tagLoving WivesLinda's Wildest Ride Ch. 17

Linda's Wildest Ride Ch. 17


This story, like some of the earlier published ones is slightly out of sequence. We were recent arrivals in the central Texas area and this occurred before I went on my next overseas trip (see “The Young One”)


I’ll call our friends Dick and Jane because they probably taught us more about swinging than anyone we had known up to that point.

We considered ourselves fairly experienced swingers by now. After all, we had been at it for over three years. Linda had been with a few men, several more than once, and was even reaching the point she was taking an active interest in choosing the men she would be with. The letter from Dick and Jane came with about six other responses that we got from the ad I had put in a swinger’s magazine. Their letter was put aside temporarily. We had already had some experience with couples who promised to come by, but for reasons of time or distance had not been able to visit with us. So it wasn’t until almost two of weeks later that we replied with a very general letter describing ourselves and our interests. Their reply was almost as lukewarm. They promised to stay in touch and sent a couple of pictures that were bland enough to satisfy anyone’s idea of propriety.

We hadn’t thought anymore about it until one Saturday afternoon we got a call from Dick. They were fairly close and asked if they should drop by. I assured them it was all right and then hastened to tell Linda that we should expect guests in about a half-hour to 45 minutes. As she took her shower, I told her that it was the couple we had really never expected to see because of the distances involved. She really didn’t seem all that excited about it, but then she never did like the idea of meeting strangers. She preferred men that she had known. Still, it had been a long dry spell (more than a month for her) and we were both looking for someone to liven up our lives. This seemed like a good opportunity. I could tell that Linda was more than a little interested. Swinging was beginning to have just the effect on her that I had hoped it would.

We were both freshly showered and dressed by the time that Dick and Jane pulled into the driveway. I knew them instantly from their pictures, but I could also see that they were not dressed as I had expected swingers to appear. Dick was in a dark business suit. Jane had on a dark blue suit also, with a white nylon blouse that was in good taste, setting off soft brown hair and her breasts perfectly but without giving a hint of their true size or shape. It was, I was later to find out, exactly how she was usually dressed, even when she expected a long, fun-filled romp in the hay.

Dick appeared to be taken with Linda’s full tits almost immediately, giving her a hug that pressed them tightly against his chest as we reentered our house. I only put my arm around Jane’s waist, guiding her to the couch. She didn’t appear to be anymore interested than Linda had been about meeting strangers, and I didn’t want to give her the impression that I was dieing to see what was under that conservative costume of hers. We sat on opposing couches, talking for what seemed endlessly. We learned that they had been to a business meeting in Houston and were just passing through when they decided to stop by and meet with us.

Since Dick had made no overt moves on her, Linda was feeling very comfortable, even to the point of sitting closer to him as she came back from the kitchen and preparing tall glasses of iced tea for the four of us. I noticed that Dick paid attention to the low cut neckline of her sundress as she stooped over the coffee table to serve him, and caught Jane’s little smile of acknowledgement as her husband glanced at her. She knew what he had been staring at. He smiled back.

As we sat talking, Dick began moving closer to Linda. She didn’t object when he put his arm over the top of the couch, around her shoulders, touching her occasionally as we conversed. Jane was still sitting too far away from me for me to be comfortable making a move on her, so I decided to just let it play out and see what would happen.

Within a few minutes, Dick’s arm had slid lower, and his hand had slipped over my wife’s shoulder. Still no objections from Linda, or any apparent disapproval on Jane’s behalf. For some reason I had looked away for a moment, or perhaps I had gone into the kitchen to get some ice, for whatever reason, I didn’t see it when Dick’s hand slid over Linda’s shoulder until his finger tips rested lightly on the upper swell of her breast.

The conversation changed to swinging and I was left once more to tell them about how we had gotten involved. I watched as Dick’s hand moved slowly, lower and lower, over my wife’s breast until it was directly over it and then began cupping it as we talked. I could see a little smile appear on Jane’s face as she watched her husband slowly begin changing the conversation from a four way to one between him and Linda. As he pumped her for information regarding her experiences, the hand on her breast closed a little tighter with each passing moment. As she got to the point where she was telling him how her first lover had become as interested in her as she had been in him, I saw his hand tighten over her breast until the material of her dress wrinkled.

“I can understand why,” I heard him say. He turned toward her and his other arm came around to encircle her waist. “You’re a lovely woman.” She didn’t object when he kissed her mouth lightly and then encouraged her to continue. Her eyes were a little brighter now, face slightly flushed, and I could see that this would be an easy conquest for Dick if he pursued his course. It was also having an effect on him, judging from the swelling along the thigh of his trousers.

Jane had been watching carefully until Dick kissed my wife. That must have been some sort of signal between them or something. She now turned to me and began talking as though we had been friends for a long time, telling us some of their exploits and experiences in a voice so low that I had to get closer to hear her. Evidently it was what she had expected. She didn’t show any objection at all when I put my arm over her shoulder and we began a long conversation about swinging. She told me of the frequent visits by male friends who had become lovers, and her enjoyment of the variety they offered her. She also made it known that race wasn’t an issue with her. She liked all men, not just white ones. Occasionally she glanced over to the other couch, especially as my own hands began to stray, but the little smile stayed.

By the next time that I looked over to see how Dick was doing, his hand was beneath the hem of my wife’s skirt. I could see his hand moving slowly up and down her thigh coming very near the thin panties she wore. I was doing quite nicely myself by this time. I had already unbuttoned the middle two buttons of Jane’s blouse and was feeling the texture of her bra beneath my fingers. I could even feel the slight swell of her nipples, which seemed to be reacting favorably to my touch.

I was leaning forward slightly to kiss her when she glanced again across the room and called softly to her husband.

“Dick,” she said softly, “do you want to?”

Her husband said nothing. He was kissing Linda. It was not a friendly kiss. Instead it was the long, deep passionate kiss one gives a lover. His hand was completely beneath my wife’s skirt now, tugging gently at the waistband of her panties. Even from this distance I could see the crotch had become transparent with her juices which flowed copiously when a man paid as much attention to her breasts as Dick was. I saw my wife’s hips lift as he slid them down over her belly, then her thighs, and finally down to her lower legs where she stepped out of them easily. His hand once again moved up the inside of her thigh and I saw him cup the glistening curls of her pussy.

It must have been the signal that Jane needed to proceed. She slipped back slightly, resting against the arm of the couch as I continued to fumble with her breast through the opening in her blouse. I leaned forward and kissed her, tasting the freshness of her mouth as her lips opened wide under mine and our tongues began meshing. She didn’t object as I slipped my hand back out and began unfastening the remaining buttons of her blouse, in fact she helped me by pulling it from the waistband of her skirt, allowing me full access to all the buttons. The bra she had on was one of the thickly embroidered types that allowed little movement and no view, but even with it I could feel her nipple standing high and proud beneath it. She said nothing as I pushed it above her breast, giving me the first view of a delightful boob. It was a full 36C, with a deeply tanned areola about three inches in diameter and a pert nipple that extended a half-inch or so above the circle. Her right arm came around my back and pulled me closer as I slipped down and kissed it. Her embrace tightened when I sucked it into my mouth, trying to inhale the whole breast while my tongue circled the hardness of her nipple. Her sigh was almost inaudible, but the reaction was very easy to understand. She arched her back, pressing her breast deeper into my mouth as her embrace tightened even more. I could tell she loved this as much as I.

It was easy to turn my head and see what kind of progress Dick was making as I sucked his wife’s tit. I wasn’t surprised to see that Dick had pulled my wife’s tits out of the loose neckline of her sundress where they now rested bare for him to admire, fondle and suck. He still had one arm behind her, pulling her toward him as he sucked one throbbing nipple. His other hand was beneath her skirt which was now pushed as high on her nylon clad legs as possible, and I could see his middle finger exploring the depth of her pussy, while his thumb slowly pressed and circled her clit. His hand already glistened with rivulets of my wife’s juices.

I knew she was ready to have him fuck her. Her eyes were closed, and there was this lovely “fuck me” smile on her face. Her back was arched and she too was holding him to her breasts as he sucked and fondled them. She was actively helping him, holding the left one high at the level of his mouth, making his effort less neck breaking. He was squeezing and pressing her right one with the hand over her shoulder, and it was reacting as I had seen it before, the nipple swollen and hard with what it knew was to come.

“He’s wanted to do that ever since he saw that picture you sent us,” Jane whispered in gasping puffs into my ear. “He loves big boobs, and mine aren’t big enough for him. There’s still time to stop him if you don’t want him to fuck her,” she warned, “but if you don’t stop him now, he will.”

“I hope he plans to,” I lifted my head just long enough to answer. “I would hate to see her brought this far along without being screwed.”

Her answer was a low chuckle, followed by a soft little groan and a tightening of her embrace even more as I resumed suckling her breast. In the position we were in on the couch, Jane had one foot on the floor and the other leg beneath me, trapped between the back cushions and my body. My right arm was behind her, pulling her close as I sucked her tit. I had been holding it to my mouth and squeezing it to get as much of it into my mouth as I could. Now I felt her right hand taking my hand’s place.

I certainly couldn’t miss this opportunity. My left hand dipped down to slide beneath the hem of her suit skirt and up along the warmth of her inner thigh. I wasn’t surprised to find that she, like Linda, wore a garter belt beneath her panties, or to feel the wetness of the material at her crotch. I was surprised though, when she opened her legs slightly wider and felt the material of her crotch slide apart, baring the soft, wetness of her pussy pelt and vaginal lips.

“Surprise,” she chuckled softly in my ear. “Dick insists that I wear these when we are on the road so he can do just what he’s doing to Linda right now.”

I looked over to see what she meant and saw that Dick now had two fingers inside my wife’s cunt, sawing them slowly back and forth, finger fucking her even as he continued sucking her tits. Linda’s eyes were still closed and her head rested against the back of the couch. Her mouth was open slightly and I could hear her gasping with pleasure at the erotic sensations Dick was stirring in her pussy. I could see her hips moving slightly back and forth, encouraging him to continue.

“He loves getting his girlfriends all stirred up like that,” Jane whispered in my ear as we continued watching. I was sucking that sweet tit and feeling the softness of her pussy which was slowly opening wider beneath my fingers. Her juices were beginning to flow as copiously as Linda’s and I was slowly easing deeper into her with each movement of my fingers. “And I do too,” she added, with a gasp of pleasure as my thumb found her clit. “I like to watch him do them, especially if I get a little too. You are going to fuck me, aren’t you?”

I was a little surprised at the change in this woman from the sedate, prim and proper lady she had been when we first met to the woman beneath me now, but I certainly intended to make certain she wasn’t disappointed in that department.

“Yes,” I struggled to say around that jutting nipple in my mouth, “If you’d enjoy that as much as I.”

Her little giggle of agreement surprised me just as much as the feeling of her leg which had been curled to the floor suddenly being lifted and curled over my thighs, opening her cunt even wider to my exploration. I took advantage of that movement and slid two fingers deep into her vagina, feeling the welling of juices coating them immediately. I couldn’t resist. I removed them and lifted my hand to my mouth, sucking her juices from them so obviously that she felt compelled to comment.

“A-h-h, and a pussy lapper too! That’s wonderful! I love the feeling of a man’s tongue on my pussy,” her voice went even softer and more difficult to hear, “and the taste of his cum in my mouth.”

I resumed finger fucking her while sucking her tit until I sensed more than heard the movement of my wife and Dick just a few feet away. Linda had stood up, almost dumping her lover on the floor before he hastily got up to stand next to her. Her breasts still hung over the neckline of her sundress. Dick stood there, thick cock forming a formidable tent in his trousers until she smiled at him and took his hand. She turned and began moving toward our bedroom with his arm around her waist.

“Last chance,” Jane sighed as my sucking slowed while I watched her husband and my wife going arm in arm to the bedroom. “If you don’t stop him now, he’ll fuck her.”

“I hope he does, and I hope that he leaves a big load of cum in her too.” I told her with a smile, “Just like the one I want to put in you. I don’t see any reason to wait any longer, do you?”

“Unh unh,” Jane replied, shaking her head and smiling as she struggled to get one foot back on the floor, displacing my probing fingers. “I want to feel something much better than those fingers inside me while he does her.” As I sat up, I too was wearing a tent over my swollen cock. Jane laughed and closed her hand over it.

“It looks like you have exactly what I need.”

Taking her at her word, I helped her up and led her toward the guest bedroom. Once inside I began kissing her and fondling her breasts as I unfastened her bra and slowly began stripping her. Her own hands were busy, taking off my shirt and tee-shirt, unfastening my belt and the single button that held the waistband together. She fumbled with the zipper slightly but soon had it at the bottom of the track, leaving nothing but my thin cotton boxers to hide my own rigid member while my trousers slid down to my ankles. I had her suit coat and her blouse off by now and was unfastening the waistband of her skirt when I felt her push my shorts down over my hips allowing me to step out of them.

“Oh, this is beautiful!” she said, trying to wrap one hand around the rigid staff that now stood at a forty-five degree angle above the horizontal. It didn’t fit in her hand, but it felt wonderful to have her holding it. Before I could say anything else, she knelt at my feet and, putting both hands behind my thighs, took the head into her hot mouth. I was left with the view of this bare chested lovely lady’s head, slowly moving back and forth over my cock. It was the ultimate in loveliness up to that moment. Then she stood up.

“U-m-m, delicious,” she said, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. “But enough of that for now. I know what you want, and I want it too.” She unzipped her skirt and let it drop in a pool of blue around her feet, put one hand on my shoulder and stepped out of it. To show her my appreciation, I bent down to pick it up and as I slowly straightened, I pressed my face to her muff and gently lapped at the sodden material covering her delightfully warm pussy. She spread her legs and used both hands to pull me tighter when she felt my tongue searching for her warmth. She moaned with delight when it slipped between the folds of lace and into the slight opening of her pussy lips, pressing her hips forward to let me taste the joy of her.

She gasped and fell back onto the bed behind her. I tried to follow, but she pushed my head away from her sodden muff.

“Later,” she smiled, taking the potential hurt out of the rejection. She lifted her hips and used both hands to push her panties down to her knees. I helped her take them off. She was about to take of her hosiery and garter belt when I stopped her.

“No, don’t,” I said, taking her hand, “I love doing it to women who are dressed just like you are right now. It’s so sexy.”

She held her arms up and laughed. “What is it about you men that you want us still half clothed,” she asked as I sat down to take my shoes and socks off, leaning to the side to kiss her tits. As soon as I could I was up on the bed with her completely, and stretched out over her, keeping my weight on my elbows. I was tempted to eat her, but that wasn’t what she wanted.

“Come on,” she whispered, “Let’s get this first one out of the way, then we can enjoy ourselves. I like lots of sex, and so does Dick. He’ll keep your wife entertained.”

It was a real pleasure to accede to her wishes. She spread her thighs open widely beneath me and reached between us to center my cock on her pussy. She sighed as it began to enter her. She was tight, very tight. Much tighter than some of the other women I had fucked up to that point. It was hard to believe that she was as experienced as I later found her to be. The muscles at the neck of her vagina slowly slid aside under the pressure of my cock, then closed behind the head and allowed the remainder of my dick to slowly increase the depth I had reached inside her. Her legs closed over the my calves as I began slowly working it in and out of her, gaining a little more depth with each stroke and lubricating her already slick pussy with my pre-cum.

“A-h-h,” she hissed as my hands closed over her breasts. “It feels as good as I had hoped it would.” Her hips thrust upward, driving me completely into her hot pussy. “M-m-m, that’s nice,” she sighed. “I love a man with a long, thick dick and yours is perfect.”

I returned the compliment, telling her how good she felt. It wasn’t a false statement. Jane’s cunt had that firmness of a well exercised vagina that felt terrific wrapped around my cock. I could feel the delightful musculature of her vagina working up and down my shaft as we leisurely screwed our brains out. It didn’t take long. It never does unless I have to concentrate on not cumming to insure that my partner has had her orgasm(s). Since most women are multi-orgasmic, I had learned before not to shoot my cum into their hot little pussies until I had almost worn my partner out. It had resulted in requests to do it again, with which I happily complied.

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