tagInterracial LoveLinda in White

Linda in White


I watched as she lay on the bed, my seed flowing out of her pink pussy; her brown thighs slick with my cum.

Her eyes were half closed and she had a satisfied smile on her face. Her breathing was shallow and she let out a cat like purr.

"Mmm, so good baby! " She said in her whisper like voice.

"So glad you liked it Linda." I said as I reached over and played with her clit. She jumped a little and her body convulsed on the bed. Her pussy squirted out some more of my hot white fluid.

I thought back to how we got to this point in time. It was a long time coming indeed.

She had started working at the bank I used. At first I just was friendly and all. Not really interested in her at all

But after awhile I started talking to her more during our short visits. A very nice young lady with a wonderful smile.

I started to notice other things as well. Like here long thin finger, apple sized tits probably 34 B's Lithe body and a not a bubble butt but enough to grab a hold of.

One day I just blurted out to her; see if she wanted to go zydeco dancing. She said she would love too,

She jotted her phone number down and slipped it through the slot.

I smiled at her and told her to have a good night.

I called her just before eight that night and she answered. She said that she was sorry that she couldn't talk much more there but rules were rules.

I told her I completely understood. We chatted for a bit more, I told her about the zydeco dancing but she went into detail of it.

She told me that she had been raised in Louisiana so she had been to her share of the dances

"Oh so you can teach me a few steps them?" I asked.

"Yes Mike I think I can!" She said.

So that Saturday night I picked her up around 6:30 and we went to the dance hall. We danced and sweated it out. Linda and I danced with other people.

Some of our slow dances were nice. She was a few inches shorter then myself and would rest her head on my chest.

The dance ended around 11; we walked out to my car, holding hands.

Driving the drive home her left hand slide over and run over my crotch, I felt my cock stir as she did so.

I was glad it wasn't too long of a drive because if it had been longer, I would have unzipped and let he give me a blow job on the highway.

We raced into my apartment and shed our clothes along the way to the bed room. Her white pumps flew into the air as my shoes landed into a corner I think.

Her white dress ended up on the floor next to the bedroom door. She stood there in white bra and thong; a nice contrast to her milk chocolate skin.

"God Linda dancing so close to you made me so fucking horny.

I pushed her crossways across the bed and shoved her legs apart. I dove into those thighs and started licking her from clit to rosebud. She tasted so sweet.

My cunt licking had her writhing on the bed like a snake. Her hips started pushing into my face as my sucking got faster and faster. Sucking on her throbbing clit.

"Oooo gooooo, mikkkkkkkkkkkkk!" Linda screamed as that last licking brought her over the edge. She was panting as I kept on sucking her.

"Stop please, no moooooorrree!" As she started coming again. She pushed my face away after her third orgasm.

Once she had recovered, she reached down and stroked my cock. Her soft brown hands felt so nice wrapped around my cock. Once she got it nice and hard she planted a kiss on the cock head and ran her tongue over the pee slit.

It sent a shiver up my spine. She wet her fingers with some of my precum and then teased my rosebud.

Her finger found its target and slowly massaged my prostate. Between that and her taking me deep in her throat set my body to shaking. Soon my balls unloaded in her mouth. I drove my hips into her face. She kept sucking till my balls were emptied.

She moved up and stroked my hairy chest. Her tongue licked my ear and purred. And the next thing I know it was morning and I had wood. I looked over and there was Linda her left leg draped over my left leg. Her left arm on my right shoulder.

I adjusted myself a little and then slipped in easily to that pink pussy. It felt like a velvet sleeve. It squeezed a hold of my 6 inches. I drove inside her, my balls slapping against her.

We both groaned as we got into a rhythm, our bodies in unison. Her body meshing into mine. I came inside her just as her orgasm crashed.

We fell back asleep and when I woke up I had to take a piss and this is where the story started. My white jizz flowing out of her pink pussy down her soft chocolate thighs.

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