knee almost at her chest. She had to try to straighten her leg, while I leaned against it. She was wearing a perfume which gave off a very heady scent. I felt a stirring in my shorts as I held on to her leg, our faces close together, and Linda's body tensed. We smiled at each other and laughed, maybe a little nervously.

When we swapped positions, I found it even more arousing, my leg fitting between her small breasts. When I lay down and drew my knee up, my semi-erection turned into a full-blown hard-on as Linda leaned over me and pressed my leg down.

After the session, we went for a coffee as usual. I decided to take a chance.

"Linda, I've been thinking, how would you like to go out for a drink this evening?"

She bit her bottom lip and smiled.

"Bob, I thought you'd never ask!"

We arranged to meet at a bar in town at eight o'clock that evening. I was in a state of nervous flux for the rest of the day. My wife was going out of town for a few days to visit her mother and she must have noticed my impatience as I cajoled her to hurry up or she would miss her bus.

I was at the bar waiting for Linda at 7.45. I whistled inwardly when she arrived and asked her what she would like to drink. I ordered her a vodka and coke, then we found ourselves a quiet table in a corner.

"You look amazing," I said.

"I don't look too slutty then?" she asked.

"No way," I lied.

She was dressed in a strappy, silvery blue top and a very short white skirt.

"That's a shame, because I wouldn't want you getting the wrong message!"

After a few drinks, with both of us feeling a little merry, I asked her if she'd eaten?

"Not yet, I was hoping we could go back to yours for a bite."

"Linda, my wife does all the cooking in our house, and there's a very good reason for that!"

"Who said anything about food?"

Under the table, I felt Linda's shoeless foot move up my leg to gently push into my groin.

"Well what are we waiting for? Let's go!"

As soon as the front door was closed, I grabbed her and pulled her tight against me and kissed her gently. Her mouth parted slightly and her tongue began softly brushing against my teeth and the inside of my lips. She began to unbutton my shirt and pulling it open, kissed and sucked on my right nipple, while allowing her nails to scratch lightly down over my taut stomach. I cupped a small breast with my left hand as she began kneading my balls. My right hand held a handful of her hair and I let out a long breath when she kneeled in front of me and pulled my fly open. Seven inches of hard cock sprang out, hitting her in the face before she took it greedily in her mouth. I felt my knees weaken as her hot tongue worked its magic, sucking on me till I thought I could take no more. She slowly pulled away, a delicious coolness making its way up my shaft as it emerged from her hot mouth. Her tongue snaked out and began flicking at the tup of my cock, then she licked her way down the shaft to my balls, licking and sucking on them as she wanked me to orgasm. I leaned back against the bannister to support myself as semen spewed forth, Linda keeping a tight grip as it shrank and softened.

Linda stood up and took my hand.

"Let's go upstairs, we're not done yet."

It would be a little while before I would be ready again (I thought), so when we got into the bedroom, I pushed her gently onto the bed. She sat on the edge while I lifted her top over her head and kissed her deeply, removing her bra. She was slim with a pair of delightfully freckled, small breasts, certainly no more than a handful. Her nipples hardened as I gave them each a tongue bath before moving down to her soft, flabby belly. I pushed her onto her back and she lifted her hip up to allow me to take off her skirt and panties. Then I got to work on the insides of her thighs, my hot breath opening up her pussy and she began to breath heavily as my tongue teased her pussy lips. I nuzzled into her cunt and began to thrust my tongue inside the pink opening before concentratin on her protrubing clit. Her legs were around my shoulders, me kneeling on the floor at the bottom of the bed. Her pussy throbbed, my mouth covered in her flowing juices and I reached up with both hands to cup her tits and play with her nipples. I hoped my neighbours wouldn't hear as she screamed, orgasming in wave after wave of pleasure and ecstacy.

She lay on the bed contentedly as I joined her. By this time, my cock was hardening again. I pushed her onto her side and pulled her ass into my groin and kissed the back of her neck. She twisted her head around and kissed me while I cupped her breasts, teasing her nipples into hardness again. She turned around and mounted me, my engorged cock sliding easily into her hot, wet, welcoming pussy. She began riding me, her small breasts jiggling around delightfully. I sat up and she wrapped her legs around behind me, continuing to bounce on my dick. We came together, then collapsed onto the bed, a spent force.

We woke at around 3am and pleasured each other again, then fucked like crazy in the shower before Linda finally left at about 7.30 that morning.

We have both finished our physiotherapy sessions now, but we both coincidentally enough caught the gym bug ane equally coincidentally, we both now go to the same gym on Friday nights. My wife thinks that explains my exhaustion on Saturday mornings. Linda's husband is equally satisfied with that explanation.

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