tagLoving WivesLinda Fulfills Dave's Yoga Fantasy

Linda Fulfills Dave's Yoga Fantasy


Linda fulfills Dave's Yoga Fantasy (accidentally)

As I've written, my husband of 28 years started having these fantasies where I slept with other men, both with him and where I would do it and then tell him about it. I wasn't interested at first. But off and on he made up fantasies and then would tell me about them while we made love. Admittedly, they made me get hot and they made my pussy get wetter.

But still, I had no intention of actually doing it. It just seemed far out and I was never a "loose girl".

But he kept at it and at it. Talking to me about having a younger man fuck me from behind while I sucked his cock, talking about me taking a black man with a large cock into my tight pussy and screaming for more. All kinds of things. Crazy things. I had never ever sucked a cock until it came in my mouth and he was encouraging me to go way beyond that.

I teach yoga. I was a dancer for many years, still take class, but now I teach yoga My class meets Thursday evenings and has a group of regulars and also some drop ins. One of the regulars is a young guy around 30, handsome, muscular yet limber, nice hands and eyes. He always stays a little after class and talks to me about various poses he is having issues with and how he liked the class. I got the sense he was flirting with me but until my husband started talking to me about being with another man I never gave it a thought.

Last week after class everyone had left and he was talking with me about down dog and getting it right. It was a warm night, the studio was dimly lit, he had on tight fitting shorts and a tank top. His arm muscles were defined.

He then asked if I would mind showing him, guiding him was what he said, into how to do the pose. I figured, why not so we stepped into the studio, which was now closed, and I rolled out a mat. He was standing very close to me, and I started to feel a little weak in the knees. I had him get into position and then I stood behind him, put my hands around his hips, and pulled him back. His hands and feet were on the ground in a tent shape. I pulled his pelvis back until his butt was touching, just lightly, my groin.

When he felt that he pushed back even further until his ass was pressed firmly against my pubic bone. I had been gently talking him through the pose but now my gentle encouragement sounded a bit husky, warm. I felt my pussy get wet, my lips were slippery. I knew this was going too far.

He slowly stood up, turned around, and pulled me into him. I could feel his yoga shorts stretched tightly against his large rod. He pressed into me. I murmured something about 'being married', and he just said "I don't care, I want you".

My mind was clouded. I was breathing hard, I couldn't think. I could only feel a burning in my pussy. An electric feeling in my clit.

We were kissing, he was pressing his tongue into my mouth and gently running it around my teeth. I lost myself. I hadn't kissed another man in 30 years. What was I doing?

I kept thinking about what my husband said about a long thick strange cock and I felt myself give in. His hand slipped inside my yoga pants and dropped immediately onto my pussy. His middle finger started at the sensitive place between my anus and my pussy and then slowly dragged up between the lips to my clit. I was so wet. When he reached my clit he started to do little soft circles right on the most sensitive part. I almost lost my legs, they were so weak.

Then he started again but stopped when he reached my pussy and pushed his long middle finger in and out and the two fingers in and out and then three fingers. I was moaning uncontrollably. I didn't know how all three of his fingers were inside me at once. I was starting to push and rub against him.

With his free hand he grabbed one of my wrists and guided it to his crotch. Right on to his cock. I couldn't wrap my hand around it. It felt like it was a foot long. It was silky and the head was bulbous and tight

Before I knew what I was doing we were both pulling off our clothes, ripping off our underwear and my bra. He lay down on the mat and pulled me on top of him. I was rubbing the length of my pussy up and down the length of his cock. Then he shoved his hips up and the head of his cock caught in the entrance to my pussy and he grabbed my ass cheeks and pushed hard into me.

It was like I was being ripped in two. He was huge, thick long and rock hard. He took my breath away and didn't give me a chance to resist. I was like his rag doll being pounded and pounded. He still wasn't all the way in and I could tell he wanted that. I started to orgasm and scream "no more no more you are so fucking big" and then he pulled out, leaving me face down on the mat. I didn't want him out. He walked to the back of the studio and grabbed two yoga bolsters and shoved them under my hips so my ass and pussy were up in the air. Then he got behind me on his knees, rubbed the head of his cock along until he was at my pussy, and shoved it all the way in until his pubic bone struck my ass. I screamed and he started pounding me. It felt so good, like my pussy was opening to sex in a way it never had before. I was impaled on a magic stick, lost in the feeling.

I came two more times, each orgasm starting in a deeper, darker place. I was shaking and begging him not to stop. He was like a jackhammer, faster and faster, harder and harder. His fingers were digging into my tight ass pulling me forceful back into his huge cock

My pussy felt like it was being ripped apart, a giant wet hole where my tight vagina once was. After years with my husband, who is my age, being with a 30 year old, muscled, young man was something I had forgotten. I had forgotten what a rough, intense, sweaty fuck was like and I loved it.

I could hear my pussy making wet sounds as he pounded it. I was still moaning and another orgasm swelled up inside me. Then he groaned and I felt a rush of warm liquid shoot deep inside me. It was running down my legs. I almost blacked out from the rush of my orgasm.

When I regained my senses I felt his long, still thick, but softer, cock sliding slowly out of me. It seemed to take minutes, and I could feel every inch of him sliding out of my pussy lips which seemed to want to hold on to every one of those long inches. I was wrecked, my pussy was red, stretched out and soaking wet, yet strangely alive and electric. I don't have words to describe it, it was as if it were alive with electricity, a big soft clam in a warm puddle of sex.

We kissed. We didn't say much. He left and asked to see me again. I didn't say yes, but I squeezed his tight ass and pulled his crotch into mine and held it there.

I got cleaned up as best as I could in a small sink; there was no way to hide the musky smell of his sex or to get rid of the red blotches from the flush of my three orgasms or to make my pussy anything resembling what it was before that exquisite fucking. I just hoped Dave was asleep and I could shower and not wake him. Or, should I tell him? It was what he wanted. But could I? And if he reached out and put his hands between my legs, I would have no choice.

When I got home I tiptoed up stairs. I'm usually home at 7:30 and it was 9:30. What was my excuse? I was hoping Dave was in bed asleep. I also needed to take a shower because I smelled like animal sex and my pussy was still leaking his cum. My panties were soaked. I got into the bathroom which was outside of our bedroom and didn't turn on the light. The full moon light was streaming in and it was very light. I stripped down and felt myself leaking warm juices down the inside of my thigh. Thank god Dave was asleep, I thought. I don't know what I could say to him.

My head was down as I washed out my panties, and suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder, and a soft, semi-hard cock that felt like my husbands laying in the crack of my ass. I looked in the mirror and there was Dave, caressing my breasts, watching us in the mirror

He bent down and whispered in my ear, so, stay late to help one of those young guy students of yours? I froze, what should I say? Then it hit me, I'll play along with his fantasy and he'll think I'm just playing along and never know the truth; that I just fucked a man half his age with an erect cock a good 3 inches longer and twice as thick. He'd think it was our fantasy game. Sore as I was, I was sure that having him fuck me wouldn't hurt given how stretched out I was. And I knew how to make him cum quickly. Dave could last until I would put my hand around back and gently massage his balls. I learned this from an older guy when I was in my 20s and we weren't married. It worked like a charm.

Dave started asking me who it was, how big his cock was, did I miss him, did I orgasm. He wanted to know everything. So I told him how I rode the students cock and that he flipped me over and took me doggy style, hard and tough. I was giggling and pretending it was a joke but my pussy started to get wet again and I knew that it was real.

I felt his cock get harder and harder and push against my backside. The. I said, do you want to feel where he fucked me? Dave lost it. He pushed me down on the sink counter and started moving his cock up and down my ass and pussy seat by for a way in. He was crazed. I reached around and guided him to the entrance to my pussy and he pushed in smoothly with one stroke. I couldn't even feel him except for the movement My pussy was so big and worn that I couldn't feel anything.

But it was exciting anyway. I kept telling him how big the other guy was, how deep he went into me, how hard he fucked me. Dave was like an animal I was starting to cum but I didn't know if he would. Suddenly I felt him draw his cock almost out, pause, then shove it back in and groan. I could feel him explode and I did too, my vagina lips and wall clenching him tightly as he came inside me.

His cock slipped out of me and I turned around and kissed him, saying, nice fantasy time, huh? He smiled and said take a shower and come to bed.

I was so happy, I had pulled it off. I had another man and didn't have to lie to my husband. When I slipped under the covers and turned my back to Dave he came over and kissed my neck and spooned me. Then he whispered in my ear: "you know when I came?" Uh huh, I said. "I came because the moon light shined on your beautiful ass and I saw 10 fingers imprinted on your ass. He must have really fucked you hard to leave those marks"

I lay there, stunned. He kissed me and said, tell me more tomorrow.

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