tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLindsay Lohan Ch. 03

Lindsay Lohan Ch. 03


Author's Note: The following story is a work of pure fiction. It is meant purely as erotic fun and offence is intended to anyone. Particularly Lindsay Lohan who I remain a big fan of.


Lindsay and Sadie were play fighting in bed. The girls were rolling about on top of the bed with each of them attempting to advance a dominate position over the other. The bedroom resounded with a grunting noise made by the play fighting exertion and the occasional chuckle of laughter produced from one and sometimes both of the girls. Both girls were having a wonderful time.

Although Lindsay was the older of the two and slightly stronger and heavier, Sadie had a height advantage and was more flexible. Sadie also had a determination which she applied to everything she did. It was one of the things Lindsay loved best about her girlfriend.

Lindsay was naked while Sadie only wore a tiny black vest to conceal her petite breasts. In recent months Sadie had become more at ease baring her breasts in front of Lindsay but it was a long process and she still remained painfully shy about them. Lindsay grabbed Sadie around the waist the used her heavier frame to push Sadie down flat onto the bed.

"Bitch." Joked Sadie as she reached up and grabbed a handful of Lindsay's hair. Sadie gently pulled the hair just enough to manoeuvre Lindsay off of her and over to the empty space on the bed beside her. "Skank." Teased Lindsay as she tried to fight off Sadie from now climbing on top of her.

Sadie managed to straddle Lindsay and found herself sitting on top of the older girl. There she grabbed Lindsay's wrists and tried to pin them down on the bed high above Lindsay's head. Lindsay allowed her arms to be pinned into place by Sadie and for a few seconds Sadie thought she had won the play fight. Sadie looked down at Lindsay and smiled a wicked smile.

"Your such a slut." Quipped Lindsay looking up at Sadie.

"If I'm a slut then you're an uber-slut." Retorted Sadie as she lowered her head and kissed Lindsay on the mouth. Sadie inserted her tongue deep into Lindsay's mouth and was rewarded with the sensation of that tongue being sucked by Lindsay.

Lindsay though was not beaten in the fight yet and used her strength to raise her hips upward. A surprised Sadie found herself lifted and then unbalanced as Lindsay pushed up with her arms. Sadie was rolled over and she landed on the bed with a grunt.

Both girls were quick to their knees and once again found themselves in a face off. Lindsay grabbed Sadie by the wrist and twisted her arm behind her back. Sadie retaliated by attempting to use her other hand to once again grab some of Lindsay's hair but this time Lindsay was too quick and caught Sadie's other hand.

Lindsay now twisted both arms behind Sadie's back and moved closer to her. "I'm your uber-slut." She whispered to Sadie before moving in for a kiss. Sadie felt herself lost in the moment of the kiss but the spell was broken when Lindsay unleashed a sneaky attack and pushed Sadie back down on the bed.

Sadie hit the bed and bounced a little before Lindsay landed on top of her. Lindsay sat high on Sadie's torso and managed to use her knees to pin Sadie's flailing arms to her sides. Sadie attempted to break the hold but Lindsay was too strong and too heavy to move. Sadie let out a frustrated yell.

"Get off me." She pleaded with Lindsay.

"Tell me I'm the most beautiful Princess in the whole wide world." Lindsay ordered "And then I'll let you go."

Sadie squirmed trying to find an inch to move. "You're not a beautiful Princess." She argued back. "You're a dirty gross ginger haired dyke."

"You are such a cunt." Lindsay said laughing at Sadie's insult. "You have to pay for that one. Open your mouth." Lindsay then produced a dribble of spit from her mouth and dangled it over Sadie's face.

"No chance." Said a defiant Sadie petulantly shutting her mouth tight and trying to move her head away from the dangling string of spittle. Lindsay though was not to be refused and she reached a hand up under Sadie's vest and found a nipple. Then Lindsay twisted that nipple hard and it produced a screech from Sadie.

"Arrgghhh." Cried Sadie opening her mouth just enough for Lindsay to aim the spittle and deliver it into Sadie's mouth. Sadie felt the spit fall into her mouth and was about to spit it out but was prevented from doing so as Lindsay jammed a hand over Sadie's mouth.

"Swallow it." Demanded Lindsay with unmistakable joy in her voice.

Given no choice Sadie swallowed the spit Lindsay had delivered to her mouth. Lindsay felt the swallow and removed her hand from Sadie's mouth allowing the younger girl to speak once again.

"Gross." Shouted Sadie "You're such a bitch."

"No I'm not." replied Lindsay. "I'm the most beautiful Princess in the world, right?"

"No definitely not even close." Said Sadie refusing to submit "You are Queen of the skanky sluts."

"Oh dear, oh dear." Mocked Lindsay. "You don't learn very quickly do you?"

This time Lindsay produced a larger amount of spit which she again carefully dangled over Sadie's clamped shut mouth. Sadie knew what was coming as she felt Lindsay this time lift her vest up over her breasts and grab a nipple with each hand.

"No don't." pleaded Sadie. But no compassion was shown by Lindsay as she twisted Sadie's nipples hard.

"Aaaarrrrggggghhhh." Screamed Sadie feeling the sharp pain.

Once again Sadie found herself with a mouthful of Lindsay's spit and unable to spit it out due to a clamped hand over her mouth. "Swallow it." Ordered Lindsay. Sadie had no choice and swallowed as demanded.

Lindsay removed her hand from Sadie's mouth and smiled seeing the humiliation on the younger girl's face. "Now, one more time." Said Lindsay "What am I?"

Sadie desperate to avoid further torture relented this time giving in to Lindsay's demands.

"You're a Princess." squealed Sadie "You're the most beautiful Princess in the whole world."

A huge smug grin appeared on the face of Lindsay Lohan. "And I'm not gross or a bitch or Queen of the skanks, right?"

"No, no." replied Sadie "You're the most beautiful Princess in the whole world. Now let me go."

Lindsay decided she had tortured Sadie long enough and let her grip on Sadie's arms slip. Sadie immediately pulled her arms loose, reached up and grasped Lindsay's wrists. She then raised Lindsay's arms out to her side. Lindsay sat there with a surprised look on her face as Sadie then lifted up her legs and hooked them under Lindsay's arms.

Using the strength in her legs Sadie toppled Lindsay backwards onto the bed. This reversed the positions of the two girls and Sadie now found herself sitting atop of Lindsay. It was Sadie's turn to smile as Lindsay found her arms pinned to the bed by Sadie's legs.

"You didn't see that one coming did you?" laughed Sadie "Guess you're not so quick when you start pushing 30."

"You bitch." Gasped Lindsay "I'm not pushing 30. That's going too far. I'm only 26."

Sadie laughed out loud while she adjusted her position so that she could sit over the top of Lindsay's face. "Let's see how well this 26 year old can eat pussy." Said Sadie lowering herself down until she felt her already wet pussy meet Lindsay's mouth.

Lindsay could have easily pushed Sadie up off of her but she knew the play fighting was over and decided to let Sadie dominate her. Lindsay reached her tongue out and up into Sadie's perfect wet pussy above. Lindsay was rewarded when she heard her girlfriend moan in pleasure above her.

Using her tongue to explore Lindsay could taste the sweet nectar of her pussy. A taste she had grown use to over the 9 months they had been together. Sadie gently rocked her hips up above and Lindsay could feel her own pussy become wet and crave attention.

"Oh my god baby." Moaned Sadie from above "You are so fucking good at that."

Lindsay was unable to talk due to her mouth being completely busy giving her girlfriend pleasure. Since the start of their relationship Lindsay and Sadie had given each other pleasure countless amounts of times but each and every time felt like the first to them both.

Sadie could feel the tongue pleasuring her pussy and she knew and an orgasm would not be long. She continued rocking her hips and also used a hand to reach up under her vest. There the hand gently played with the still sore nipples of Sadie's tiny breasts.

Sadie's pussy was very wet and Lindsay knew that soon her lover would cum. Lindsay never tired of the sweet taste of Sadie's pussy and lapped at it like a hungry cat. Lindsay was really turned on herself and now her hips began to squirm while her pussy glistened with a slick wetness.

Sadie could feel her orgasm impending and decided to prolong the moment and try to share it with Lindsay. Sadie got up off of Lindsay and moved to the empty side of the bed. A surprised Lindsay sat up and looked at Sadie but was immediately pushed back down onto the bed.

"Stay there baby." Sadie instructed.

Sadie then grabbed hold of Lindsay's ankle and pulled so that Lindsay's position on the bed shifted. Then she grabbed Lindsay's other ankle and manuvered herself and Lindsay into a scissoring position. Lindsay felt one of Sadie's legs slip underneath her while the other leg came up over Lindsay's stomach.

Sadie eased herself forward and Lindsay groaned with pleasure as the scissoring formation became complete and the two girls felt their vulva's meet. Sadie rose up onto her elbows taking a more dominant position and began to grind down.

Between their legs the two girls felt their vulva's rubbing and meshing together. Bodily fluids began to mix and exchange and both girls began to groan with sexual stimulation. Sadie began to increase the strength and speed of her thrusts attempting to find a motion to give them both maximum pleasure.

Lindsay beneath was contempt to allow Sadie to set the pace and dominate the proceedings. Lindsay began to feel waves of pleasure between her legs and had a moment to marvel that only a few short months ago Sadie didn't know what tribbing was and now here she was almost a master of it.

Sadie could see by the look on Lindsay's face that she was nearing an orgasm. Sadie reached out her hands and straight away instinctively found Lindsay's hands. The two girls held hands by entwining their fingers and made eye contact. Sadie fucked her hips harder and felt her labia lips wrapped into Lindsay's own. Both girl's vulva's were now dripping wet and engorged with stimulation.

The waves of pleasure had hit a crescendo for Lindsay and she felt the beginning of her orgasm hit hard in her loins. "Fuck baby." She managed to cry "I'm going to cum so hard."

"Cum for me baby." Sadie said now fucking Lindsay as hard as she could. "Cum only for me."

Lindsay grasped Sadie's hands as tight as she could. She threw her head backwards and cried out with joy as she orgasmed hard. Lindsay felt her whole body begin to spasm as Jodie refused to let up on her relentless tribbing.

Bliss and pleasure were all Lindsay was aware of now and moments passed. Lindsay lay still on the bed exhausted, breathing hard and covered in a slick skin of sweat. She was only vaguely aware that Sadie had stopped the tribbing. Soon though she felt Sadie's lithe body against her own and realised that Sadie was now laying on top of her beginning to kiss her.

Sadie kissed Lindsay on the mouth and made a gentle request. "Lift your leg up baby."

Lindsay knew what Sadie wanted and lifted her leg so that it bent at the knee. Lindsay's thigh found its way between Sadie's legs. Sadie began to rock her hips and gently rub her vulva against Lindsay thigh. Lindsay felt the wetness on her thigh and kissed up at Sadie long and hard.

Sadie was moaning quietly and dropped her head into Lindsay's neck. Sadie's hips found a rhythm and Lindsay once again reached out and took hold of Sadie's hands. Sadie began to feel her own orgasm rising reached out to nibble at Lindsay's neck.

"Tell me you love me." Sadie implored at Lindsay. "Please."

"I do love you." Replied Lindsay inching her leg a fraction deeper into Sadie's groin.

"With all your heart?" Asked Sadie.

"With every part of my heart." Replied Lindsay.

Sadie orgasmed hard but quietly. Lindsay felt Sadie's body tremble and shake above her. Lindsay kissed the top of Sadie's head and allowed the younger girl to melt into her. As her orgasm subsided Sadie moved fractionally into the centre of Lindsay's legs. Lindsay responded by wrapping her legs around Sadie.

The two of them lay that way on the bed both perfectly content and satisfied for some time. Neither spoke for fear of breaking the moment. Lindsay held Sadie, breathing in the sweet smell of her. Lindsay loved many things about Sadie but and her scent was definitely high on that list.

It had been 9 months since Daryl Castle had forced the two of them together in that hotel room. In that time Sadie had dumped her boyfriend and quit her waitress job. She now spent all her free time with Lindsay. To the outside world Sadie was Lindsay's personal assistant but in reality they were very much a couple. Sadie had also pretty much moved in to Lindsay's home.

"I have to go." Stated Sadie breaking the silence.

Lindsay made a noise of discontent as Sadie broke their embrace and jumped up off the bed. Lindsay lay on the bed naked watching Sadie look around for something to wear. Neither of the girls was particularly tidy so the rooms tended to be quite messy.

Sadie found a pair of black panties on the floor. She picked them up and started putting them on.

"Those are mine." Commented Lindsay watching from the bed.

Sadie ignored her and pulled the panties up. Next she took off the vest and Lindsay smiled as she got a glimpse of Sadie's tiny breasts. It was still a problem but slowly Sadie was beginning to feel comfortable being topless around Lindsay.

Sadie wearing only a pair of black panties scanned around the room and found a blue summary dress on the floor. She picked it up and inspected it before beginning to put it on.

"That's also mine." Lindsay said.

Luckily Sadie and Lindsay were pretty much the same body size and could wear each other's clothes, although in truth it was normally only Sadie who wore Lindsay's clothes. The once famous actress had a huge collection of clothes compared to Sadie's modest wardrobe.

"I don't want you to go." Said Lindsay and she really didn't.

"Baby, you know I have to go." Reasoned Sadie.

"I hate that University." Complained Lindsay.

"Baby," sighed Sadie "I have been working really hard and I can't give up now."

"You don't need a University degree." Said Lindsay "I can look after you."

This was a common argument between the two girls. Lindsay had repeatedly asked Sadie to quit University and live as her full time girlfriend. Sadie however refused to do it. Sadie had already let Lindsay pressure her into quitting her waitressing job and she wasn't ready to lose anymore independence just yet.

"I'm not going to be some stay at home wifey while you go out and earn the money." Stated Sadie "I don't want that."

"You are my wifey." Said Lindsay "And I don't want you to stay at home. I need you around me all the time. Even on a movie set."

"You'll have to actually get a movie first." Said Sadie while straightening the dress she was now wearing.

"Ouch." Sulked Lindsay although it was the truth as Lindsay had not worked in nearly three years now. The comic book movie she so wanted had gone to Megan Fox. Lindsay would have hated Daryl Castle if not for the fact that meeting him had led to this relationship with Sadie.

"I'm sorry baby." Apologised Sadie. "I know you will get a job soon."

Lindsay sat up on the bed and watched Sadie now combing her hair in the mirror. It always amazed Lindsay how pretty Sadie could look without hardly any makeup or effort. Lindsay herself could take hours preparing to leave the house.

"I don't even have time to shower." Said Sadie. "And I stink of sex now thanks to you."

"Hey, you're the one who started all that." Claimed Lindsay "It was you who was acting bratty and started that play fight."

"I guess." Laughed Sadie "Can I use some of your perfume?"

"You can." Answered Lindsay "But I would rather you went to school stinking of sex. Maybe at least that would keep the boys away from you."

"Don't start that again baby." Said Sadie "Boys don't interest me. I belong to you now."

Lindsay's face took a serious turn. She scooted over to the edge of the bed and placed her feet on the floor. She looked up at Sadie and asked "You really love me don't you? Like for real."

"Of course I do baby." Said Sadie "I wish you would accept that."

Since the two girls began their relationship Sadie had noted on many occasions that Lindsay had trouble accepting love. Sadie guessed it was something to do with the relationships Lindsay had with her parents. Lindsay barely spoke to her father and the relationship with her mother Dina seemed strained at best to Sadie.

"Where's that perfume?" asked Sadie "I gotta get going baby, I can't be late."

"It's in the bottom drawer of that wardrobe there." Said Lindsay pointing.

A funny look crossed Sadie's face. "No its not you never put stuff in drawers."

"It's in that drawer." Reinforced Lindsay "Go look."

Sadie crossed the room to the wardrobe and dropped down to her knees to open it. Inside she found it was empty except for one small box. She picked up the box but knew instantly that it did not contain perfume in fact it looked like a jewellery box.

"Open it." Said Lindsay still seated on the bed.

Sadie opened the box and her heart jumped when inside she found a beautiful gold ring.

"I was going to keep it and ask you on your birthday in a couple of weeks." Lindsay quietly said. "But now seems as good as time as any."

"I don't understand." Said Sadie although she thought she actually did.

"Will you marry me?" asked Lindsay.

Sadie's eyes immediately filled with tears. "I.....I......" was all she could splutter.

"Please say yes." Implored Lindsay.

Sadie took a deep breath and composed herself a little. "Yes. Of course yes."

Lindsay literally jumped up off the bed and ran across the room towards Sadie. She took Sadie into her arms and kissed her. "I love you so much."

Lindsay took the box from Sadie's hand and removed the ring. She then took Sadie's left hand and placed the ring onto her ring finger.

Sadie smiled and began to laugh "When I was a little girl I would imagine the day somebody asked me to marry them. I never once thought it would be a naked girl though." Lindsay smiled and kissed Sadie tenderly on the mouth. "Wait." Said Sadie "You're going to be my wife too so you need a ring as well."

With that Sadie reached over and pulled a ring off of her right hand. The ring came off easily and Sadie then took Lindsay's left hand and placed it onto her ring finger.

"This ring was Gran's." said Sadie "She gave it to me before she died. I know it's not an engagement ring but it will do right? I mean you know I don't have any money so it will have to do but I will get you a proper ring soon I promise."

"Baby, its perfect." Said Lindsay now also with tears in her eyes.

They stood for a moment embracing each other. Eventually it was Lindsay who ended the perfect moment by saying "You are going to be so late baby."

"I'm not going now." Laughed Sadie "I just got engaged."

"Yeah you are going." Said Lindsay "I want you to go and learn stuff. And make sure you show all those boys that ring so they know your taken."

Sadie laughed but then a serious look passed over her face. "I'm going to have to tell my parents about this right?"

"We can do that together." Offered Lindsay who knew that Sadie had not told them about their relationship or that effectively Sadie was now gay.

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