Linda's Folly


Linda couldn't believe what she'd gotten herself into. At the moment she lay gagged and handcuffed on a bed being vigorously fucked in the ass, screaming into her ball-gag as the rock hard cock pummeled into her sending painful and pleasure surges threw her body each time.

Two weeks ago Linda was a mild mannered wife of an executive, who herself was a very successful lawyer in a prominent law firm. She had been at Golan and Associates for 6 years. Her dream had been to make it to partner eventually, and until a few weeks ago she was on that track. Three years ago she made junior partner after a spectacular win in court that won her law firm a 4 million dollar fee. After that case she was on easy street, the partners loved her and seemed destined to make her a partner in a few years. Then the biggest catastrophe in her life happened. The firm was hired to defend a union boss accused of corruption and they chose Linda to head up the defense.

Her client had steadfastly maintained his innocence though she knew him to be guilty. He refused to tell her the truth, give her the facts. Linda did all she could with what she had but without his cooperation there wasn't much of a chance. When it came to the trial he got nailed to the wall. Even though she did the best she could she knew the partners' wouldn't be happy because she had lost them a very well paying client.

After the first few days, Linda began to relax. The senior partners hadn't said anything and she began to believe that maybe they had seen that she had done her best and were cutting her some slack. Three weeks after the trial had ended, Mr. Golan asked Linda to meet him in his office following the staff meeting. Beginning to worry anew, Linda gently knocked on Mr. Golan's office door and stepped inside.

"Mr. Golan, you asked to see me?"

"Yes, Linda come in," Mr. Golan said clearing his desk of papers and carefully pulling a folder from his desk.

Linda's heart jumped to her throat. This was it, Mr. Golan was going to fire her. "What can I do for you Mr. Golan?"

"Well, Linda as you can imagine the loss of Mr. Tragglia's business was quite significant to the firm. And well, the senior partner's and I have decided to not renew you employment contract next month."

Linda's eyes began to almost immediately well with tears. She knew that if she were let go from her firm this way she'd never get a good job at a new firm, let alone a partnership. "Isn't there an appeals process Rick?" Linda said, hopping that making her appeal more personal she might have more effect.

"Yes Linda in fact there is. It's part 16b of your employment contract. Specifically it says that you may make your appeal to any NAMED associate or director and should that person or persons decide to allow you stay on they could override the decision of the senior partners."

Standing up and carefully moving to the front of his desk, Rick sat down in front of Linda. "Currently Linda, the only named partner and only director is myself. So your going to have to make your case to me as to why I should keep you on when you lost me a two million dollar customer."

Sobbing and holding her face in her hands, Linda began to prepare herself to give the best argument of her life. She looked up into Rick's eyes and immediately grasped the nature of the situation. "What are you talking about Rick?"

"Well, the way I see it you owe me two million dollars. I've looked into your financial records Linda and they are in less that top shape. Your credit cards are maxed and your bank account barely has enough money to cover your expenses for a month. So if you want a job and to hold onto this lifestyle you've come to enjoy you're going to do everything I say until I've decided that I've been paid back. And if in the end of all this you've truly pleased me, I'll make you partner. So what do you say?" Rick paused for a moment, "Better yet, don't tell me. Either take your unemployment packet or walk to the door, lock it and come back and kneel before me."

Furious, her face flush with rage, Linda stood up and stormed for the door. How dare he? This stuff doesn't fly anymore. Maybe this crap happened in the fifties but not anymore. She was going to slap this bastard with the largest sexual harassment lawsuit in history. AS she grabbed the door knob and began to turn it, she felt a retching feeling in her stomach. Her sense of practicality took over and she realized how futile it would be. He had her, lock, stock and barrel. If she ever wanted a carrier in law she would have to do as he asked. She had sacrificed for her carrier before and she would do it now. With a sigh of defeat, she locked the door and turned to face Rick.

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