tagLoving WivesLinda & George Ch. 14

Linda & George Ch. 14


We were still in the middle of nowhere in central Texas when this occurred. I had never had the pleasure of fucking a lovely oriental like Sandy. Thank goodness Linda helped me get to her through her latest lover.


The next time it happened, I would have sworn it was just a chance encounter. Linda had been baby sitting for Sandy and her husband, George for several months before Sandy had to go to see her parents leaving her husband and their baby of one year with George.

Naturally there were several times during the month Sandy was gone when George needed Linda’s help. A friendship developed between them more rapidly than I had expected. More and more frequently I had come home during the first week she was gone and find George sitting on the couch with Linda as she fed George’s son. I didn’t mind, heck I had already told Linda that she could have any man she wanted as long as she told me about it after the fact, or shared herself with me and her latest lover, so I’d just come in, throw a ‘Hi’, at him and head for the kitchen to get something cool to drink. .

Still I didn’t expect a thing until I had to come home during the middle of the afternoon on that hot, central Texas, summer day and found the front door locked. Assuming that Linda had gone out for an errand, I unlocked the door and stepped inside.

The sound of moaning coming from the bedroom was my first indication that something was happening. I walked slowly to the back of our house and was given a view that had always turned me on. Linda was sitting on Georges face, shuttling her hips back and forth as she fed George that lovely pussy of hers. I stepped back in the hallway just far enough that I could watch without being seen too easily and stood quietly, taking in the sight. She was leaning over his head, both his hands were on her breasts, pulling on and stretching them to the point I knew it would be almost painful.

Linda wasn’t in pain though, far from it. I could see a line of cum on George’s stomach leading right to where my wife’s hips were covering his chin. George was obviously very busy giving my wife the oral follow up orgasmic delight she always liked after a thorough fucking had left her pussy full of hot cum.

I knew what would follow. Linda never got enough the first round and the bed didn’t look like it had been disturbed all that much, so I knew she had plenty more energy to devote to her lover of the day. Soon I knew she would be backing up to take his long, thick cock into her pussy once more and that would cause either her or George to see me.

As soundlessly as possible, I moved back to the living room and took a seat on the couch. As I sat down, my hand became wet from the leather covering. I had to smile, wondering if it was his pre-cum, or my wife’s juices from what must have been a very intense petting session.

As I thought about it and waited for Linda to enjoy George as fully as she wished, I thought back and recalled several instances when I had come home to find her in her robe while George was there. She always told me that he had dropped in unexpectedly just minutes before and then hurried off to change into something more appropriate for that time of day. I should have called her on it right then rather than let her believe she could be having some fun without telling me, but I knew that Linda was still more embarrassed about my intense desire to see her fucking other men than she felt comfortable with.

Still, I thought with a smile, she had become much more accommodating to other men since we had come home than I had expected. I certainly didn’t want to mess up that situation, so it was better that I just enjoy the prospects without causing any unnecessary commotion.

It was over an hour later when Linda walked into the living room, totally nude. Her breasts were red from the grip George had obviously been using to keep her in the position he wanted her. She stopped with a gasp of surprise when she saw me sitting on the couch. George had followed her so closely that he almost had his cock up her ass when she stopped abruptly on seeing me. His face went ashen, no doubt thinking about what could be the consequences of my finding him naked with my wife, coming from the bedroom.

“Hi, honey,” Linda said, her voice quavering slightly, “I didn’t’ think you would be home so early.

“Obviously,” I told her with a smile. I could see her relax visibly as she realized this was not something that she could not talk her way out of. I still don’t know why, by now, she considered that necessary, but I wanted to hear it anyway.

“George came over and asked me to model some clothes for him that he got for Sandy. “

“And why is he naked too?”

George started to stutter an answer, but I held up my hand and smiled at the shock still suffusing his face.

”Don’t worry, George, neither of you are in a pickle. In fact I’ve been here more than an hour. You two must be pretty good with each other judging from the sounds I was hearing from the bedroom.”

Linda didn’t know what to say, but she certainly knew what to do. She came over to the couch and bent forward to kiss me, letting her breasts dangle in front of her. She knew I couldn’t resist those luscious lovelies and she was right once again. I took both of them in my hand and gently squeezed them as I kissed her softly, then backed away to watch the nipples harden. Linda never could resist becoming aroused when a man had her breasts in his hands and even after thirteen years of marriage it still turned her on to have me do it.

“We had a little free time, so we just decided to have a little fun. Is that okay?”

“Of course it is, honey. You know how I feel about you being with other men. I pulled down hard enough on her double D’s that I could kiss her again and enjoyed a long lip lock before I looked back at George. He was smiling, to my surprise.

“Well, George, how was she?”

George had stopped smiling. As though he was still expecting a problem, he barely managed to get out in undecipherable answer before retreating backwards into the bedroom. Linda sat down on the couch beside me and took my arm while looking at me.

“Are you sure it’s okay?” she asked, obviously still shaken.

“How many times must I tell you?” I asked, putting my arm around her bare shoulders and leaning back against the cool leather of the couch. “But I thought we had a deal that you would tell me about it when you decided you wanted to have another man. It’s for your safety, honey. I don’t have any objection to whomever and whenever you want to do it, but I do want to know.”

“I’m sorry,” she whispered turning to me for another kiss. “I was going to tell you, but it just happened, so there wasn’t time. George wanted me, and I knew you would enjoy hearing about it even if you couldn’t be here to see it.”

“Well, I can understand that. You mean that he hasn’t fucked you before?”

“No,” she murmured, still watching my facial expression. “I knew it was getting close, but I really didn’t expect it to happen today. We really were having me model the clothes for Sandy, and it just… happened.” She ended lamely.

“Just try to give me a little warning next time. I think we must have scared the hell out of poor George with me being here like this.”

George slid into the room fully dressed now, still looking a little anxious. Obviously he had heard enough that he was slightly relieved, but he still wasn’t certain how this situation would play out. I got up from the couch and walked toward him. I’m just over six feet tall to his five-nine or so, and probably thirty pounds heavier than he. Not a good situation if you’ve just been caught diddling your friend’s wife.

I held out my hand as I reached arms length from him. He looked a little surprised but took it and we shook hands.

“From the sound of it, you two were really enjoying yourselves, George. Don’t worry, I have no objection to you having sex with my wife. In fact I encourage her to enjoy it with whoever she wants any time she wants.

There was an obvious look of relief on his face.

“I really don’t know what to say,” he started. “It just happened. I haven’t been able to take my eyes off Linda ever since the two of you moved here and then it was all like a dream today…..”

“Say no more, George. As I said, I have no objections and I know what a great looking gal Linda is. The fact that you were as attracted to her as I’ve always been just makes me even more proud of her. Unless you have to hurry off, why don’t we sit down and have a drink. I’d like to talk over a few things with you.”

Half an hour later George appeared much less troubled by the fact I had walked in on him and my wife using each other to satisfy their mutual lust... He still wasn’t too sure that his wife, Sandy, would approve of the deal.

“Let me put it this way, George. Even if Sandy says ‘no’, you’re still going to be enjoying some prime pussy from Linda and if she says ‘yes’ and I can satisfy her, then both of us will be winners. What can you lose?

I could see that he was mulling it over in his head. I could feel my own cock stiffening and, even though he had finished Linda only an hour or so before, I could tell he’d love to have a repeat performance right now. Looking over at Linda, who sat beside him, l suggested she tell him what Sandy had told her only a week before she had left.

“Sandy said that married life was getting a little boring. Now that she had your son, she felt like she needed something to spice it up. Do you remember how she used to like sex?”

George nodded.

“Well, she asked me one day how often Earl and I did it. When I told her how often we got it on, she was amazed. She asked me how I could handle Earl, here, every night and still enjoy it. I just laughed and told her that variety is the spice of life. I didn’t tell her that I was getting it from other guys too, but I think she figured something out from the number of cars that have been here during the weekends and never with the same couple in them. She as much as told me that if I could have that much fun she needed to discuss it with you and see if the two of you couldn’t get in on it.”

I could tell George was a little skeptical about that, so I suggested that when she called him tonight, he might mention that we had invited them over for the first weekend she was home.

“Now,” I told him, “Since you were so shocked by my knowing that Linda was getting a little cock on the side, what do you say we take her into the bedroom and show her that two are even better than one.”

George was all for that. I could see he was a little nervous as he took Linda’s hand and led her back down the hallway to our bedroom, with me following, but he certainly didn’t waste any time thinking about it. He was out of his clothes again before I was half done. He started to crawl over her to get into the missionary position, but I warned him off.

“That’s great for a one on one,” I told him, lying down beside her and indicating he should do the same, “but when both of us are going to be doing her, we have to leave a little room for each other.”

I reached out and gave Linda’s left breast a little squeeze, then slid high enough beside her that I could take it comfortably in my mouth. He copied me exactly and I could see that even such a limited contact was arousing Linda. Her nipple rose in my mouth and came to the hard point I knew signified she liked what was happening. Soon she was cradling both of our heads, pulling them tightly to her chest as she cooed with pleasure.

My hand slid down her belly and onto the warm, fluffy wetness covering her mons, then lower, until I could dip a finger in her slightly open lips and begin gently sawing it back and forth. She still had George’s cum in her from their previous mating, but it only made it more enjoyable for me and more comfortable for her. Having good lubrication always mad it more enjoyable for her and George had left plenty of cum inside her. She sighed with pleasure as George joined me once again, his middle finder deep inside her, his thumb pressing against her clit. He began a slow finger fucking of my wife’s lovely pussy.

“Watch her George,” I told him. “She loves this.”

My wife’s hips were already raising and lowering on the bed as she tried to match the slow movement of our fingers inside her. I could feel those tight muscles clamping around our fingers as she used us to bring her to her favorite pre-orgasmic point and hold her there. The smile on her face broadened when George lifted his lips from her breast and joined hers in an open mouthed kiss. Their tongues dueled in each other’s mouth, but I could see both were clear winners.

I slid higher, abandoning her breast for a moment except to grip it with cum-coated fingers while George continued and added more of his to keep the feeling of fullness she enjoyed. I whispered in her ear after gently touching the lobe with my tongue.

“How does that feel, honey? Do you like the feeling of George’s fingers exploring this hot pussy of yours? Would you like for him to fuck you again.”

“Oh yes,” she answered slowly. “You know how I love to fuck.”

George heard that and after thinking for a moment lifted her legs over his as he turned almost perpendicular to her. Linda, seeing what he wanted to do, spread her legs giving him a perfect straight shot into her seeping pussy. I watched with pleasure as the head of George’s thick cock pressed against her outer lips and then in between them. Linda’s hips tried to thrust down to drive him in fully, but George was learning that the most fun is not to the swiftest. After that full head was captured by Linda’s vulva, he withdrew until only the tip remained, then slowly slid it into her again, gaining at most another half inch of vagina. As I watched, his hand slid over her hip and began gently feathering that lovely little clit which was standing high and proud.

“Does that feel good, honey? Do you want some more cock in your little pussy?”

She didn’t answer this time, instead I watched as the skin of her chest flushed then the redness crept slowly up until it covered her throat...

”Is he making you cum, honey? Do you want him to fuck you faster?”

Her answer this time was a groan of pleasure as George thrust his full length home and began pounding her ass with his crotch, shooting his cock deep inside her depths as my wife came hard from the delightful feeling of speed and thick cock filling her to the hilt.

We let her reach her peak and then slowly start down the other side of that orgasmic bliss as George slowed the strokes until he was almost stationary once again.

I looked to him. He was obviously enjoying himself.

“George, I want to try something. Let her legs down and then just keep your cock in her as you lay side by side. I don’t’ know if this will work, but I’ve been wanting to try it with her ever since I watched her first partner fuck her.” I slid down until I was at the proper height, and then turned Linda slowly, so as not to lose her connection with George, until she was on her side and they were facing each other. I slid closer and then raised her upper leg until I could see George’s entry point. Using that for a reference, I slowly pressed my cock just under the point where he entered her and pressed harder. Linda grunted but remained still. I held her leg high and pressed even harder until I felt my cockhead slide beneath George’s and into my wife’s vagina. She jerked and gasped as she felt the thick head push past the sphincter of her vagina into that lovely silken envelope.

“Oh, you’re too big, you’re going to kill me,” she panted.

“No, but we’re going to fill you with more cock than you ever though possible before” I told her as I felt my cockhead sliding up the length of George’s in my wife’s cunt. With the thickest part already inside her, I felt her relax and the tightness around my cock subsiding slowly.

“See,” I whispered to her, you can take lots more than you thought. How does it feel?” She giggled before answering.

“Like I’m being fucked by a horse.” With that, my wife groaned. I could feel the muscles of her vagina trying to close about the two meat logs filling it to the maximum. “I’m so full!” she managed to say as both George and I continued our slow motion movements in and out of her very juicy pussy. The thick, viscous load he had left in her tunnel of love was creating a real need for me to fill her myself as I felt the hot warmth surround the head of my dick. I was just a second behind George when I felt the sudden rush of warmth filling my wife even more than before. Suddenly she tried to slide away from George, only to impale herself on my very rigid rod. “I’m cum-m-m-ing, she managed to say before with a gasp and jerking of her torso I met her cream with my own, sending a gusher of hot juices down the side of her hip to form a puddle on the bed.

“Perfect,” I whispered to her. “Now you know you can take anyone on and enjoy it just as much as we do. We kept our cocks inside her, languidly pushing them in and out as my wife shuddered with the power of the most powerful orgasm I had ever seen her experience.

“I’ve got to get up”, she giggled, pushing down on both George’s and my hip. “I’m drowning in this puddle you two guys left.”

I had to laugh as I reminded her that much of that ‘puddle’ were her own juices. Hesitantly I backed away from my connection, just as George’s withered cock slid clear, leaving a trail of cum down her thigh. I could no longer resist. I got off the bed and took her legs, pulling them to the side. As soon as her hips were over the edge, I knelt down between her thighs and clamped my mouth over her still drooling pussy.

“Oh, gawd,” she gasped, “you’re going to make me cum again!” she managed to say as my hand found her clit and I began stroking her to a new horizon. She didn’t fight me. She went with the flow and soon her hips were bucking as she filled my mouth with the accumulated juices of her lover, herself and me.

Phase 2

“Sandy will be home tomorrow,” George announced as he finished fucking my wife. I had sat this one out, knowing this was the last time she would have George in our bed without wondering how Sandy was faring. I also knew how Linda liked to have her men one at a time. She still surprised me sometimes and this had been one of them. “I want to give him a good fuck today,” she had told me this morning. “I believe he’s still a little nervous about yesterday. It would help if you would just stay in the living room until he cums.”

Although I didn’t like the idea, I agreed. When I heard Linda’s moans begin as I had hear them yesterday I walked slowly back to the bedroom and stood watching as George thrust hard into her with a final arching of his back and smack of his balls against my wife’s crotch. ‘Lunch time,” I announced and went down between my wife’s thighs to enjoy that juicy love box once again. I soon had her climbing the walls to Valhalla again as I sucked their mingled juices from the tastiest pussy I had ever had the pleasure of eating. The muscles of her vagina attacked my tongue as I scooped the nectar from my own personal rose leaving George shaking his head once again.

“I could never do that,” he grudgingly admitted.

“You mean you never eat your wife’s pussy after you’ve fucked her?” I asked, surprised. This was one of my personal pleasures that my wife had failed to provide me early in our married life and slowly, begrudgingly began to let me enjoy as other men began fucking her. She preferred that her lovers finish her this way even these days, but if they failed to do so, I was always given the privilege.

“No, I mean I could never eat her after someone else had fucked her,” he clarified.

Women are odd, I have to admit it. Even when she began sucking cocks of other men, I never got more than a perfunctory head job and never had her take my load in her mouth to swallow as she did with her other lovers.

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