tagGroup SexLinda Embraces Slutdom Ch. 09

Linda Embraces Slutdom Ch. 09


Linda and Mark went back to work and returned to normality for the next few weeks. Linda often found herself at work sharing a coffee when suddenly images from the beach, or the field or from her bondage experiences would well up unbidden and the conversation would drift into the background as she relived those moments for a micro second. Mark also was in an almost perpetual state of mental arousal. He found Linda completely bewitching and beguiling. They both felt such a powerful erotic charge existed between them and it was maintained at a low heat during their everyday lives but they both felt it could be fanned into flames when they indulged in any of their new found play and games. Linda would surprise him every now and again by answering the door in one of her collars and a variety of slutty outfits. They had taken to watching porn together some evenings and Linda was still ravenously eagerly researching and exploring lust enraging fantasies. An idea formed in her head to role play as a hooker that her husband had hired.

The seed grew into an elaborate fantasy and she began to plan it out in her mind. They would stay in a room in a hotel in a city in another state. Then Mark would head off and book another hotel room from where he would ring her looking for a lady of the night. Then Linda would get dressed up and serve herself up for the lusty appetite and use of the horny punter. She envisioned herself walking through the hotel lobby trussed up like cheap whore beneath her jacket and then present herself as a body for hire. The idea germinated in her mind until she had to mention it to Mark. He was thrilled by the suggestion and eagerly joined her in planning the weekend with her. Mark added some details to her plot such as the wearing of a blonde wig to add to the illusion and make her feel like a different woman. They went on line and checked out some hotels in a nearby city. They needed two hotels that were close together and checked out that one of them would be relatively empty and that a cheap room would be available on the night. Mark told her he would pack her whore outfits and the following weekend they were on the road on the way to the hotel. They checked in and then Mark left a bag on the bed.

"I'm off now, I'll be in touch later, you should use the time to get yourself ready. When I call I will be looking for Gabriella. I'll stay the night in the other hotel, you can stay here and I'll call for another appointment in the morning and visit you here."

"Make sure you go have a look in your wallet before you phone."

He gave her a playful slap on the ass, picked up a small suitcase he had prepared and disappeared out the door in a hurry. Linda had a shower and wrapped herself in a short bath towel. She sat down on front of the mirror and applied some bright makeup liberally to really tart herself up. She then opened the bag and an array of lingerie, fishnets and flimsy outfits feathered onto the bed. Linda then sat down on the bed and awaited calls from any punters. She tried to get herself into character and took out the blond wig Mark had purchased and tried it on. The thick tresses engulfed her dark crown and fell far down her back. She looked in the mirror and another person stared back.

Mark had booked a hotel room in a small and sleazy hotel a few blocks away. He had just got inside the room and was looking around. It had a small bed with a head stand, a small bathroom and a TV. He took out his laptop and put on some porn to get himself revved up.

The images flicker and shimmer on the screen. On the screen a woman is giving a man a sloppy blowjob, the man takes his cock in his hand by the woman's mouth and shoots a stream of cum over her face. Mark opened his wallet and found a folded pamphlet that Linda had made and printed. It said "Need a date for the night" and had an amateurish drawing of red lips and the silhouette of a woman's breasts printed on thin paper. Mark lifted the paper out and looked at the screen again to see a man penetrating a woman from behind and dialled the number.

Linda answered the phone. Her voice was throaty.

"Hey baby, this is Gabriella, are you looking for company tonight?"

Marked managed to stutter, "Yes, I think so. I'm from out of town. I'm staying at the Lucky Star Motel . . . um, how does this, um . . ." You break in and say,

"I've been to the Lucky Star, don't you worry. Why don't I tell you my prices and you can tell me how you would like me?"

Mark stared back at the TV and looked at the porn star. She had blonde hair, and big, pouting red lips. She was on her hands and knees and a man was fucking her from behind. He was pounding into her really hard and her breasts were shaking back and forth.

"So it's 50 dollars for a blow, 100 dollars for a fuck or 200 dollars an hour and for that price you get the best piece of ass in town."

"I'll need you for at least two hours and I want you come dressed ultrasleazy and to be ready for some role play. I want you to dress as a slutty maid and knock on the door saying room service. The service must include deep throat, facials and some light bondage."

"No problem baby but that will cost you another 100 dollars."

"OK , room 200 in half an hour."

"See you then baby."

Linda let the towel drop and fished out the tiny and skimpy French maid outfit. She slipped into it and the backless dress clung to her curves and hung low revealing her deep cleavage and most of her voluminous breasts. The tiny dress's hemline barely covered her tight heart shaped ass. She didn't bother with any nickers and then she drew the fishnet thigh highs up her svelte and supple legs. Some milky white thigh peeked out beneath the dress and above the thigh highs. Linda then slipped into some vertiginous red fuck me heels and slipped on her above the knee jacket. She then trotted out the door and downstairs. Some men stole quick glances at her graceful, tarty figure from beside their wives in the lobby and she went outside to hail a cab. It was just getting dark as she slid into the back of a cab. The jacket rode up her toned thighs as she asked to be taken to the Lucky Star Motel. The cab driver grunted ok and Linda could see him eyeing her in the wing mirror. He immediately thought that this sexy young lady moving between hotels was on the make. As she was getting out at the hotel he risked a question.

"If you are free later hotstuff I'd love a quick fuck."

Not sure what to say Linda responded,

"Give me your card honey, maybe I'll give you a call later."

She tucked it in her pocket and closed the door on the smiling middle aged man. She strode into the hotel past the reception desk where a young lady closely scrutinised her. Her pussy was dripping now as she got into the lift and pressed 2.

Meanwhile Mark had replaced the main bulb with one that cast a red hue. He was wearing dark glasses and a wig himself. All to add a sense of unfamiliarity to the encounter. He had left the porn playing in the background. He heard a knock on the door and a female voice saying "room service."

"Just a minute," Mark went to his bag and lifted out a collar with "whore" written in diamond letters. He opened the door and let her in.

Linda brushed past him and into the room. There was a wicked look in her eyes. Mark just needed a sexy body to fuck. Images of all the dirty things this hooker must have done flashed through his mind and make his penis throb. He hungrily looked her up and down. Linda watched him in his long haired wig and dark glasses and saw just a random horny punter lusting after her and not her husband.

"I'm glad you wanted company tonight... , there's no reason for a man like you to be sitting alone in a motel room." She looked up at the TV and watched the porn for a second, "That looks like fun don't you think?"

Linda reminded him how much it will be and I point to the money on the dresser. She pushed the money into the pockets of the only true article of clothing she had on on, the suit jacket that hangs thigh length.

"i'm not cheap but I'm worth it, I aim to please, so what will it be big boy, how do you want me?" she said in a husky voice.

" I want to make love to you."

Linda laughed "Is that all? I seriously doubt that. It's alright you can say what you really want."

"OK, I want to fuck you hard with my thick cock. I want to pound you senseless, I want to fill your mouth with my dick, I want to use your tease of a body to massage my throbbing cock until I spill my load on your face."

"Does your girlfriend let you speak like that?"

"I think she might enjoy it"

"Well she must be a naughty girly, a naughty and horny girl, just like me" she whispered "well I want you to fuck me any way you want, use me for your pleasure, I am yours for the night to fulfil your fantasies"

Her body throbs inside as you give yourself over so completely to the lust of a man. Her pussy lips started to moisten as she felt his gaze burning into her form.

Mark told her to take the jacket off, she eased her arms out and it dropped to the ground revealing her incredible body. Her pert breasts were barely contained and her nipples started to harden in front of his gaze, they were begging to be pinched and sucked. Her stockinged legs seem to stretch forever above the high heels.

Mark was standing by the bed as this gorgeous slutty vision of a woman stood before him lit up by the warm glow of the red light, the only sounds are the low moaning from the porn on the screen and their breathing.

" Now is your chance to do all the things you've always wanted to try.... I'll do anything you ask. This will be the dirtiest night of your life, ."

"Put this on." Mark held out the collar. Linda clipped it in place and the letters "Whore" twinkled in the ruddy glow.

"I want you so bad"

Mark pulled her to him and she could feel his hardness pressed against her.

"Down on your knees," He growled. She shuffled down and bent forward to unbuckle his belt and drop his pants. HIs raging erection strained against his boxers and she could see the firm outline a few inches from her face.

"You make me so damn horny" he said as he felt her breath on his skin. He stepped out of his jeans and Linda rubbed her hands up the inside of his thighs and either side of my crotch. Then you slowly ease down my boxers and his engorged cock sprung out and pointed directly at her face.

"Your girlfriend must be a very happy girl to have such a well hung boyfriend" she purred as she wrapped his cock in her fingers and licked around the head and up and down his length.

"You know what I want, give it to me" he said as he wrapped his fingers through her hair and pushed her mouth closer to his hard prick.

Linda looked up and smiled before opening her mouth and moving her moist lips over the head of his cock. Mark groaned as she slid her lips further down his prick plunging more of it into her warm and willing mouth.

"Ohh baby, ohh yeahh, that's it ohhh fuckkk yes suck my cock like that ughhh"

Her lips stretch wide around my rigid, thick shaft as it fills your mouth up fully.

Linda bobbed up and down rhythmically on his bulging member. She felt her mouth filling with more saliva as his rigid cock filled more and more of her mouth with each forward push of her head until it hit against the back of her throat. The sensation of her mouth sliding down and swallowing his cock was thrilling. He feasted his eyes on the sight of her spread lips wrapped around my cock as it disappeared in and out her wet mouth with a growing gurgling sound.

"ohhh you are a great cocksucker" he whimpered.

She could feel her pussy getting wetter as she get more and more turned on. She lifted her head away and the cock was coated in her saliva, some dangled from her lips as she looked and said,

"I want to taste you in my mouth"

"ohhh you are so fucking hot, I'm going to shoot a huge load straight down your whore throat."

Mark reached down and grabbed her by the back of the head. He then slotted his cock deep down her throat. Some dribbles of saliva were squeezed out the side of her lips as I his hips bucked forward and he quickened his thrusts. She could feel his cock brushing up and down her tongue deep down her throat. It felt as though it was growing even harder and more swollen as she swallowed it whole. Mark really went to town on her throat as her eyes watered and she gagged a little.

Mark pulled out and said "Lie back on the bed and hang your head over the edge."

She did so eagerly and opened her mouth wide. Mark quickly positioned myself over her head and Linda could see his throbbing dick dangling by her mouth; it looked very large as he pressed into her wet mouth. This position opened and elongated her throat and straightened the passage from her mouth allowing Mark to slide fully down each time. She flattened her tongue and kept her mouth open as if she was yawning and he rocked in and out in a steady rhythm.

" UGHHH fuck baby, ohhhhh yeah, that feels sooo fucking good"

All she could see were his balls moving back and forth almost touching her nose. Her mouth filled with saliva again and his cock was slick with your juices. His strokes created loud gurgling noises and her pussy was sopping wet as she listened to his moans of pleasure. Her whole body is laid out before him as he stroked in and out of her face and he swept her warm flesh with his hands and under her blouse to play with her tits and pinch her hard nipples.

"You've got great tits ohhhh babyyy," he pushed deep into her open mouth and left it lodged there. "Ughhhh hold it there baby, ughhh you give great head"

He reached down with one hand and gently rubbed her clit. Her moans were muffled by his meaty member and they sent pleasant vibrations around it.

" OHH baby, ohhhHHH YEEESSS, OHHHH fuuuckkk." Mark moaned and moaned as she spluttered on his cock.

He pulled out and a string of thick saliva trailled his cock as Linda gulped in some air into your wet mouth. This was very different from any other sessions of play they had performed. He had an arrogant air of utter command and demanding entitlement.

"Get on your belly" Mark barked " and grab your heels"

She positioned herself facing him with her head on the edge of the bed. She reached back and grabbed her heels. This raised her head and arched her back so her mouth was level with his raging hard on. Mark felt he was in a dream as he looked at the vision before him. Her mouth lined up with her throat once more and her head was thrust forward. He grabbed hold of the sides of her head and fed her his hard, wet shaft again. It felt amazing to have her mouth so full and stretched and she felt a sense of satisfaction and power knowing the pleasure she was giving. Her incredible mouth had him close to exploding,

"OHHH GODDDD, I'm getting close, OHHHH babbbBYY, I'M going to come"

He could feel his orgasm building and he held her head firmly as his thighs tensed and fired forward. Her eyes widened as his dick slid far down until her lips almost clasped the base of his cock. She sucked wildly milking him into her waiting throat. His nuts began to tighten, the pressure built and he groaned,


Suddenly his orgasm peaked and she could feel him twitch and jump in her mouth as waves of warm cum rushed up his cock and streamed in thick spurts into her open throat. She felt some trickle down her throat as she let out an animalistic groan. He left his cock shoved into her gaping mouth and savoured the feeling as he came again and again and grunted his satisfaction. She sucked and swallowed greedily heightening this sweet release further and as he withdrew slightly some emptied into her mouth.

An incredible, consuming wave of pleasure washed through him as she sucked greedily until the last drop was squeezed out of his cock and his orgasm ebbed away. He slipped out of her captive mouth and a string of saliva trailed from her lips to his cock. She gasped in a deep breath and slurped in some of the wetness swirling around her mouth. She fell back on the bed as she swallowed down the last of his load. Her breasts were heaving as she drank in some air after all her passionate cock sucking.

"Satisfied?" she asked breathlessly.

"ohh yes baby, you have no idea how incredible that was. Now I want to feel that lovely body you said was mine to do with as I please"

He walked over and helped her to her feet. Then he undid the halterneck and let the tpo of her dress flop down revealing her heaving bossoms. He greedily sucked on one of her pert nipples as one hand brushed up the inside of her thighs. She panted softly and closed her eyes as her heart began to race. He grazed his tongue across her buds and then gave her ass a firm slap. She could feel one of her hands sweeping around towards her wet mound while the other nudged her legs apart. He gently swept his fingers across the damp, sensitive lips of her pussy and her body jumped slightly with pleasure. She gasped as she felt one finger slide easily into her yielding flesh until it could go no further. He took his finger out covered in her juices and she made a little noise of disappointment.

"You like that don't you sexy babe" Mark whispered.

He stood behind her and pushed her towards the bed. Linda's feet trotted quickly across the floor and her lissom limbs moved gracefully. He then pulled the tiny dress down her hips and legs and she kicked her feet out of it. Her breasts shook delightfully with every movement. A slap echoed around the room and Linda winced as her breasts stung from Mark's hand.

"Get down on the bed on your hands and knees"

She positioned herself with her perfect ass pointing up from the edge of the bed at hip height. The supple legs were perfectly framed by the garter and black stockings. Mark stood behind her and reached under her body to caress her hanging boobs with both hands. Then she gasped loudly as he pushed two fingers up her drenched snatch and started to finger fuck her. Linda buried her head in the duvet and raised your ass high as he stroked in and out.

Mark was getting hard again and gave her ass a number of fierce slaps as he positioned himself behind her.

"Ride me hard baby, pound me with your big cock, call me names, please fuck me any way you want to," Linda said as she lifted her head. He stood behind her and said,

"you make me so damn horny".

"I'm your slut for the night, treat me that way" she was so aroused as she heard herself say those words, letting yourself be an object of lust totally given over to desire.

He pushed her torso down so that her head was buried in the bed. Linda could feel the head of his dick at her entrance and then he grunted with pleasure as I drove it up into her hard and fast. She moaned loudly and lewdly as he roughly opened her up until he was all the way in. He stayed buried deep inside and enjoyed the feeling of fullness as he squeezed and groped her tits roughly. Then he grabbed her hips and ploughed into her with one single hard thrust that sent a spasm through her gorgeous body. He pulled almost all the way out and drove back into her slick and sopping pussy rocking her body once more.

"Ohh, you are so tight " he moaned as he slapped her ass cheek leaving a red mark.

"ohhhh" Linda moaned, "come on, fuck me like you want to, fuck me like a whore, fuck me hard"

Mark grabbed a handful of her hair beneath the wig and jerked her head back making her back arch obscenely and her ass rise up so he could push as deep and far as possible. Then he pulled almost all the way out before powering into her as he tugged on her hair pulling her captive body back onto him. Each thrust caused her to let out a panting groan and caused her tits to thrust out from her and jiggle wildly. Her body juddered with each harsh, forceful drive and he grunted as he jack-hammered into her hot body. She was moaning in rhythm to his intense fucking,

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