tagLoving WivesLinda Discovers Home Depot

Linda Discovers Home Depot


My wife Linda has always been very sexually liberal enjoying pickups for a quick fuck, swinger parties, gangbangs, double and triple penetration. You name it she has done it or soon will.

This story begins several months ago when we were landscaping our new home in the Fresno. Originally I was planning to do it all by myself but soon discovered the work was back breaking to say the least so I decided to go to the local Home Depot to pick up a few day workers to do the grunt work.

I told my wife that I was going to Home Depot to get day workers. She said she had never heard of that so I explained that many out of work men (many illegal) congregate at the entrance of the Home Depot parking lot hoping to be hired for a few hours work to earn a few dollars doing every conceivable job from painting to landscaping. She said she was curious and wanted to go with me.

When we arrived at the Home Depot we discovered nearly 50 men looking for work. I got out of our van and pointed to 5 men and they quickly jumped into the van for the short ride home. Four hours later the landscaping job was done. I paid each man $60 and drove them back to Home depot.

Linda confessed that she had fanaticized about the guys working on our project and would like to hire some men for a special project. I knew exactly what she had in mind and agreed if I could watch. She agreed.

That night I setup several video cameras in our living room and around the pool area which were all connected to computer in the upstairs office.

The next morning Linda dressed in a tight revealing outfit which showed off her cute ass and large breasts dove to the Home Depot in search for just the right day workers to do the job she had in mind.

She pulled the van where the day workers were waiting and was immediately surrounded by 50 to 60 men literally begging for work. She got out of the car carefully eying them all and picked 5 men. The men were picked based on age (young) and perceived horniness based on how they looked at her. Her picks were a black man, a Mexican and 3 younger white boys.

When they arrived she ushered them to the very private pool area and told them to take a dip while she changed and when she returned she would instruct them about the jobs she wanted done. Extra Speedos were in the cabana for their use.

She returned in about 30 minutes wearing a very revealing white bikini that left nothing to the imagination.

Linda laid on an outside tanning couch and told them their first job was to apply baby oil on her body to lubricate her skin from the harsh sun. The 5 guys looked at each as bulges in their Speedos became more obvious and began applying baby oil to Linda's legs and stomach. Within minutes they became bolder and bolder brushing up on her breasts and vaginal area. Linda than removed her bikini top and one of the men slipped off her bikini bottom. The massaging with baby then became focused on her breasts with growing nipples and her now dripping pussy. Soon the men had their suits off and Linda would massage any cock she could reach to full erection.

Linda suddenly proclaim lunch is served and two men start eating her pussy as the black man sticks his huge erection in Linda's mouth coming within minutes then replaced by the Hispanic man. I'm recording all of this from my upstairs office as I beat off for all I'm worth until I cum all over the video monitor.

The pool party continues with one of the young guys entering Linda's pussy as one of his buddies slips into her ass as the third enters her mouth. Linda is going crazy a cock in every hole plus one in each of her hands. After almost 30 minutes of this everyone cums at once in her cunt, ass, and mouth and all over her face and breasts from the two guys she was jerking off. Linda is simultaneously cumming herself.

Finally after 3 hours the party is over Linda gets dress pays each man $45 and drives them back to Home Depot Linda's new favorite store.

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