tagLoving WivesLind'a Day Out

Lind'a Day Out


The summer sun had risen in a clear blue sky several hours before Linda opened her eyes to greet it as it pierced through the thin curtains of her bedroom window to alight on her lovely slender body covered only in a tiny baby doll. Her naked pussy was exposed to the sunlight where the hem had ridden up during the night.

She lay there for a short time as reality slowly filtered back into her mind and brought her into the real world and away from the very sexy dream world she had just left. She noted the time and knew her husband had already left for work. The dampness around her pussy reminded her of how real the dream had seemed as she slid her hand down between her long legs and touched the moistness of her naked pussy lips. Her finger lingered there as she tried desperately to recall what she had been up to before the suns rays had awoken her. She wanted to get back to that dream sleep that had aroused her so much that her finger was now soaking with juices just seconds after touching herself. The feeling was nice and she was in no rush to get up and so she kept her eyes closed and returned to her soft and sexy dream world. It was a little hazy but the image of herself laying naked on a huge bed slowly began to return to her hazy mind. There were two men with her and they were also naked. One of them had just shot his load over her lovely breasts and face.. yes it was coming back to her now.. oh what a lovely dream… yes he had just cum all over her and the other man was reaming his huge cock into her very wet pussy as he knelt between her legs with her ankles almost around his shoulders.. she could feel the throbbing of his cock as it fucked into her.. oh god yessss yess fuck me fuck meee.

Linda's fingers were now rubbing frantically at that delightful place between her legs as she recalled the dream. Faster and faster her finger tip rubbed her tiny clitoris and the vision of the two men with her became clearer. The sleep dream was now turning into a day dream as her imagination went crazy with desire. She suddenly pulled her finger from her clit and rolled over to reach into the drawer of the bedside cabinet. Moments later she was again on her back with one finger back to rubbing her spot whilst her other hand drove the large dildo deep into the depths of her womanhood. Her hand holding the thick latex cock didn't move but remained rigid while she began to hump her hips up and down on it in frantic abandonment as the orgasm began to creep through her body. Her hips were thrashing about wildly as she fucked up and down onto the dildo now embedded deep inside her. Her finger was going crazy as she rubbed herself harder and faster until suddenly that wonderful orgasm caused her whole body to shake in pure pleasure as her cum splattered over the shaft of the 'cock' inside her. Her moans became louder and her eyes began to sparkle as she trembled in the throes of the eruption inside her.

"God Linda" she thought to herself. "That is a great way to wake up girl."

For several minutes she lay there gathering her thoughts before finally rising and slowly heading towards the shower. Her thin baby doll slid from her slender shoulders and dropped to the floor seconds before her tanned body felt the warm water from the shower suddenly hit her sexy body. Her mind was now wide awake as the feel of the gushing water brought her out of her morning fantasy and back to the day ahead of her. It was Tuesday. And she knew that the day would continue as it had started. Oh yes. It was going to be a sexy day. Today was the day she was going to see Curtis. The soft sponge lingered a little longer over her still erect nipples before moving down to touch her womanhood…..

The train shuddered to a halt at the platform and Linda alighted into the shadow of the station overhang. Clasping her shoulder bag she headed for the entrance to find Curtis waiting for her as usual. He smiled at her as she climbed into the passenger seat of his car and his eyes fixed firmly on her lovely long legs as they stretched out from beneath the tiny skirt she was wearing. The base of her panties peeked out between her legs as her skirt rode up even further as she settled into the seat.

"Lovely outfit sweetheart" Curtis murmured as his eyes also took in the black and silver top that done little to hide her firm breasts.

"Thank you hon." Linda replied softly. "I thought you would like it."

They leaned towards each other for a gentle peck on the cheeks. Curtis's cock gave a little jerk inside his trousers as his lips felt the soft skin of her face and he eased the car into gear and headed for the flat. Although the secret liaison had been going on for just over a year the presence of Linda's body sitting next to him always started a slight ache in his balls as his mind raced ahead to what was going to happen over the next few hours. Curtis's life had been in somewhat of a turmoil over the last few months and these meetings with the gorgeously sexy Linda were the highlight of his month. He usually failed to sleep the night before the secret liaison with the lovely girl now sat beside him and last night was no different. He had left his wife sleeping earlier that morning as he stole from the house and headed for the station with excitement and sexy thoughts of the day ahead racing through his mind. He had stopped off to collect the keys to his friends flat, prior to reaching the station, and he now headed quickly through the traffic. He wanted to get into Linda's knickers as soon as possible.

Once the couple were inside the tiny bed sit Curtis headed back down the stairs to the toilet whilst Linda settled herself sexily on the bed. The moment Curtis saw her, on his return, he felt his cock begin to harden and he made no attempt to hide himself as he began to rub the front of his trousers. He smiled to the girl on the bed and beckoned her over to him. With the sexy look in her eyes that Curtis was so in love with she clambered sexily across to him and stood up to kiss him gently on the lips. Just a short, tantalising kiss, not a long, deep lover's kiss with penetrating tongues but a kiss that affirmed their relationship. No strings attached; no awkward emotions to deal with; just pure pleasuring sex. The kiss had the effect it was meant to have. It stirred his cock even further. As his hands began to run up and down the sides of her body, pausing briefly on her hips to again feel the slenderness of this passionate girl that he was about to fuck.

Linda's fingers found the buttons on the blue silk shirt and, one by one, they were slowly unfastened. His shirt fell from his shoulders as her hands began to rub over the bulge in his crutch. His body tensed slightly with the touch of her hands and he released a very low moan. Her hands slowly unbuckled the belt before sliding the zip down, followed by the trousers themselves. Curtis's hands alighted on the soft flesh just above her breasts and traced circles tantalisingly over her nipples; still hidden by the silver and black top.

With his trousers around his ankles Curtis stepped out of each leg just as Linda slid to her knees in front of him in a submissive position that touched of slave and master. As his hands began to run gently through her semi dark, highlighted hair her mouth touched began to pull on the elastic of his boxers until they were only just covering his hardened cock. Her hands finished the journey until they were laying on the floor next to his trousers. His huge cock stood inches from her moist lips as her eyes looked up at his face to send shivers through his entire body.

His hands gripped her hair tightly as her tongue began to lick slowly up and down the long, thick shaft before her. The sight of his cock began to moisten the slit nestled inside her tiny panties and she moved her head up and down as she licked first his cock, then his balls, then back to his cock again. Curtis was moaning with the pleasure he was feeling and his cock grew even harder as her lips slid gently around the red head of his erection. When her mouth closed around the shaft and slid down onto it he physically stiffened his entire body and no longer tried to stifle the moans of pure pleasure that this girl was sending through his body. As she began to mouth fuck his naked cock she could feel the moistness around her pussy growing. She wanted this cock in her mouth, she wanted to suck it until his balls sent his hot cum shooting up the shaft to erupt in her mouth, she wanted to feel the hot sperm sliding down her throat.. but not yet. Her pussy was getting wetter and she needed it filled with the cock now fucking deep into her mouth. Curtis's eyes were closed and the mouth fucking he was receiving was driving him wild. But he too wanted to feel the warm wetness of her pussy gripping his cock. He too wanted to fuck her senseless. But first he wanted to arouse her.

Curtis pulled his stiff cock from Linda's mouth and lifted her off the floor. Within seconds they were on the bed; she on her back with her long legs stretched out in front of her; he on his knees kissing her arms and her shoulders. His tongue ached to lick around her hard nipples but the top was in the way. With deft fingers he released the catch and slid it from her slender shoulders. With her lovely breasts now exposed his head dropped down and his tongue found the tip of her nipple and began to lick and suck, sending tiny shivers through her upper body as her finger inched towards her pussy. Curtis's hand gently ran softly over her skin as it inched slowly downwards to meet her own hand. He gently slid her fingers away from where she was aching to place them and inserted the tip of his own finger into the wet slit of her pussy beneath the elastic of her panties.. His finger touched the tiny bud immediately and her body shivered slightly with the sensation. Slowly he let his lips leave her nipple and began to plant tiny kisses down her stomach until he reached the pierced naval that awaited him. His finger still pressing gently on her clit his tongue flicked in and out of her cute button until continuing it's journey down towards her wetness. Her body was screaming to feel his tongue inside her womanhood and he was aching to get it there. But he took it slow and sensual, nipping at the soft, tanned flesh of her tummy, down to her thighs then onto the inside of her leg. His other hand crept up to tug the side of her panty elastic and his tongue finally slid inside her.

Curtis eased himself between her legs without pulling his tongue from the lovely wetness that it was now tasting. Linda began to play with her own nipples as she closed her eyes and felt every touch, every flick of his tongue as he gently caressed every inch of her slit. As much as he liked the feel of her silky panties on his face he wanted the taste of her pussy even more. With deft hands he slid her knickers to her ankles and discarded them onto the floor. Now completely naked her body was at the mercy of his tongue. Holding her legs open he dropped his head back between them and again his tongue dived into that magic place that men love to be and where girls love them to be. He moved his hands to open her lips to allow his stiff tongue to dive even deeper into that heavenly wetness. She moaned. She moaned softly at first. Then she moaned louder as his finger again touched that tiny bud at the entrance to her pussy. As much as he wanted his cock inside her he wanted to taste her first, to drink her, to make her cum on his tongue and fingers.

He knew what she liked and he gave it to her. As her fingers manipulated her breasts his own finger began to rub firmly against her clitoris as his tongue delved even deeper into the wetness. Her mind was beginning to blur with the sensations that were rippling through her body as her juices flowed freely from deep within her. She could feel the gentle force of his finger as he rubbed her. She could feel the flicking of his tongue as he dived in and out of her. She could feel the need for the orgasm rising inside her.

Suddenly his finger left her bud and his tongue flicked into it's place as he began to suck and lick at that tiny piece of heaven. Two fingers suddenly rammed deep into her pussy and she almost screamed. But he didn't fuck her. His fingers remained perfectly still inside her wetness as his tongue sucked and licked at her clitoris. She began to move her hips against his fingers. He knew that this was what she wanted. With his fingers remaining firm and still inside her, his tongue sucking and probing at her clit, her hips began to rapidly jerk up and down as she fucked his fingers. She was now in charge. She knew what pressure to put on those fingers deep inside her; she knew how fast she wanted to fuck them. It was her body feeling those lovely sensations.

Up and down her hips pounded as her soaking wet pussy rammed on and off those fingers deep inside her womb. With his tongue still pressing hard on her clit she rose to the heights of passion until, suddenly, her whole body shook as the orgasm rippled through her. He felt the spurt of liquid as she came on his fingers. Her entire body trembled as she slowly subsided from her orgasm and her eyes took on that sparkle that he loved to see.

He slowly slid his soaking wet fingers from her slit and raised them first to her mouth and then to his own. Meanwhile her hand dropped between her legs and she coated the palm of it with her own juices. Before he realised it her hand had gripped his cock and began to massage it up and down, her own juices forming a natural lubricant against the shaft. He changed position onto his back and stretched his youthful, slender body in front of him to allow her better access to his erect cock.

For several minutes she allowed her hand to slide up and down the shaft before moving her body so as to place it between his open legs. He raised his head to look at her; knowing what was coming next.. or rather who was cumming next. With her eyes looking up at him she lowered her mouth over his hard cock for the second time that afternoon and slowly began to mouthy fuck him. Slowly at first she took his cock into her mouth. Then, picking up speed, she began to flick her pierced tongue over the shaft and head to send shivers through his entire body. Harder and deeper her mouth fucked his cock whilst her fingers slid beneath him to linger just under his balls. With an occasional flick into his arse, then back to his balls; her mouth fucking his stiff shaft so expertly, driving him wild. She could hear the moans of pure pleasure pouring from his mouth as she brought him to the heights that only she can bring him too.

Suddenly he sat up, grabbed her body and pulled her head away from his cock.

"Not yet sweet girl." He whispered.

"I'm going to fuck you first. I'm going to fuck you until you cum again."

"Oh yes." She replied hurriedly. "Fuck me hard and fuck me deep Curtis."

He grabbed her body and swung it around so that her head was at the base of the bed. He had a plan. He glanced at his watch. 'Perfect timing' he thought to himself.

He took two pillows and placed them under her head. His mouth dropped to give her a gentle kiss on the lips before he again lowered his face back into her still wet pussy. He reached under the side of the top cover and, to her surprise, pulled out an 8" vibrator that he suddenly slid between her legs. With his tongue again rasping against her clit he switched the power onto full and began to fuck her hard and fast, his mouth still firmly pressed against her wetness. His hand slid up her soft body and grasped her left breast and began to pinch and pull at her nipple as her body began to react to the sudden fucking she was receiving. On and on he plundered her body as she reacted to the new sensations now rippling through her. She closed her eyes to concentrate her mind on the fresh orgasm that she knew would happen. She never saw, or heard, the door to the bed sit open.

Winston quietly entered the room and began to strip the clothes from his black body.

Without a sound he moved closer to the bed to look down at the lovely girl getting her pussy fucked and in the throes of sexual abandonment. Her body began to shake and the moans slipped from her mouth as, with eyes still closed, she allowed her feelings to flow un-interrupted through her while she concentrated on the fucking that the vibrator was giving her. The first she knew about Winston was when she felt his hard, thick cock against her mouth. Her eyes opened and she moved to sit up in total surprise. But the tall black man stood at the bottom of the bed placed his hands firmly, but gently, on her shoulders and pushed her down again.

"Relax sweet thing." He murmured to her as he winked at Curtis, still ramming the vibe in and out of her slit.

"You know you want us both so relax and enjoy the fucking that we are going to give you."

Linda allowed herself to be pushed back down as the thought of having two guys fucking her was a dream cum true. Her mouth opened as Winston slid his cock against her lips again and she stared up at his big pair of black balls hanging over her forehead. The long, thick shaft slid deep into her mouth as she felt Curtis slide the vibe from her pussy and kneel between her open legs. She allowed him to grasp them and open them wide and her body jerked as his hard cock entered into her. Winston moved so as to place himself at the side of the bed with Linda's head turned to face the huge cock that was now fucking her tender mouth. Curtis was holding her legs around his shoulders as his thick cock plunged again and again into the depths of her womanhood. Both guys were gentle yet firm as they fucked into her. She delighted in the sensation of having two cocks fucking her and her mouth began to suck on the huge black shaft between her lips. Her other lips clenched tight around the cock fucking deep into her wet cunt and she marvelled at the feelings that were rippling through her body.

Suddenly Curtis dropped his hand between her legs and began to forcefully rub her clitoris again as his cock plummeted to the depths of her slit. She revelled in every thrust of the two cocks; both in her cunt and in her mouth. She came suddenly and her body shook with pleasure as the orgasm shot through her. Curtis felt her hot cum as it coated his thrusting cock and he drove in even deeper as Winston lunged his black cock harder into her open mouth.

Her trembling finally subsided and Winston pulled his cock from her mouth as Curtis's left her cunt.

"I want to ride you" she shouted at Winston.

"And then I want to ride you Curtis."

It took the black man just a few seconds to get onto the bed and onto his back. Curtis climbed off to make way for them and she slid her slender legs over his waist. The cock beneath her stood firm and rigid as it awaited the feel of her moist cunt around it. Linda moved so as to position her still dripping pussy over the upright cock and then let herself drop. The suddenness of the huge cock entering her caused her to almost scream with pleasure and the man beneath her did likewise.

And she rode him. She rode his cock like a cowgirl riding a bronco. Up and down she pounded onto his thick cock as the waves of pleasure again started to shoot through her body. She could feel the cock inside her pulsating as she fucked it. She could feel the pre cum entering her own wetness. She delighted in the sensation of fucking one guy while another guy watched. She glanced to the side to look at Curtis; but he wasn't there. Before she knew what was happening he had climbed onto the bed behind her and was kneeling close enough to her that his swollen cock touched her tiny arse.

Suddenly his hands were placed firmly onto her shoulders and, with the black cock still deep in her cunt, he firmly pushed her shoulders down so that she was bent fully over Winston's body. His hips continued to pound up and down as he fucked into her and her body was still trembling on the throes of another orgasm. It was then that Curtis slid the head of his hard cock into her tight arse. She moaned with both pleasure and surprise as she felt the hard shaft enter her from behind. The cock, coated with lubricant from her bag, slid easily, though tightly, into her tiny arse and the two cocks inside her almost met. Curtis could feel the hardness of his mates cock through the thin membrane separating them and together they fucked her. In perfect rhythm they fucked her. On and on they reamed her holes as her body felt the two cocks firmly inside it. Her orgasm erupted as she moaned louder and louder. Her hips began to move against the cocks fucking into her cunt and arse as she fucked back at them. The first orgasm sent a scream through her body like she had never felt before. But still the cocks fucked her. The second orgasm hit just a few moments later and this was the one that sent her into paradise. Her sweating body trembled as she came on Winston's cock. Her arse delighted in the sensation of Curtis's probing erection. This was the orgasm of a life time. But still the cocks fucked her. And fucked her. And fucked her some more. She was going crazy. Her entire body was alive and throbbing like the two cocks plummeting deep inside her. Her moans turned to muffled screams as she felt the pure pleasure of the two cocks bringing her to yet another orgasm. She started to scream at the two men to fuck her. To fuck her harder, to make her cum again. Her body and mind was in heaven as the trembling began, yet again, until suddenly she screamed with ecstasy as her juices again spurted out and covered the big black cock deep in her womanhood.

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