Lindsay Lohan Ch. 02


With that Sadie smiled at the director, turned and walked away from the table. She knew that if Lindsay complained to the restaurant manager she would probably lose her job but it felt so good to say that she honestly didn't care.

Lindsay watched the waitress storm off and then turned back to the director. "Well." She said "I offered. You can't say I didn't try."

Daryl smiled a wicked smile at Lindsay. "Actually Lindsay she told you what she wanted and now you have to do it."

Lindsay thought for a few seconds not realising what the director was talking about. "What do you mean?" She eventually asked.

"Sadie was quite clear on the matter Lindsay." Smirked Daryl "She wants you to kiss her ass."

Lindsay's face dropped as she realised what he meant. "Are you crazy?" She demanded "Your expecting me to actually kiss her ass?"

"Oh no Lindsay. I don't expect you to kiss her ass. I expect you to get down on your fucking knees and eat her asshole like it was a fucking ice cream."

"You are fucking crazy." Lindsay almost shouted at the director.

"Maybe." Admittedly Daryl "But if you want even a shot at this movie I expect to see you eating that girl's ass before the day is out. And I aint even joking about this Lindsay."

"You're a fucking pervert" A now visibly upset Lindsay claimed. "You just want to see me do that so you can get your rocks off like a dirty little perv. At least have the courage to admit it."

This time Daryl laughed out loud. "Lindsay honey you really don't know anything about me do you? I'm gay Lindsay. I'm as gay as the come. I'm so fucking gay that it's unreal."

"Your gay?" Lindsay asked in disbelief. "For real? Then why the fuck do you want to watch me dyke out with that fucking waitress???"

"I don't want to watch you have sex with her Lindsay. All I want is for you to do what she asked. I want to see you kiss her ass. Not for sexual gratification but because you're a bitch and you need to be knocked off your pedestal."

"Well I am not going to do it." Lindsay felt herself getting angry now. "I don't care about your reasons for wanting to see me do it. You can stick this movie up your ass."

Once more Daryl laughed and had a supremely confident look on his face. "Listen Lindsay I'm leaving now. I've had enough of this meeting and I think I know all about you that I need to know."

The director stood up from the table and dropped a $20 on the table for the bill. "I'm going back to my hotel room now." He picked up a napkin and wrote something on it then he handed it to Lindsay.

"What's this?" Asked Lindsay.

"That's my hotel name and room number. I'll be waiting there for the next couple of hours. If you really want to star in this movie Lindsay I expect you to turn up at my room with Sadie and do what she asked you to do. If you don't, then that's fine it was nice meeting you. I hope you find another movie to do soon."

Lindsay's anger subsided. This meeting had gone to shit. Desperation suddenly struck her. She needed this movie so bad.

"She doesn't actually want me to kiss her ass. She just said that because she was angry. Even if I offered to actually do it she would tell me that she wasn't interested."

"That's your problem Lindsay." Said Daryl about to leave. "You know what you have to do. It's not about sex. I don't expect you to do anything but that. I don't even want to see you without your clothes. If you want this part Lindsay you know what you have to do."

With that Daryl Castle walked away from the table and left the restaurant leaving Lindsay sitting at the table alone deep in thought. She was ready to just go back home and forget this awful meeting but she knew she needed the movie. What could she do? Surely the waitress would never agree to this even if she asked her.

Lindsay looked over at Sadie working at the other tables. There's no doubting she was pretty. Much like Daryl she had jet black hair but with streaks of blue in it. She also had pure white skin which contrasted against the black hair. And as Lindsay had originally thought she was tall even in her sneakers. Tall and a little awkward when she moved around. There was almost a gothic feel to Sadie. But pretty. A pretty almost goth waitress.

Lindsay decided that she found Sadie very attractive and even though she found the idea of eating her ass humiliating she didn't find it all that gross. In fact Lindsay was sure she could do it if it meant landing the role in the movie. But Sadie was sure to turn the opportunity down. And Lindsay would be humiliated for even asking.

For the next 20 minutes Lindsay sat watching Sadie work. Eventually she plucked up enough courage to signal for the waitress to come over to the table. Sadie tentatively approached and Lindsay could see the beginning of tears in her eyes.

"I'm so sorry Miss Lohan." Pleaded Sadie. "Please don't tell my manager what I said. I didn't mean it, I was just so angry."

"Can you sit down for a moment Sadie?" asked Lindsay "please?"

Despite her reservations Sadie took a seat opposite Lindsay. "I can't sit here long. My boss gets upset if he catches us not working."

"It's ok this won't take but a minute to explain." Said Lindsay. "I have quite a large problem and its actually all your fault."

"I said I was sorry for being rude." Exclaimed Sadie.

"The trouble is Sadie I was rude to you and that man I was with, the director, I guess he wants me to pay for my rudeness."

"I really don't understand what you mean." said Sadie.

Lindsay Lohan took a deep breath and decided to just lay everything out. There was no point in trying to be tactful about this. She may as well just be blunt and get this over with.

"Here's the thing Sadie, I really need this movie that Daryl is directing. I mean I really need it. And when I was rude to you I think he took offense or something. Or maybe he's just on a power trip. Either way he said that I had to apologise and offer to do anything to make it up to you. And I did that and do you remember what you said I should do?"

Sadie struggled to take all this in. This conversation was completely puzzling to her.

" said you should kiss my ass?"

"That's right." Exclaimed Lindsay. "And that prick director is now insisting that's what I do if I want any chance of getting this role in his movie."

"You want to kiss my ass?" asked a visibly shaken Sadie.

"No of course not." Gasped Lindsay. "But if that's the only way I'm going to get this role then I will. I mean if you let me."

"I'm not into girls." Said Sadie "I've never done anything like that and I have a boyfriend so there's no way I would do anything like that."

"It's not a sex thing Sadie." Reasoned Lindsay. "He says that he's gay and he's only making me do it to I don't know like humble me or something. Although I think he's a dick on a power trip. Anyway it's not sex thing and we wouldn't be doing anything but me quickly kissing your ass."

"Can't we just pretend like you did it? I'll totally tell him you did."

"No he wants to watch us do it."

Sadie seemed to think for a moment or two. But her answer was firm and final.

"No, I'm sorry. I won't do it. I love my boyfriend very much and it's all too weird. I'm sorry."

Lindsay's heart sank as she saw her chances of landing the movie role slip further away. She had just one more card to play before admitting defeat.

"How old are you Sadie?" asked Lindsay "Your what 20? 21?"

"I'm 18" answered Sadie shocking Lindsay who herself had turned 26 on her last birthday.

"Your only 18??" Lindsay asked. "And why are you working in this shit hole restaurant?"

"I only work here part time. I go to the University most days and work here to earn extra money."

This was good news for Lindsay who was hoping to hear something along those lines.

"What if I offered you $5,000 to come with me right now over to his hotel room. All you have to do is let me quickly kiss your ass and the money is yours. It will take no time at all and I imagine the money will be quite useful to you."

"Does it have to be my bare ass?" asked Sadie finally warming to the idea.

"Yeah I'm afraid so." Answered Lindsay choosing not to tell Sadie that Daryl had demanded an ass hole eating rather than the quick kiss on the cheeks as Lindsay was selling to Sadie right now.

"And we don't have to do anything other than that right?" asked Sadie "I mean no getting naked or putting on some kind of lesbian show for him? Cause I'm really not into girls like that."

"Absolutely." Assured Lindsay "It's just a quick kiss on the ass and then money is yours."

"I'll do it for $10, 000." Demanded Sadie "That's what I want. And I know how badly you want that role so don't try and talk me down."

Lindsay considered her options, $10, 000 was a lot of money even to Lindsay Lohan who hadn't worked for awhile. But it could be considered an investment if she landed this movie role. Lindsay decided she would pay the money to the girl and do what the director had demanded. Lindsay smiled at Sadie and simply said "ok, go tell your boss you have to leave early."

Thirty minutes later Lindsay Lohan found herself sitting in the passenger side of Sadie's car. Lindsay wasn't sure what kind of car it was but she knew it was old and from the noise the engine was making Lindsay wasn't sure that the car would make the journey.

Sadie drove the car and looked paler than she did before all this had started. So far the two girls had not spoken to each other since entering the car. Lindsay kept expecting at any moment for Sadie to change her mind on the deal but so far there was just silence.

"You know" said Lindsay over the noise of the engine "I'm the one who has the bad deal. All you have to do is get your ass kissed. I'm the one being humiliated here."

"I swear if this is anything but a quick ass kissing than I'm leaving. I'm not doing anything sexual Lindsay and if that gay pervert wants us to I'll tell him to his face it aint happening."

Lindsay was worried about Daryl's ass hole eating comment but she hoped that was just something he said in anger. Surely once the two of them turned up he would be satisfied by a quick kiss on the cheek. At least Lindsay hoped that would prove true.

"Just think about the money Sadie. It's going to be 2 minutes work for you. Don't worry about anything."

The car continued along its journey inside sat two very nervous girls. One a world famous actress dreading the humiliation to come and the other a younger waitress desperate for the money and hoping she hadn't gotten in over her head.

10 minutes later the car was parked outside a posh looking hotel and the two girls exited looking around. Lindsay prayed that the photographers were still clueless to her location. It would be a PR nightmare if they found out about all of this.

Sadie, still wearing her waitress uniform lead the way and headed for the reception. Once inside she asked for the room number written on the napkin and they were immediately directed to the room. Outside the door Sadie took a deep breath and then knocked on the door. Lindsay had seemed to go very quiet and looked like she might pass out.

Daryl Castle answered the door and ushered the two girls into the room. He didn't pause in the living room but instead headed straight towards the bedroom without even saying a word to either of the girls. Once in the bedroom Daryl sat in a chair facing the bed.

"Hello Sadie." He finally said "I'm guessing Lindsay has told you the situation. Are you totally ok with this?"

"I don't understand any of it." Claimed Sadie. "I'll do it but only because Lindsay is paying me."

Daryl smiled at Sadie. "Don't worry Sadie. It's not a sex thing. It will only take 5 minutes."

Sadie just wanted to get all this over with as soon as possible. The sooner she got her money and got out of this crazy situation the better.

"Ok so how do you want this done?" she asked looking at both Daryl and Lindsay.

Lindsay maintained her silence. Awkwardly looking at the floor. Sadie actually felt a little sorry for Lindsay who clearly did not want to be here anymore then she did.

Daryl finally broke the silence. "It's up to you Sadie. You're in charge. You asked for this to happen remember."

When Sadie was little her mother had taught her the best way to pull off a band aid was very quickly. Adopting that philosophy she decided that the best way though this ordeal would also be very quick.

"Ok" she said "Let's just get this over with." She turned to face the silent Lindsay Lohan. "Are you ready?"

Lindsay unable to answer just looked at Sadie. The look on Lindsay's face was one of utter defeat and humiliation. It broke Sadie's heart to see that look. She smiled kindly at Lindsay and reached out to gently rub the Hollywood starlets arm.

"It's ok Lindsay" encouraged Sadie "Let's just give him what he wants."

With that Sadie turned around showing her back to Lindsay. She reached both hands up under her brown waitress skirt and quickly pulled down both the top of her tights and her white panties to mid-thigh level. Then she lifted her skirt up at the back revealing her pert white bottom to Lindsay.

"There you go sweetie." She said to the silent actress "Just do it quick and it will all be over."

Lindsay stood motionless for a few seconds and then looked over towards Daryl but found no compassion in his eyes. She then looked at Sadie and found the younger girl smiling at her. She deeply regretted being so rude to Sadie now. Lindsay realised she actually liked Sadie a whole lot.

Lindsay lifted her tight fitting dress just a bit so that she could drop down onto her knees. She found herself level with Sadie's beautiful bottom and knew what had to be done. Rather than giving Daryl the satisfaction of disgust Lindsay decided to make the most of this and reached her head forward until her plush red lips met Sadie soft backside. Once there she opened her mouth just enough to let her tongue touch Sadie's bottom and then added enough pressure to deliver a full passionate kiss.

Lindsay pull her head back and noticed the red lipstick mark she had left on Sadie's bottom. She looked across the room to Daryl who was sat in his chair. Imploring him to end this awkwardness.

"Well that's that." Claimed Sadie starting to pull up her tights and panties. "That wasn't so bad after all."

Daryl sat with no emotion showing on his face. He watched Sadie attempting to straighten out her tights and underwear. It crossed his mind to call an end to this but that wasn't his style and Lindsay had proved herself to be a bitch in Daryl's mind and now she had to be punished.

"No Sadie," he said "That's not that."

"What do you mean?" enquired Sadie "She did what you wanted. What I asked for."

Daryl looked at Sadie square in the face and simply stated "She has to eat your asshole."

"Your fucking nuts." Said Sadie with a deep anger in her voice. "That's not happening."

"It's what she agreed to do Sadie." Stated Daryl "Did she not tell you that?"

Sadie was in shock and immediately turned to Lindsay who was still behind her on her knees. "Is this true Lindsay???" She demanded but no answer was forthcoming. Lindsay just sat there with tears now falling freely from her eyes.

Sadie's hated seeing the torment on Lindsay's face. She now felt so bad for Lindsay and definitely hated the director who seemed intent on hurting Lindsay. It wasn't the money now that kept Sadie in the room. It was not giving the smug prick Daryl Castle the satisfaction of winning.

Sadie turned and dropped to her knees in front of Lindsay. She raised her hand and gently wiped the tears from her face. She also brushed back a piece of her famous red hair which had fallen onto her face.

"Lindsay sweetie we don't have to do anything more. We can just go right now and leave this smug prick alone."

"I'm not being a smug prick Sadie" argued Daryl from behind her. "I only want what was agreed."

Sadie ignored him and looked directly into Lindsay's eyes. She felt a deep sense of sadness for Lindsay and wondered why she was so desperate for this movie role. She tenderly touched Lindsay's face again wiping away more tears. Lindsay never spoke but her eyes said everything Sadie needed to know, Lindsay would do anything to get this movie.

Sadie looked over towards Daryl again and gave him a look that could kill. "Fine you win. We'll do it but if I even get a hint that you're enjoying it I swear I'll fucking slug you in that pretty face of yours."

Daryl watched as Sadie stood up and walked around the bed. Daryl liked Sadie, she had an inner strength unusual for someone so young. Daryl wished Sadie was an actress because he would have cast her in this movie without even thinking about it.

Sadie climbed on the bed and crawled over to the middle of it. There she once again put her hands under the skirt and pulled down both tights and panties. She faced Daryl refusing to give him a view of her naked parts. Sadie didn't care if he was gay there was no way she was giving him a show.

"Lindsay sweetie." Said Sadie unaware that she had taken to calling Lindsay Lohan Sweetie. "Let's just do this and get it over with."

Lindsay said nothing just as she had since she entered the hotel room. She stood on unsteady legs and turned to face Sadie. She smiled at the girl and as she did she swore to herself that one way or another Sadie was going to be a friend from this day onwards.

Lindsay walked around and climbed onto the bed joining Sadie. She didn't waste any time or delay the unavoidable. She simply reached over and lifted Sadie's brown skirt, once again revealing the pert white bottom. Sadie dropped her arms so that her face was now flat on the bed with her bottom raised high above her.

Lindsay took a deep breath, place a hand on each cheek of Sadie's bottom and gently pulled them apart revealing a cute pink anus. Then she leaned forward, placed her mouth around the area and then stretched out her tongue until it reached the other girls most private place.

Sadie let out a surprised moan as Lindsay gently massaged her tongue around her asshole. It was a new experience for Sadie as even her boyfriend had never done such a thing. She felt Lindsay's tongue gently caress and lubricate her anus.

Although she was only doing this for the money and because she felt sorry for Lindsay, Sadie was beginning to find the experience rather pleasurable. In fact as Lindsay's tongue continued to taste her anus Sadie found herself closing her eyes and quietly beginning to moan.

Lindsay meanwhile had stopped feeling so humiliated and now found herself almost enjoying the experience too. Lindsay could now hear Sadie quietly moaning and it gave Lindsay a feeling of joy to know she was creating pleasure in the younger girl.

Sadie with her eyes closed had forgotten they were being watched by Daryl Castle. All that mattered to Sadie was that fantastic feeling being caused by the tongue currently tasting her anus. The tongue plucked and probed her until eventually it found a way into her asshole. Sadie could feel the tongue inside her and she let out her first audibly loud moan.

Lindsay continued to probe her tongue into the anus of the younger girl. Although Lindsay had had female lovers she had never spent so much time and attention on the anus which surprisingly tasted quite pleasant to Lindsay. Lindsay pushed her tongue in as deep as she could and then removed it to once again lap at the outer ring.

Sadie was in ecstasy now the tongue in and around her anus felt better than she could have possibly imagined. Also Sadie was aware that her pussy had become very wet. This experience was not going the way she had imagined. Sadie groaned and began to squirm as Lindsay's tongue continued its quest to dig for treasure.

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