tagRomanceLinda Saga Of Lust And Love Ch. 03

Linda Saga Of Lust And Love Ch. 03


After class on Wednesday Linda finally decided to go to the Bible study as suggested by the Father. She picked out a long grey skirt and a white knit top. She wore her gold cross but skipped most of the make up and settled just for some light red lipstick. She remembered the modest part of her promises.

Picking up her Bible she walked towards the church. In front of the education wing was a girl from the college that she recognized.

"Linda, I am so glad you came to the Bible study," said Mary an acquaintance from her art history class.

"Hi Mary, I heard about the Bible study and decided to find out more," Linda responded. Mary introduced her to her boyfriend Fred and his buddy Evan.

"Great come with me," she said taking Linda by the arm. In the small room there were about twenty college age singles about half men and half women.

The leader, a young priest gave a reading from scripture in Romans 13:8-14.

Owe no one anything, except to love one another; for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law. The commandments, "You shall not commit adultery; You shall not murder; You shall not steal; You shall not covet"; and any other commandment, are summed up in this word, "Love your neighbor as yourself." Love does no wrong to a neighbor; therefore, love is the fulfilling of the law. Besides this, you know what time it is, how it is now the moment for you to wake from sleep. For salvation is nearer to us now than when we became believers; the night is far gone, the day is near. Let us then lay aside the works of darkness and put on the armor of light; let us live honorably as in the day, not in reveling and drunkenness, not in debauchery and licentiousness, not in quarreling and jealousy. Instead, put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires.

After the reading he expounded on the passage in a short sermon. Linda liked the image of putting on the Lord Jesus Christ and making no provision for the flesh to gratify its desires, which had always been her problem. Linda looked around at the others they were listening attentively to the talk. Then they broke up into small groups to discuss the story amongst themselves. When the Bible study was over, on the way out, Mary told Linda the plans that she and Fred had made to go and see the Nutcracker ballet that Friday night.

"Evan's date dropped out at the last minute and we are trying to fix him up - come along with us and we can double date." she suggested.

Evan was a pleasant guy, strong yet kind of shy and quiet. He was an accounting major in the same year as she was at the college. She did not have a shift at the restaurant so she could do it.

"Well I would enjoy the evening but I guess it is really up to Evan to ask me out if he wishes," she politely deferred.

Evan brightened at her suggestion and piped in, "Linda would you like to attend the ballet? It is my favorite Christmas event and I know you will love it too."

Linda accepted his offer and they made arrangements before Linda said goodnight to her new friends.

As she walked in the door at home she got a phone call from Mary.

"Linda thanks for accepting Evan's invitation to the ballet, I hope that I was not too forward in making the suggestion," Mary asked.

"No it's really ok." Linda replied. "He seems a bit shy but he really enjoyed the opportunity that you made for him to ask me. Have you been dating Fred for long?" she said changing the subject.

"Yes isn't he dreamy!" she gushed. "We have dated for three months but it feels like a lifetime." He wants me to go all the way with him but I have been putting him off. I love him but I want to save myself" Mary confided.

"You should save yourself for marriage if he is the man God intends for your life. By waiting he will show he is the one. There will be plenty of time for that fun stuff later, right?" Linda suggested.

"Thank you Linda you are a good friend and sensible about love and romance. I don't want to get in trouble like my aunt or have Fred not respect me afterwards" she agreed.

Linda thought about Paul and how he had not respected her afterwards and dumped her.

"I am wearing my light blue dress what are you going to wear" Mary asked.

Linda had not thought about it until now. So Mary was going to get dressed up - it was a ballet after all and she wanted to impress her boyfriend Fred. Not wanting to send Evan the wrong message Linda decided to wear her peach satin dress but skip the tight fitting corset this time.

Just before the ballet they picked Linda up in Evan's car and drove to the college auditorium for the ballet. It was a community wide event with a lot of families dressed up for the event. It made Linda sort of jealous with the moms and their young daughters wearing feminine dresses and going to the ballet. She remembered doing the same with her mom years ago. One family caught her attention. It was a husband in a grey suit with the mother and elementary school daughter wearing identical dark green long satin dresses. The husband escorting them was proud of his 'girls' and it showed. She wanted to be that woman with a strong husband to walk alongside and a beautiful daughter. She prayed that it was in God's will for her life.

Fred and Evan looked nice in their suits -like they had just shown up for church. Mary wore her light sky blue dress but it was not flattering on her. It was low cut and showed off too much of her breasts, which jiggled when she walked. The dress had a slit at the front and she was giving Fred the wrong message by the way she was presenting herself, it was no wonder he wanted to go all the way.

Linda's dress was the modest peach satin dress with a white lace collar and a bow in the back. She wore white hose and heels some nail polish and lipstick of a peach hue and her gold cross. A feminine modest Christian woman was what she portrayed to Evan. He was respectful and appreciative.

When the house lights went down Evan's hand found hers in the dark and gently held it during the performance except during the applause. Mary was sitting on Linda's other side and the action was a lot hotter over there. Fred had his right arm around her and his hand rested on Mary's upper arm almost caressing her breasts. Mary's left hand was resting on his leg rather close to his loins.

When Nutcracker ended and the lights went up they untangled themselves from each other and the foursome joined the press of people leaving the auditorium. Right in front of them was the family Linda had seen earlier. The mother and daughter had on black hose and high heels with their green satin dresses. They also had long hair flowing down their backs bound up with green satin ribbons matching their dresses. The husband had his arm around his wife's waist and was holding the daughters hand. When they turned away from them she realized that the young mom was pregnant. She would have another beautiful child she was carrying her husbands love in her womb proudly.

She felt jealous when the wife looked up and smiled at her virile husband. Linda knew that she should not covet but she wanted to be walking in that woman's high heels just then.

She was pulled out of her reverie when Evan took her hand as they descended the flight of stairs outside the building.

He opened the front car door for Linda as Fred and Mary piled in the back. Heading away from campus Fred piped up "Let's go to the reservoir" and Mary voiced her approval. Evan gave an embarrassed sidelong glance at Linda and said "OK but not for long you guys. I have to work at the video store in the morning".

The reservoir was the local college make out spot and she remembered the spot well from her time with Paul. Evan was cute she might like kissing him for awhile. Evan took a side lane that she did not know about and soon they were very secluded with a view of the water in the moonlight.

In the dark car Evan took her hand as he did in the ballet and told her how much the enjoyed her company that evening. He complimented her on her pretty satin dress and said it reminded him of the happy family that they saw on the way out. Linda thanked him for the compliment and he kissed her. Leaning in again he kissed her again and she returned the kiss softly. This was going to be fun but it could get out of hand as well she knew.

From the back seat Linda heard a sound and saw Mary going down on Fred's penis as he stroked her breasts freed from her flimsy dress. The image was erotic and it was getting her aroused. Turning back around Evan kissed her and with his left hand started fondling her breast. She took his hands in hers and softly said to Evan but loud enough for Mary to hear, "No Evan don't touch me there, my body does not belong to me to give to you. It belongs to my husband. I want to stay pure for him. If I let you take me, mount me and fill me with your love you would not respect me. I don't want that. You are a sweet guy you remind me of the husband with the wife and daughter we saw. I know that is what you want for your life and not a moment of lust and pleasure at a lover's lane."

It was very quite in the back seat. Mary had stopped and was adjusting her dress listening very carefully to the conversation in front.

"Evan do you remember the scripture from Wednesday "Let us live honorably as in the day, not in reveling and drunkenness, not in debauchery and licentiousness, not in quarreling and jealousy. Instead, put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires" Linda shared.

"Linda you are right. I just got carried away. This is our first date and I hardly even know you. I hope there will be others?" he tentatively asked.

"Evan I would like that too." Linda assured.

That night Linda had a dream about Evan. They were in a church at a wedding - their wedding. Linda was wearing a long white satin dress, her gold cross and a veil. Her make up consisted of red lipstick, nail polish and rouge. The priest had just said to Evan "you may take your bride" and he did. With his back to the wedding party he lifted the front of her dress and he slid the white satin panties down her white stocking legs and used it to bind her wrists together. Evan then lifted her by her narrow corseted waist up and perched her on the edge of the altar. Standing in front of her, he lifted her dress and unzipped his pants and freed his member very discreetly under her dress. Linda put her arms around his neck and the congregation saw her wrists bound in her virginal white garment, her red polished nails and her gold ring showing her surrender and marital bondage.

The priest asked Linda if "she would be a submissive and obedience wife and the mother of his children" to which she replied "Yes as it pleases the lord". Evan mounted her and rutted her hard as the wedding party cheered loudly singing halleluiahs. "Wife do you want me to rule over you with my seed" he asked and she replied "Thy will be done my husband." Then he came joyously into her womb.

Linda woke in a sweat and realized that she had been masturbating. Her fingers were damp with her wet desire. She explored and sniffed then licked her sticky fingers. It seemed so real but was it a dream or was the Devil tempting her weak flesh again?

Then the phone rang - it was only 9 am on Saturday morning. Maybe it was Mary calling about last night.

"Hi Linda it is Dora Thurston. I hope I did not wake you up girl. I have a client for you to escort tonight, not Sunday. I will send a car over to pick you up at 7 pm, be ready" and then she rang off with a quick bye.

She still needed the money from the escort job. Last night she had proven her self control she would not succumb as she had with "Uncle Walt". It would be just a pleasant evening with an older gentleman.

Two hours later to her surprise, a delivery woman from the clothing store Blooms arrived with a package which Linda signed for in receipt. What can this be she wondered it must be from Dora she thought as she opened it.

In the box was a skimpy black silk dress with spaghetti straps. Another package contained a black satin garter belt, a thong and a pair of black silk stockings with a seam in the back. A small box contained garish red make up. The final box contained a pair of black high heels with a slender ankle strap. This was not the uniform of the day for Celestial Escort service. These were the garments of a prostitute. She called Dora "What is going on, what is this all about, why did you send me these things?" she blurted out.

"Darling Linda there has been a change of ownership and the assets of the firm have been taken over by a new management team, one with a different philosophy. As one of the assets you have been assigned to escort a different sort of gentleman. Now before you get mad and hang up be a good girl and check your email. I just sent you a message."

In shock she opened up the message. The attachment was a photo slide show. She was at church with Uncle Walt, and then at the art gallery and then he was putting the gold anklet on her offered leg. The next shots were in his hotel room with them drinking champagne and kissing. The action followed them outside where they had had sex.

"Linda? Are you still there," asked Dora.

"Yes" she replied in shock. Her mind raced through the images she had just seen and she started looking at herself in a new way. She had enjoyed every moment of that day with Uncle Walt.

"I wanted to send you these pictures. Tell me about the woman in the pictures. Is she a prostitute"?

"Yes" Linda said her voice trembling.

"Are you a prostitute?" Dora gently questioned.

"Yes" Linda replied her voice cracking.

"Then be a good girl. Put on the dress and please the gentleman tonight. Be sure to wear your gold chain and cross. Bye now."

After a long cry she dried her tears and realized that she was trapped in sin. Dora had seen through her pretenses, she really was a sinner and a prostitute. She opened her Bible to Ezekiel 23 and read aloud,

"Yet she multiplied her acts of promiscuity, remembering the days of her youth when she acted like a prostitute in the land of Egypt 20 and lusted after their lovers, whose sexual members were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of stallions. 21 So you revisited the indecency of your youth, when the Egyptians caressed your nipples to enjoy your youthful breasts."

Linda had wanted Evan to caress her nipples and fondle her young breasts last night. Why had she stopped him? She coveted the husband at the Nutcracker and wanted his baby in her womb. She looked at the slide show again and saw her whoring with Uncle Walt. She wanted him so she took his gift and money and gave herself as a prostitute to his member large like a donkey and the taste of his emissions like a stallion.

After soaking in the tub she anointed herself with fragrant lotions and perfumes. Opening up the blood red nail polish she painted her toe nails and then fingers nails. Carefully she fixed her eye makeup and rouged her cheeks. Standing in front of her full length mirror, she fastened the black satin garter belt watching the garters dangle as she swayed her hips. Sitting carefully in front of the mirror she slipped on the black silk stockings one at a time fastening the garters to them and adjusting the seams in the back. Standing in front of the mirror again, she examined the tiny black satin thong then stepping into it and slid it up to her hips. It did not cover much but it was not meant to do so. Fitting her feet into her black high heels she buckled the straps around her ankles.

Her make up was sluttish red and garish, taking her lipstick tube she reddened the tips of her nipples to match her lips. As instructed, she clasped her gold chain around her neck with the cross nestled above her breasts. She looked like the whore that she knew that she was - wearing only make up, her cross and her black garter belt, thong, stockings and heels. Taking the dress from the box she held it over her head then let it slide down her body. It fit perfectly - they knew her size at Blooms. Since she was wearing it braless it was showing her breasts and her nipples were obviously protruding through the fabric. She liked the feel of the soft silk against her body as she looked in the mirror for a final check.

Putting on her long black overcoat she went out to the car when it arrived. The driver did not say a word nor did she. They drove out of town to an area with the large estates with gates and lots of privacy. Entering the code the driver navigated the gate and drove up the long driveway to a large house in the dark.

Helping her out of the car he knocked on the large front door and it was opened by a young woman in a French maid's uniform who curtseyed. "This way, Madame the master of the house asked that you go to the library and await him." she announced.

Following the girl, she was ushered into the library and guided to the couch and then the maid left, closing the double doors.

A few minutes later an older gentleman entered and shaking her hand introduced himself as Mr. Graves. He asked her name and Linda politely replied with her name. After some small talk complimenting her on her nice dress he apologized for not getting her something to drink and pressed a button on a side table. A few minutes later the maid arrived pushing a cart with a Champagne bottle in ice which she promptly opened and poured three glasses.

"This is French champagne and this is my French maid Madeline" he said sitting her next to Linda on the couch. "She does not speak English but she has a lot of other talents for such a young woman." He confided. He finished his glass and refilled theirs continuing "Linda do you find Madeline to be a beautiful woman?"

Linda's mind raced - where was this going? "Yes she is quite pleasant she has a nice voice. When she greeted me at the door I felt at ease." He spoke in French to her and shyly she replied "Oui, monsieur Graves" and she walked across the room to the antique record player and picked out an LP which she put it on the turn table and after winding up the crank, lowered the needle into the groove. It was very old music sweet, soft romantic music for dancing slowly. She remembered being with Paul at the formal, he had been wearing a tux and she had been wearing her prom dress dancing to such music. Madeline turned off the lights so only the fireplace and candelabras were softly lighting the room.

Approaching Linda she held out her hand. Glancing at Mr. Graves he just smiled and nodded his approval. Linda took her hand as Madeline taking the lead danced with her slowly. The girl was beautiful with her long black flowing hair and brown eyes. She expertly moved Linda around the room in a slow sensuous dance. When the first song ended Madeline kissed her. So that is what is like to be kissed by a woman. When Madeline kissed her once again Linda kissed her back holding her in a gentle embrace. Softly Madeline caressed her nipples thru the dress and they became hard with pleasure and desire.

"Linda" Mr. Graves spoke, "Madeline finds you to be a beautiful woman also."

He spoke in French again and Madeline smiled pleasantly. Madeline reached behind her back and untied her apron then unzipped her dress which fell down at her feet. She was wearing a black garter belt, thong, silk stockings and high heels exactly like Linda's. Reaching out she carefully took off Linda dress lifting it over her head.

Linda was standing breast to breast with a beautiful woman. As Madeline kissed her, Linda pushed their breasts together. Madeline's hand traveled down Linda's side then explored between her legs fondling her wet thong. Sliding her finger beneath the thong she softly caressed Linda's clitoris. Feeling dizzy, Linda lay back on the couch as Madeline slid off Linda's thong and then took off hers as well. Kneeling on the floor between her black stockinged legs Madeline kissed her clitoris and tongued her wetness driving her passion. She had never been loved there like this before now. Then Madeline moved to the end of couch leaning back spreading her legs offering her love which Linda greedily took.

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