tagRomanceLinda Saga Of Lust And Love Ch. 02

Linda Saga Of Lust And Love Ch. 02


Linda bowed her head in prayer with the rest of the congregation, but her thoughts were on the mysterious "Mr.G" who she was supposed to be escorting today.

Following her instructions to the letter she sat on the front pew of the St. Augustine Catholic Church for the 4 pm Mass, which was the last one of the day. The church was huge, very rich and ornate, giving you the feeling that God dwelled within the space. It was filled with sculpture, artwork and stained glass. The organ music was heavy with beauty and power, stirring the soul. The sculpture of Jesus behind the altar reminded her of the William Bouguereau paintings she had seen at the Essex Art Museum last Sunday with Uncle Walt. It was The Flagellation of Our Lord Jesus Christ - in the painting he was chained to a column and being whipped, punished for the sins of the world.

He watched her as she bowed her head for the closing benedictions. The girl was like an angel dressed in white. She was wearing a modest feminine dress, satin with lace around the collar and around her neck, a golden chain with a crucifix. White stockings, high heels and simple makeup gave her an aura of innocence and purity.

It gave him a strong feeling of lust and a desire to possess her beauty, but he knew it was wrong. He felt like Adam being tempted by Eve and the devil.

After the service she remained seated as the church emptied out and then went to the altar railing to kneel to pray for awhile. She was feeling tender and remorseful about the way she was living. She did not believe in premarital sex but had given herself in sin to Paul and to Walt. Rising Linda went to the confessional as she had been instructed.

A quick visit on the internet had coached her on the procedure since Linda was a Protestant and did not know the ritual. She had learned that in order to receive forgiveness for sins we must examine our conscience, have sorrow for our sins and must make a firm resolution never more to offend God. We must confess our sins to the priest and finally we must accept the penance which the priest gives us. Perhaps there is a reason for the expression 'confession is good for the soul' she thought as she decided to give a truthful confession.

Closing the door, Linda knelt bowing her head and waiting expectantly on the kneeler. In a few minutes the small window slid opened and it was time.

"Father forgive me for I have sinned," she confessed, "I have had carnal knowledge of a man."

"That is a mortal sin my daughter, the sin of lust and fornication. This is not the way God created you to use your sexuality. Do you have any other sins to confess." the Father asked.

"I accepted a gift of jewelry and money from him" she confessed.

"That would be the sin of greed," he acknowledged "these are mortal sins; I must offer you a serious act of penance."

"You are a spoiled young woman, almost a child. You are familiar with the proverb of sparing the rod and spoiling the child" he questioned?

"Yes of course Father," she replied guardedly.

"I will provide you a punishment as penance for your sins," he offered.

"Yes Father, I will do as you instruct. I truly repent and want to do penance for my sins," Linda acknowledged.

The Father told her about a flashlight under the kneeling rail. When she had it in hand, he released the hidden catch on the side of the booth and told her to go down the dark passage to the room at the end. Inside she would find the candelabra. She was to light the candles and kneel in prayerful supplication. He would meet her there in a few minutes.

The side of the confessional booth opened onto a dark hallway with a low ceiling, a real secret passageway just like in the movies. Bending over she walked across the stone floor to the end of the passage, which ended in a spiral stairway going downwards. It was cold and Linda felt chilled by more than the cool air. Carefully she went down the stairs to find a small empty room with a door at the bottom of the stairs. The heavy wooden door was locked but had a great iron key in the lock and unlocking it she walked into the darkened room, closing the door behind her.

It was a small private chapel with comfortable chairs and couches. There was an altar in the front with the candelabra. Lighting the candles gave a warm glow to the room, turning off the flashlight she knelt at the red velvet padded prayer railing and waited. She was afraid and aroused at the same time. Her bowed head gave view to her virginal white dress with her corseted breasts and waist framing her gold crucifix. During the service the priest had preached about the woman caught in adultery and how Jesus had saved her by letting the one with no sin cast the first stone. She was just like that woman, first with her boyfriend Paul who dumped her then with "Uncle Walt" last week.

When she gave her confession to the priest it was from her heart. She was truly sorry and contrite. Now she waited for her punishment. She remembered as a young girl when she had been punished by her father for her transgressions. He would spank her firmly, calmly and in a spirit of love not anger. Afterward she felt absolved of her wrongdoing and closer to her father. So this is how it work she wanted to feel close to God again but her sins kept her away from the peace and joy she once knew.

Linda did not have long to wait as the door behind her opened and then closed. She could not see who it was in the darkness far away from the candle glow then she heard the sound of the key in the lock and froze.

"Do not be afraid my daughter you are in no danger. It is I, Father Gugilo here to administer your chastisement." He said.

It was the priest that gave the mass earlier in his golden robes. So this must be the mysterious "Mr.G". Now this all made sense - or did it?

"Come here and kneel before me" he commanded as he sat on a plush couch. She knelt before him on the pillow he provided with her head bowed down her hands in supplicant prayer. The candlelight reflected off her gold crucifix above her breasts. She was like a virginal bride in white but he knew better. She was tormented by her flesh so he would help her with the absolution of her sins. He felt a lustful desire towards her but he needed to control his passion.

"Rise child and submit to your punishment" he said reaching out his left hand.

"Yes Father, I will obey" she replied rising and taking his hand.

He put his left knee between her legs and guiding her by the hand leaning her torso across his lap. Holding her hands together securely by the wrists with his left hand and pinning her leg between his, she was immobilized.

He softly rested his right hand on the left cheek of her bottom and he could feel her muscles tense through the white satin dress. He slowly pulled up her dress to reveal her stockings, garters and panties then eased her panties down to reveal her soft white flesh.

"Relax your muscles child and it won't hurt as much," he gently commanded.

"Yes Father," she meekly replied taking a deep breath and releasing it.

Holding her wrists firmly, he raised his right hand and brought it down sharply on her bottom to which Linda gave a startled yelp.

"Child will you play the harlot with men?" he asked.

"No father, no. I won't play the harlot," she replied then his hand once again landed on her bottom with a loud smack.

"Will you dress to incite lust and adultery in the hearts of men?" he enquired.

"No father I will be modest, forgive me," she begged in tears and received another firm spanking.

"Will you only give yourself to your husband?" he asked.

"Yes father," she sobbed and felt his hand again fall hard on the red cheek of her bottom.

Will you be his submissive and obedient wife and mother of his children?" he questioned, sharing the teachings of the church.

"Oh yes Father, I want to be a wife and mother. I will submit to and obey my husband," she cried out and then a fifth blow landed on her bottom.

The passion, lust and excitement were too much and when he came it was a great relief to his vexed spirit and member.

She had suffered enough - her bottom was red with the imprint of the hand that had doled out her punishment. He dipped his finger tips into a jar of healing salve on the table next to the couch and tenderly massaged it into her angry red skin. As she cried her tears of joy and pain he pulled up her panties and lowered her dress. She was chastened and joyous that she had earned forgiveness for her sins.

Releasing her wrists he helped her to stand, then offered his handkerchief to dry her tears. Then he commanded "Go and sin no more," and then after a moment added with a smile "there is a young adult Bible study at 7 pm on Wednesday night you might just meet the right young man to help guide you in your walk with the Lord."

"Yes Father thank you," she humbly replied. The Father led her to the confessional and she exited walking towards the main entrance of the church. By the main doors off to one corner was an alms box for the poor and needy. She paused and considered then reaching down unclasped the gold anklet Uncle Walt had given her and dropped it in the box on the way out.


That night at home she thought about the Celestial Escorts job. Linda was still in shock from the spanking and the promises that she made when she wanted the punishment to end. Was this job the best thing that she could be doing with her life? Once she wanted more and she thought Paul's love was going to provide it.

As she remembered the marriage dreams that she had about Paul her reverie was interrupted by the red light on her answering machine. On the first message she heard Paul's voice. He was apologizing and telling her that he loved her and could they start over again please?

She thought about the woman about to be stoned, about giving her virginity to Paul, about letting Uncle Walt take her, about the sins she confessed to Father Gugilo and the punishment she took in penance for her sins.

She hit the delete key and listened to the second message. It was from Celestial Escorts, Dora was apologizing that "Mr.G" had missed his flight and there had been a mix-up about notifying her.

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