Lindy's Change of Life


And that now she was a fully committed lover to him, and would do anything he told her now. She knew this was so because if she didn't, she might lose him. He couldn't be controlled like she could control Luke.

He worked Lindy onto her knees and got behind her. This is it, she thought, He's going to do my bum, and while she wanted it, her fears were greater, but there was nothing she could ever do now to avoid it.

She felt him lubricating her arse, and pushing a finger into her tight little hole. It made her shiver in anticipation, desire, arousal, and dread. It welled up in her; she involuntarily pushed back at the invading thick finger. It began to feel dirty, wanton, rude defiling, but so good.

Then the moment of truth, the finger came out to be replaced by his heavy thick hard cock, it nudged her. Lindy tensed herself on the bed, ready to hold against him. Then Georgiou pushed forward, it popped in, her sphincter opened and closed around the invader, holding him inside her, the pain shot through her body.

He held her by her hips and drove forward again. She squealed, begged him to pull it out, she tried to wriggle away. But she was going nowhere, Georgiou lifted her by the hips, and her knees left the bed. There was nowhere for her to go.

He held her still now for a moment, he let her arse take the strain, letting it expand to him. It gave Lindy a chance to settle, but only until he powered in the last 4 inches, he was all the way in now. Again he stayed still. Lindy's legs were kicking back and forth, but that's all she could do. She was completely subservient to his control.

Gradually the pain diminished to be replaced by a feeling of utter submission, her degradation was complete her very being was his. She suddenly realised between her moans that her life as she knew it was definitely over forever.

He lowered her prone body down onto the bed and began to fuck her properly; Lindy writhed in pain, agony and utter ecstasy. An orgasm unknown was building in her, an orgasm like no other was happening. It was all linked to Georgiou; her body was wrapping itself in him. As the rumble in her belly increased, her loins started to mingle with it.

Her legs stiffened, her arms did, her hands grabbed at the sheets. Her arse was humping up to him, it was as if it had a mind of its own. She wanted this, she wanted more. The spearing of her rectum was the driving force that would crash her over which ever cliff she was heading for.

Georgiou himself was giving her no thought now, he was heading the same way, he was going to fill her belly from the back. He had a load of spunk to deliver, and his milkman was calling!

He grunted, Lindy wailed, her body trembling like a leaf in a gale, nothing could stop this train wreck that was now her body, heading for the crash.

Georgiou told he was coming, Lindy couldn't speak, and they both battered headlong into their own, but shared orgasm. Georgiou's balls began emptying into her bowels at a rate of knots. Lindy smashed into, and through her own barricade.

Slumped in a pile now, both were unable to disentangle themselves from the other. Lindy wept with the emotion of it all. Georgiou laughed a laugh of a very satisfied man.

After long moments he slid slowly and painfully backwards and out of her shattered wide open arse, it would never fully shut again, this wouldn't be a one time occurrence. Lindy still lay face down, unable to right herself, her arm moved to him, and caressed wherever it reached. He bit her neck, powerfully, and sucked heavily, leaving a hickey of huge proportions.

There was no way on earth she would never be his now, he had debased her totally, and she had given him everything, all of her. And now he had marked her for all to see. He rolled away and pulled her to him.

The feeling of contentment was too great for her to bear, she cried into his shoulder, crushed herself to him. She had always thought that her love for Luke was as strong as any love could have been. But she knew different now, in just a few short days, her life had altered beyond all recognition.

This also included Georgiou, his intention for Lindy hadn't been this. She was a truly exceptional woman, an absolute rarity. Her beauty transpired everything; she was such a person inside as out.

Now a thought broke through his fog. Could he keep his ex wife from her? The answer? It would be no. Not if she decided that she wanted her. And Georgiou was certain he knew the answer to that. Lindy was everything the she loved in another woman, soft, dark, small, petite, tiny even, and so heart achingly lovely.

Maria had already commented on her when they had met. She had said to him. 'Georgiou, if you don't get her I will, and even if you do, I will!' And she had laughed. The thought got to him, for the first time in his life; he felt he wanted to keep a woman just for himself. He had always shared with Maria if it had been her wish.

And he knew that given the right circumstances, there wasn't a woman around who could stop her taking her to bed. Maria was woman enough to know that sometimes, 'pressure' had to be applied, and Maria had always won the argument. He knew Lindy wouldn't stand a cat in hell's chance of avoiding it, or her.

'Ah well,' he thought, 'here's to the future.' As he laughed, Lindy asked what was so funny. 'Nothing for you to worry your pretty little head about my baby, okay?' he said. 'If you say so darling,' she whispered. 'My bum hurts Georgiou, you wont do that again will you?' She asked. Laughing again, he said, 'not today my baby I won't.' 'I love you Georgiou, you have made me love you.' 'I also love you Lindy, we are going to be good together, and for each other, yes?' he told her. 'Yes Georgiou, yes,' she whispered, kissed him and went to sleep.

They awoke 3 hours later. 'Kitchen!' he told her, 'go and make your man a meal, right now.' It was an order, given lovingly, but it was an order never the less. She laughed when she suddenly found herself on the floor. That morning they went and retrieved her things from her home. And left without a backward glance, Georgiou was happy to see that.

They spent most of the day and night at each other. Learning each others needs and desires. Lindy wanting to learn the most, Georgiou's mind set was already cast in stone. 'Satisfy your woman, and you will have a love slave for life,' had always been his motto.

And he already had, he didn't know it, but when Maria was to come calling, Lindy would submit, because it was what he wanted.

This happened later in the week. Georgiou had taken a call from Maria, and had gone to meet her. Lindy wasn't happy that he was, but he told her it was business. She would do as he told her, his questioning look, made her stop asking.

Maria, knew already that she had moved into the apartment, so how sexy is the little girl she beamed. She knew he wasn't going to be happy about her taking Lindy, but there was nothing he could do or say. But she wouldn't keep her, Georgiou had laid the ground work, he deserved to hold her, even if she took Lindy away at times, and she would too!

She didn't intrude much in his life, but both knew Maria would want to play with Lindy. Her families hold on him would, make him do whatever she wanted.

Maria was a Greek too, 35 years old, she was a larger woman than Lindy, at 5ft 7" she was a lot taller, and weighed in around 20lbs more. She was a stunning woman in her own right, black raven hair, silky as silk, light brown complexion that was a s flawless as Lindy's. She had a proud bearing, a slightly sloping forehead, above a gorgeous full lipped face. When she held herself erect, she had a haughty aloof look, that was a sight to behold. She had many lovers, as well as young girl lovers.

Her preference was young girls, Lindy was 24, but looked like a schoolgirl. Maria would dress her as such. She told Georgiou to tell her about his ex. He said he didn't know how to. Maria just said to tell her, that you want her to be fully equipped for life's loving ways. And that Maria loved her and wanted to spend time with her, and she would do the rest.

'Don't concern yourself Georgiou, leave it to me, it will all work out okay?' 'If you say so Maria,' he said defeated. 'I do say so.' was her answer. 'I will be there on Sunday, I want you to have business to attend to okay?' she told him.

Sunday morning came, Georgiou had told Lindy that Maria was calling to see her, but he wouldn't be here as he had a meeting to attend to.

'You are leaving me alone with her Georgiou? What happens if she tries to, well you... you... know?' 'You will be fine Lindy, Maria is a good woman, she will look after you.' he said.

'And make your self look good too, short skirt, wear that little white blouse I bought you, (but he hadn't, Maria had bought it!) and those sandals.' 'Go with the flow Lindy, okay?' Then he was gone.

Lindy showered and dressed as he had said to do, put on a little make up. Georgiou had told her he wanted her to grow her hair too, he wanted it long, he had said. When she looked in the mirror, she told herself that she looked like a little school girl, so she put her hair into a tiny pony tail, and she giggled.

It was exactly what Maria had planned for.

Lindy heard the door open, she must have a key, she thought. 'Lindy!' Maria beamed, as she entered the room. 'My my my, you look good darling, real good.' she said breathily. Maria took her in her arms and kissed her cheek. 'Thank you Maria, you do too, you look terrific.' Lindy answered truthfully.

Maria's personality shone through, her Greek beauty, her power of demeanour was palpable, and her strength of character was a flag to be borne along with her dignity.

Lindy felt completely overwhelmed, there was no way she could ever match this woman's poise and persona. She was timid and shy before her. Maria sensed this easily, she knew there would be little or no resistance to her.

Lindy had no idea what was to transpire today, she would just go with the flow as Georgiou had said to do. Keeping her arm around Lindy's slim waist, Maria walked her to the window. 'To get a better look at you sweet child,' her perfumed breath washed around Lindy.

'You are so small, tiny even, and delicate Lindy, so beautiful, so sexy, no wonder Georgiou fell for you.' she said. Lindys heart blushed with untold appreciation. Just as Maria thought to her self. 'I will dress you the way I want you, in little school girls clothes, when I get you in my home!' She held her close and very gently kissed and nibbled at her neck. It acted like a delayed bomb, her mind blew.

Lindy was already being hypnotised by her, her deep dark eyes mesmerised her. Her words were clouding her brain, and her touch was magnetic. She wasn't aware of the effect Maria was having, the power she was exerting over her. She was already off balance.

Maria looked into Lindy's eyes with a look of sensual desire, Lindy's mouth fell slightly open, and her pouty kissable lips were ready for other lips. Maria lowered her blood red lips to Lindy's neck, her white even teeth searing it.

The heat emanating from Maria was burning her, she knew this was probably going to happen, Georgiou had told her of Maria's enchantment of her.

Lindy had had one experience with her best friend while still at school, and although they had never done it again, it had left a lasting beautiful impression on her.

She realised that her hands were resting on Maria's hips; Maria bit her neck softly again, this time Lindy grunted. Holding her tight with her left hand, she brought her right hand up and clasped her bosom. This is the test Maria told herself.

Lindy collapsed against her, she was ready for this. She had known in the back of her mind that this is what would happen today, and also in her mind, she knew she had been ready for it. But she had denied it to herself. Her arms snaked around Maria's waist. She held her face up to her, she was inviting Maria to take her, the submission was being offered.

Keeping her grip on her, she led her backwards to the bedroom, where she would devour Lindy like she had never been devoured.

Maria slowly undressed her, kissing, and caressing all the way. Lindy was gasping and moaning. And also, though in a stupor, was trying to get Maria's dress off too, in a few moments they were in bed naked, with Maria on top.

She gathered Lindy's wrists in one hand above her head and began torturing her nipples. She twisted and squeezed, crushed and tweaked, pain and sublime arousal filled Lindy. Maria slapped them, took a handful of flesh and almost tore it away, Lindy screamed, but Maria brought her to bear with her first kiss proper.

Lindy fell beneath it; 'how another woman's kiss could be this good?' she thought. Her mind was in a million pieces, desire, arousal, pain, pleasure, hurt, need, want, love. They all tried to claim dominance in her mind. None succeeded, but they all won. Getting to Lindy's side now, and holding her down in her grip. Maria delved her knowing fingers into Lindy's now white hot soaking pussy. Her orgasm was immediate.

Lindy's hips left the bed with the shock of her orgasm; it was so intense that her knees came up to her chest. Maria smiled down at her victim; she was going dominate this girl with her love. She would be a prisoner without bonds.

Maria's hot and heart shaped lips found Lindy's, she accepted Maria's kiss with an enthusiasm she didn't know she had. Maria's fingers were driving Lindy insane. She hadn't come down from her first orgasm, yet she was being built up uncontrollably to another by Maria.

Her body began to thrash about in a desperate attempt to escape it, but never wanting to. She couldn't decide what or where to go. Maria would decide that. Lindy's body took her onwards, no reprieve, no respite, the orgasm was going to mutilate her, and she knew it!

When it came, she was waiting for it, but the blasting painful surprise of it, knocked her out, her conscious left her. She slid into obscurity, where she was, she was never to know. Her mind awoke her to the reeling crashing wavelike movements of the orgasm driving through her.

As her eyes opened she found herself looking directly up into Maria's. Their two bodies lined up, sudden realisation hit her. She had a cock in her and she was being fucked! Maria was fucking her. She tried to put hr arms around her, but they wouldn't move, struggling to look up, she saw her wrists tied to the bed posts with soft rope.

In her fragile state of mind, Maria had tied her, and was now physically, as well as mentally totally under her control and power. Lindy thought to herself, 'I wonder if she is one of those women that has a mans cock?' Maria reading her mind lifted her body from Lindy's and said, 'look down Lindy?'

Lindy did so, and saw an amazing sight, one she had never seen. Maria had a strap on cock, and she plunged it hard and fast back into her, and then began a mounting of astronomical proportions. Lindy had never, nor would ever be fucked and made love to like this again. A first is a first, and this was hers.

Maria held her tight, but let her have her head as she sublimely took her, her legs high up and clamped over Maria's back. Lindy had orgasm after orgasm. Her body was a wreck.

But Maria had also found out that Lindy was as special as Georgiou had told her, and she understood why he felt the way he did. Lindy was a woman who demanded love from her lover; and she gave it back in spades.

Maria had never been offered what Lindy had unknowing offered her. Lindy enticed her, alarmed her, enchanted her, she was as dangerous as a siren. But so beautifully innocent with it. She kissed Lindy as she had never really kissed a woman. She had always seduced and got what she wanted, but Lindy was giving back, how? She didn't know, and Lindy certainly didn't.

She untied Lindy, pulled her into her arms, and Lindy attacked her, she was all over Maria, Maria's defences were down, and Lindy trampled all over them. Lindy had not understood the power of a woman in sexual frenzy, in heat, of desperate need to gain the satisfaction only true loving could sate, or quench.

But she was finding out right now, she flew into the air, twisted herself around. Landed on top of Maria so quickly in the 69 position, her mouth fastened onto Maria's pussy as if super glued.

In doing so, it forced Maria up at Lindy's pussy, and she returned the favour. They went at each other as if this was Gods first love, sucking and tonguing each other to a mountainous orgasm. They both exploded in the others mouth at the same time, each drinking in the others nectar.

Maria had met her match, no one had ever taken her like this, others had made her orgasm many times, but none had ever taken her. And that is what Lindy had done, she had actually forced submission, from her. She had turned the tables on her. Maria laid back and gloried in the feeling, she was falling in love with Lindy. And from there Lindy would gain power.

When they had both regained their scrambled senses, Maria, still maintaining authority, told Lindy, that next weekend from Friday to Monday she would be with her. That she would come to Maria's home, and continue this fantastic day.

'Would you like that my sweet child?' she asked. 'Yes Maria, but what will Georgiou say? Will he let me?' 'Don't you worry about him Lindy; he will do as I ask him.' Not wanting to tell Lindy that he would do as instructed!

Maria left late in the afternoon, and called Georgiou to say they had found every woman they had hoped to find. All wrapped up in one beautiful package.

'You know Georgiou, I may return to you so we can share her, what do you think?' she said. 'Maria,' he answered, 'I want to marry her, she wants to marry me, how can we get back together?' 'I can make you do what I want Georgiou, don't forget that?' she replied forcefully. 'Yes I know Maria, but please, this is different, please?' His heart felt plea bit into her mind. She couldn't let him hurt like that. Nor could she do it to Lindy, Lindy who had shown such love and maturity.

She said to him, 'I will want to see her myself sometimes Georgiou?' 'I'm sure that after today, if I know you Maria, she will want that too?'

'What about Andreas?' Maria said. His heart and mind pitched into his stomach!

This was going to be a real problem, when he had introduced them; he had said to his lusty 18 year old son, that he would let him have her for some fun. Never did he realise that how he felt now, was utterly different to then.

'I don't know?' He whispered. 'You shouldn't have told him he could have her,' she admonished. 'I'll have a word with him, see if he isn't too bothered,' Maria told him. 'But if he said you promised, then you will have to keep it somehow, you are a real shit sometimes Georgiou!' 'Maria please, find a way?' he pleaded.

She rang off, what could she do? She knew how strong minded Andreas was. The first thing Maria did was to meet with her son. She informed him as casually as she could, that his father was going to marry Lindy when her divorce had been finalised.

'But where will that leave you mama,' he asked, concerned for her. 'Oh I will be fine with it my darling, I am happy for him, and I will have a confidant in her too.' She said. Andreas then hit her with his own opinion. 'Mama, father told me that I could woo Lindy if I so wished?' Not actually using the terminology his father had used.

'Andreas, I'm sure there are other ladies who could teach you how to be the man your father is.' Well there is only one woman, but if I can't get her, then father did promise me?' He was backing his mother into a corner, and Maria couldn't see a way out yet. The love of her son was paramount to her.

'Another woman Andreas? You have never mentioned this, do I know her?' 'I believe you do, but back to Lindy, you and father gave me a word, is this not your honour too mama?' 'Andreas, this is so important to your father, and I too, please, tell me of this other woman, and I will find a way for you I promise.' Maria said.

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