tagLoving WivesLinda Opens Wider

Linda Opens Wider


This is another in the series of Linda and Earl’s enjoyment of the swinging lifestyle. I had been sent overseas for a year and knew that Linda would need male company during that time, so this is what happened. Enjoy – We did!

8. A Gate Wide Open

Linda had been on her own and without a sex partner for almost three months before she met Al Martin. It wasn’t by my choice, obviously. I had long before found out that keeping my wife’s pussy full of hard dicks was equally enjoyable whether it mine or those of men who had discovered the thrill of sex with her. True, she started in this lifestyle more by accident than intent. The thought of a quickie affair with a friend of ours, with both my blessing and encouragement had led to a second, a third, and then more. By now she not only was a willing participant, but even encouraged me to find partners for “us”.

Having to be gone for a year from this situation didn’t appeal to me at all, but I had no choice. It hadn’t taken long for me to realize that I loved the sight of another man screwing her, seeing him with his dick in her mouth, or watching him fondle those gorgeous tits of hers while he finger fucked her. I was apprehensive to say the least, thinking that she might develop some kind of aversion to what we had been doing. I certainly didn’t want that to happen.

The worry was needless. Before I left for the year stint away from Linda, I told her that I had contacted a guy by the name of Al Martin who I thought would appeal to her and he had said he “might” get in touch with her. Can you believe that? Offering someone a prime piece of ass, and he “might” consider it? Probably just waiting to make sure the coast was clear.

Linda had poo-pooed the idea, saying that she didn’t expect to do anything while I was gone. I assured her that I not only wanted her too, but also hoped that she would. We left it at that.

I had only been gone a couple of months before Al started calling her. At first it was just initial acquaintances chatting – the mundane things like the weather, how long we had lived in the town, how did we like it, etc. Of course, one of the first things that came up (from Al) was whether I had left or not and how long I would be gone for.

Linda said that he was a friendly, eager caller at first and it got progressively more friendly with each call. Soon he was calling her at night as well as during the day. Then came the day when he suggested that they meet. I’ll tell the rest of the tale from Linda’s perspective, which she shared with me on the first tape that she sent me after their initial meeting.

She had been nervous, she told me, unsure of exactly what Al wanted to do, or where he might want to go, so even her preparations were hesitant. She knew that I had told Al her measurements, age, likes and dislikes, and sexual preferences, but little else. Since he was a swinger (obviously, since I had contacted him through a swinger’s magazine), she knew he would be expecting her to dress accordingly. The problem was that we hadn’t been swinging long enough for her to really decide how she should dress. That was her state when she stepped into her closet that afternoon.

A long, soaking bath, shaving her legs and a facial and having her hair styled had prepared and relaxed her to some degree, but now she had to make some hard choices. She said that it would be better, she thought, if she dressed conservatively just in case.

Fortunately, before I left, I had gone through her wardrobe with her and discarded anything that was too dowdy or that didn’t suit her new interests. Oh, we left a few more formal clothes that would have been suitable in church or at a funeral, but by and large we had discarded everything that couldn’t double as a swinger’s outfit.

Linda’s bottom lip was caught between her teeth as she tried to make up her mind. Then, throwing caution to the winds, she chose exactly what I had told her was appropriate for almost anything – a nice silk blouse that was just opaque enough not to make her areoles visible unless the lighting was just right. She also had a black skirt that came to just above her knees. Tossing those on the bed, she moved to her lingerie drawer.

She blushed when she saw the bras with the nipples cut out and the crotchless panty hose. She still couldn’t imagine herself wearing those, especially for a first time meeting with anyone. Instead she chose one of the demi-bras that we had bought for her. They were perfect. Unless she was sexually aroused, nothing out of the ordinary showed, but when she became excited, the nipples of her 40DD breasts just peaked over the top of the cups.

She chose a garter belt and stockings, debated for a moment about panties and then threw a pair of thin silk ones on the bed. Those had always been one of my favorite, a gift to her from Mike, her first lover. They were thick enough to provide her a sense of being covered, but cut high on the sides and thin enough in the crotch area to show a shadow of the magnificent muff just above her labia.

Remembering what I had told her, she sat down on the bed and began putting on her stockings. The garter belt followed, then she topped them off with the panties. She had to lean forward to get her breasts into the cups of her bra. She turned for a side view of herself in the mirror. She smiled when she realized that the attention shown to her breasts by her lovers had done nothing to diminish their size and beauty. If anything they were even lovelier, fuller and more taut. They stood high and proud. She couldn’t resist squeezing her nipples gently, sending a shock wave of anticipation directly to her pussy. She felt it moistening as if it realized what was coming, and causing her to shiver in anticipation.

She still found it hard to believe that she had changed so. From the prim, almost puritan morality of her youth to a woman who had fucked her husband’s friend, then had accepted my desire to have her bury more hard cocks in her tight, receptive, hot love box. She still did not understand his need for having these other men take her, but it had certainly been an exciting journey to this point. She blushed when she realized that she was enjoying it and wanted more sex now than ever before.

She pulled on the blouse and smoothed it down, then stepped into her skirt. After putting on her high-heeled pumps she stood up and looked in the mirror again. What she saw made her smile. She was almost ready.

She was putting the final touches to her lipstick when the doorbell rang.

“Hi, Al” she said when she opened the door and saw the tall, lean, well built man standing there with a smile on his face and a bouquet of flowers in his hand.

“Hi, Linda” he said, handing her the flowers. “May I come in?”

“Certainly, please do,” my wife said, inhaling the fragrance of the freshly cut flowers. “Have a seat. I’ll be right back. I want to get these into some water. They are beautiful!”

She hummed to herself as she filled a vase with water, put the flowers in, taking care to arrange them just so, then carried them into the living room with her.

“They are beautiful,” she repeated to Al who stood from the couch as she came into the room. He waited for her to place them on the coffee table, and then reached out to embrace her.

“Lovely flowers for a lovely lady,” he said softly, tipping her chin up with his fingers and then kissing her gently.

“Thank you kind sir,” she laughed before their lips touched. “His lips are like velvet,” Linda thought as the kiss endured. She could feel the tenseness of his body, matching her own. To make things easier for both of them, she tugged at his arm indicating they should sit. She sat down beside him only a few inches away.

“I wasn’t sure what you wanted to do,” she said, “so I didn’t know how to dress.” She blushed as she realized that they both knew exactly what he wanted to do, the question was one of timing. Now or later?

“You look gorgeous,” Al said softly, looking into her eyes. “Even more beautiful than your picture.”

Linda was apprehensive now. She didn’t know what kind of picture Earl had sent him, or even that he had sent Al a picture, so she elected to play it cool.

“I never know what kind of picture he sends to people,” she said with a nervous laugh. “Some of them are pretty risqué.”

“This is the one,” Al said, reaching into his suit jacket pocket and pulling a snap shot from his pocket. Handing it to her, he smiled.

Linda blushed. It was one of the group that he had taken to send out to swingers on the net without telling her until the first time that another lover had shown her the picture. It showed her reclining on the couch in a negligee, not really showing anything, but definitely giving a man the idea of the charms that awaited him. She felt Al’s arm surround her shoulder and his body slide closer to hers. Al’s close proximity and the realization that he was staring at what was barely hidden by the negligee made her uncomfortable, but strangely erotic. She turned to ask him a question, but found her lips covered by his own.

This kiss lasted even longer. At first she was stiff, nervous. Some of the old attitude about another man kissing her, doing what she knew he would eventually do if she let him, was still there. But so was her need after months alone. Feeling his tongue touch her lips, she opened them and greeted him likewise. She felt his hand slide over her blouse and cover her right breast, giving it a gentle squeeze as his tongue dueled with hers. He won, but Linda didn’t mind. She found herself stirred by this man. The kiss lingered, grew more passionate, until she finally had to push him away. It was getting too intense, too fast.

She laughed nervously again. “I never know what he tells anyone, but obviously he told you a great deal.”

“I just wish he was here to thank him,” Al said, smiling at her. “I have to admit that I’ve been dreaming of this moment ever since we last talked.”

He hadn’t released his hold on her breast. Linda had already felt the first stirrings of her arousal. She liked this man, and he obviously liked what he had right now. It was too late to protest or back out, besides she didn’t want to. It had been too long since she had experienced the comfort of a man deep inside her. Glancing at the bulge in his trousers, she saw Al looked like he could remedy that. All thought of going out disappeared. She knew what she wanted and it was only inches away.

She was much less nervous when he kissed her again. His hand was roaming across her breasts freely now, then over her belly, dipping down to the shadowy area of her skirt between her thighs. She felt her nipples swelling and knew that Al too must feel them peaking over the tops of her bra cups.

Al, holding his kiss of my wife, slipped one button of her blouse from its eyelet, hesitating to see if there was an objection. When it didn’t come, he opened the next two tiny pearl buttons and slipped his hand inside her blouse. Earl hadn’t lied, they were all her. He could feel the mammoth swell of those 40DD’s above her cups and the hard knobs of her nipples swelling beneath his fingers. Now, if he had just told him the truth about her hot pussy…….

She moaned slightly when he pushed the cup up and over her right breast, leaving it free to fall into his hand. He cupped it from beneath, weighing the warm flesh as he let his thumb circle the nipple. It swelled even more, just as it had the first time Mike had squeezed them, then all the others. She blushed furiously thinking how many men had already had her, but it didn’t prevent her from wanting to feel this one inside her too.

My wife’s breasts had always been sensitive to a man’s touch, welcoming warm hands that cuddled and caressed them, wanting her partner’s warm hands to feel the sensitive flesh. She felt her back arch, pressing the heat of her breast into the palm of his hand harder. Her own hand fell to his thigh and began working its way upward. She found a spot of dampness well below the crotch of his trousers, then the ridge of hardness beneath it. It swelled immediately, jerking against her searching hand. She almost gasped as she felt the length of it, trailing her fingers higher and higher over the hot flesh just beneath those trousered thighs. He felt enormous!

She found herself using both hands to unzip his trousers as Al made short work of the remaining buttons of her blouse. He was unhooking the back fastener of her bra when the last inch of zipper opened on his trousers and she found herself fumbling for the male meat she had found. It had to be bent to come out, and then she found out just what she had.

“It was beautiful!” she told me in the tape. “At least as long as Mike’s and even thicker. He was already oozing cum out of that big thick purplish head of his. And the thickness of it! I couldn’t get my hand all the way around him. All I could think of was how good it would feel to have that inside me. Forgive me, honey, but I couldn’t resist. It’s been too long.”

I pictured her staring in awe at Al’s throbbing cock and laughed. I knew she couldn’t resist once he got his hands on her tits, and he obviously had them on display now.

“He started sucking my tits and you know how that turns me on. The next thing I knew, he was kneeling beside me on the floor, pulling my panties off and cupping my muff with that big hand of his while he sucked me. I almost melted, I wanted him so bad! When he found the opening to my vagina, he used his thumb to press on my clit and began working his finger into me. It wasn’t hard,” she laughed on the tape, “As soon as he got his mouth on my tit, I was already juicy. He pushed me back against the arm of the couch and began working it in and out real slow while he sucked my tits. Oh, damn, that felt good!”

“All this time I had hold of his cock. I could barely hold it, it was squirming so hard. I looked over at it and it was drooling on the floor. I couldn’t stand it. I had to have him fuck me.”

Al was now using both hands, one to explore my wife’s hot, tight pussy, another to fondle the full breasts that were the treasure everyone saw of her first, while their tongues tangled in another hot, french kiss.

“He started to get up on the couch with me. I knew he was going to fuck me right there and I stopped him. I wanted it all, not just a quick one. He looked a little upset at first, but when I whispered to him that I wanted to do it in our bedroom, he smiled from ear to ear. He picked me up like I was light as a feather and then carried me down the hall to the bedroom. I had left the door to our bedroom open and so that’s where he took me.”

“He put me down very gently and started all over again. His hands were on my breasts, on my pussy, rubbing, squeezing, kissing and fondling me just like you did with that neighbor of ours before you left. When he stood up and began taking off his clothes, I couldn’t resist, I reached up and caught that beautiful cock in my hands. It took both of them to hold him and even then I had trouble controlling it. It was like a hot fire hose, jerking and pulsing in my hand. I turned loose of it just long enough to unbutton the waistband of my skirt, but then he stopped me.”

“Let me do it,” Al told her, smiling down at my prostrate wife, laying legs spread widely, waiting for him to fuck her.

“He was so gentle, even though he was as big as he was. I suggested that he take off my shoes, but he just shook his head and smiled. He unzipped my skirt and pulled it down over my shoes and tossed it into the chair where I sat when you fucked our neighbor. Then he lifted my upper body up with one hand and began taking off my bra and blouse while his other hand fondled my tits. Damn, that felt good!”

Al lowered my wife gently to the bed again and stood for a moment admiring her beauty. The delightful swell of her breasts were astounding, every bit as large and firm as Earl had told him in the phone calls he hadn’t mentioned to Linda. And that pussy…… It was gorgeous. Chestnut colored hair covered her mound pointing right to where he could see her clit pushing just above the lips of her cunt. He wanted to bend down and kiss it, but he wanted something else first as he cupped her cunt and got onto the bed with her, astride her body.

She smiled at him as he lowered himself on her body until he could feel her breasts against his chest, literally stabbing him with those hard, long nipples. He raised himself slightly as he felt her hand snaking its way between them, then the warmth of her hand on his cock. She steered it right to where the pearly gates had opened, displaying the thin, slick juices he had felt when his finger had explored her cunt.

She gasped when he pushed forward gently, barely spreading the lips of her vulva. He was barely touching her and yet she felt so hot, so ready. He eased his hips toward her, barely spreading the warm, wet lips, his cockhead wasn’t even in her yet and he already wanted to cum. “Damn, this is one hot piece of ass,” he though to himself as he felt the head of his dick begin to dilate her cunt. He slowed and allowed her cunt lips to spread wider before he continued his penetration of her.

Linda told me she thought he was going to tear her with that big tool of his. He was easily as big around as Ed, her first black lover, although she doubted he was as long. “He didn’t though”, she sighed on the tape. “He took his time, working it from side to side, and up and down, just getting me all wet as he worked it into me. Then he got the head in and I felt my muscles slam shut behind it. It was heaven to feel how hot and slick he was inside me!”

“He has big veins on his cock. I could feel every one of them as he pushed it in a little at a time, then he’d pull it almost all the way out before sliding a little more of it into me. “She giggled on the tape. “I think I flattened everyone of the veins with my muscles while he was working it in and out, groaning all the time.”

I knew what Al must have been feeling. When my wife gets extremely aroused, her Kegel muscles kick in and her vagina literally sucks a cock into her. That little ring of muscle right at the mouth of her cunt grips as tightly as many women can with their hands. Al must have been in hog heaven!

“Oh, god,” Al was thinking as he slid his eight plus inches of male muscle deeper and deeper into my wife’s welcoming pussy, “don’t make me cum now!” He raised himself higher, putting his weight on his elbows, cupping my wife’s breasts with both hands. Peering down between them, he watched the beautiful sight of his cock moving very slowly in and out of the tight gripping pussy lips that were pulled out with each stroke of his cock. He groaned again as he realized he couldn’t hold it any longer and felt that first hard blast of cum filling my wife’s cunt before he was more than halfway inside her.

After such a long hiatus, that blast was all it took to push my wife over the edge too. She felt the indescribably sweet sensation of her orgasm peaking just as that jolting shot of hot cum filled the rest of her vaginal void. She couldn’t control the jerking, gasping movements of her body as she wrapped her legs around his and thrust her cunt into his crotch, driving the remainder of that hard dick into her.

He rode her for at least five more minutes, filling her completely with his seed, amazed at the response he was getting. He was literally lifting my wife's body off the bed each time he tried to back away from her passion pit. He cold not get away from her. He could feel her jerking, thrusting body movements, holding herself impaled on his slowly withering cock. Her eyes were closed, her mouth was open, and she was still gasping out her orgasmic conclusion before slowly allowing herself to slide from his cum soaked cock and lowering herself back on the bed.

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