tagGroup SexLinda's Boating Adventure

Linda's Boating Adventure


After Linda's divorce, she had several mid-life crises as she entered the dating world once again. When she recounted her sexual adventures to me, one of the most arousing was the story of her accountant, Jim.

Linda, as you may recall from other Literotica stories, was divorced in her mid-forties and endured a great deal of painful cosmetic surgery to make herself look like a thirty-something hottie. Her previous adventure with the Movers was followed by the incident with the accountant.

A few months after Linda's divorce, it was time to file her income taxes. She picked a thirty-something accountant named Jim. This was to become a choice that would change her life. It opened her up to a swinging lifestyle.

During her appointment with Jim, she discovered that she owed a small fortune in taxes. He explained that the $50,000 she had gotten in alimony was taxable. Also taxable was her share of the capital-gains she received from the sale of the house. The house (sold in the divorce), less the cost of the home she just purchased, came to $200,000 at 20%. Bottom line: She owed about $60,000 in taxes. Linda was frantic because most of the money she had left was in an IRA. To pay the $60,000, she would have to cash in $100,000 of the IRA to net $60,000 for taxes after the 10% penalty for early withdrawal of funds. Anyway, it was something very confusing to Linda. Her estate planning was a total mess. Her happy days of freedom were slammed down. Linda was astonished how this had happened.

Linda broke down and cried. She realized the taxes would destroy her post-divorce lifestyle. Jim comforted her as best he could and soon they were kissing passionately. He began fondling her "new" breasts and she automatically found comfort in groping his penis through his pants.

Things progressed towards their logical conclusion, and Jim and Linda ended up naked (except for Jim's white shirt) on the office rug, with Jim licking her pussy... and Linda sucking him into her mouth while stroking his balls and penis. Linda soon was shaking with a violent orgasm as Jim filled her mouth with shot after shot of semen. And she eagerly swallowed it. Yum.

Neither of them had expected anything like this to happen. Jim soon regained his erection and entered her wet cunt. They fucked for hours, at least it seemed like hours, until Jim filled her hole with hot cum.

Jim then asked Linda if she would join him for the weekend on his 35-foot sailboat for some island hopping in the Bahamas. After being with Dinky Dick, her husband for so many years, Linda couldn't refuse a bit of warm ocean air and a nice, hard penis attached to a surprisingly sexy accountant.

In anticipation of the weekend, Linda started thinking about it more and more. She was so excited. Linda made an appointment to have a Brazilian Wax, so no pubic hairs would be under her swim suit. She purchased a new bikini which barely covered her firm 38 D breasts and her pussy.

She arrived to have her Brazilian Wax just as the shop was closing. Pam, the wax specialist, agreed to do the wax job as a favor even though she was supposed to close. Pam locked the doors, after the other employees left, and brought Linda into the waxing room. She asked Linda if she would like to combine the waxing with a soothing massage and Linda readily agreed.

Pam heated the wax and applied it on Linda's pussy then started massaging Linda's arms and legs. Linda lulled into total relaxation. After about 15 minutes, it was time to remove the wax. Pam ripped it off and Linda screamed, "Oh Shit... Owww," but Pam soon started massaging her breasts and the pain vanished. Well, the pain never vanished, but it was neutralized by the new tingling in her tits. Pam worked the oils around Linda's pussy. It was a somewhat sadomasochistic-pleasure, but Linda was getting aroused as Pam inserted a finger into Linda's vagina and soon followed it with her tongue.

Linda had never had a girl on girl experience and was surprised by how much she loved it, as she literally fainted from an orgasm while squirting in Pam's mouth.. When Linda came to, she suddenly felt embarrassed, dressed, and quickly left the salon.

The next day Jim picked Linda up and they drove to the Marina in Ft Lauderdale. Jim's 35 foot sailboat was ready to go. It was very spacious, for a sailboat, with a large galley and bedroom with large portholes to enhance the scenic view. Several hours later they arrived at a beautiful island cove. Other vessels were already there and Jim explained that this was a hot party cove frequented by dozens of boats every weekend.

Rolling Stones and Jon Bon Jovi blared and the booze flowed freely. Linda was a big hit with the other boaters. She knew it by the bulges in their swimsuits. Well, any guy would get a boner from seeing a woman in almost nothing. However, Linda was happy to see that they really appreciated her new hot body.

Rocking to the waves and rocking to the music really made Linda feel the effects of the sun and the alcohol. Jim brought out a joint and that always made Linda super horny. So they retreated to the cabin and were soon naked, fucking and sucking each other to multiple orgasms. Linda had totally gone into a stoned-out space and had forgotten about the large portholes. She was not aware of the group of men taking in the show from the sailboat anchored next to them. But Jim knew. It was a set-up, as another sailboat tied up to them.

Soon, a whole bunch of guys boarded Jim's sailboat to get a closer look and to horn in on the action that Jim was into. There were the three guys from the first boat and two more from another. All of them were in their 20's or even younger.

They silently came down the stairs, well as silently as five drunken mama's boys on their daddy's boats could be... which was not very quiet. They pushed each other out of the way to crowd in and get a good look at Linda's bod and Jim's pumping butt. Linda didn't notice the guys at all because she was being fucked to one orgasm after another.

The young, tanned studs took off their clothing and started stroking their erections. John, the youngest of the men walked closer to the action and put his cock on Linda's lips. She opened her lips automatically and then freaked out when she realized it really was someone else on the boat. But the frightening buzz soon jolted straight to her pussy as she knew it was one of those sexy guys from next door.

At this point, she was so aroused that she really didn't care who it was or what she was doing, as long as it. Felt. So. Good. And, what could she do anyway, she couldn't scream because there was a dick in her mouth. And she couldn't move because there was a big, heavy accountant on her holding her down. So, she sucked the cute guy off. And, it felt heavenly.

If guys only knew how easy it was for a girl to get laid. And, if they only knew how easy it was for a girl to just relax and have an orgasm, they would pray to be a female in their next lives. Guys and gals have such terribly different views on sex. Guys have to do all the work to get laid. Women just have to do nothing. Not fair at all. Especially for a multi-orgasmic chick like Linda could care less who it was and continued to suck the strangers cock as Jim continued to fuck her. As John deposited a huge load down her throat Jim came deep inside her. Suddenly someone yelled switch and two new cocks entered her one in her mouth and another in her now dripping pussy.

Linda again was having multiple orgasms as the two new guys thrust their massive organs into her mouth and vagina. Her vagina muscles were contracting on the new penis in her cunt as the continued to orgasms over and over again until the two cocks inside her cunt and mouth exploded spewing new loads of semen into her mouth and cunt.

As the action subsided Jim introduced Linda to his friends John, Ray and Norman. Apparently this whole scene had been planned by Jim from the beginning.

Linda did not care and as soon as the 4 men recovered she took one in her cunt, one in her ass and managed the two other in her mouth until all 5 of them reached nearly simultaneous orgasms filling her every orifice with hot semen.

Now Linda repeats this scene almost every weekend and has never been more content.

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