tagGroup SexLinda's Runaway Adventure with the Band

Linda's Runaway Adventure with the Band


Linda was the oldest of four siblings living in a small cottage just outside of Seattle. Life was not good as her mother and father were physically and mentally abusive. She can remember at 6 years old when she had to open a can of Crisco so she and her sister could eat it (yuk). Her mother was always having affairs and often forgot to feed her children. He father was not much better as he too had girlfriends on the side and seem oblivious to the neglect his children endured.

Linda was often spanked when any of her three younger siblings did something wrong. As her job a 5 years old was to watch her 2 year old sister and her 3 & 4 year old brothers. As she got older things got worst as her younger sister would make things up about Linda and she would be punished. The punishment had escalated to being punched by her father resulting in black eyes. Her mother was just as bad once cutting her golden hair off for some trivial misdeed. Linda dreamed of the day she could leave her family for good.

Now at eighteen Linda had grown into a pretty young lady standing a 5 foot 5 115lbs with golden hair and 36 C breasts.

Soon after her eighteen's birthday she meet Billy a local who lived with his rock band friends hoping to be the next Rock sensation. She packed a few things in a duffel bag and runaway to live with Billy and the band.

Billy did not touch her sexually at first but one night after Linda and Billy had been drinking and smoking pot things got heated. In what seemed like only minutes Linda was nude and Billy was sucking on her shaven vagina. She had never experienced oral sex before and she loved it coming over and over again on Billy's flickering tongue and mouth. Billy then entered her with his 7 inch cock and slowed fucked her as she just kept coming and coming. After an hour of this intense sex she returned the favor by sucking Billy's cock back to life and bringing him to an orgasm deep in her mouth as she sucked the head of his penis, while slowly stroking his shaft and balls. She swallowed his load and soon developed a nearly insatiable taste for sperm.

The intense sexual relationship continued with Billy for a few weeks but Linda became bored with it and wanted to try something new or more intense... Linda developed a plan to not only have sex with Billy who was the lead singer, but John the black guitarist, Pete the drummer and Jack the Saxophonist

One evening after a gig at a local club she decided to put her plan into action. Everyone was a little tipsy as the booze and pot smoking continued at their small two bedroom apartment. Linda put on some very sexy rock music on the eight track stereo and swayed with the music as they all looked on. She then started stripping first taking off her blouse exposing her large breast under a semi cup sheer bra. All could see her nipples getting harder and longer under the sheer bra... She the proceeded to take off her skirt. She only had on a tiny g string covering up her shaven pussy. As she gyrated to the music all could see the g string getting wetter and wetter. Linda then removed her bra showing off her great breasts. As she surveyed the room she noticed massive bulges in Billy, John, Pete and Jacks pants. She then took off her g string panties and calmly said "Well aren't you guys going to fuck me?"

In a matter of seconds Billy, Pete, John and Jack were naked sporting erections that went from 6 inches for Pete to 9 inches for John the black guitar player. They approached Linda and soon all of them were on the large mattress two of the guys sleep on in the living room.

Jack was kissing Linda passionately while probing her mouth with his tongue, Billy and Pete each had a nipple in there mouth sucking feverishly while Jack was flicking his tongue on her clit. Linda had never had more than one guy at a time and she really loved all this attention. She soon was having a tremendous orgasm squirting for the first time in her life. She wanted more and yelled out "is anyone going to fuck me?"

That's all these four horny guys need as John slowly slipped his 9 inch cock into her very wet vagina, Billy put his cock into her mouth and started pumping away while Pete and Jack sucked on her breasts. Linda wanted them all and yelled switch Pete entered pussy, Jack her mouth while Billy and John sucked her breast. Linda started coming just as Jack came in her mouth and Pete in her cunt. As the night progressed each of the guys came in her mouth and pussy.

Linda wanted more and started to orchestrate what she wanted the band to do next. She wanted all of them inside her at once and instructed Jack to lay down as she slowly took him into her pussy; she instructed Pete and John to work both their cocks into her ass at the same time while taking Billy into her mouth.

All four guys started sliding their cocks in and out of her at the same time with their strokes getting faster and faster as Linda had nearly continuous orgasms. The two cocks and the cock in her pussy were not only stroking her but each other heightening the experience. John, Pete, Jack and Billy all exploded at the same time filling her anus, vagina, and mouth with what seemed like gallons of cum. Linda had such an intense orgasm she passed out.

She awoke the next morning and the guys were gone to practice. She then started planning a new adventure for their return.

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