tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLindsay Lohan Ch. 02

Lindsay Lohan Ch. 02


Author's Note: The following story is a work of pure fiction. It is meant purely as erotic fun and offence is intended to anyone. Particularly Lindsay Lohan who I remain a big fan of.

The cab waited at the red light for a few seconds and then moved on with its journey. The driver up front listened to his radio, completely oblivious that his passenger in the back seat was actually one of the most famous women on the planet.

Lindsay Lohan sat in the back of the cab nervously checking out the back window looking for any cars or bikes that seemed to be following. She wasn't one hundred percent sure but the signs looked good and she was confident that the plan had worked and she had finally given the press the slip. It hadn't been easy but sneaking out of the back entrance of the hotel and using a normal everyday cab seemed to have worked and Lindsay hoped she may have earned some privacy for the rest of the day.

Normally Lindsay quite enjoyed the attention of the press and on occasion she had even wooed them and had done things to ensure they followed her about town but today she could not afford to have them around. Today she had a meeting with a director which could turn around her career and put her right back on top.

Her mobile phone vibrated and she fished it out of her purse. The front screen displayed one name 'Mom' and Lindsay pushed the button to answer and lifted the mobile to her ear. Speaking in a cheerful voice she greeted the caller with "Hi Mom."

"How did it go baby?" Spoke the voice on the other end belonging to her mother Dina Lohan "Did you get away unnoticed?"

"I think so." Lindsay replied while quickly checking out the back window again "At least I can't see any of them following me right now."

"That's terrific honey, well done. And you're ready for this meeting right? I don't have to remind how important it is for your career, right?"

"No mom." Lindsay replied adding a pretend sulkiness to her voice "You have only mentioned how important this meeting is like a thousand times already".

"Lindsay, do you know how hard it was to even get this meeting arranged? I had to call in some serious favours just to get him to meet you and if you really are interested in getting this movie I suggest you make an effort to impress."

"That's what I'm planning on doing." Replied Lindsay in a defensive tone. "I'm in the back of this gross cab on my way to meet him at some grotty little restaurant just like he requested."

"And did you watch his movie like I told you to?"

Lindsay thought about lying but that rarely worked with her mother so decided just to be honest "I watched some of it but I didn't really get it."

There was an audible sigh from the other end as Dina Lohan reminisced back to the days when she would accompany her daughter to auditions and interviews. There was a motherly tone in her voice when she next spoke "Lindsay I told you to watch that movie so that you could talk about it with him at this meeting. That was really important if you want to make an impression."

"Take a chill pill mom." Lindsay offered in reply "I totally googled this guy and I know everything about him."

"This meeting could restart your career as an actress. This is a comic book movie Lindsay, with possible sequels. It could be a massive franchise. This movie Lindsay...."

"I gotta go mom. We have just arrived at the restaurant." Lindsay cut her mother off in the middle of the lecture by hanging up and putting her phone back into her bag. She'd heard more than enough and was well aware how important this meeting could be to her career.

Lindsay knew that her career was in trouble. She was all too mindful that the big offers had dried up and the recent Playboy shoot was a good indication as to the direction her career was headed. Lindsay did not want things to continue that way. She had taken her clothes off for Playboy and been paid very well for it but as far as Lindsay was concerned that was a one time deal. Now it was time for her to get back to what she did best which was working as an actress.

Lindsay's career had gotten off to a fast start but then she had lost her away in a mix of alcohol and drug problems. She'd broken the law and earned a bad reputation with Hollywood producers which had all but finished her movie career. But those problems were all behind her now. She'd kicked all the substance abuse problems and a simple fuck with an old judge had ended all her legal problems.

The Playboy shoot had given her finances a boost and as her mother said it would helped with her popularity with the tabloids. But it was her movie career which was of most importance to her now. In recent years there had been plenty of offers for acting work but they all seemed to be TV or direct-to-DVD movies and that really worried Lindsay. She wanted to be an A-List Hollywood actress like Scarlett or Angelina and a big budget comic book franchise would make that happen.

There was only one small problem, first she had to actually land the role and that was not going to be easy. This was a $150 million production and it had been made clear that the producers had concerns about Lindsay Lohan taking the leading role. Lindsay herself had already heard that both Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried had already held negotiations with the producers. In fact Lindsay had been shocked when her mother had told that she'd somehow arranged a meeting with the director. Lindsay knew if she was going to beat like likes of Megan and Amanda to this potential blockbuster she'd really have to make an impression on the director.

But that was a real problem for Lindsay because in truth she'd never heard of him. The director's name was Daryl Castle. When Lindsay had googled his name she'd learned only a few facts. He was young for a director only 34. He'd spent his 20's directing and winning awards for commercials on TV. Then a couple of years ago he made his feature directing debut with a low budget sci-fi thriller which had been an unexpected and cult hit at the box-office. Daryl Castle had won Independent Spirit awards for this movie and his reputation soared so high that last year it was announced he had been given the reins on this big budget comic book movie.

But that was all Lindsay's Google search had revealed about him. There had been no personal information available. Lindsay knew nothing else about Daryl Castle apart from the fact that he was famously private about his personal life and seemed to distance himself from the Hollywood lifestyle. Lindsay herself was perplexed when she was informed that he wanted to meet in an ordinary restaurant. Just the two of them no agents or producers.

Conversation could be difficult especially if she wanted to make a good impression and even though she had tried to watch his sci-fi movie the night before she had regrettably fallen asleep in the middle of it. Lindsay had planned to talk about his movie but now that was not going to be possible.

The cab turned and Lindsay realised that they were pulling up outside of the restaurant. She checked the time on her phone and was pleased to discover she was pnly 20 minutes late. In Lindsay's world only 20 minutes late was good going. She opened the door of cab and stepped out in the parking lot. The driver rolled down his window and quoted the fee for the journey, Lindsay absent mindedly threw $50 into his cab and silently thanked her mom for reminding her that she would need money for the cab ride. Lindsay as a general rule never carried money.

Lindsay quickly walked across the parking lot heading toward the door of the restaurant. Her shoes click clacking on the concrete and her boobs swaying with each step. Lindsay had opted not to wear a bra today, as her mother kept reminding her it was important to make an impression on this director.

She entered the restaurant and rearranged her hat and dark glasses hoping that they would hide her identity from the other people in the restaurant. Lindsay hated signing autographs and the last thing she needed today was a fuss. She scanned the restaurant and suddenly realised that she had no idea what this guy looked like. Sure she had seen a picture of him on Google but she had only glanced at that and now she had no idea who she was looking for.

For a couple of awkward minutes Lindsay stood in the middle of the restaurant hoping that eventually he would recognise her and wave her over but nobody seemed to move or take any notice of her. To make matters worse there was at least a dozen guys sitting at tables by themselves and Lindsay knew that any of them could be Daryl Castle. Was she really going to have to approach them individually in an attempt to find her guy?

"Can I help you?"

The question came from behind Lindsay and surprised her. She turned quickly and found herself facing a young girl wearing a waitress uniform.

"I'm looking for someone." Lindsay replied "But to be honest I'm not exactly sure what he looks like."

The young waitress smiled at Lindsay and her next question completely surprised Lindsay. "Are you meeting with Daryl Castle?"

"Yes." Spluttered Lindsay "How could you possibly know that? Nobody knows about this meeting."

The young waitress blushed and seemed genuinely embarrassed. In a quieter voice she replied "I'm sorry, but I'm quite a movie fan and he's like Daryl Castle. To be honest I recognised him as soon as he walked in here."

"Ok.....But how did you know I was supposed to be meeting him?"

"Because your Lindsay Lohan." The girl laughed now. "Before today I have never seen any famous people in here but now there's a very famous actress and a movie director. You don't have to be a Sherlock Holmes to guess that they are probably meeting each other."

Lindsay realised that the young waitress had probably recognised her the second she had walked in. The dark glasses and hat had failed to hide her identity. In truth Lindsay was a little annoyed this girl had seen through the disguise so quickly and the fact that she knew this director too only made things worse.

She felt like a loser but she had no choice to ask "Could you take me to his table please?"

"Of course." Replied the waitress "Follow me. My name's Sadie by the way."

The waitress headed off down the restaurant and Lindsay followed. It was during this time that Lindsay realised that the waitress was at least a few inches taller than her. And she was wearing comfortable trainers while Lindsay wore heals. More reason to hate this waitress Lindsay decided.

A couple of seconds later they arrived at a booth with a table and the waitress turned to Lindsay and said "This is your table." Lindsay looked and immediately realised that the man sitting at the table was Daryl Castle. He stood to greet her and shook her hand. "Hi Lindsay it's great to meet you."

They sat at the table together and the director enquired "Did you have any trouble getting here?"

"No, no. I had to sneak out and use a cab but I think I got away from the damn photographers." Lindsay replied.

"And your only 30 minutes late" replied Daryl. Lindsay couldn't decide if that comment was a joke or if he was seriously annoyed at her lateness. Luckily the tension was broken as the waitress returned to the table this time to take their order.

"What can get for you?" Asked Sadie.

The director smiled kindly at her and ordered a coffee while Lindsay only wanted a bottle of water. As Sadie walked away again Lindsay turned to the director and quietly said "What's with the creepy waitress?"

"What do you mean? " He replied "She seems very pleasant."

"Yeah but she totally knows who we are." Replied Lindsay "I bet she asks for an autograph."

"Are you surprised that she recognised me Lindsay? I think it's great that a young girl like that know enough about cinema to recognise me. You had no idea what I looked like when you walked in. I was watching you just stand there until she took pity on you and brought you over here."

Lindsay had no reply to this. Things had officially started off badly and now they were getting worse. This director clearly had no interest in working with her and now Lindsay was wondering why her mother had even bothered to set up this meeting at all.

The waitress returned and handed Daryl his coffee. He looked up at her and smiled as he thanked her. Then she handed Lindsay her water but Lindsay decided to just ignore her and looked down as she started to walk away.

Lindsay's mood worsened as she looked at the water and realised that this was not what she ordered at all. "Excuse me, waitress, this isn't what I ordered." Barked Lindsay.

"I told you my name is Sadie and you asked me for water."

"No." Replied Lindsay "I asked you for a still water and this is clearly sparkling,"

Sadie sighed to herself and picked up the water without comment. She left the table and immediately returned with a still water. "I'm sorry about that I guess I was sorta star struck by meeting you."

Lindsay took the water without saying thanks and again returned her gaze to the director. "So let's talk more about this movie shall we?"

For the next 20 minutes Lindsay and the director talked about his plans for the upcoming comic book movie. Lindsay tried her best to seem interested and enthusiastic about it. Lindsay realised that Daryl Castle was incredibly passionate about his work. He talked in great detail about everything.

Lindsay also found herself struck by this man's looks. He was very clean and smartly dressed in a black suit. He wore reading glasses and used his hands a lot when talking. He also had jet black hair and almost elfin features. He was a beautiful man Lindsay realised and maybe if they worked together other things could develop. They certainly would make an attractive couple Lindsay was thinking and her career would only be enhanced if she started dating a director some people were already comparing to Quentin Tarantino.

Lindsay's daydream was once again broken by the returning waitress who was enquiring if there was anything she could get for them. Much to Lindsay's annoyance Daryl had broken off from talking about the movie to once again chat to the waitress.

"Excuse me miss" Lindsay interrupted. "Could you get me another water?"

"Of course." Replied the waitress "And my name is Sadie."

Daryl turned to Lindsay and although he said nothing it was obvious that he resented his conversation with the waitress being ended so quickly. Lindsay decided that she had nothing to lose and thought being blunt might work in her favour so she asked "Daryl what are my chances of landing this role?"

The director looked straight at Lindsay and sighed. He was about to answer when the waitress returned with another bottle of water for Lindsay. Again Lindsay took the water without saying thank you but this time the waitress did not rush off. She stood above them looking decidedly nervous.

"Erm, I know it's completely awkward to ask but I was wondering if maybe you two would sign an autograph for me?" Lindsay noticed that the waitress was now holding a piece of white paper in her almost shaking hands.

"Sure. No problem at all." Replied Daryl taking the piece of paper from the waitress and removing a pen from his jacket pocket. He quickly signed the piece of paper and handed it back to the waitress with a smile.

"Thank you so much." Replied the waitress. "Could you also sign it please Lindsay?"

Lindsay looked up at the girl and said "Sorry I don't sign autographs."

"But I'm like your biggest fan." Replied the waitress.

"So what?" Lindsay's reply was blunt and to the point.

The waitress looked completely embarrassed and almost on the verge of tears. In fact it's quite possible she would have started crying if not for Daryl Castle.

"Just sign it Lindsay." He demanded in a stern voice which surprised Lindsay.

Lindsay took a look at his face and realised that it would probably be better not to say no to this man. She snatched the piece of paper out of the waitresses hand and grabbed a pen from the table.

"What's your name?" Lindsay demanded.

"It's Sadie." Replied the waitress "I told you that a few times now."

Lindsay quickly scribbled 'To Sadie from Lindsay Lohan.' On the piece of paper and shoved it back into her hands. "Happy now?" The waitress took the piece of paper and quickly made an exit from the table.

Acting as if the incident had never happened Lindsay turned back towards the director and said "So, we were talking about me playing the leading role in this movie?"

"No Lindsay." Snapped Daryl "You were talking about that."

"Well, yeah ok but let's talk about it now. I think we could work well together, don't you?"

"Why were you so fucking rude to that poor girl?"

"I....I....I wasn't rude I signed her silly autograph."

"Yeah but you made her feel like shit for asking for it."

"She kept interrupting our conversation. I came here to talk about a movie not mingle with fans."

"But that poor girl is a fan of yours and you showed her no respect. She told you her name three times and you still had to ask for it."

"I didn't mean to be rude." Said Lindsay realising that she hadn't actually meant to upset the waitress.

"What's that girl's name Lindsay?"

Lindsay froze on the spot. She had just written the name on the piece of paper but now her mind was completely blank. "I.......I can't remember."

"You still can't remember despite the fact you wrote it down just a few minutes ago?"

"Is it really important that I know her name?" Lindsay argued back.

"Her name is Sadie. Its Sadie. And yes I think it's pretty important for you to at least try to show some respect to other people. Especially when for some reason I don't understand they are fans of yours."

Lindsay considered for a few moments what the director had just said. In truth she had felt bad about the way she had treated the waitress but in her defence she had been so focused on this meeting that everything else seemed unimportant.

"I'm sorry." Lindsay admitted to Daryl "I'll apologise to her when she returns."

"No." said the clearly angry director "You'll do better than that. You'll ask her what you can do to make it up to her and then you will do whatever she says."

"Fine." Responded Lindsay "I'll do it. But can we please get back to talking about this movie?"

For the next 10 minutes the director and actress once again returned to talking about the comic book movie. Again Daryl's passion for the project impressed Lindsay but at no point did he indicate that wanted Lindsay for the leading role. The conversation only ended when Sadie the waitress walked near their table and Daryl stopped to call her over.

"Excuse me Sadie." He said. "Can we have a quick word."

Sadie looked saddened to be called back to the table. In truth she thought that they wanted to make a complaint against her. But she was pleasantly surprised by the director's next comment.

"Sadie, Lindsay feels terrible about how she has treated you today and she has something to say you. Lindsay there is something you want to say right?"

Lindsay swallowed her pride and with as much enthusiasm as she could muster she spoke directly to Sadie "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be such a bitch today. I'm just really nervous and stressed about this meeting."

Sadie was surprised by this turn of events but felt maybe she shouldn't let the famous actress off the hook quite so easily.

"You know I'm a really big fan of yours Lindsay's." Said Sadie "I've seen all your movies and all I wanted was a simple autograph."

"I know and I appreciate your support Sadie." Grovelled Lindsay while being fully aware of the director's eye carefully watching her. "Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?"

Sadie thought for a few seconds but then decided to take the moral high ground and not accept the apology. "Yeah actually there is Lindsay. You can kiss my ass."

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