tagLoving WivesLinda Alone (Except for Friends) Ch. 19

Linda Alone (Except for Friends) Ch. 19


Before leaving on my latest overseas assignment, I had place an ad in a swinger magazine looking for a man who could be both a playmate for my wife and someone to provide her with a sexual outlet during my absence. Al had responded with a letter and a photograph. Neither one was too revealing, so I knew that he would at least demonstrate some caution. The photo showed him fully clothed, standing in the doorway of his home in Grand Prairie. From the height of the door, I estimated he must be almost six feet tall, with an average build, and appeared to be in his mid -30’s. His hair was dark, but I couldn’t tell the color. The letter confirmed his height and weight (175). He told me his hair was black, and eyes were blue. He added he was the father of an eight year old girl, his wife was deceased due to an auto accident which had left him financially well fixed, and he would like very much to join me in a ménage-a-trois with my wife. It was so near the date I knew I would have to leave that I knew that wouldn’t be possible, so I called the phone number given in his letter.

I called him the next day. He was at home, he told me, because he was semi-retired. He only worked when he wanted to and, as an aeronautical engineer, which could be as often as he wished. He could have time off anytime he wished, with no problems. I explained that the threesome was out due to the short time remaining before I had to leave for overseas, but that I was considering him among several others for someone to keep my wife sexually satisfied during my absence. He offered more information based on that, including the statistics that really interested me. He claimed his cock was eight inches long, circumcised and had a diameter of between two and two and one half inches, depending on how aroused he was. He said he had not had any partners since his wife’s death three years prior. He had been devastated by her death and the needs of his daughter until he was only now beginning to think of sex. He admitted that the housekeeper he had hired both to sit with his daughter when he was not home and to give the home some sense of neatness, was beginning to appeal to him regardless of her age (late 50’s). On that basis he had answered my ad, hoping to work his way back into socializing himself once again. He asked if I had a picture of my wife after I had described her over the phone. I sent him one that showed her in one of the hand-made dresses she had made for her during our last overseas assignment together. It was one which fit her perfectly and emphasized not only her good legs but also the fullness of her breasts. I put that in the mail to him on Tuesday, his phone call to me was the following Thursday.

“Hi, Earl, It’s Al “

“Hi, Al. I guess you got the letter (describing my wife more fully) and the photo.”

“I sure did, and all I can say is WOW. Are those tits real?”

I chuckled before answering.

“They sure are, every inch of them, and very sensitive to the touch, even more so than her pussy.”

Linda walked in as I continued the conversation. I could tell she was listening closely even though she feigned disinterest. Linda loves to fuck and we were still going at it like newly weds, especially now that we both knew we would be separated for a year.

As I continued the conversation he asked if she liked to fuck.

“She loves to fuck,” I assured him. “But she doesn’t like quickies. If you fuck her she’s going to want you to spend the night with her. Would that present a problem?” I looked over at Linda whose face was now red with embarrassment as I listened to his response and blew her a kiss. She got up and walked out of the room.

Our conversation continued for another half hour before we were both satisfied that it looked good. I told Al that Linda would call him when she needed some sex and that he should tell her that he would come over as soon as she asked.

As I hung up the phone, Linda walked into the room in a peignoir that left nothing to the imagination, and beckoned me to her. I took her in my arms and kissed her passionately. Ever since she had been taken by Mike, her first lover, Linda had become more passionate day by day. She still would not make any motions to attract men when by herself, but she no longer opposed my telling others of her assets and suggesting that they would enjoy fucking her. If she liked them, she did and the enjoyment was becoming more obvious each time.

“Is he coming over?” she asked as I palmed those lovely full breasts and steered her toward the bedroom.

“No, he won’t come until you call him.” I told her.

She frowned as she sat down on the bed, then pulled her legs up and lay ready for some hot sex. “You know I don’t like talking to men when it’s obvious that I want someone to fuck me.”

“Yes, I do, honey, but you’re going to have to get over that while I’m gone. I can’t possibly answer every response to that ad before I leave. Some of them you’re going to have to answer by yourself. You don’t have to spell anything out, just tell them that you would like to meet with them in a public place. Sit down and talk to them. Then, if you like what you see, invite them over to the house.” I forestalled any further objections by opening that gown and sucking one lovely nipple into my mouth, taking off my clothes as I worshipped that little bit of heaven.

Linda’s breasts are the most sensitive part of her body. They were big and full, measuring 42DD or more when she was aroused, as she became shortly after a man touched them with obvious intentions, and especially when they were exposed, being fondled and sucked.

Her thighs opened as I continued worshiping the delights that had drawn me (and other men) to her as soon as they had the opportunity I was taking. She sighed as my hand move slowly over her belly, through the fine hair on the mount of Venus, and covered the soft flesh of her vulva. I cupped it gently, feeling the wetness of her readiness before I slipped my middle finger inside her and began gently stroking it in and out of her, feeling the juices of her pleasure making her core more delightful with each stroke. She sighed softly as I positioned my body over hers and let the hardened length of my cock find its way into that same sweet channel.

I felt the tight muscle surrounding the entrance moving beneath my swollen cock head, allowing me to barely enter her before closing tightly around it. I rested there for a moment, delighting in the soft, silky warmth of her pussy. Only when I felt her lift her hips slightly, wordlessly signaling the need for more, did I begin working it in and out until she was fully opened for me. Still I took my time, allowing the combined juices of our lovemaking to lubricate the way into that tight tunnel of love, halting only when I felt my cock reach the end and rest against her cervix.

“M-m-m” she purred softly. “I love it like this.” she murmured as we began working with each other to make the stroking even more pleasant. I could feel the muscles inside her vagina contracting rhythmically as we found each other’s perfect speed. With both my hands closed gently over her magnificent breasts, I fucked her gently until her need for release and mine coincided perfectly. I felt her vagina tighten around my thrusting cock, then saw the flush creeping up over her chest, onto her throat before, with a little cry of pleasure she thrust her pelvis against mine and I felt her juices and mine mix in the ultimate pleasure.

“A-h-h,” she sighed as she allowed the orgasm to work its way though her body, accepting the jets of cum that were still pulsing into her. I felt her rolling me over onto my back and then she mounted me without losing her vaginal grip. Riding high on my body to keep her clit in contact with my cock, she rode my semi-rigid cock hard until once more she reached the apex of her pleasure.

I squeezed and sucked those magnificent breasts until the last traces of her orgasm faded. She rose then, with a smile, allowing my cock to slide from her cum filled pussy and covering it with her hand before lying back down beside me.

“Since you’re leaving tomorrow, I guess I should let you have what you always want when I’m freshly fucked,” she told me with an evil grin.

I knew that what she was offering was one of the main reasons I wanted her freshly fucked as often as she could take it. I got to my knees and then between her thighs as she spread wide and moved her hand. The shiny, pearlescent residue of my delight was moving slowly down the valley of her vulva, begging me to stop it before it went lower. I couldn’t resist and my hands went beneath her thighs, lifting them as my mouth closed over those soft, warm, engorged lips.

First I let the tip of my tongue slide through the valley, collecting just what was on top. Then I pressed it between those smooth lips until I could use it as a scoop to lift it from the deep recesses and pull it into my mouth. I could see her smiling as I looked through the now cum sodden hair on her mound. She lifted her pelvis to make it easier for me to go deeper and deeper until I no longer had that delightful liqueur available to my taste buds, then I moved higher. I could see that sweet nubbin of flesh at the top of the valley, and I knew with the proper care I could give Linda one more delight to match my own. I took her clit between my lips and inhaled it, pulling it through my pursed lips, then lifting my head to allow it to slide almost out before capturing it tightly once more, I treated it like my wife would have a cock on her lover, sucking it in and out as my fingers filled her vagina with slow strokes. It worked as usual. Soon her hands were behind my head pulling me tighter to her pussy, washing my face with her juices. She knew I wouldn’t let her clit go until she reached orgasm once more though.

When I felt the flood of her juices covering my face and her body jerking spasmodically, I softened the touch of lips and fingers, just barely continuing as she reached her peak and then slowly down until with a final gasp, she was limp once more.

Sorry folks, but I have to break it off right here before Al enters the picture. That will happen next when Linda, even more aware of her needs after the trucker got to her, invites Al over for some fun.

Thanks for reading Linda’s adventures. There are plenty more. Please show your appreciation by voting,

And finally to the gutless ones who send anonymous comments regarding AIDS, or that my wife was a whore – STUFF IT!

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