tagLoving WivesLindy's Change of Life

Lindy's Change of Life


Reader please note that while this is predominantly a loving wife story, there is mother son incest included and, also some lesbian.


Lindy was as cute as a button, small, dainty, and light on her feet, she didn't walk, she danced, her steps were a skip. When she moved she slid, sashayed, her way was choreographic, even delightfully pornographic!

At less than 5ft tall, she was on the smaller side of most people, even those younger than her. Indeed, most of her clothes were bought from children sections in the shops!

She was often mistaken for a girl still at school, she was asked for her ID on many occasions, and while she sometimes thought it funny. It also irked somewhat too.

Why did it irk her? Because she was long married that's why. She had been for 4 years. She wore a wide gold wedding band, and an engagement ring, and she always positioned her hand so others could see them. Her husband was often called a baby snatcher.

Lindy was not only cute, her cuteness made her beautiful. Although her every asset complimented the other, so increasing her natural beauty. Her dark almost black hair was fringed down to her eyes. It was cut into her neck. Her huge deep grey eyes were luminous. Her dark bushy clearly defined eye brows arched over them like guardians. Her lips were what most people would describe as being kissy, so pouty and kissy. Her complexion was flawless.

Her small but voluptuous body was fully formed despite her size. It moved in and out as a swell on the open ocean, smooth and graceful. It was her proudest asset; there were no bony bits anywhere. Her shoulders were smooth and round, her breasts were firm and tight. Her waist was slim, her hips softly curvaceous. Her legs slipped from them to her tiny feet, her knees were rounded, no bony shins, and her feet were full and soft, no bones sticking out, no tendons or veins anywhere.

Her husband Luke worked in the local engineering factory doing something? He was 25, she was 24, they didn't have children. Because of a childhood illness Luke was sadly barren. But they had got past that now, and were happy enough.

They had been through school together, and had courted all the way, occasionally breaking up, and even had had other lovers, but neither knew of the other fidelity. Though eventually rejoining as at the hip.

Now they had their first home, a mortgage had been obtained and they were settling in. It was a lovely comfortable house. And they saved every penny for the first home they would share.

Lindy had moved from her side of town to be with Luke, the apartment was near the factory so travel expenses were cut out. And she had given up her job behind a shop counter, and was now looking for one closer to home.

She saw an advert in a bookies shop for a counter girl. She asked inside and was told it just for a girl to take money from the punters initially. And if she had an aptitude for it, she would progress to laying bets off, and paying out the odds etc.

The job was for split shifts, 3 hour shifts each day, the bookie hired her. She didn't know why, but she didn't seem to like him much.

He was a Greek or some other Mediterranean nationality, she had nothing against Greeks really, it was just the way he seemed to look at her. But a job was a job, and the money was more than she had been getting.

So all in all she was happy, and Luke was pleased. She started the following day, and all went well. The punters liked her, and as she became more known, more and more of them frequented the shop. This pleased Georgiou immensely; he gave her a rise, and began teaching her about how bookies worked. She picked it up easily, and soon was working by herself.

She was constantly chatted up by them, and while she was very pleased with that, she always kept them at arms length. She always thought that being flattered and complimented like she was was something that everyone enjoyed. It's a human feeling she told herself.

She still felt uneasy about Georgiou, he would 'accidently' rub himself against her, catch her bum, crush her tits. And then one day he had said to her.

'Lindy, I would be happy to pay you a little more if you were nice to me?' No beating about the bush! He had propositioned her as simple as that!

It wasn't that he was ugly or fat or even smelly. He was about 40 years old, and divorced or seperated. He was quite good looking in his dark swarthy way, not very tall, about 5ft 8 or 9" and powerfully rugged.

'Let me fuck you, have sex with me, and I'll give you money?' Is what he had said without actually saying it. She was so taken aback, she couldn't speak at first. 'Georgiou, I can't believe you have just said that. I'm married, I'm only working here to help pay for the mortgage.' She stuttered.

'Lindy, Lindy,' he said, 'don't be upset, it's my way, you are a gorgeous young thing, and any man would want to make love to a woman such as you. Especially a hot blooded Mediterranean man such as I, we are very passionate men.' He told her. 'Well the answer is no, a big no, so please don't ask me, or mention it again, please?' She whispered.

He winked at her and said. 'I think I may know you better than you know yourself sweet girl.' He smiled at her.

He was of course right, she was secretly pleased at his advances, she loved being complimented, and made to feel special, although there was no way on earth she would ever let it happen.

He backed off, but kept up his smooth ways, it was impossible for Lindy to take a stance; he was so surreptitious about it. Sometimes when he said something, she couldn't make up her mind if he was suggesting something, or just plain speaking.

He was able to get her hot without touching her; sometimes her pussy would tingle to him. But she knew she would never let him in. Married she was, and married she would stay, her vows would stay intact!

She had been there 2 months when the hammer dropped. Luke and the rest of the factory were put on short working, because of the economic depression spreading the world. No overtime, no weekly bonus to earn, and no weekends.

A five day week was installed, and that was that. His wages plummeted. So did their lifestyle. Suddenly there was no spare money, they couldn't go out, their saving regime just about stopped.

After 3 months of struggling, they were now actively considering missing the month's mortgage payment; such was their cash flow problems. They had over stretched when taking it out, like millions of other people, and now it was becoming a millstone.

Luke took a part time job behind a bar, Lindy looked for one too. Their parents couldn't help them because of their own situations. What were they going to do?

The following month, they did miss their mortgage payment; this was followed by a letter from the building society, telling them that they were breaching their contract, and please make payment forthwith.

Their life was becoming affected, Luke withdrew into himself, and they started to not discuss things like they should have done. And even were arguing on occasions.

Lindy was beside herself, worried beyond her belief. She decided to ask Georgiou for a raise, or work longer hours. He said he would consider it, but asked her why, what was her reason, her problem?

Lindy broke down and told him. 'Luke may lose his job,' she wept. 'We may lose the house.' She continued wailing, as he took her in his arms. Georgiou smiled to himself, 'Play this right,' he told himself, 'and I'll be in her knickers quicker than you can say Jack Frost!'

'Oh Lindy Lindy, my little baby,' he held her tight to him, 'of course I can help, but only maybe a little, business hasn't been as good as it used to be, even you know that, don't you?' 'Yes,' she snuffled in his arms, becoming aware of the hard on that was starting to press into her stomach.

It had been over 3 weeks since she and Luke had made love, and her body was well aware of it, but her problems far outweighed her sexual desire at this moment in time. But it was feeling nice to be held in strong arms, and for the comfort they offered.

'If I was you Lindy, I would put the house on the market to rent, and move out. That would solve your immediate problems wouldn't it?' He told her. 'But how would that solve things?' she asked. 'Because it would pay the mortgage,' he said. 'But where would we live?' Lindy sobbed.

'Now for the sensitive bit,' he thought. Being a bookie he had learned to be a very quick thinker, some of the tricks punters tried to pull had made him so.

He had properties all over town that no one knew of. 'You can have the flat over the shop here at peppercorn rent, and move in this weekend if you wish?' He murmured hotly into her ear. Lindy was as stunned as she had ever been, it was a great idea, and a fantastic offer from him, she felt so grateful she snuggled into him, and said. 'Oh Georgiou, would you do that? Will you do that for me, for us?' she wept again.

'Yes my baby, Georgiou will always be here for you,' he said, as his hard on turned into a rock solid question. It was a question it was asking of her. The realisation hit her, his cock pressing into her was saying silently to her. 'All you have to do is become my married lover and the flat is yours Lindy.'

Thinking just as quickly as him, she said, 'I'll have to discuss it with Luke first?' It was near the end of time in the shop, so he said, 'I'll close up, and I'll show you it?' He murmured hot breath into her ear again. There was a brand new bed up there, along with some other items. That were brand new and had never been used, so chance was he would get to her today, if not definitely tomorrow, he said to himself.

'Yes okay Georgiou, let's do that, then I'll go home and tell Luke about your offer, okay?' He closed up in record time and took her by the waist and led her all the way up held tight to him. His hard on was just about bursting his trousers. He stopped outside the door before unlocking it, he knew she would be more than pleased. It had been redecorated, and was in tip top condition, and it was 2 bed roomed.

He held her in front of him, his arms around her waist, his prick stabbing into her lower back; she couldn't help but notice it, and be well aware that she was in danger. But her situation was compelling her to go ahead.

'Close your eyes,' he whispered, again hot breath in her ear. He was getting to Lindy; her insides were turning to jelly. But she was oblivious to it at the moment. He stepped her forward, his prick rubbing across her back and arse as he did so. And then into the living room, that was bright and airy. Pressing himself right into her, and before she had time to react, he said, 'Okay Lindy, open your lovely eyes.' She did, and stood there open mouthed, her heart skipped a beat. 'Oh Georgiou, it's beautiful, just beautiful,' she gurgled.

'Would I ask such a soft womanly beauty as you to enter into a dingy apartment?' he whispered again, this time hot breath on her neck, and then he kissed it. And it wasn't a peck; it was a good old kiss, a proper one, one that made her shudder and squirm. Her bum involuntarily wiggled against him.

She knew now that the price of negotiation for this apartment and the saving of her home, and possibly her marriage, were to give him to him what he wanted, her! To give him what he had been after from the day she had entered his shop, some 5 months ago.

That's when he rubbed his prick again into her, and cupping her soft firm tits, he caressed her nipples gently. Her whole body shuddered; the easy onslaught addled her brain. She didn't seem to have the wherewithal to pull away.

His teeth on her neck grazing away stupefied her, her internal organs seemed to scramble and collapse. His hot breath enveloping her, and placed her mind in a cocoon of pleasure. It was a pleasure that was becoming undeniable. She had to stop him, stop this, to defend her virtue. She did none of the things she was telling herself to do. He crushed her nipples; her loud moan filled the room.

Georgiou walked her slowly across the room to the open door of the bedroom, where she was to succumb to his overpowering advances. He still worked on her to keep her mind out of it. To keep her where he had her, on the cusp of defeat.

Without realising it, Lindy raised her own knee as she approached the bed, it still had the plastic cover laid over it to protect it before use. He yanked it off. Climbing on in a daze Lindy allowed Georgiou to lay her down, all the while working her nipples, kissing and sucking on her most tender neck, her need for love, succour, and support was building now into an unstoppable train of desire.

Her need was love, to be loved wholly, sex was second, a very close second, but second never the less. His need was to fuck this glorious woman in his arms, and fuck her now he would.

But he was also worldly wise enough to understand her wish. She was a woman deep in her own desperate situation; he was to be her saviour, her champion. He would deliver her from her own doom. Her need was love, to be loved. Love she needed, love she would get in lorry loads.

His very own ex wife, who had put up with his philandering ways knew he was the ultimate, consummate lover a woman could have and to meet. He was devoured himself by the need to make his woman as satisfied as possible in every way. She knew because she had been his wife, she was proof of him. He had explained to her his need to have women to bestow the gift God himself had bestowed on him, and that was his all consuming goal, to satisfy woman!

She had divorced him simply because he needed the time and space to have his women, she understood that, and was indeed one of his women now.

Laying Lindy face down, and squeezing her nipples, deleting any thoughts of resistance further. He held himself up on his elbows. His prick now safely ensconced between the cracks of her beautiful arse.

A knee firmly planted between hers, he held his weight partly off her, he wanted her to feel trapped, to feel there was no way out, no way to stop him, she was captured by this man. She had to give in didn't she, no option but to submit?

Her head bowed in final defeat and submission, he knew now there was no way back, he rejoiced in his victory, but praised his God for delivering this flower to him.

Turning her over gently he kissed her before she had a chance to even think, his kiss was deep and nonnegotiable. His tongue found its way into her mouth, her own tongue joined battle, it was a contest he had no intention of winning. Let her have her win, he thought.

He quickly undid her blouse as he moaned into her mouth. Lindy loved this fight, 'I'll show him I'm not easy!' she said to her self. The bare flesh of her tits and nipples were now open to him. He suddenly broke the kiss and bit wonderfully down on a fully stood up, rock hard button. She yelped in utter response to it, her hands clamped at his head holding him there, where he fed on it, before swapping to the other.

'Oh oh Georgiou, oh!' she moaned. 'Aaargh, aaargh, Ooooh, oh yes oh yes.' She whimpered. He lifted her skirt, and while hoovering a nipple high into his mouth, he pushed his hand down her frilly panties and a thick finger entered her ever wettening pussy, it was getting slicker by the second.

Lindy orgasmed then, her body left the bed in a leap, she called out in ecstasy, her body felt so warm, and so soft, so giving, so desirous, so yielding, yielding to Georgiou above her.

He quickly jumped off the bed and undressed while Lindy peered up at him, in a glow of after love. It had swamped her completely. Georgiou also quickly undressed Lindy too. She rolled this way and that to give him all the help he needed. There was nothing more than to have him buried deeply inside her now, in this world that Lindy wanted.

Georgiou obliged in a rush, he was stood at the side of the bed one moment, the other he was above her. He guided her dainty hand to his big thick black haired prick.

Lindy grasped it willingly and moaned in arousal, in appreciation of what she was about to receive. Her mind was almost in delirium, but not enough not to know that a man's cock as about to give her release from her needs.

He looked down at this beautiful sexy woman who he had totally seduced and who had given in, given up her virtue. It was a prize of immense proportions; he knew her worth, her value.

What this was, and would mean to her afterwards. When she thought back to what she had done, had given away her very soul to someone other than her husband, but all that was for the future. Georgiou knew this wouldn't be a one off thing; she would be his married loving wife.

He told her to put him in her, she obeyed immediately, having the head of his prick in her brought Lindy round a little, not to the point of refusal, that was not on her mind, what was in her mind was how much bigger he was than Luke!

That's when he plunged slowly but inexorably into her. Her knees came up on auto, ending up under his shoulders. Her feet raised upright above him, her arms wrapped around his back, her nails digging in to alleviate the feeling of her pussy being gently but forcibly split wide open.

His terrifically hard and slightly upward curving joint of meat. With its smooth satiny mushroom bulbous head. Which now was, as hard as his thigh bone. It penetrated Lindy as never before. She swooned as it plied its way all around and high up into her pussy. He bottomed out against her cervix, her gasp alluding to the fact, he withdrew slowly then thudded it back in all the way. Her squeal filled the room.

Now he had her, there was no question, before he had finished this day, Lindy would be his to love whenever he beckoned, and beckon he would, many times.

He drove his prick back and forth, leaning in kissing her, telling her she was wondrous, wonderful, and beautiful. 'You are woman Lindy, all woman, a woman to love, to give and receive love, my love Lindy, only mine, do you understand me?' He gasped as he rutted her senses.

Lindy only had eyes for him; they were locked in tight to his, his mouth as he spoke, his mouth as he kissed her. 'Yes Georgiou I know, I am yours whenever you want me,' she gasped in between moans and groans as his prick beat her into oblivion. Lindy had never had this, this was new, it was an uncontrolled, yet controlled fucking. She was on a path to his door; she could not be deviated now.

Her orgasm blasted through her so hard she cried out in pain, in ecstasy, in joy, fulfilment and unforgiving lust. Her pussy seemed to turn inside out. Georgiou hit her as hard as he could, his final forward thrust heaving her up the bed.

His sperm shot into her with a velocity that stunned her beyond description. Georgiou also hit the high spot too, one he hadn't achieved for some time. This is a very special girl he thought briefly as his own ejaculation took him over.

She has it, whatever it is, she has it, was his last thought before he collapsed on her. Lindy's body seemed to spasm, she involuntarily fastened herself to him, in a momentary unbreakable grip.

As she subsided into a world of sublime sensation, her scrambled thoughts began returning. But there were no recriminations, no guilt, no remorse, and no sorrow. Only a happiness that she had experienced one of life's greatest moments. The divine act, of ultimate love a man can give to his woman. Her every nerve end was in tune with her mind. Nothing could ever ever undo this feeling; it would stay with her forever.

Georgiou's spunk flooded from her thrashed, beaten and so wonderfully feathered pussy. He stayed where he was and loved her; he gave her love she couldn't comprehend. Why hadn't she known this? Why hadn't this happened before now? Why hadn't she found this before? Where had it been?

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