tagGroup SexLinda's Golf Course Adventure

Linda's Golf Course Adventure


A few years ago my wife Linda and I moved into an exclusive golf course community in North Carolina. Our home was near the green on the 14th hole. The house had a spacious deck facing west about 50 yards from the hole.

Linda has a very attractive body and loves to spend hours sunbathing on the deck which is secluded from all sides except the green. She usually wears a pretty revealing bikini and occasionally goes topless to avoid tan lines.

Linda as you know if you have read any of the stories about her is as close to a nymphomaniac as they come which has always been fine with me as I am a voyeur and love to watch the action.

This latest adventure occurred in April of 2009. It was a beautiful sunny day with the temperature in the low 80's as Linda decided to take in some rays. Being mid-week and in the early afternoon the golf course was almost deserted of players. As I watched her through a side window in the den she positioned the lounge chair to face the sun, laid her towel on the chair and lay down. She was wearing her favorite bikini which barely covered her nipples and her pubic area.

After about an hour she decided to remove her top to avoid any tan lines. She was a sight to behold her firm D cup breasts were just beautiful crowned with ¾ inch erect nipples.

Another hour went by and suddenly a golf ball hit the house fairly close to where Linda was lounging which is part of the price you have to pay for living on a golf course. The smacking sound of the golf ball hitting the house made me run to the window to look out. Linda had jumped up obviously started and just stood there nearly naked..

After less than a minute two golf carts with three golfers drove up to the deck. They apologized for the errant golf ball to a still almost nude Linda. She smiled and told them other than scaring her no damage was done and calmly asked them if they cared for some ice tea to which they accepted. As they came up the two steps to the deck it was fairly apparent that they somewhat aroused by Linda's seductive body.

The 3 guys who appeared to be in their late twenties or early thirties took seats close to Linda to partake in the ice tea and the view of Linda's body. They talked and laughed apparently having a good time and unaware I was watching and recording them on the rear security camera.

Linda asked them if they could help her refresh her suntan lotion as she thought she might be burning a little. The three guys almost tripped over each other to do apply the tanning oils. Linda told them not to fret as they could all help.

Two of the guys started applying the suntan oil to her legs as the third worked on her shoulders. By the bulges in their pants it was obvious that they were enjoying themselves. Linda's eyes were closed and obviously enjoying the attention uttered soft moans. The guy applying suntan oil to her shoulders was emboldened by the moans and started applying oil to her breasts while rubbing her erect nipples. The other two guys applying oil to her legs moved up her thighs then her vagina rubbing oil all over it. Linda had lost control allowing them to remove her bottom and enter her vagina with their fingers. Linda got bolder herself rubbing two of the guys' now fully engorged pricks thru their shorts.

The sight of Linda and the three guys really turned me on as I had taken my penis out and was slowly stroking it.

Soon Linda was off the lounge chair lying on the deck a one of the guys entered her suddenly and started fucking her with faster and faster.. The second guy offered his cock to Linda's mouth and she quickly started sucking and licking his penis head while stroking his balls. The third guy seemed content sucking on her erect nipple.

The guy in her pussy suddenly stiffened and filled my wife with such volumes a sperm that the excess seemed to pour down her legs. She had a violent orgasm just as the guy in her plunged deeply down her throat and started coming. Linda to her credit never gagged and swallowed every ounce down her throat.

The third guy who has patiently waited his turn plunged into Linda's cum filled cunt and fucked her like he was possessed soon both he and Linda came together just as I came all over myself while watching.

After they left Linda came in and I showed her the tape as we had one of our hottest sex sessions ever as I licked her cum coated pussy lips pushing her to yet another awesome orgasm. I quickly entered her cum filled vagina and made my deposit.

The 14th hole has suddenly become very popular with the golfers and has entertained many a foursome since that day in April.

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