tagLoving WivesLinda's Late Night

Linda's Late Night


My wife Linda just turned 56 years old. She could pass for 40 any day. She carries her 36C tits quite well, with just a little bit of hang, and they are seldom restrained by a bra. She has great legs and an ass you just want to bite. Chestnut hair and a smile that could light up Manhattan complete the picture. We've been married about seven years, but have known each other for about 12.

We work for the same company, but at different times. She sometimes works second shift, while I'm usually on first. Sometimes we don't see each other every day, but it works for us. Once in a while, she and some of her co-workers will stop for a late night bite on the way home, usually at a Denny's near our job. Therein is a tale...

One night about two years after we were married, she came home around 2, which was not unusual. She quietly got undressed and into bed. I sleepily reached over to pull her close, starting to get hard as I felt the curve of her waist and her right breast-she had her back to me-so I moved in a little closer. My erection now stiffening, I moved into position to take her from behind. She was strangely resistant, almost as if she was avoiding my entry. A little persistence and I was soon inside her, only to find her pussy quite wet. My wife is almost always ready for sex, but this was a little more lubricated than usual. Did someone have a little more slam in her Grand Slam breakfast than was on the menu?? I was somewhat hurt that she would play on me, mostly because she had not told me about it. I had told her early on that if she wanted to have an occasional encounter, I was good with it, just let me know what's going on. Sloppy seconds has always been a fantasy of mine, and the idea that she would be coming home to me full of another man's come would be a real turn on. At the same time, I was turned on by the possibility that my wife was lying next to me, taking my cock in her sloppy pussy, about to get a second load. It did not take long for me to release a big load inside her, and we both drifted off to sleep.

The next day, she slept til about 10. I had already gotten up and was making her tea, which she likes in the morning. She came out in her bathrobe. She was a little sheepish, as if she were ashamed of something. I took her by the hand, and lifted her face up to look at me.

"I have to ask you something. I need the truth, and I promise not to get mad at the answer, no matter what it is."

"OK..." she said tentatively.

"Did you get laid last night?"

She looked at the floor a second, then back at me.

"Yes," starting to cry. "I'm so sorry, I hope you can forgive me. I love you and everything we have together..." her voice trailed off.

I lifted her face toward mine and kissed her.

"You're not mad at me?"

"No," I said. "A little put out that you didn't tell me about it, but we'll get past that."

Her previous husband had split with her when he found out she had been involved with several guys over the years. He had also told her she could have lovers, but apparently the idea was better in theory than in real life. She had told me about all her affairs before we married. That was when I told her I did not mind if she played around, as long as there were no attachments, and she told me either before, or right after, since you can't always plan these things. Now that it had happened in real life, we needed to deal with it. We came up with a code she would text to me when an opportunity arose, and let that be our plan. It has worked well, and has led to some interesting times. Having put that behind us, I asked her how it happened.

Her story:

About 5 of us went to Denny's after getting out last night. The waiter there is a grad student (the city we live in is home to a state university campus) and he had taken care of us on a few previous late night visits. I thought he was cute. You know how I like those shaggy blond surfer type guys, and this guy was it. We'd always been kind of flirty, and last night was no exception, maybe a little more so than usual. We broke up around 12:30, and I headed out to the parking lot.

The others left, and as I was getting in the van I heard from behind me, "Thanks for the tip!!" It was our waiter, Mark. I turned around to see him opening the car next to me. We had left him $20 on a check totaling around $75.

"Most welcome, you're always good to us, and a lot of fun." I looked at him a second, standing there with the light breeze blowing though his shaggy hair.

"How would you like to give me a tip?"

The look on his face was priceless. I unlocked the van and opened one of the back side doors.

"Get in."

He followed me in and pulled the door shut. I led him to the back seat, sliding in all the way, pulling him by the hand. As soon as he was on the seat, I kissed him hard, pulling his shirt off. He undid mine, pushing it over my shoulders and onto the seat, then unhooked my bra. By that time, I already had his jeans unzipped and was pulling out a growing cock. I stroked it until he was totally hard-he must have been 8 inches, it was big. I ran my hands through the hair on his chest while he played with my tits, making my nipples stand up. After a couple of minutes, I had him lift up his hips and pulled his jeans down and off. This left me down on the floor in front of him, exactly where I wanted to be. I took his cock in one hand and licked up and down the underside, licking around the head, and then back down. I did this a couple of times, then took the head in my mouth and gave it a good workout with my tongue, then slid down on his shaft slowly. I kept working his dick slowly, occasionally pulling off it to tease the head, then going back down on him, all the while massaging his balls and playing in the blond curls around them. He was starting to leak come, and I knew he was not going to last much longer. I picked up the pace, and I could hear his breathing get heavy. He started leaking more, and I knew I had him.

"Linda, honey, I'm going to come."

I pulled off him, slowly stroking him, looking up. "I know, I can taste you already. Let me have it, I want you to come for me so I can taste it all."

I went back down on him, feeling his balls tighten up as he got closer. I backed off a little to hold him off a little and make it more intense, but within a minute his hips shook and his cock pulsed, and he shot a huge load. I swallowed as much as I could, but some still spilled down my chin and onto my tits. As he subsided, I lifted off his cock and licked my lips, then scooped up the extra come with my finger and licked it clean. I looked up at him. He was in dreamland. He looked down at me.

"That was unbelievable!! I never had anyone do that so good!!"

I smiled up at him. "I love giving head, and I've wanted to do this for a while. I just wasn't sure how to approach you til now. That was quite a load!!"

"You had me really turned on, and it really got me going-I mean, coming."

He pulled me up on the seat and kissed me. I put my tongue in his mouth, letting him taste his come on me. He started undoing my pants, pulling them down along with my panties, til they were completely off. He knelt in front of me.

"Turn about is fair play," he said, and started kissing my upper thighs, licking up to the edge of my bush, then around it, getting close to my lips, which were already open, but not touching them. He was driving me crazy!! Finally, he licked up one side, then the other, then just barely grazed my clit. I jumped when he did that, then again when he licked right over it.

"A little jumpy?" he asked.

"You're making me crazy," I said. "Put that tongue in me!!"

He slowly licked my labia, this time flicking his tongue inside me, and swirling it over my clit. After about the third time he did that, I was ready to explode.

"You're going to push me over the edge!!" I said.

"I hope so," he said, pushing his tongue deep in me while sucking on my clit.

"It's going to get messy!!" I warned him.

You know how when I come it's like a flood. He kept sucking on my clit, and I had a crashing orgasm, flooding his face with my pussy juice. While I was in the midst of my orgasm he climbed up on the seat, and he was on top of me. I reached out and felt his bobbing cock, hard again. I pulled him toward me, guiding his cock to my spread pussy lips. He was in me balls deep on the first stroke. It felt really good to have that big dick inside me, pushing in and out, filling me, balls hitting my ass, and prolonging my orgasm. He pounded away, and I met every thrust, getting us in a steady rhythm. I felt him getting stiffer, and he was starting to leak again. I wanted to get where I was riding him. I knew he would come soon, and I knew he'd probably realize I was a married woman going home to her husband, and want to pull out before he came. I know I shouldn't have let him, but I was playing out my fantasy and wanted it to finish with him coming inside me.

I stopped him and had him sit on the seat. I got up and straddled him, taking his cock and guiding it into me as I lowered myself onto him. He now had a new feeling of me, and my tits in his face. He started playing with them and sucking them as I rode him. His cock felt wonderful inside me, poking my cervix he was going so deep, and I could feel his balls on my ass when I bottomed out. I rode him slowly, as I didn't want to finish too fast. Since I was on top, I could control the angle as well, and I was enjoying the feel of stroking the top of his dick on my clit. After about 5 minutes of that, I was coming again, soaking his crotch with my juices. That got him really going; I felt his dick stiffen inside me.

"That was incredible!! I love when you come, you get so wet!!" he said.

"Having your fat dick in me makes me so hot, I just can't help it, you just really make me come hard. Now I want to make you come inside me."

He looked at me. "Linda, are you sure? I don't want to get you knocked up."

I laughed. "THAT won't happen. It hasn't been possible for a long time. I'm older than you think, and besides, I had my tubes tied long ago."

He took my left hand and held up my rings. "What about your husband?"

"I'll worry about him, you just give me all that sweet come you have building up in those big hairy balls. I want to feel your sperm blasting inside me. If there's half as much as I swallowed, it's going to send me into orbit and soak me til next week."

I picked up the pace of my riding, and reached around to play with his balls. His cock grew harder and I felt the head swell.

"Oh God, Linda, you're making me so hot. I'm coming baby, ahhhh......"

"Give it to me, Mark, honey...I want to feel it leaking out of my pussy onto my thighs tomorrow at work."

I kissed him slow and sloppy as his dick started twitching and pulsing as he shot a big burst of come inside me, then another and more, finally 8 or 9 big spurts til he trailed off. He soaked me. I was amazed how he could come so much after shooting a load less than 30 minutes before. I stayed on him til he slipped out, then rolled off onto the seat. Immediately a big blob of his come dripped out of me onto the seat. Mark was wide eyed looking at me, lying back against the side of the van with my legs spread, my pubes soaked with his sperm as it spilled from my pussy.

His eyes glistened in the dark of the back seat as he looked at me. "You're beautiful."

"Thanks. You're kind of cute yourself."

I got up from the seat and knelt in front of him to lick his spent come off his wilting dick. He tasted like come-his and mine, it was a wonderful flavor.

"I hate to break this up, but I really need to get going. If it gets too late, that husband of mine is going to wonder where I am."

We got dressed, watching each other. I loved watching him stuff that still semi hard dick back into his jeans, and his eyes were glued to me as I put my panties back on, especially since they were almost immediately soaked by his dripping come. I kissed him and he got out.

I knew I was going to be soaked when I got home-there was no way I was going to clean up that much come by the time I got in bed. I remembered what you said about letting me play around, but after the way it ended up in my last marriage, I was not sure if you were really serious, or I was going to have the same problem again. That's how it happened, and why I was reluctant to let you have me last night. I'm sorry I doubted you. I know you love me, and would not have told me I could step out if you did not mean it.

Back to my part of the story:

I looked at Linda, sitting beside me on the couch in her bathrobe. "I DO love you very much. I knew from the conversations early in the relationship that you enjoy sex more than most women, and occasionally need to have some variety, which is why I gave you that freedom. And I get to live out my secret fantasy-sloppy seconds-once in a while. So we both get something we want."

I leaned over and kissed her, sliding her bathrobe off her shoulders, revealing her sweet breasts. I started playing with them, making her nipples hard, then kissing down her neck and tits, sucking on them. I eased her down on her back while pulling my shorts off. I kissed down her belly until I was nuzzling her luxurious brown bush (her last husband was always after her to shave it, to the point where it became an issue. I don't want her to do anything but let it grow wild). She was opening up and I could smell the aroma of last night's activity on her, and the curls around her labia were still wet and tangled.

She looked down at me. "You sure you want to do that? I haven't had a shower yet."

I looked up, licking my lips. "Oh yeah!! I would not miss this."

I licked her clit, then her labia, then her clit again, then her labia once more, dragging my tongue inside her. I could taste the slightly funky taste of spent come, knowing it was a mix of mine and her lover's. Before long, I had her coming like a flash flood. I lapped it up as best I could, then climbed up on top of her, my dick hard and ready to enter her.

"Didn't think I'd do it, did you??"

"I wasn't sure. Most guys don't like to go down on someone with come inside her, even their own." She got a mischievous look all of a sudden, and looked right at me. "Come fuck my sloppy cunt. I want your come to mix with my friend's come. Make me a sloppy mess for the rest of the day!!"

I answered her by sliding my rock hard dick between her spread slippery labia, into her come filled pussy. It was like being coated with hot melted butter.

As I slid in, she wrapped her legs around my back. "Mmm that feels good, your big cock in my come filled snatch. I want your come baby, fill me again, I want to feel both of your come dripping down my legs today." Less than five minutes later, I was blowing a huge load of sperm deep into her. I looked her in the eyes as I came.

"I love you," I said. "Let's have fun with this."

"I know we will, now that I know you're really OK with it. I love you too."

I rolled off her and sat on the couch. I looked over at Linda, watching a stream of semen spill from her spread labia. She smiled, reached down with two fingers and pushed it back inside. "What time is it?"

"About 12:30."

"I gotta go, I'm on at 2." She got up and headed toward the bedroom, a streak of come sliding down her leg. This was just the start of a new chapter for us. She'd see Mark again several times, but that's another story.

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