tagLoving WivesLinda's Thousand Mile Rule

Linda's Thousand Mile Rule


My friend Linda recently told me about what she calls "The Thousand Mile Rule" apparently she was made aware of this by her best friend Pam.

Here is the story of how it all began. Linda had been a faithful wife for 12 years and had never been away from her husband even for a day during their marriage. Her friend Pam suggested they both needed a vacation for just "the girls".

Linda agreed and with her husband's blessings the booked a trip to Cabo which was well over 1000 miles from her home in Sacramento, California.

Upon arriving in Cabo, Pam told Linda about the thousand mile rule which simply explained stated "any affair that takes place more than a thousand miles from home is not cheating".

Linda laughed it off but rationalized that Pam was most likely right. Any sexual encounter would never be found out and no one would get hurt.

The two girls unpacked and Linda stripped to take a much needed shower after the long sweaty flight from Sacramento. As Linda showered Pam joined her in the shower. They were washing each other off using a face cloth when Pam started washing off Linda vagina with a soapy face cloth. Linda really got aroused and before she knew it they were kissing as Pam entered Linda's vagina with one finger then a second. Linda soon did the same and to make a long story short they ended up in bed in the sixty nine position and eating each other's pussy until they bought had a shattering orgasm. Linda felt guilty having never cheated on her husband with either a man or a woman but soon agreed it was ok due to the thousand mile rule.

After taking another shower to rid their body of the obvious smell of sex they put on their new bikinis and headed to the hotel pool. In their mid thirties they both had great bodies with large breasts, flat stomachs and shapely rear ends. The pool area was very crowded with folks from around the country just getting away for some sun and fun.

After about 30 minutes of sunning themselves they both removed their tops to get an even tan. This was a common practice in Mexico and they certainly were not the only topless girls in the pool area there were at least six other gals going topless. Soon two good looking guys that looked about 25 came over with some drinks for them they introduced themselves as Dick and Ben from Texas. They both stood at least 6 feet two inches tall with very firm bodies. They drank several more rounds of Margaritas. They were all feeling no pain when the guys suggested Pam & Linda join them in their condo for more drinks and a little pot. The girls agreed and went with the boys.

When they arrived at the condo a third handsome guy was there whom they introduced as Mike. Dick made some more Margaritas and Ben took out his stash of weed. As they drank more and smoked several the topic changed to sex..What a surprise. Mike suggested we watch a porn DVD he had just purchased. The first scene was two guys double penetrating a woman and it seemed to set the tone for the afternoon. Pam was being kissed by Dick and Linda was being kissed by Ben with Mike cutting in every so often. Soon the guys were feeling up the girls and their bikini tops were soon off. Ben was foundling Linda breasts as Mike took her bottoms off and started darting his tongue over Linda's clit as he finger fucked her. Pam was already in naked and sucking Dick's organ. It is true everything is bigger in Texas as all 3 cocks were close to 8 inches long. Dick filled Pam's mouth with tasty Texas cum and she gulped it all.

The attention soon turned to Linda as she was being fucked by Ben as Mike pumped his organ in and out of her mouth until Linda too had swallowed what seemed like a pint of Texas cum.

Pam then began urging all three guys to take Linda. Dick lay on the couch slipping his 8 inches into Linda anus until he was balls deep, Ben put his cock to Linda mouth and she eagerly took him in. Finally Mike entered her vagina. Linda was just going crazy with lust having never had more than one guy at a time or ever having anal sex. Linda let Ben slip out her mouth for a second and demanded that Mike and Dick fuck her faster. Linda's body fluids were literally running down her legs as Mike in Dick penetrated her in unison as she took Ben deep in her mouth while swirling her tongue around his cock head while massaging his balls. Not wanting to be left out Pam came over and started sucking Linda's breast as Linda figure fucked her rapidly.

After about 30 minutes of this Linda was having nonstop orgasms as Mike, Ben, Linda and Dick all came within seconds of each other.

Pam was really turned on and started eating Mike's cum out of Linda's vagina. The orgy ended around 10Pm and the girls went back to their hotel.

Linda now takes one vacation a year 1000 miles or more from home to stay within the rules.

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