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Lindsay Gets Boys & Girls


No sooner than the next day after Lindsay and I talked in IMs about her having sex with her friend Christina that she wanted me to join her in seducing the young blonde. She explained her plan to me after her and I had a great evening of sex, in which she came on my tongue and cock.

"I think if we combine our efforts, we can get her naked quickly enough," Lindsay figured. I was thinking about it as she was washing my chest in my shower, and I had to admit she came up with an excellent plan. I was staring off into space when she slapped my ass, bringing me back to the present.

"Hey, you awake over there?" Lindsay said, waving her hand in front of my face. I bent in low to kiss her lips, and our tongues met. "Mmmmmm, ok, if we don't get out of this shower, we're going to end up having sex again. My pussy wants you, but I need to go home baby. School tomorrow. And I think we should seduce her after I get out of school."

I drove her all the way back to Rhode Island -- a trip of about two hours, so four hours there and back -- and I told her I would see her tomorrow for the seduction. We kissed and rubbed in front of her house; luckily her dad wasn't home, as he was out of town for the week on business (or so he had said). I could have gone in and spent the night with her, but I had to get back to North Central Massachusetts for a very important press conference in the morning.

As I drove home, I kept my eyes on the road as I thought about the plan again. It should be a fairly easy seduction -- Christina has all but said she wants my Lindsay, grabbing her ass every chance she gets and even showing her sexy bra and panties a few times. My girlfriend told me the quick peeks have gotten her pussy wet and it has been my cock which has helped her take care of her horniness. She looks so sexy riding up and down on my shaft, and we've even taped ourselves fucking with her legs wrapped around my waist. We've watched this tape several times and we want to get some footage with Christina at some point.

I was going to be meeting the girls at Lindsay's house. This would be my first time meeting Christina, and although I had seen her pics a few times -- my Lindsay is awesome with a camera -- I had to say Lindsay's description of her had hardly done her justice. I timed it just right; I was pulling into her driveway just two minutes after them apparently.

As I walked up to her front door, I could hear the stereo going; not too loud so they would be able to hear the doorbell. I could tell Lindsay had The Doors playing -- whenever she wants to have sex with me, she plays "Love Me Two Times,"which was the exact song on the stereo. We also play it during sex -- when the drums do the multiple banging, I usually pound my cock deep into her. Gets her moaning and cumming quickly.

I knocked on the door after ringing the door bell, and Lindsay answered. She looked beautiful; her eyes were wide -- like they always are when she sees me -- and she was smiling. She was still in her catholic school uniform, her blouse untucked over the skirt. She also had on the gold chain I bought her for our six month anniversary. "Hey babe!" she said, putting her hands onto my shoulders for balance and jumped up into an embrace. Her legs locked around my waist. My hands rubbed up and down her back while we kissed, her tongue sliding into my mouth. When I saw Christina getting a good look at us making out, my hands slipped down to Lindsay's ass. I pawed her ass causing her to moan slightly into my mouth, but when I slid Lindsay's skirt up a little, Christina gasped. Lindsay's pale blue thong, yet another prudent purchase I made, was showing, as well as her sexy ass cheeks.

Lindsay giggled as she unwrapped her legs from her waist and I put her down, raising a little more of the skirt so her entire ass and thong were visible to Christina's gaze. Her eyes widened as I slapped Lindsay's ass playfully.

"What's up babe, how was school?" I asked.

"Well, we have to read 'West Side Story' for English and the nun wants us to write out the lyrics to our favorite song in the musical. I still have the words to 'Gee, Officer Krupke' that you sent me a few weeks ago, so I think I'll cheat and copy and paste them over. Had fun in gym, we played volleyball. And every chance she got, Miss Christina here grabbed my ass!" Lindsay said with a little giggle, and I gave the other girl a little "what-are-you-thinking-grabbing-my-girlfriends-ass-like-that-without-my-permission" look.

"Hey, as long as you ask next time, you can grab her ass anytime you want. Hi Christina, I'm Sean, it's very nice to finally make your acquaintance. Lindsay has told me so much about you," I said to the blonde haired girl, giving her a hug and kissing her cheek. She blushed as I pulled away.

"It's nice to meet you too, Sean. Lindsay has told me a lot about you, likewise," Christina replied. I'm sure my girlfriend of ten months has given all of the girls at her school an earful of our sexual adventures as well as how great I treat her. She has said some of the girls whine to her, saying, "I wish I had a boyfriend who treats me like he treats you, Lindsay. Can I borrow him for a week? I want to know what being treated with kindness and respect is." As far as I know, Lindsay has turned down every single request.

"So, what are we doing today? Are we going out to eat or what?" I asked, as I had just gotten paid this morning and I wanted to spoil my girlfriend and her friend.

"Yeah, weren't we planning on driving up to Boston to eat in the North End?" Lindsay asked, winking at me. She loves italian food. Whenever we go into Boston and we eat in the North End, she gets extremely horny from the ambiance. I had to issue a memo to myself to not take her to Boston for the St Anthony Festival, unless I wanted to walk funny for a week.

"Baby, I think that's just a little too far to drive for dinner. How about Antonio's, you liked their food the last time."

"Yeah!" Lindsay said quickly. "Remember what happened after we had dessert? You fucked me in the back seat of your car doggy style, then I covered your cock in spaghetti sauce and licked it all off!"

I blushed slightly as she retold the events of our last trip to that particular eatery, even though I knew Lindsay was trying to get Christina horny. And I have to admit it, my cock was starting to stir in my boxers at the memory: me pulling Lindsay's hair as I drilled her soggy pussy with my rock hard cock, spanking the side of her ass as she took all of me. Her moans were deafening in the close confines of my car, mixed in with the repeated instructions: "fuck me, oh God, fuck me Seany. Fuck me with your big cock." We have had a few dates like that, and they usually end up with both of us sweating, holding each other, looking into each others' eyes and kissing.

Christina obviously was wide eyed as Lindsay said it. I'm sure she was thinking, "What am I getting into?" But she just smiled and said, "well, if there is going to be sex, I should take my panties off now then, huh?" Without waiting for an answer, she sat on the couch and raised her legs together, giving Lindsay and I a glimpse of her purple bikini panties, barely covering her pussy. She slid her hands under her skirt, hooked her thumbs into the waistband of the undies and pulled them down. With her panties around her ankles, she pulled her skirt up so the outside was touching her blouse, before the girl spread her legs for us. Lindsay was correct -- Christina did shave her pussy. Not that I would have doubted her, but you have to always see it to believe it.

The show lasted briefly, letting both of us take a quick peek before shutting her legs and flattening the skirt. She stood up and stepped out of her panties before bending over in front of us to pick them up. Her skirt rode up and yet again we were treated to a shot of her bald pussy lips. She turned to us, but looked directly at Lindsay. "Well? Are you going to let me be the only one not wearing panties tonight?"

Christina was challenging her, and to tell you the truth, I was loving it. Lindsay and I looked at each other, smiling. I nodded briefly, letting her know I was okay with whatever decision she made. Almost immediately, instead of sitting down, she nearly ripped her panties off. She slid them down in what appeared to be slow motion, because I love it when she takes off her clothes for me. This time, she was taking them off for me and for someone else. If I told you I didn't have an erection from seeing this, I would be lying.

She picked up her panties, folded them nicely and without asking me, slid them into my pocket. Her hand brushed up against my raging hard on as she slid them in, and she looked up at me and winked. We set off immediately for the restaurant, my two little panty-less nymphs on each of my arms.

We got into my car, with Lindsay riding shotgun and Christina behind her. I was hoping Lindsay would hop in the back seat with her, but I'm thinking that would happen after our meal. As I pulled out of the driveway, Christina slid into the middle of the seat and spread her legs a little. Lindsay noticed and half-turned.

"What do you think you're doing Christina?"

"Well I thought I'd give you a show while Sean is driving. Might as well give you a sneak peek that he can't see! He'll get to see more in a few hours," Christina said, giggling all the way.

This is one of the times that I hate having my driver's license. I have a hot blonde in the back seat of my car preparing to play with her pussy, and I have to concentrate on the road. And what also sucks is that because I'm tall, I can't dip my rearview mirror toward her lap, because then I won't be able to see who is behind my car. I made a mental note to bring my video camera the next time this occurs.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see my girlfriend watching our friend intently. She had the look she had on her face the first time her and I made love: she had eyes on my cock as she took my pants off, then, returning my eye contact, gave me the greatest blow job I had ever had. Of course, I couldn't see anything that was happening in the back seat, but my sweet Lindsay was giving Christina some instructions.

"Oh Christina, rub that pussy for me. It looks so nice and wet. I'd love to taste you. Oh yessssss, stick your fingers in. Fuck your pussy with those fingers." Lindsay was getting so into it that she didn't even realize she was reaching under her skirt to rub her own pussy!

Apparently, having an audience suited Christina very well. In minutes, her breathing became sporadic and she began to moan slightly as her fingers rubbed her pussy. I could hear from Lindsay's moans that she was close to cumming, and I knew that because of her body language, as well. She was leaning against the passenger side door, her right leg on the dashboard, her left leg bent at the knee. She was rubbing her pussy into a frenzy and she was primarily giving the show for me. Christina, she told me later, had her eyes closed as she was cumming. Lindsay's fingers danced along the folds of her wet twat, fingering herself deep. She told me she was thinking of my cock jammed into her pussy, while Christina licked our joined groins. Damn did I have a hard orgasm when Lindsay told me that later that night! Well, she was also stroking my cock for another go around, so that kind of helped.

As we were arriving at the restaurant, the girls had licked each others' fingers clean and were using a towel I kept in the back seat to clean off their pussies and legs. We got out of the car -- I was ever the gentleman and I opened the door for both of the girls. We then entered the restaurant with each girl on my arm. The looks of jealousy the men gave me as I strolled to our reserved table with two nubile young girls, both of whom were in catholic school uniforms. Had those men knew the girls weren't wearing panties, I'm sure they would all be hoping for a glance at their bare bottoms.

It started off innocently enough: we ordered our drinks and a little appetizer before the main course arrived. I had lasagna, Lindsay some spaghetti and meatballs while Christina had veal parmingiana. As we ate, I could feel Christina's foot rubbing against my leg, while Lindsay gave me bedroom eyes. I was startled at the touch, yet I welcomed it. I then reached under the table and took Lindsay's hand in mine. I brought it above the table and kissed it; I could smell her pussy on her fingers. Its scent aroused me.

We quickly finished our dinners without a lot of distraction, knowing we would be working off the calories in short order. As we left, Christina looked at the host and flipped up her skirt, showing him her bald pussy. The girls laughed at the look on the guys' face, and when his eyes caught mine, I only smiled, thinking to myself, "that guy wishes he were me with these two hot girls." We got back into my car, and sure enough, Lindsay hopped into the back seat with Christina.

I had pulled out onto the main drag when I could hear them kissing in the back seat. My cock started to harden again as I heard the pair swapping spit. The girls were feeling each other up and I could hear them giggling, sometimes moaning. At a stop light near Lindsay's house, I turned to the girls to see my girlfriend leaning back with Christina's face buried in her pussy! Lindsay's eyes met mine and she smiled, me knowing she loved me enough and trusted me to have me present -- and to join in -- for this event. My cock was straining in my jeans at the sight. Christina's tongue was tap dancing across Lindsay's outer lips. My sweet girlfriend inhaled quickly, the waves of pleasure rolling out of her slit to her entire body.

When we arrived back at Lindsay's, I really didn't want to stop them, but my little Volkswagon couldn't fit all three of us in the back seat comfortably. I told the girls we were home, and Christina reluctantly pulled her face, now dripping wet with my girlfriend's pussy juice, away from her cunt. They got out of the car, and it was just then that I noticed that Christina's skirt was not on her body, but in her hand! The blouse was low hardly enough to cover her ass, but at the same time it was arousing to see her bare legs and in just a button down shirt. She walked to the door and into the house as if nothing were going on.

Once inside, the girls attacked each other. Lindsay grabbed Christina from behind and slid her hands up the front of Christina's button down, caressing the girls' tits through the lacy bra she wore. She inhaled the scent of Christina's hair; it smelled sexy and sweet. With Lindsay's hands up the shirt, it rode up slightly, giving me a great view of Christina's wet pussy. I came up close to her and ran my fingers over the lips, rubbing her clit. She was being stimulated by my fingers and Lindsay's hands, before I began to unbutton the girls' shirt. After three buttons, I saw Lindsay's hands manipulating Christina's titties, the flesh now outside of the cups, Lindsay's fingers playing with and tweaking the nipples. After I took the shirt off, I resumed playing with her pussy. She was so wet and so horny from us masturbating her body and from the actions in the car that she shuddered, moaning as her first orgasm ripped through her slender form.

Christina bent her head back to kiss Lindsay, their tongues joining in between their teeth, tasting each others' saliva. I brought my fingers to my mouth and I licked her cum off.

Then I picked Christina up on Lindsay's instructions and brought her over to the couch. Sitting her upright, I saw my sweet and sexy Lindsay get down on her knees, spreading Christina's silky smooth legs apart. I took my shirt off and kneeled on the couch next to the blonde, who was a little out of it from her orgasm. But she recovered slightly and began to run her right hand on my chest, feeling my pectorals and running a thumb over my own nipples.

I wasn't paying attention to Christina though, as I was focusing on my Lindsay. We had talked about this for so long, her whispering into my ear as we fucked -- she was about to lick her first pussy. I was so happy for her and I was glad I was there to see it. I told her to go slow and to do what she liked to have done to her, and I knew exactly what my baby liked. She had shown me what she likes and I strive to please her every time we have sex. She began by rubbing the lips, then taking two fingers and spreading them, before she peered into the wet opening. She licked her own lips as she spied on the clit, poking out from under the protective hood. I looked on intently as Lindsay slowly lowered her head to Christina's bald slit, breathing in the girls' subtle aroma. She extended her tongue, licking from the bottom of her pussy all the way to her clit. As she dragged her tongue along the sexy cavern, I could see some leftover cum pooled on Lindsay's tongue. She looked at me and her tongue retreated into her mouth, the cum still attached to it. Closing her mouth, she swirled her tongue around as if to coat her entire mouth with the residue. I saw her gulp before I realized my baby swallowed her cum! My cock, now iron inside my pants, wanted to be released. I unbuttoned my pants and took off my clothes, my 7 inch cock springing free and sticking straight up.

"Oh my God, your cock is so nice Sean. That will feel so nice in my tight pussy, it'll give me a nice workout, just like Lindsay's tongue is giving me. I am going to cum so hard around it," Christina said as she saw it, her eyes growing wide. More juice poured from her pussy and into the other girls' waiting mouth.

Lindsay's oral skills didn't stop there. She returned to eating Christina out, this long awaited pussy feast not ending just yet. She licked and nibbled on the inner pelvis, Christina responding to Lindsay's tongue by writhing on the couch. My baby had hardly touch Christina's clit, wiggling her tongue inside her friend while I looked on. Lindsay's dark red hair was pasted to her face, Christina's cum the glue. She didn't mind it, she was more interested in making the blonde squirm. And squirm she was, locking her supple thighs around Lindsay's head and her tongue was licking her own lips, her fingers teasing her nipples. She was moaning loudly, thanking God for giving her a talented pussy licker in my Lindsay, and telling her to "suck my cunt until I cum hard." Her body was bucking. Lindsay stopped licking for a second to give her overworked tongue a rest, still applying pressure on Christina's pussy as her fingers rubbed the lips. Lindsay spread her legs wide, and I took my hands, using them to pull the pussy wide open, before Lindsay drove her tongue very deep into Christina's well-licked twat. An overaudible scream erupted from the blonde as my girlfriend's licking reached a fever pitch. Lindsay even ducked her hands into her own lap to feel her own soaking wet slit, which would be getting some attention in minutes.

Christina was cumming and cumming hard, Lindsay's tongue not stopping its dance inside the girls' quim. The girl was shaking violently as her fluids escaped her vaginal area, collecting on my baby's face and on her tongue. Lindsay continued to lick, but I heard several slurps as she was sucking the delicious cum out of the blonde's pussy and swallowing. After licking the girl for nearly 20 minutes, she came up for air, pussy juice across her face. She was breathing deeply, her eyes looking at me with a mix of passion and lust. She got up off her knees and approached me. I straightened up and pulled her toward me and kissed her long, hard and deep. I could taste Christina's pussy in my baby's kiss and I really wanted to taste the blonde, but she had a short rest coming to her.

I sat back and Lindsay straddled me, her legs wrapped around my waist, my cock sticking straight up between our groins.

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