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Linda's Suprise Visitor


The following story is true as are all stories about my wife's sexual adventures before we were married.

Linda is a stunning woman with blonde hair, green eyes and large 36 D breasts on her 5 foot 5 inch frame. Even today in her 50's she still turns heads. This story happened when she was 21 and had just divorced her first husband. Linda moved to Los Angeles California to resume her college education.

Linda really felt liberated after her divorce to her alcoholic first husband. Even her car announced her liberation with the plate holder moniker stating "Happiness is being divorced" Maybe this plate moniker made her a target. It certainly let everyone know she was single and most likely living alone.

She partied hard going to discos and drinking to excess. I'm sure many men wanted her in the worst way and one did finally found a way to have sex with her.

It was a typical sunny day in Los Angeles and being exhausted she decided to head home early from class and take a nap. Being from the Northwest she was naïve about security in a big city and often forgot to lock her doors and windows.

She was sleeping very soundly by 3 PM but suddenly she awoke to see a naked man with a knife standing next to her bed. She was about to scream when he placed the knife on her neck and told her "if you scream I'll cut your throat".

Linda was petrified of dying and figured if I make this guy happy I think I can survive. She after all was not a virgin having had sex with over 50 men since she was 18. She knew she could please this guy and just maybe she could survive what she knew was going to happen next.

The naked man while still holding the knife to her neck pulled off the blankets revealing her beautiful breasts and a tiny pair of panties covering her pussy. He placed a hand over her mouth and used the knife to cut off her panties revealing a delicious looking neatly trimmed cunt. She held her breath thinking this is it. He's going to rape me then kill me.

His penis was now fully erect just inches from her face. She decided that maybe a blowjob would satisfy him and reached out and took his shaft into her mouth. She began to lick while stroking his shaft and balls. She thought squeezing his balls then as he agonized in pain running for it but ruled that out as too dangerous. He best bet she thought was to give this guy the blowjob of his life. She sucked on him for what seemed an eternity while he played with her nipples in one hand while finger fucking her with the other all the while having the knife close by. He began to cum and she drank it down as he moaned in ecstasy. She thought she was home free but he was far from done.

He immediately jumped on her foundling her now erect nipples and still sporting a massive erection. She knew then that this was not yet over.

He started rubbing her clit which aroused her involuntarily. He could feel her juices flowing and be very aroused himself plunged his average sized penis deep into her hole and began fucking her in slow then fast stokes. She started coming which excited him even more as he came deep inside her dripping cunt in a massive orgasm. Was it over she did not know. She told him that was the best fuck she ever had and believe it or not offered to make him some tea which he accepted. They drank the tea with the rapist thinking hey this could be my new fuck buddy. Linda put on a bathrobe, he got dressed and she kissed him good bye. Linda felt safe at last but very shook up.

She immediately called her friend whom urged her to report the incident to the police and go to the hospital

A week or so went by and as she arrived home one day. The rapist was waiting for her outside her door. She screamed and one of the guys in the neighborhood a USC linebacker immediately tackle the guy to the ground as she dialed 911 on her cell phone. The cops came and arrested the guy.

She went to court and the liberal judge gave the guy only two weeks of community service as a sentence. Petrified she had to move away and to this date still has nightmares about the rape.

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