Lindsay Lohan Ch. 02


The two girls continued to enjoy the experience until suddenly they were shocked back to reality by the forgotten Daryl Castle. The director had stood up from his chair and made a quiet exit from the room. The two girls only realised he had left when they heard the bedroom door close.

Lindsay immediately stopped and jumped up off the bed. She fled towards the bedroom door leaving Sadie alone on the bed. Lindsay burst through the door and saw Daryl about to leave the hotel room.

"Where are you going?" demanded Lindsay.

"I told you Lindsay, this wasn't about sex to me. I saw what I needed to see and now I'm going to go back to the airport and catch a flight home."

"But did I get the part?" asked Lindsay.

"You proved to me that your willing to do whatever it takes to get the part. I guess that goes in your favour. I'll think about it and let you know."

"Please I really need this movie." Lindsay pleaded.

"I said I'll think about it and let you know." With that final comment Daryl Castle exited the hotel room leaving Lindsay Lohan wondering what had just happened. Lindsay had no idea if she had any chance of landing this movie. Lindsay stood dumbstruck in the middle of the room for a further minute with a strange taste in her mouth. Suddenly she remembered where that taste had come from. She sighed as she slowly walked back towards the bedroom.

Lindsay had no idea how she was going to face Sadie now. She figured the best thing she could do was just apologise for everything, pay the money and make a quick escape. Lindsay briefly considered not going back into the bedroom and just running out of the hotel room but she couldn't do that to Sadie not after she had been so sweet and surprisingly strong.

Lindsay entered the bedroom and a thunderbolt struck her. Sadie was still on the bed but now she was laying down staring up at the ceiling. Lindsay also noted that Sadie's tights and panties were still partially pulled down and her legs were open as far as the give on the tights would allow. But what really shocked Lindsay was that Sadie had a hand down between her legs and appeared to be gently playing with herself.

Lindsay stood motionless at the door of the bedroom watching the teenage girl gently masturbate. Sadie seemed lost in the motion and apparently had not noticed Lindsay's return to the bedroom.

For a few precious minutes Lindsay stood watching this private moment without moving or daring to speak. Lindsay also felt a stirring in her own loins as the beautiful vision in front of her began to moisten her panties.

Then without warning Sadie turned her head, opened her eyes and looked straight at Lindsay. The eye contact was electric for both girls and may have lasted for10 seconds or 10 minutes. Then just as suddenly Sadie once again closed her eyes and turned her head back to the ceiling. Sadie also attempted to spread her legs just a little wider against the restraint of the tights.

Lindsay's heart pounded in her chest and she found herself unable to move from the spot. Clearly Sadie was aware that Lindsay was watching the show but was that all she wanted? Did Lindsay dare be bold enough to join her on the bed? Lindsay uncomfortable in her own now damp panties wanted badly to join the younger girl but Sadie had made it clear earlier that she wasn't into women sexually.

The mind of Lindsay Lohan raced over the possibilities but her body remained still and unable to move from the spot. Then as if to prompt Lindsay into action Sadie moaned a cry of frustration. An unmistakable whimper of longing which to Lindsay spoke loud and clear.

Lindsay sparked into action. First she sat on the chair previous used by the temperamental Hollywood director. While seated she reached down, undid the straps on her shoes and removed them. Barefooted she then stood up from the chair and undid the buttons on the back of her dress.

As the dress fell from Lindsay's bare shoulders and descended to the ground she looked back towards Sadie who was now watching from the bed. Lindsay stepped out of the dress and stood in front of Sadie naked apart from a pair of black panties.

While maintaining eye contact with Sadie, Lindsay reached down to those panties hooked her thumbs into the waistband and pulled them down her slender legs until they reached her ankles. She stepped out of the panties and stood completely naked in front of Sadie. Not a word was spoken between them as Sadie turned her head skyward again. Lindsay walked naked a few steps across the room and then crawled onto the bed with Sadie.

The naked Lindsay Lohan reached out a hand and touched the back of Sadie's leg. She then gently ran her hand down to Sadie's foot. The black cotton tights felt smooth beneath Lindsay's hand but her mind already craved the removal of the tights and skin contact.

Lindsay quickly pulled off Sadie's trainers revealing her tight covered feet which were surprisingly small for such a tall girl. Lindsay then rose to her knees looking down at Sadie. She took one of Sadie's ankles in each hand and then lifted up Sadie's legs so that they ran up the length of Lindsay's body with Sadie's feet resting on Lindsay's shoulders.

Sadie opened her eyes and looked up at Lindsay making eye contact as the older Hollywood star reached down to her thighs and grasped the bunched up top of her tights and panties. Lindsay then gently pulled up and the tights and panties rose up Sadie's legs, past her knees and up towards her ankles.

Lindsay then pulled out Sadie's feet and then quickly threw the tights and panties onto the floor behind her. Now Lindsay ran a hand down each of Sadie's bare legs feeling the smooth and flawless skin. Sadie released a gently moan as Lindsay's hands caressed her legs.

Lindsay reached up and took hold of Sadie's right foot. Sadie had been working most of the day and her feet were tired but there was no offensive smell to the feet. Lindsay began to massage the foot between her hands. Then after a few moments she gently raised the foot to her mouth and gave the big toe a gentle kiss.

Each toe on Sadie's foot then received a similar treat as Lindsay planted a gentle kiss on all of them before moving onto the sole of the foot and eventually the heel. Sadie appreciating the sensation of the kisses raised her foot so that her big toe gently touched Lindsay's mouth. Sadie ran the big toe gently around the edges of Lindsay's mouth and then pushed it delicately into Lindsay's willing mouth. Lindsay took the toe into her mouth and sucked it using her tongue to taste as much of it as she could.

This sensual delight including the toe sucking finale was then repeated exactly the same way with Sadie's left foot. All the time the girls never broke eye contact or spoke a word to each other.

Lindsay then allowed Sadie's legs to drop either side of her so that was kneeling between them. She reached down and undid the clip on Sadie's brown waitress skirt. Once the skirt was loosened Lindsay pulled it down and Sadie slightly raised her hips and lifted her legs in the air to allow the skirt to easily be taken off leaving Sadie naked from the waist down.

Lindsay looked down at Sadie with her legs spread and for the first time saw the younger girl's beautiful pussy. It was shaven completely bald and glistened with moisture. It was perfectly pink and Lindsay craved a taste of it.

Once again Lindsay took hold of Sadie's right foot but this time she kissed lower on Sadie's ankle. This was quickly followed by a kiss on Sadie's shin, her knee, her inner thigh and then Lindsay made a motion but kiss Sadie's pussy but teasingly she passed right over it and planted a kiss on the inner thigh of Sadie's left leg. This was followed by a kiss to Sadie's left knee, left shin and eventually left ankle.

Lindsay could see the look of frustration building in Sadie's eyes. There was no doubting that Sadie was aching for oral sex from Lindsay but being a little older and more experienced with girls Lindsay knew to not to give into Sadie's craving just yet but to tease a little longer and prolong the anticipation.

Lindsay knelt and kissed Sadie just above her clitoral hood. Sadie released an audible moan of frustration and began to squirm just a little bit. Lindsay ignored her and continued to kiss up towards Sadie's navel. Lindsay pushed up Sadie's yellow waitress t-shirt to expose more of her torso.

Lindsay put her mouth over Sadie's belly button and kissed allowing her tongue to slip into it and tickle Sadie. A few sensual kisses were then planted on Sadie's belly each one savouring and tasting the skin.

Frustration was building in Sadie and her pussy was now soaked with anticipation. Sadie reached out a hand and gently stroked Lindsay's red hair. Sadie then softly attempted to push Lindsay's head lower guiding her mouth to the part of Sadie's body that most craved attention.

Lindsay though lifted her head out of Sadie's grasp and looked up at her. Lindsay smiled a sly smile and shook her head relaying the undeniable message 'not yet'. Sadie almost desperate for the pleasure that would surely come from Lindsay's tongue between her legs now groaned an unmistakable petulant noise. Frustration and longing was getting the better of Sadie now and she whispered the first word spoken between the two girls in a long time. "Please."

The sly smile remained on Lindsay's face as she heard the begging from Sadie. Lindsay decided to tease Sadie as long as she could before eventually giving her what she wanted. Lindsay returned her mouth now to Sadie's stomach.

While kissing her stomach Lindsay reached up a hand either side of Sadie's waist and slowly began to lift the yellow t-shirt higher attempting to gain access to Sadie's breasts. But just as Lindsay was about to get high enough to reveal them Sadie surprisingly used her own hands to stop Lindsay's from going any higher.

Lindsay increased the pressure attempting to lift the t-shirt higher but Sadie refused to budge and it remained bunched just below Sadie's breasts. Lindsay looked up at Sadie her face asking for an explanation to the sudden halt in proceedings and found a genuine worried look on Sadie's face.

"What's the matter?" asked Lindsay with concern.

There was a pause before Sadie replied "Nothing, I just want to keep my shirt on."

"But why?" enquired Lindsay.

"I just always do." Replied Sadie. "Please don't stop what you're doing. I need you so bad."

Lindsay was puzzled by Sadie's refusal to allow her access to breasts. Lindsay bent down once more and again kissed Sadie's belly. Lindsay then attempted to raise her hand up to at least feel one of Sadie's breasts but the hand was met by one of Sadie's and stopped before reaching its goal again.

"I said no." spoke Sadie this time more firmly.

Lindsay looked up expecting to see anger in Sadie's face but all she saw was vulnerability and fear. Lindsay rose up Sadie's body until they were face to face. Lindsay was inbetween Sadie's legs with Sadie's pussy finally getting a small amount of contact with Lindsay's own lady part resting above it. Sadie felt Lindsay's stomach resting on her and she ran her hand up and around to gently caress Lindsay's back.

Lindsay looked deep into Sadie's eyes and then moved her head forward so she could kiss Sadie full on the lips. It was their first kiss and to Sadie it seemed to last a long time. They continued to kiss deeply sometimes with Lindsay's tongue exploring Sadie's mouth and sometimes with Sadie's tongue deep in Lindsay's mouth.

Time passed with neither girl aware of anything but the sensation of their touching bodies and the beautiful kiss that they both hoped would never end. The kiss felt like the first real kiss either of them had ever experienced. An almost innocent kiss that teenagers might experience before the discovery of sex.

It was Lindsay who eventually broke the kiss lifting her head slightly and then raising her hand to gently stroke Sadie's hair revealing as much of her beautiful face as possible. Sadie raised her legs a little to enclose Lindsay.

"Please don't stop." Begged Sadie. "Please Lindsay."

"I won't stop." Reassured Lindsay "But please why can't I see your breasts?"

A moment of hesitation crossed Sadie's face before she next spoke in a sad voice.

"I don't have any." Said Sadie "At least none worth seeing."

Lindsay had noted Sadie's tall and slender frame in the restaurant but had not especially noticed her cleavage or lack of. Lindsay gave a small reassuring kiss to Sadie's lips before allowing Sadie to continue.

"I have next to no tits." Said Sadie with a defeated sounding voice "I've always hated it. At school they used to call me the plank and I never take my top off in front of anyone. Not even my boyfriend."

Lindsay visibly flinched at the word boyfriend, she had forgotten that Sadie had one. Sadie noticing the flinch immediately raised her head up kissed Lindsay on the mouth again.

Lindsay though broke the kiss and sat up on the bed. The boyfriend comment had brought with it a sense of reality and Lindsay suddenly questioned what she was doing here with this girl. The confusing part for Lindsay was that this felt like more than just sex. It felt like love and Lindsay could ill afford to fall in love with a girl who already had a boyfriend.

Sadie below was struck with fear seeing Lindsay rise up off her. She was about to lose the most exciting and sensual moment of her young life and that would be more than she could bear. Sadie needed to act quickly and she did doing something she had never done before.

Sadie lifted up slightly and grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it up over her body and head. Once she had completely removed the t-shirt she threw it on the floor and then laid flat down again this time completely naked and exposed.

Lindsay had been shocked by the sudden t-shirt removal. She looked at Sadie's breasts which were no more than tiny buds with little pink nipples. Lindsay looked up towards Sadie's face and found a look of complete vulnerability. It was a heartbreaking look and Lindsay was suddenly filled with the desire to make Sadie feel good about herself once again.

"You're so beautiful Sadie." Said Lindsay.

A smile appeared on Sadie's face and the venerable look disappeared.

"Make love to me." Was all Sadie said and it was all Lindsay needed to hear.

Lindsay launched herself down to Sadie's bare chest and immediately took a nipple into her mouth. Sadie's pink bud disappeared into Lindsay's plush lips and Sadie moaned as Lindsay used her tongue to caresses it.

It was a new experience for Sadie who had never before allowed anyone to see much less touch her tiny breasts. Lindsay's sucking of the nipple continued until she gently used her teeth to grasp hold and as she pulled her head away Sadie's tiny breast stretched and then popped out of Lindsay's mouth.

Again Lindsay lowered her head and kissed the space in between Sadie's breasts and then slowly moved across to gently kiss the other tiny mound before once again taking a nipple into her mouth. Lindsay sucked the nipple for a moment, released it and then licked it with her tongue and then again returned to suck it. Sadie arched her back as Lindsay did this.

Lindsay next took a small breast in each hand and gently explored and massaged while returning to kiss Sadie full on the mouth again. There was no part of Sadie that Lindsay didn't want to explore or taste.

Sadie tried to use her hands to explore Lindsay's own body but found herself stopped by Lindsay who raised Sadie's hands high above her head. Lindsay used one hand to hold both of Sadie's above her head and then lowed herself this time choosing to plant a kiss on Sadie's armpit.

Sadie had never had anyone so touch and taste her in so many different places and she released a small moan as she felt Lindsay now using her tongue to lap at her armpit. Frustratingly for Sadie there seemed to be one place Lindsay had not tasted and it was the one place Sadie desired the most to get some attention.

Lindsay again returned her mouth to Sadie's small breasts and perfectly toned belly. A mixture of small delicate kisses and long strokes of the tongue were causing Sadie to squirm with desire. Sadie couldn't help herself and again moved her hand onto of Lindsay's head attempting to gently push Lindsay down towards her pussy. This time however Lindsay chose not to stop Sadie's direction and allowed herself to be guided down.

Lindsay found herself directly level with Sadie's now soaking wet pussy which looked so pretty and tight. Lindsay directed her eyes upward and made eye contact with Sadie. Lindsay saw the desperation in Sadie's face and decided that enough teasing had occurred. Lindsay licked her lips one quick time and moved forward towards Sadie's pussy.

Sadie lay on the bed naked with her legs spread and a famous Hollywood actress between them. Sadie felt a hand on each of her inner thighs pushing her legs wider and then a quick sensation of breath on her wet and aching pussy.

Within a second of that breath Sadie felt a wet hot tongue exploring her pussy. She felt Lindsay's tongue delivering deep long licks to every part of her pussy. First the tongue was lapping at her labia and Lindsay's lips seemed to sucking the moisture. Lindsay's tongue was next exploring deeper this time tasting Sadie's vaginal opening.

Sadie moaned loudly now as Lindsay's tongue continued on deep into Sadie's vagina. Lindsay lapped and tasted, moving her tongue into every part it could find. Then finally Lindsay's tongue moved up a tiny bit and began to flick at Sadie's clitoris.

Tiny flicks onto Sadie's clitoris causing the younger girl to spasm above her. Lindsay then took Sadie's clitoris into her mouth and sucked at it using her tongue as much as possible. Sadie felt pure ecstasy and no longer seemed capable of coherent thought. There was just pleasure now and that was all she needed.

Lindsay dropped one hand between her own legs and found her own wet pussy. Lindsay began to masturbate herself with one hand while continuing to deliver oral sex to Sadie. Lindsay was relentless with her lips and tongue and Sadie's pink clitoris now swelled in size.

Sadie's moaning now was loud and uncontrollable. Sadie felt an orgasm coming which couldn't be stopped. She spread her legs open as wide as she possibly could and lifted her hips up slightly to get as much of Lindsay's face into her pussy as she could.

Then Sadie orgasmed harder than she ever had in her young life. She came hard over Lindsay's face and cried out loud. It was a cry of release. A cry of utter bliss. Sadie's vision actually seemed to fade and for a brief unforgettable moment the orgasm seemed like it would last forever.

Then slowly Sadie came to her senses and found herself sweaty and out of breath with her hand entangled in Lindsay's beautiful red hair. Sadie also discovered she was whimpering and muttering to herself.

The two girls remained that way for a minute until Sadie had regained enough breath back to sit up. Lindsay too sat up directly opposite Sadie. Lindsay moved as close to Sadie as she could so that their legs entwined and they stared into each other's faces.

Sadie felt Lindsay's bigger breasts touching her own. She reached around Lindsay's waist and allowed her forehead to rest on Lindsay's. There they sat for a moment both breathing heavily still.

Sadie however knew that it was Lindsay's turn for an orgasm and although she had never done anything with another girl before today she knew what she had to do now. Sadie dropped a hand down between them and moved it between Lindsay's legs. There she found Lindsay's hot wet receptive pussy and began to rub her fingers into Lindsay.

It was Lindsay's turn to moan now and Sadie continued to use her hand to pleasure her while she kissed Lindsay deep on the mouth. Sadie tasted her own juice on Lindsay's lips and then noticed most of Lindsay's face was wet with pussy juice.

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