tagRomanceLinda Saga Of Lust And Love Ch. 04

Linda Saga Of Lust And Love Ch. 04


The next morning Linda attended Mass at St. Augustine Catholic church with Mary, Fred and, of course, Evan. She wore her modest white and pink floral dress with her white satin corset under the dress for effect. She wanted to get Evan's attention.

She sweetly held Evan's hand in the pew. Standing close to him when they shared the hymnal to sing and recite passages together she was happy to be with him. The sermon was from Romans - advice on relationships and love matters. When the priest repeated the scripture about "it is better to marry than burn" she knew exactly what was meant by the author. She had a strong passion but she knew it needed to be channeled and contained.

Evan was confused. Linda was beautiful like a virginal angel he thought as he gave her a sidelong glance instead of listening to the priest. The white dress with pink flowers was like the peach one, styled the same with a lace collar and a bow in the back. She was feminine and demure he was thrilled that she was worshiping with him. She was wearing her gold cross necklace and it showed her virtue to the world. He thought back to Friday night after the ballet when they had gone to the reservoir. She was kissing him sweetly and he had got carried away and started groping her but she had stopped him. Yes he did want her but he wanted her in the right way. He had a vision of himself at the ballet holding hands with their daughter with his arm around Linda pregnant with his baby. Good things come to those who wait. She was the one - he knew it in his heart but he had a concern that she might not be interested in sex or would be too prudish and standoffish.

After church he asked Linda to the winter ball downtown on Friday night. Mary and Fred had other plans so they would be solo this time. Linda was thrilled and accepted quickly. She had to work on Wednesday night at the restaurant so she apologized in advance to her friends for missing Bible Study.

It was another slow night at the restaurant. It was good that she did not have to live off her tips anymore although she was making great tips now. She did not mind the men flirting with her anymore she would just flirt back and they would drop large tips to impress her. It was like shooting fish in a barrel.

Around closing time, Dora Thurston came in and sat at the back table. This did not look like a social call, this looked like business. When Linda brought the apple pie and vanilla ice cream Dora ordered she sat across from her and took her last break of the evening. Dora inhaled the pie and ice cream and gave Linda a big smile.

"Linda I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that Celestial Escorts has folded. When the accountants looked at the books they fired everyone and just closed the office. That is the bad news, we are fired. The good news for me is that I received a call from Walt, one of my favorite clients. He wants me to come out to California and go on vacation with him to China. I am so excited, I will get to see the Great Wall and everything." she exclaimed. "I think he wants me to be his trophy wife," she confided in a low voice.

"Dora, that is great for you," Linda beamed her happiness, "when do you leave?"

"First thing in the morning," she said, "I wanted to let you know everything. I also want to apologize for pressuring you about that client on Saturday morning it was not right." "This is for you," Dora said sliding an envelope across the table to her. It was filled with green paper with Franklins on them. "Just call it severance pay honey," she chuckled.

Dora stood up and gave Linda a big hug and then she was gone. She also left Linda with the check for the pie and ice cream.

It was Friday afternoon and Linda was unsure of herself, her feelings for Evan and what she wanted out of the evening. Should she wear the modest white satin dress or the black silk dress she wore on Sunday? The black dress was revealing and very sexual as little black dresses are supposed to be, whereas the white dress was safe. She did not want to be safe with Evan. She remembered the wedding dream that she had about him. After making careful preparations and putting on her dress, Linda took out her Bible and read the passage about it being better to marry than burn and decided that she wanted Evan for her husband. Kneeling by her bed holding her Bible she said a simple prayer asking if it was God's will for her life, she wanted to be Evan's submissive and obedient Christian bride. She loved Evan. He was the one.

When Evan knocked on her door, his eyes bugged out. Linda was wearing a low cut short black silk dress the left nothing to the imagination with black hose and heels. Her make up was modestly done with light red lipstick and nail polish and she was wearing her gold chain and cross necklace. He tried not to look at it because it was dangling near her breasts. As he helped her into her coat he noticed how the silk clung to the shape of her body. Her nipples were pushing up against the thin fabric yearning to be released. They drove to the dance - it was going to be held in the grand ballroom of a old big downtown hotel with which Linda was familiar. A marble circular stairway led up from the lobby to the second floor ballroom. Linda was very carefully walking up the stairs in her black high heels holding Evan's arm for support. He looked nice that evening wearing a new suit navy blue with a blue shirt and a red tie. When they got to the dance floor, she found out how good a dancer he was as he led her through several numbers.

Evan could not believe it. She was beautiful and when they did a slow number Linda nestled in his arms against his body. Her arms were around his neck and his hands around her waist. The silky fabric of her dress and the soft flesh underneath sent waves of desire through him. Looking down at her he saw her breasts nestled in her dress inviting his touch. He was getting aroused and when the dance ended he suggested they get a drink.

Linda held him while dancing and felt his hard erection against her soft belly and wanted him so badly but welcomed the chance to cool down for a bit when the music ended.

"I could use some champagne," Linda suggested. "Evan, let me treat this time. You bought the tickets tonight." At the bar she asked the bartender for a specific vintage which she knew he stocked and his eyes widened. She gave him a Franklin to cover the cost.

Evan was waiting for her when she returned to the table followed by the bartender who helped seat her in her chair getting an eyeful in the process. After opening the bottle and pouring the two glasses for them he thanked her and left. Looking at the bottle Evan knew that this was good stuff not the cheap stuff he bought at the grocery store.

After a few glasses he was buzzing. Linda drank lightly not wanting to spoil the mood.

They went back onto the dance floor for some more dances and all of a sudden it was time to leave.

"Evan the night is still young, I have had enough dancing and champagne for the evening. I want to clear my head, let's go to the reservoir for awhile for some fresh air." Linda requested.

"Are you sure Linda?' Evan asked.

"Yes, I want to sit with you and kiss you again," she replied truthfully.

Evan took his special lane and they ended up at the same spot again. The lake was beautiful, the moon was now full, low in the sky illuminating the water. Evan slid over in the front seat to Linda and put his right arm around her shoulder and took her by the hand as she leaned against him. He wanted her so much and he was worried that he would lose his self control again. The moon was playing on her white skin reflecting off her gold cross making the black silk of her dress shine iridescently. He surrendered to the moment and kissed her.

"Oh Evan," Linda softly spoke his name and he kissed her again.

"Linda, I love you," he softly whispered to her and kissed her with a long lingering kiss.

"Evan, I love you too. I want to tell you about the prayer I said this afternoon." Linda said and moved slightly away from him. Taking his hands between hers she bowed her head and closing her eyes prayed out loud. "Dear Lord, I love Evan and I read in scripture that is better to marry than burn. If it be your will for my life, I want to be his submissive and obedient Christian wife." Saying amen she raised her head and opened her eyes to see the love in his eyes.

"Yes Linda, I will marry you. It is God's will for my life and for yours" he agreed.

He kissed her again and Linda melted, she wanted him now so kissed back with passion. She wanted to give herself to her husband now.

"My body is not mine to give it belongs to you my husband" she sweetly said.

Evan was aroused by the intoxicating beauty of Linda as his desire mounted and he felt his erection harden. He did not want to wait for the wedding night he wanted to make her his wife now as she had invited.

With his left hand he touched her breasts and kissed her again fondled her softly through the silk fabric. Evan slid a thin black spaghetti strap off her shoulder to reveal a breast with a red hard nipple. Fingering, kissing and sucking it he enjoyed making love to her soft full breast with his mouth.

Linda held him by the head as he sucked her nipple feeling the dampness between her legs and her need. There was not enough room in the front seat so wiggling free of his embrace she climbed into the backseat of the car.

"Evan I want to be your wife tonight and give myself to you," she said.

"Linda, I love you and I will be your husband," he said as he followed her over the seat.

Getting arranged they necked and petted heavily. Putting his hand up her dress, he followed the stockings up to the garters then found her wet thong and slipping his finger beneath touched her clitoris. Taking her hand he placed it on his manhood. Linda knew what he wanted and stroking it through his pant legs, teasing him she finally unzipped his member freeing it for her pleasure.

Linda took her husband in her mouth and sucked him as he touched her clitoris. Evan looked at Linda as she sucked his member. When he could not stand it any longer he started sliding her thong down her hips. Linda stopped and helped him then he asked, "Linda will you be my submissive and obedient Christian wife?"

"Yes, Evan you are my husband, my lord and master, I will submit to you and obey you. Tell me what you want me to do," she meekly answered.

"I am going to take you now and rule over you with my love," he said.

"Thy will be done," she acknowledged humbly.

Evan was sitting on the back seat so he had her stand leaning over the back of the front seat facing away from him with her legs spread wide. Lifting up the back of her black silk dress and taking her by the waist he gently lowered her onto his erect member.

"Husband, yes, please mount me. Fill my vessel with your seed," she begged as he moved inside her fondling her breasts and kissing and nibbling at her neck.

"Wife, will you be the mother of my children?" he asked in passion

"Yes husband give me your baby now," she cried in joy. In a final burst of passion he came and filled her with his love, lust and desire.

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