tagLoving WivesLinda's Latest Confession

Linda's Latest Confession


What follows is the accurate report of an event which occurred roughly in 2007, and that my wife Linda confessed me only four weeks ago.

(I added just a few marginal details, to make the story flow better. Also the dialogue is mine, but it reflects exactly what Linda told me).

I am a cuckold wannabe.

My wife Linda - in spite of my efforts - has always been a very shy girl and never accepted to enter the hot-wife lifestyle.

Linda is still very attractive, and I know that over the years many, many guys attempted her virtue while I was deployed overseas.

Perhaps they succeeded once, may be twice, perhaps they never did... who knows?

Perhaps a girl convinced her, eventually.


Both Linda and Isabel are cute ladies.

Linda is a very attractive, slim, natural blonde, with a stunning pair of shapely legs. Her only flaw is that her breasts, after feeding two kids, are not as prosperous as they used to be. Not too bad, though...

Isabel is a petite brunette, with a bit of an Italian look. She is slightly younger than Linda, and at the times of this story she was in her mid-thirties. Isabel's legs are even better than Linda's, and she likes showing them off, as she often wears breathtaking skirts (not as short as I would like), nylons and heels.

Both ladies work out methodically and are perfectly fit.

Isabel runs a fashion boutique downtown, of which Linda has been a regular client for years.

I cannot say that they are real friends, but indeed there is a good feeling between the two girls, in spite Linda and Isabel have totally different temperament and an opposite attitude to enjoying life. Actually, I found that Isabel has had a strong influence on Linda, years ago, when I used to be deployed quite often.

Isabel works out at her boutique, during lunch breaks, with the help of a personal trainer.

I have never seen the guy. Linda only told me that he is "quite handsome", without further details. As I know Linda's taste, I can imagine that he is fit and well-built, not necessarily tall but well proportioned, his skin tanned all the yearlong, dazzling white teeth, absolutely not a body builder, but with strong, sculpted muscles, which forms are enhanced by his tight outfit.

Isabel insisted many times that Linda should have tried at least one session with him, to experience how good he was, but Linda had always turned down her offer. In reality she was tempted, but also intimidated because she knew that Isabel was actually forcing her to become a client of that guy, which was not in Linda's plans. Linda had been working out without any assistance whatsoever for years, so she didn't see the need to have a personal trainer.

One day Isabel knew that she would have been busy with a couple of salesmen during break, but instead of canceling the appointment with her trainer, she managed to convince my wife to experiment working out at the boutique with him, at Isabel's expense.

If Linda has a weakness, that is that she is unable to say "No", especially when pressed. Besides she was sincerely curious to test how much effective a personal trainer could be in helping you working out. So she accepted - although doubtfully.

At the agreed time, Linda showed up at the boutique. It was February, so over her usual T-shirt and compression shorts, she had a jumpsuit and a down jacket over it. In addition, since it was very cold, Linda had also put on -- as she often does in wintertime -- a pair natural color pantyhose under her shorts.

After a short introduction, Isabel turned to the two salesmen, while the trainer asked Linda to join him downstairs, in the shop's storage room.

In spite the space was little, stuffed with new clothes and items packages, Isabel had set up a nice small gym in the basement, with a few home gym machines and a bench in the middle.

The equipment was not new, but looked very well maintained and perfectly clean.

The Trainer made Linda start with some simple warm-up exercises, after which she removed her jumpsuit.

Then they went through a full series of exercises to check Linda's limits.

The Trainer looked very professional, while showing Linda the correct position for each exercise and explaining her how he intended to conduct the session.

They continued with series of exercises to strengthen Linda's arms, abdominals and legs.

Meanwhile the Trainer was keen in lessen the tension that was visibly affecting my bashful wife, and managed to relax her and establish an atmosphere of growing empathy. He was not openly flirtatious, but here and there he jokingly made some comments that pleased Linda and made her feel cuddled. He even slightly touched her arms and legs, a few times, with the excuse of showing her how to be more effective. I can imagine that it caused some quavers and perhaps embarrassment in Linda, who is totally inexperienced with men and didn't know how to react: that was part of the web that the Trainer was weaving around his prey.

They were almost done, when the Trainer recognized that Linda was very fit indeed (as I told you, she is actually very fit), and he suggested to spend the remaining time on more demanding exercises.

Still jokingly, the trainer challenged Linda to make fifteen repetitions of a certain exercise at the lat machine: if she did so she gained a bonus. With three bonuses she had the right for a further free training session with him.

Linda eagerly succeeded and gained her first bonus.

She was then asked to lay down on the bench and make fifteen repetitions of a crunch exercise. She rapidly gained her second bonus. Seemed enthralling ...

Next exercise was equally easy: still fifteen crunches, but on a Swiss Ball instead of the bench. If she made it, she would gain her third, and final, bonus; but if she didn't make it, this time she had to pay a small forfeit.

It looked so easy that Linda accepted without any hesitation, but after ten crunches she had to admit -- to her surprise -- that she was so tired, that her task was much more difficult than expected.

Eventually, when she had completed thirteen crunches, she lost her balance, the Swiss Ball almost flipped: Linda gave up and faced the forfeit.

She anxiously awaited her sentence for a few seconds, which seemed to last hours.

His voice softly broke the silence: "You should now remove your compression shorts."

Linda swallowed as she felt a sudden trill, a mix of acute excitement and equally intense embarrassment, but was kind of relieved to hear that, since she feared some tougher punishment.

Linda confessed me that she knew that the Trainer had already noticed that under those tight shorts she was wearing nothing but her pantyhose, and had had the impression that he was curious to check it out.

(Did I say "No panties"? Yes, no panties! She usually does so... She finds that those marks caused by the panties ' elastic bands are ugly (whilst I find them lovely). For the same reason she only wears seamless pantyhose ... (Women's vanity!). But usually she works out only with girls, no boys allowed; it is not with a male personal trainer...).

Linda reluctantly accomplished her task, removed her shorts, put them aside and sat on the bench trying to keep her knees as tighten as possible.

"Do you think you can try one more exercise?" he asked, smiling teasingly "It will be only ten crunches, only ten, on the bench. No Swiss Ball, this time. You are not obliged, Linda: if you don't feel comfortable just tell, and we will call it a day. And if you make it, I will gift you an extra: an entry pass for seven tanning bed sessions at my gym."

"That's not bad! But what if try and I don't make it?"

"That's a surprise... " the Trainer replied with a devilish sneer "Remember! You are not obliged!"

But Linda was already trapped in his web: "Yes, I think I can make it"

"Sure you can!" he said enthusiastically "but to do so I must ask you to lay down and spread your legs, as you did before". While saying this he accompanied her head to let it rest on the bench and with a slow movement he pushed her knees apart.

I can only imagine what he saw!

Yes, I said imagine on purpose, because - believe me or not - I never ever had the chance to admire Linda's pubic hair and pussy through the light nylon fabric of a pair of pantyhose. I must admit that I never asked her, because - being a stockings addict - I don't like pantyhose. Nevertheless the idea that another male saw my Linda like that arouses me a lot, and my dick stiffens while I write these words.

Linda patiently obeyed and started her exercise: "One, two, three," Easy! "Four" not so easy "Five" that was difficult!

Linda had long time suspected that Isabel's training sessions were not limited to pure gymnastics, but never had the guts to ask it openly. She started to feel some anxiety.

"Six" well... not so bad...

Thinking about it, Isabel had repeatedly stated that during my long absences Linda had the right to have some fun on her own. But Linda pretended not to hear. Indeed Isabel had given hints that with her personal trainer she would have had some fun, but Linda was too naïf to interpret those signs and understand those unspoken words. Only now Linda was assembling the jigsaw...

"Seven" Ouch! That was hard!

Now fear was taking place of anxiety, an intense, acute fear which was causing an effect that was totally unexpected and Linda had never experienced prior in her life: fear was bringing her to climax!

"... E i g h t ..." She noticed that the Trainer was staring at her pussy. Her legs were trembling.

"... N i n e..." Linda was exhausted.

His eyes were still glued on her crotch: "Are you getting wet, Linda?"

That was enough! Her body collapsed on the bench. Her eyes shut, she squeezed her legs, and put her hands on her pussy in an extreme attempt to preserve some modesty and control her climax.

So, there she was, confined in a basement with a stranger, who was now going to claim her punishment and his prize. But if she thought at her situation, fear increased, and that sort of sexual arousal raised with it.

She kept silent. He kept silent too.

A few moments of peace, she hoped the he would have been merciful.

He gently grabbed her wrist with only two fingers, slowly lifting her right arm.

Still eyes closed, Linda focused on covering her pussy with her left hand, when she felt the fabric of his shorts.

He guided her fingers to explore the massive hardon that he had under them, and started a slow motion up and down on his tool.

Linda got the message, and relaxed. Again she was relieved by the punishment that he had decided to inflict: it could have been worse.

The Trainer let her stroke his cock for a few minutes, softly moaning with his eyes shut.

Linda could sense that it had grown in both girth and length and had the impression that...

... Yes... even the Trainer was pantyless. OMG!

He gave her no time for reaction. As soon as he felt that Linda had lowered her peace, he grabbed her wrist once again, still gently, putting Linda's hesitant hand underneath the stretched fabric of his shorts.

Linda mechanically continued the up and down movement that she was doing before, but this time the palm of her hand was directly in contact with the Trainers skin. A stranger's cock skin! First time in her life!!!

"Very well. I believe that we are done, for now."

Linda was shocked by this sudden interruption.

"It's time for leaving" He stated "But let me check one more thing, first"

"I saw that your muscles are strong. Above average, indeed! But I'm not so sure that your pelvic muscles are in good shape as well"

The Trainer asked permission to feel her muscles and with a slow motion, he pulled Linda's knees slightly apart again, and started his routine.

"You may stop me any time!" but he knew that Linda was already at his mercy.

He felt the interior of her thighs, and moved up since he felt her "properly called pelvis muscles" (Linda's words).

Linda did not give me details about what this latter operations consisted of, but I can imagine... even if the Trainer kept an aura of professionalism, I guess.

"You see? The situation is not as bad as I thought. You seem to have quite a fit muscles here too. Please stop me if what I am doing hurts you."

Linda did not stop him, even when she had a clear impression that his touch was not so much professional, so to speak.

Unexpectedly, the Trainer stood up and started giving Linda some theoretical lesson about floor pelvic muscles, age, the risks of uterine prolapse, bladder, and so on and so forth.

Linda was shocked once more by this sudden change in situation.

She told me that all that theory lowered her guard, as she was sincerely motivated to avoid all those risks that the Trainer was foreseeing. That's when he started showing her the basic exercises

"Tighten your pelvic floor muscles, - he said - hold the contraction for five seconds, and then relax for five seconds. Try it four or five times in a row. You will see that today it will seem you a though assignment, but in a few sessions you will be able to keep the muscles contracted for 10 seconds at a time, relaxing for 10 seconds between contractions, doing it hundreds of times in a row without any problem."

"Actually, before starting this exercise, we will try another one which is significantly easier, again with the Swiss Ball, just to warm you up a bit. No challenges, this time! Promise! All you have to do is squeeze the ball between your knees, hold the contraction for five seconds, and then relax for five seconds, doing it ten times in a row."

"You might wonder how can you assess whether I am right or not. Well... before you start, I must tell you that there is one simple method to check if you are progressing and the tone of your muscles is improving. -- He cleared his throat and Linda perceived some embarrassment in his voice -- One of these days (but not much further!) when you have some privacy, well... You should insert something in your vulva, say one finger, and squeeze it. Then try to pull it out and take note of how much strength you have to put on that finger to release it. If Should the finger being too small and slippery, you could try with some inexpensive tools which are specifically designed for the purpose. And I must tell you, that if somebody else does it for you (say hubby, or a girl you are sufficiently acquainted with) it's all the better. Anyhow... Let's start with squeezing the ball!"

Linda says that at that point she was almost mesmerized. The mimic of the Trainer was extremely explicit, and sort of hypnotized her. She could not keep her sight away from the Trainer's manhood which was still stiffen and clearly pleased by that electrifying situation.

Obediently Linda started the squeezing-ball exercise.

"Squeeze it Linda! -- one, two, three, four, five... Now relax - one, two, three, four, five... Now squeeze it again, one, two, three, four, five..."

Linda could hear his voice getting mellow, but could not tell where he was, as she couldn't see him.

"I was thinking that we should have a benchmark test of your muscles' tone right now, before you start exercising, otherwise it could be meaningless..."

That's when his head popped slowly, as coming from nowhere, in between my wife's exercising legs.

- I was so surprised, and so embarrassed too! His nose was just inches away from my ... You know... Jesse (her voice was so demure!) I am not one of those girls... He left just a small kiss, just there on the pantyhose, then another one, a bit longer. Then he stood up, and I saw that he was completely naked and his thick erect penis was probing in my direction. Not long as yours Jesse (she was trying to comfort me, by I needn't) but quite thicker..."

The trainer whispered: "If you don't mind, I have a tool that mother nature designed for the purpose: and it costs nothing... What about testing on it?"

- Jesse! I tried to resist! But the fabric of my pantyhose was so sheer... Jesse! Will you ever forgive me?

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