Lindy's Change of Life


All her life she had had it planned it out, and now, she knew she knew nothing. Georgiou had shown her another direction, and she had now veered from her chosen path forever.

She kissed him back, and tears sprang to her eyes. Georgiou was aghast. 'What is wrong me sweet flower, have I hurt you, have I not been good for you, please tell me my baby love, and I swear I will put it right?' He murmured into her ear between sweet soft loving kisses.

'Georgiou, you have done everything perfectly, you are and were fantastic, I have never known what making love was, that it could be like this, you have made me a woman, you keep saying I am woman, well you have just made me so!' She kissed and bit his chest.

'Yes my angel, you are woman, you are all woman, my woman, you will belong to me soon, you may not know it, but you are and will be mine.' He told her with a voice that ingrained itself in her mind. He knew what words to use, how to say them, and more importantly, she believed him.

Georgiou told her she must go home, it was time for her to leave, but she must be 1hour early tomorrow, he had to make love to her again as soon as possible. He told her. 'I cannot live a moment without you in my arms,' were his soft words. Lindy's eyes glistened with love, acceptance, and agreement. 'Yes Georgiou, I will be early for you I promise,' she kissed him as passionately as she had ever kissed a man.

She found her clothing, hurried to the bathroom and cleaned up as much as she could, but she never washed his sperm out of her pussy. 'That's mine,' she told herself giggling.

She dashed back to him for some final kisses, and touches, he got her hot instantly, and she knew right there and then that her life had changed, changed forever. But whether that included Luke or not, she wasn't sure. But she knew that Georgiou had gained more than a foot hold in her being, and he was going to climb to her personal summit. He had already in reality, conquered her.

She leaned down and kissed him one last time, it was a kiss of love and gratuitous fondness she had never had. It muddied her mind again. She almost threw her clothes of and got back on the bed. He guessed this and said. 'No Lindy, you must go home my darling, yes?' She looked at him forlornly, but nodded her beautiful head, she blew him a kiss and she was gone.

Georgiou lay there for a while contemplating events. 'I have finally got her, she is mine, even if her husband finds out it won't matter, she is into me all the way.' He was more than happy at his fortune of today.

His ex wife would want to know everything. And she would decide which way this would go. This was the only condition she had placed on him. It had been her who had decided he could go after her. Georgiou knew better than to go against her, she was the driving force of the two. And her word was law. He was looking forward to telling her of his day, and of the days to come.

Meanwhile Lindy had arrived home to a worried Luke. 'Where have you been Lindy, I was just going to go to the shop to find you.' Lindy immediately thought. 'It's a good job you didn't, you would have had more than a shock seeing what I was up to, it would have blown your eye balls out!'

'We had a problem with the books,' she said, 'I have to go in early tomorrow, Georgiou wants me to add things up if I can?' 'And go over my figure again,' she thought happily to herself.

Lindy never mentioned Georgiou's offer, she didn't feel like discussing it just yet now. They slept back to back that night; neither one nor the other was in the mood for chat or conciliation.

The next day, Luke went to work, and they hardly spoke. Lindy showered and prepared herself for what she knew was going to happen in the apartment she would soon be moving into. The feel of Georgiou's cock was still fashioned in her pussy; she could actually feel it when she moved. She wanted it in her again!

How her feelings had changed in one short day! From being a loving but very worried wife, her fears were gone. It had all been replaced with love and lust for another man.

She dressed simply, time would be limited. She wore shoes, a coat, a loose elasticised skirt, a long sleeved top with a zipper up the front, and last but not least a pair of frilly lacy panties. She could have them all off in seconds.

On the way there she received a text, telling her to lock the door on the way in, as he was already in the apartment! It made her insides quiver; she was already 20 minutes earlier than he had told her to be. He was waiting for her! He was more eager than her, if that were possible!

She dashed as fast as she could. Hurrying up the stairs she rushed into the bedroom. Georgiou was laid on the bed, it had been made, pillows, sheets, and a floral cover. Flowers were in vases.

He was laid naked on his side smiling at her, propped up on an elbow, holding that thick hairy prick in his hand; it was pointing at her, hard, glistening, ready and waiting.

She got her clothes off so fast even he was surprised. Lindy dived onto the bed kissed him so softly and passionately it took his breath away. Her soft luxurious hair was wafting his face as she did so. He lay back and let it happen.

This is some woman, he thought, special, very special! She suddenly dove down and immediately engulfed his prick with her hot mouth. Georgiou rolled onto his back and let the sensation of his married lover take him to where she wanted him to.

Lindy attacked his prick ferociously, she wanted Georgiou like no other now, she had no idea where this would end, but at the moment, with this mammoth prick in her mouth, she didn't care. She wanted only to please him, and please him she would.

She sucked and sucked, caressed his balls, fucked him with her loving mouth, until he began to move under her. She knew instinctively that he was going to cum. She locked her mouth around him; a crow bar would not have undone her lips. He started cumming, he came and came, he spouted load after load down her open willing throat, until at last he relaxed. He was spent.

She had only been in the apartment 15 minutes. He had jetted his cum for the first time into her mouth. Lindy kissed her way up his swarthy body, and lay in his arms. His soft wet sticky cock lovingly cradled in her tiny hand squeezing it. Georgiou pulled the crisp new covers over them.

They snuggled down like long time lovers, Lindy felt comfortable, since Luke had had short time working, she had felt anything like comfortable with anything. But now a warm sunny disposition swept over her.

'Georgiou, are you going to make love to me before we go downstairs?' She asked. 'Nothing on this earth can stop that happening my beautiful flower, your man is going to fuck and love you to heaven. I promise you.' He told her.

Staring slow and easy they began what was to become the fuck of their lives, well certainly Lindy's. Her heart cried out for release, she had never needed anything more in her young life. Nothing had ever been so urgent to her. To have his prick lodged in her pussy again was paramount now.

He came back to erection under the touch and feel of her hand work at him, desperate to bring him to her. Lindy was becoming paranoid, if it wasn't in her soon she would lose her mind.

'Georgiou, please, I need you now, please please Georgiou, now! She was trying to get under him, he allowed her after a brief struggle, he wanted her to be manic for him, she was! 'You want me Lindy Mmmm?' He enquired, holding himself from her. 'Yes yes yes,' chanted Lindy, 'Oh Georgiou please hurry.' He dipped the head in; Lindy clamped her legs to him, and tried to force him in. He resisted.

'Tell me you love me Lindy,' he told her. Tell me you love me more than your husband, and tell me now!' It was an order. 'Oh Georgiou, please don't make me, I'm not ready, please, make love to me?'

He drove his prick in so hard Lindy screamed, but it was followed immediately by a howl of desire, lust and thankfulness. It was in her again.

But then he pulled out and held it at her entrance. 'Tell me Lindy, or there will be no more.' He was toying with her emotions, he needed to make her say it, just for the satisfaction that he could.

'Yes yes yes Georgiou, I love you more than I have ever loved anyone, no one will ever receive my love again, I swear!' she whimpered. 'Please Georgiou, love me, please?' She was begging him now.

Georgiou had got what he wanted, and in fact got more than he had asked for. He hammered his prick in and out of her so fast it felt as if the friction was burning her, but she didn't care. To have this monster driving her to insanity was all she craved.

Her orgasm was total, it broke her completely, and he was like a powered engine. He wanted now to give her everything she wanted, hoped for, and dreamed of. It was his total commitment to her. His internal desire to please his woman took him on to greater heights than even he had ever attained. There was nothing in his mind now but Lindy.

He settled into a rhythm that took them both onwards and upwards, to their connected, but separate destinies. Both holding the other, they built to a crescendo of love that was becoming volcanic. They both erupted at the same time, sending them into a pit of pain, the pinnacle of joy, and then excruciating ecstasy that neither knew of.

Even Georgiou for all his expertise had never been here, it took his breath away completely. He fell on her as his spunk still fired into her. His prick was on fire, it hurt, it burned, it was wonderful.

Lindy was where she never knew of, this has, had been the most momentous moment in her life. She had been forced and taken to where few, if any woman had ever been, of that she was certain.

She was lying in a halo of love and wanton deceit. Georgiou was on top of her in a heap of man! Her nails had raked his back in an attempt to escape what he had done to her. But also in an attempt to keep him just where he was and to keep him doing it, for as long as her body could withstand the all consuming tsunami that had washed her, and her mind away forever.

Unknowingly she was now looking up into his eyes, he smiled at her. 'I hope that was something like you wanted Lindy?' he whispered to her, and then kissed her.

'Oh Georgiou, I have never ever been here, never. I said before, that I love you, you made me say it, you forced me to. But I mean it now, I do love you Georgiou, I do, I really do.'

Georgiou was in a position now that he wasn't used to. His intention had been just to seduce her, so he could fuck her whenever he wanted, pass her on to his ex wife, who was a bi sexual and loved small beautiful women. And even his lusty 18 year old son.

But this wasn't what was in his mind now. Lindy was special, so special; there was something about her, in her, around her, which made her so. He didn't dare ask himself, but was he falling for her? Was he sensing a love for her? He had a feeling in his chest that hadn't been there in a long long time.

Finally rolling off her, they gathered each other, and held on tight. 'There are two more things Lindy, and then we will be where we need to be my baby.' He told her. 'What are they Georgiou, I don't care what they are, you are granted them, and anything you want is yours, if I can give them to you?'

'One I will give you, the other you will give me,' he said. 'Tell me, please tell?' she whispered, as her mouth and soft kiss held him still. 'I need to love your pussy with my mouth,' was all he said. 'Anytime you are ready, so am I.' she murmured.

'The other is this,' he said, and pushed his hand between her slick legs, and drove a thick finger up her rectum, Lindy squealed in surprise. But Georgiou held her there, his finger probing deeper.

'Georgiou, stop, no please don't, oh Georgiou no!' 'Yes my baby, yes, you will give this up to me this day, this very afternoon, you will then become mine wholly, utterly and completely.' He told her.

'There will be no resistance to me Lindy; you will obey me won't you?' He fixed her with a look that would brook no opposition. She knew that she would do as he said, she would do whatever he said now, and there would never be any thought of a 'no' in her lovely head.

Lindy bowed her head. 'Yes Georgiou, whatever you say I will do, nothing will deter me from being who and what you want me to be. I don't care what you tell me to do in the future, I promise you, here and now, I am yours Georgiou, yours okay?' She said all this to him, with more feeling than she had ever used in her now defunct marriage vows.

'Good girl, now get showered and go and open the shop, we'll have customers here soon, we have a business to run,' he slapped her arse as hard as he could. Lindy yelped, squealed, and tears sprang to her eyes.

Before she could say anything, he pointed at the shower. She went, rubbing her very stinging backside. He joined her and loved her again; she just couldn't believe what she was going through. She was wishing she hadn't wasted the last 5 months, keeping him waiting for something, she never knew she wanted more than him.

She was now considering telling Luke she was leaving him, and moving into the apartment. This would give her and Georgiou all the access they needed and wanted from each other. She would discuss it with him later!

Little did she know that this had all crossed his mind too? It would give him all he wanted, a secure married loving wife. And if his ex wife got shirty with him, he would give her access to Lindy too. Georgiou knew his ex would have no trouble seducing Lindy, forcefully or otherwise.

He was more bothered about the damage she could cause him. Her family had been the ones to set him up and finance his operations, it gave him security. It also gave them openings in their own business dealings, of which he had no knowledge, nor wanted any.

Lindy popped out in the day to the pharmacy; there she bought a tube of KY Jelly, and bottle of baby oil. If Georgiou was going to do her in her bum, then she wanted some defences at the least. She knew he was going to; there would be no point in begging him not to. She wasn't looking forward to it; in fact, she wished he hadn't told her he was going to fuck her there.

As it happened, Georgiou told her he was going to wait for a better opportunity, and would wait a few days to do her there.

Instead, Lindy found herself across the bed after work, legs and feet hanging over the edge, Georgiou on his knees between them, driving her nuts with his tongue. Lindy had entered a world she hadn't known of. Luke wasn't bad in bed, but he was no where as near as adventurous as Georgiou.

And the swarthy Greek was a dominant man, another thing Lindy hadn't known existed, she and Luke had always been partners. But Lindy knew she was the junior partner here, and always would be. Any dominance shown from her would only be allowed from Georgiou.

Georgiou plated her, he lashed and licked, drank from her furry cup, wallowed in her nectar. His tongue washed her mind away, her orgasms were thick and fast, her clit was seared away from her. His finger was constantly in her arse.

Lindy gurgled and moaned as he gave her everything he could with his mouth. He serviced her as he had never done. He was finding out that she was the woman, he was beginning to know.

He was changing her life completely, her life was about to make life altering changes, she couldn't have dreamed of. But unknown to Lindy, she was changing his.

After one final orgasm, Georgiou climbed over her, pushed his solid prick into her, and all he did was fuck her. He wanted to cum, and cum he would. If Lindy got hers again, then good. But this was for him; and only him. He shot his load deep into her and rolled off.

Lindy lay there at his side in wonderland; her mind was tuned into him now, no one else. She knew her marriage had been closed, like a devoid bank account, it was no longer needed. If Georgiou turned against her in the future, she would always relish and be thankful for what he had shown and given her.

Today was Thursday, she would tell Luke tonight. 'Georgiou, what do you think about me moving into here by myself?' She asked softly. He turned and smiled at her, she had got here by herself, he thought, this is a good sign for the future.

'Just as soon as you want to do Lindy, is this weekend soon enough?' 'No, tomorrow?' she offered. No, we will move you in on Monday.' He said. 'What about Luke?' he enquired. 'I'll tell him this weekend,' she said, 'but Georgiou, you must look after me okay?' 'Yes Lindy, you will be my own angel, I will care for you as a man would a wife, but there will be changes, yes?' He was thinking of his ex wife mainly. 'Yes Georgiou, I will give you every thing you ask for, and I will do as you say, every word, I promise.' She said.

'You had better go Lindy, or he will be here looking for you.' He told her. Yes,' she answered. Her pussy was still on fire, cum dripping out of her, getting off the bed made her wobble, she giggled. 'I hope there will be a lot more of this Georgiou?' 'You had better believe it Lindy, more than you can handle, I assure you,' he smiled. His thoughts turned to Maria, his ex, then Andreas his young son.

'My my Lindy, you will more than you could ever have bargained for, he said to himself, 'and the best thing is, you are wishing it on yourself too!' He felt very relaxed about his immediate future now. He had Lindy in his pocket; it was where he had wanted her for the last 5 months. And now she was his for good.

That night Luke was morose, Lindy knew he had something on his mind. Lindy was steeling herself to tell him she was leaving him and wanted a divorce.

As she was building up her courage, Luke blurted out that he was packing and going home to his mothers! He would be gone by the weekend, and no amount of begging from her would do any good. Their marriage was over, he had realised it. They had become estranged over events.

He had decided that they should have been strong enough to get over it. But knew they were not, she had changed beyond all recognition. Lindy agreed, but didn't say so, she had changed, and it was Georgiou who had changed her.

Lindy dropped onto the sofa as Luke left the room to pack. She almost laughed out loud. But she was also mortified that this had happened, she hadn't been prepared for this, and it hurt her a little.

She slept in the spare room that night, and in the morning they never spoke. Lindy hurried to work to tell Georgiou, he was delighted. 'Now, get up those stairs woman, I need to fuck you right now.' Lindy dashed off, taking her clothes off as she went, she was naked before she hit the bed. Georgiou was right behind her. 'On your knees,' he ordered.

He rutted her senseless, he grappled with her sensitive nipples, making her howl, this was another one for him. But Lindy exploded like a time bomb too. They both shot cum out of their bodies, Lindy's squirted out, his flooded in.

That night she never went home, she would get her things later. Georgiou had rung some shops, and ordered lots of household items, and lots of food and drink. It was all delivered that day.

She offered him the KY Jelly as they went up into the apartment after work, she looked at him pensively. Her less than 5ft beautiful frame looked even smaller, his prick jumped to attention.

'This means I am giving myself to you Georgiou, you promised to take care of me now, didn't you?' She asked timidly. 'Lindy, the world you are entering now, will be totally different and unexpected than the one you are leaving, that's a cert.' He told her. She wasn't sure just what he meant by that, but never said anything.

They started making love and soon they were lost in each other, Lindy briefly thought of Luke, and what he might say if he could see her now. Wrapped in the loving arms of an older man, and a Greek at that!

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