tagGroup SexLines Are Crossed at the Beach

Lines Are Crossed at the Beach


We first met Jake and Alex at the gym a few months before we were married. Initially we were just gym friends, but eventually we started to get together on weekends and do stuff – movies, going out to dinner, hitting the clubs, those kinds of things.

We met Brad and Paige shortly after we moved to our new house when they came over and introduced themselves and welcomed us to the neighborhood. They were another young, attractive couple and it wasn't long before the six of us were almost always together on the weekends.

I don't remember who first came up with the idea, but we all loved the thought of renting a cottage and spending a week at the beach together. We all rearrange our work schedules and before you know it our vacation is ready to begin.

The cottage is perfect. It's right on the beach and has three master-type bedrooms, so each couple has their own bath. The views are fantastic and we all will definitely enjoy the Jacuzzi on the deck.

Several days of wonderful weather pass by. We spend it playing in the water and on the sand; there are nights of dancing and drinking at the bars and having a good old time. One morning we wake up to a cloudy, rainy day. We spend part of that afternoon shopping, but the misty rain becomes a steady, driving rain so we retreat to the cottage, looking forward to some cold beers and icy margaritas. We quickly pass over or go through the board games available in the cottage as well as all of the card games we can think of playing.

We are all just lounging around, when Jake starts playing with one of the empty beer bottles; first he pulls off the label, then slides the bottle around on the table. When the bottle falls over, it spins around and winds up pointing at Paige; she giggles and says, "Oh no, who am I supposed to kiss?"

This leads to a conversation recalling all of our younger games of spin-the-bottle and then things take a more serious turn. Alex says, "Well, who wants to play now?"

We decide that maybe spin-the-bottle isn't quite the same exciting concept that it had been when we were teenagers, so someone suggests making things more interesting and play strip spin-the-bottle. Instead of kissing someone, if the bottle points at you, you have to remove an article of clothing. Another voice chimes in that even that is too lame and why not make it that you have to either strip or perform a dare if the bottle winds up on you. Everyone agrees and the room begins to perk up with excitement. We are all ready for the game to begin.

Jake decides that since he has started the whole thing, he is going to spin first. It isn't too long before we are all nearly naked; my wife Laura, is the last of the girls down to two pieces of clothing and all of us guys are down to our underwear. Strangely, no one has asked for a dare rather than stripping, apparently we are all willing to get naked and see what happens.

Laura sends the bottle spinning. We all watch anxiously, realizing that we are about to see parts of one of us that we don't normally see. When the bottle stops on Jake, he good-naturedly shakes his head."Not quite what I was hoping for when this started, but what the hell...," he tells us.

Jake stands up. He turns around, lowers his blue boxers to his feet and kicks them to the corner. All the girls watch, admiring his chiseled body and tight ass. When he turns around, everyone can see that his cock is semi-hard. To be honest, I am happy to see that, because mine is too. I am also happy to see that while his cock seems thicker than mine, I think mineis a bit longer. Sitting back down next to Alex, Jake sends the bottle spinning again.

The bottle slows. We all wait anxiously, some of us are excited, some a little nervous, still getting used to the idea of being naked in front of someone other than a spouse. When the bottle comes to a rest pointing at Paige, we all figure this will be a make it or break it moment. Sure one of the guys is naked, but that's a guy.

Paige though has a surprise for us. She stands up, reaches beneath the long t-shirt she is wearing and pulls down a skimpy thong, steps out of it, twirls it around her finger and tosses it over to join Jake's boxers. As she sits back down, something is muttered about that not being fair, but she just giggles and says, "I guess you've got to wait a little longer boys." With another giggle, she sends the bottle spinning again.

When the bottle stops on Laura, she has to make the easy choice between her lacy black bra or tiny black bikinis. Turning around, she brings her hands up to her chest and unfastens the front clasp of her bra. Sliding the straps from her shoulders, she extends her arms, still facing away from us and lets her bra fall to the floor. Her hands covering her breasts she turns around again. With everyone watching her and encouraging her, she shakes her head with a smile, finally dropping her hands and letting everyone see her firm breasts and stiff nipples. Looking around at everyone and enjoying the positive responses, she smiles and sits down, pausing to give the bottle a rap as she does.

Paige is concerned to see the bottle come to a stop pointing at her. "Oh no," she says, realizing that she's about to become the second one naked. "Oh yes," Brad replies, "c'mon baby, you know you've wanted this ever since we started."

With another giggle and a toss of her long red hair, Paige stands up and her hands fall to the hem of her shirt. "Here goes nothing," she says as she pulls the shirt over her head and throws it at Brad. Everyone hungrily takes in her naked body, from her long legs and firm pink-nippled breasts to the surprising revelation that she has a completely shaven pussy.

I feel my cock throb at the sight before me, and looking around it seems that I am not alone in my excitement; Jake's cock has gotten harder, Brad has a nice bulge going in his briefs and Alex's hard nipples are poking through her thin bra. With a little shimmy, Paige leans over to set the bottle spinning before sitting back down.

When the bottle stops on me, I am a little anxious because my cock is pretty hard by now, but rules are rules. Standing up, I turn to Laura, holding my hands out and say, "Would you like to do the honors?" With a smile at me, she nods and rises to her knees.

Running her hands up my legs and over the throbbing tent in my boxers, she grabs the waistband. Pulling out and down, she exposes my hard dick, then lowers my boxers to my ankles where I step out with one foot, then kick them aside with the other. Sitting back down, I look around, happy with the reaction. As I lean forward to spin the bottle, I feel Laura's hand squeezing my thigh and I smile, knowing that she's definitely getting into this.

My spin settles to a stop on Alex, who shrugs, reaches behind herself and slides off her satiny pink bra, revealing the largest breasts of any of the girls, again with very stiff nipples.

Alex's spin comes to a stop on Paige and there seems to be a collective holding of our breath as we wait to see what happens. Paige giggles again, "Well, I don't think I can take anymore off, so what's my dare?"

"Oh...I wasn't ready for this," Alex mutters. "Ummm, just kiss one of the guys."

With some joking boos from the crowd, Paige says, "easy enough," then turns and kisses Brad, lightly at first, but quickly becoming a real kiss, tongues entwining and slipping into one another's mouths. Breaking the kiss and breathing hard, Paige starts the bottle spinning again. We wait, each of us now thinking of dares that we'd like to see or maybe dares we'd like to be involved in.

Laura smiles as the bottle stops on her. She stands up, looks at me and says, "Your turn." Moving closer to her, I can smell her excitement already. Running my hands up her legs and caressing her tight ass, I reach up and ease the little black bikini off of her, smiling when I see her pussy glistening with moisture from her excitement. With a smile at the gang, I hold the damp panties to my face, inhaling her scent, then I toss the panties to Jake who also inhales deeply, then sits back, his cock noticeably hardening further.

Laura's spin comes to a rest on Jake. Since he's already naked, Laura has to come up with a dare for him. Smiling at him as he still has her panties in his hand and his cock is throbbing, she says, "Since you seemed to enjoy that, how about a kiss to say thank you?"

Jake stands up and comes over, his cock bobbing in front of him. He then leans down and starts to kiss my wife, tentatively at first, but becoming deeper as they forget about the group around them, watching them. They break the kiss, both a bit flushed and breathing harder. Jake smiles at Laura and says, "thank you" with a laugh. Slapping the bottle as he passes by, he heads back to his seat.

The bottle stops, pointing at Brad. He stands, showing off an impressive bulge in his boxer briefs. Hooking his thumbs in his waistband, he slides his underwear off, resulting in a stifled gasp or groan from one of the girls and envious looks from the guys. Brad's cock is huge, it must be at least 9 or 10 inches long and is very thick. As if it enjoys being the center of attention, it stands proudly erect, a droplet of pre-cum beginning to ooze from the tip. After making sure everyone has had the chance to ooh and ahh over his package, Brad finally sits back down, hitting the bottle on his way.

When the bottle comes to a stop pointing at Alex, she stands up and turns around, her firm round ass framed nicely by the pink satin of her thong. Easing the thong down over her hips, she bends over from the waist as she lowers it down her legs like a stripper. Jutting her ass out at the group, we watch mesmerized as she steps out of the thong. The movement gives us a glimpse of her pink, glistening lips. When she turns around, we see a closely trimmed patch of blonde pubic hair matching the color of the hair on her head.

Continuing the precedent, when Alex's spin comes to a rest on me, her dare is to kiss her. A bit anxious for some reason, I move across the circle, happy to see her stand up to meet me. Resting my hands tentatively on her hips, I lean forward, brushing my lips over hers. When I feel the tip of her tongue against my lips, I open them, inviting her tongue into my mouth. Our tongues and lips are soon entwined into a passionate dance. My hands have moved around to her back and are sliding up and down her back and through her hair. Reluctantly breaking the kiss, I step back and watch as Alex smiles prettily at me, then turns to Laura. "You're right, he really is a good kisser."

As I sit back down, Laura rubs my thigh again, smiling back at Alex, "Told you!"

My spin comes to a rest on Jake. I'm not quite ready to really push any lines yet, so I just dare him to kiss his sexy wife. Turning and pulling Alex closer to him, their kiss quickly becomes a passionate one, his hands moving to his wife's large breasts and playing with her stiff nipples as they kiss. The look of desire on Alex's face is unmistakable as they break the kiss. When Jake's spin comes to a stop on Brad, we wait for Jake's dare.

"I want you to suck on Alex's nipples," he says, looking back and forth between his wife and his friend. Alex gives a soft moan of desire and we all watch expectantly as Brad moves closer, realizing that a new, more serious line is about to be crossed. With a louder moan, Alex's hands slide through Brad's hair, pulling his mouth to her breasts. A sudden intake of breath follows as his tongue swirls over and across her stiff nipples. When Brad sits back, a look at Alex leaning back against her husband reveals that her pink pussy is glistening even more.

Brad's cock is jutting up proudly as he leans forward, setting the bottle in motion once more. When his spin lands on Laura, he smiles. "Jake's kiss looked pretty hot, I want one too." Laura laughs and moves over to Brad, where he reaches and pulls her down onto his lap. As his mouth touches hers the kiss is instantly a passionate one with a lot of tongue. Brad's hands move across Laura's back and over her ass. Her hands caress his strong back and broad shoulders. As they kiss, Laura's hips make small grinding movements until they slowly break the kiss. As she comes back to my side, we can see the bottom of Brad's thick cock glistening with the juices from her wet pussy.

Laura's spin comes to a rest on Paige. With a semi-defiant look at the petite redhead, Laura says, "I dare you to lick and suck on my nipples."

Paige flashes her electric smile and quickly moves over, "My pleasure." She lowers her mouth to Laura's tits and the room is soon filled with slurping and sucking noises as well as moans of pleasure. It takes all of my self-control not to take my cock in hand and jerk off to the sexy sight of my wife and her friend, along with their sighs and moans of pleasure.

As Paige moves back to her seat, she says, "After that, someone's about to be licking me!" Hitting the bottle, she sits down. When the bottle winds up pointing at me, my cock throbs in excitement. As I look at Paige, she leans back against Brad spreading her legs open. Her shaved pussy glistening with excitement, the outer lips starting to separate, she runs a hand down her taut stomach, "C'mon...eat me, come lick my pussy."

Moving over, I kneel between her legs and lower my face to her waiting box. Breathing her scent, seeing her smoothly shaven pussy, my excitement grows greater. Extending my tongue, I take a long, slow lick from the bottom of her pussy to the top. Like eating an ice cream cone, I run several licks like that up and down her pink lips. As she starts to moan, I move my tongue back to the top of her pussy, where I begin to flick it back and forth over her swelling clit, making her moan even more. I want to slide my finger into her pussy and focus on her clit to make her cum, but that wasn't the dare. Reluctantly I sit back on my heels, licking my lips and smiling at her as she opens her eyes.

Heading back to my spot, my cock is throbbing and a droplet of precum falls from the head, leaving a strand of precum in its wake. I'm thinking that I'm going to have my dare be to suck on my cock. When my spin stops of Jake, however, that plan changes. I may be horny, but I'm not ready for that. "Hmmm, tell you what Jake, I think Paige needs a little more help, why don't you eat her pussy, but this time, make her cum."

"Oh God, yes," squeals Paige, laying back against Brad again, her hand rubbing her wet pussy. "Please Jake...make me cum."

Jake is on his knees between Paige's legs in a flash, pushing his face into her dripping cunt. As his tongue narrows in on her clit, Paige's cries and moans grow louder. "Fuck yes, suck my clit," she cries, her hands on the back of Jake's head, pulling his mouth onto her pussy. With another cry, her body stiffens, her head is thrown back and her eyes close as her orgasm hits. Jake sits back proudly, his face glistens with Paige's cum as he moves back to his spot. Somehow, we all know another line has been crossed.

Jake's spin comes to rest on Alex. Smiling at his wife and nodding toward his cock, Jake says, "Mmm baby, come suck on my cock." Alex laughs and tells him to bring it over. Jake stands in front of Alex, who sits up on her knees. As Jake's hands rest on her head, she opens her pouty lips and quickly takes all of his cock into her mouth. Bobbing back and forth on his hard shaft, she brings a hand up to the base of it, holding it as she sucks. As Jake starts to moan, she sits back, licks the tip of his cock and says, "Too bad you didn't tell me to make you cum baby."

Over Jake's cries of it not being fair, the rest of us laugh at his predicament and Alex's teasing, while at the same time filing away the need to be specific with our dares. When Alex's spin comes to a stop pointing back at Jake, we think we know what's about to happen, but Alex has another surprise for us all. "Jerk off for us babe, make yourself cum."

Jake groans, not especially happy with his dare, but wanting to be out of the game even less. Leaning back, his hand drops to his hard dick. As he begins to pump his hand up and down, the purple head is soon glistening with his pre-cum. Jake's eyes are moving around the room, looking at each of the girls, taking in their hard nipples and pink pussies. His eyes even stop on my hard 8 inch cock and Brad's throbbing 10 inch giant.

Moving to stand in front of his wife, causing the rest of us to move so we can see, Jake's hand begins to move faster on his cock, the other hand cupping his balls. With a grunt, a spurt of cum shoots out of his cock and hits Alex's big tits. As Jake continues to stroke his cock, another four or five jets of cum spurt out, covering Alex's boobs. With a long sigh, Jake sinks back down beside Alex to a brief round of applause. As Alex dips her fingers into the pool of Jake's cum, moving her finger to her lips, Paige asks, "Aren't you going to share?"

Alex holds her cum-covered finger out to Paige who takes it into her mouth, moaning and licking it clean. Alex runs another finger across her chest and then holds it out to Laura. While Laura enjoys her sample of Jake's cum, Jake recovers enough to send the bottle spinning again. When it stops on Laura, still licking the cum from Alex's finger, Jake smiles and dares her to clean all the cum from Alex's tits.

Laura lowers her face to Alex's big tits and begins licking up Jake's load, pausing to lick and suck on Alex's hard nipples as she does. When her mouth is full of Jake's cum, she raises her face and kisses Alex, sharing Jake's cum with his wife. As she moves back to her seat, she pauses to kiss me too. It's strange to taste another man's cum on my wife's tongue, but it excites me too. With a wink and a grin at me, Laura sits back down and starts the bottle spinning again.

Laura's spin winds up back on Jake. Disappointed that he has cum so recently and that his cock has not yet recovered, she dares him to finger her pussy and make her cum. He has her move over in front of him, sitting between his legs and leaning back against his chest. With his arms around her, his fingertips lightly run over her skin before slipping between her legs. Her pussy is so wet, his finger slides easily inside of her. As he works his finger in and out of her, his palm presses against her clit. His other hand moves up to play with her hard nipples as he slides a second finger into her pussy. As he starts to work the two fingers harder in and out of her cunt, his thumb rubs back and forth over her clit. Leaning further back against him, Laura's moans tell us she's about to cum. Finally her body stiffens and she exhales a long breath as she peaks. Jake's hand slows to a stop, easing his fingers out of her sensitive pussy. As she collapses back against him, Jake reaches around her to spin the bottle again.

When Jake's spin comes to a stop on Paige, he looks at her with a wicked grin. "Well, Alex is the only girl not to have cum yet, why don't you do something about that?" Paige is quickly moving over to Alex who seems like she's about to object.

"I'd love to," Paige purrs, placing a finger on Alex's mouth to stop any protest. Following her finger with her mouth, she is soon kissing Alex and her hands begin to roam. Caressing Alex's big tits and pinching her nipples, Paige presses her tongue into Alex's mouth. Pulling back from the kiss, she smiles at her friend then begins to kiss a trail down Alex's body;, over her chest, across her stomach, and finally between her legs. Pushing her face between Alex's thighs, Paige starts to lick her friend's dripping pussy.

After just a few licks, Paige focuses her attention on Alex's clit, licking, sucking and nibbling on the little button to make Alex explode. As Alex's cries of pleasure begin to subside, Paige moves back to her spot. Laura has recovered enough at this point to also move back to her original place by my side, stopping to give Jake a thank you kiss on the way.

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