tagGroup SexLindsay Wants Boys And Girls

Lindsay Wants Boys And Girls


I'm going to admit it. I take full credit. I turned a friend of mine bisexual.

I don't know how actually, I guess it was because I talked about it with her constantly, urged her to at least think about getting with girls as well as guys. I am of the opinion -- and I'm sure there are several guys out there who agree with me -- that every woman should try another woman.

My friend Lindsay was fairly apprehensive about the idea; to tell you the truth, at first I thought she was repulsed by the idea. But one day a few months ago, she flat out told me, "Sean, I think I like girls!" Cha-ching!!!! I immediately felt a little stirring in my boxers. She told me she had bedtime fantasies of girls and that she didn't want to just try girls; she wanted a girlfriend as well as a boyfriend for full sexual pleasure.

Now let me describe Lindsay to you: she is 18 years old, about 5'6" and about 130 lbs. She has short, shoulder length dark red hair and 38D tits. There have been nights where my own bedtime fantasies come in with me holding onto her tits for dear life while I fuck her from behind.

Lindsay goes to a catholic all-girls school outside of Providence -- she so eloquently refers it as "lezzie school," because all the girls seem to have a classmate who they are either fucking or want to fuck. She recently has told me about a girl called Christina whom she is interested in, and has said is interested in her, as well. Lindsay says Christina loves to grab her ass.

Even though I haven't received a full description from Lindsay about Christina, I do know this: she has long blonde hair and rather nice sized tits. She shaves her pussy -- she bluntly told Lindsay that fact, and Lindsay told me she had started shaving her own pussy after I suggested it. Go me.

She has even said Christina has shown her her bra and panties -- white bra, black lace panties. Up until now, she has not seen what is in the bra, although she has commented, "I would rather like to see whats in the panties." That's my girl. The school uniform they wear at school is perfect for Lindsay to catch a glimpse of Christina's panties -- if Christina in on the next stair case up. The plaid skirt comes down a few inches below the girls' asses. Navy knee highs and a white blouse compliment the outfit. Lindsay has said she has even checked out the panties of a few other girls at this school.

This would be Lindsay's first girl to do anything other than make out -- she told me she was hooked after making out with another girl. So, as you might expect, she is a little nervous about going through with all of it. Although she has been quite graphic in details as to what she wants to do with her if she ever had the chance to have sex with her.

"I really want to lick her. Eat her out so she has a powerful orgasm, an orgasm like she has never had before! Then I want her to eat me out. I've never been eaten out by a girl, so I want to know how that feels like. And she has the most perfect tits, and I just want to suck on them."

The other night, Lindsay and I were talking in IMs and she even said she wants me to join them in a threesome. Her panties were on her bed and she was wearing a grey tank top with her nipples pointing out. Her pussy was wet and, as she so nicely put it, was "spazzing out." She was rubbing her clit and fingering herself.

"We can tie your arms behind a chair, put a cushion under your bum, then we will take turns sucking on your cock for double the pleasure. Then we'll untie you, lay you on the bed, and while I'm preparing myself for good fuck session, Christina can suck softly on your cock. I know she will like it.

"Then after she's done, I will rub your cock along my drenched pussy, but we're going to need some KY because you're so big and I'm so tight. I'm verrrrrrrrrrrry tight. Then your hard cock will penetrate me, and I will ride your big cock. My tits will be bouncing in your face. Oh baby I hope you touch them and suck on my nipples. I like thinking about that, it gets me very horny. Then after we cum, I will suck on your cock and get it hard for Christina's pussy, I know she will want you to fuck her good and hard. She's going to be sucking and slurping on my pussy, feeding on all the cum you left inside of me, and her little ass and pussy will be wiggling in front of you. I'm going to look you right in the eyes and tell you to fuck her good, make her the little slut she is. Grab onto her hips and pull her body toward you. Make her moan, make her delirious as your cock saws into her little tight twat."

She didn't tell me immediately that she had cum, but the delayed response afterward told me that was recovering from her orgasm. Her typing was slightly ragged, but I was able to make out what she had said. She said she hopes to make her one-on-one with Christina a reality very soon, and quite possibly while still in their school uniforms.

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