Vanessa woke into pleasure.

She felt the sensation long before she was able to understand the cause-the slow, lingering heat gathering between her legs, and the whispering tingle in her nipples that made them tighten into stiff buds. She felt the fingers before she knew who they belonged to, circling in tiny strokes along her labia as her sleep-heavy limbs shifted to allow easier access.

The slick and slippery touch of a mouth taking hold of her breast, sucking and flicking away at the long, stiff nipple with an expert tongue, was the first thing she felt consciously. Even then, none of it really connected. She felt warm and peaceful, and everything happening to her felt so good that Vanessa felt like she just wanted to float like this forever. Not waking, not sleeping, just drifting in between the two in a sleepy haze and letting the fingers slide into her pussy.

Vanessa felt her breathing quicken as her hips began to roll slowly back and forth to meet the thrusting hand, but the arousal felt so delightfully drowsy that she couldn't imagine waking from it. She felt so sleepy and sexy as her lover's thumb brushed up against her clit with each gliding push of those wiggling fingers into her slick and dripping cunt. She felt that precise, expert mouth moving from one breast to the other, stimulating each nipple until they stood at attention and then flicking them with a free hand until Vanessa heard herself moaning.

Vanessa clutched at the bedclothes as she felt her pulse begin to race. She was closer to orgasm than she'd realized; her lover must have been playing with her body long before she was consciously aware of it. She felt the moans turn to whimpers and the breaths become gasps as one finger became two inside her. Her eyelids fluttered as soft lips nuzzled all over her breasts, but it felt like she had forgotten how to open them. Every time she tried to remember, a pulse of pleasure surged up from her clit and she found herself utterly distracted by the sensation.

Vanessa knew she was going to cum soon. She knew her lover was going to make her cum soon, drawing out the orgasm from her sleepy body, and she wanted that so much. She wanted to feel that bliss-it felt so hot, that compulsion, like her body belonged to the person caressing her and all her lover wanted to do was watch it shudder in ecstasy. She felt deliciously helpless, imprisoned by the growing heat and desire, shivering and shaking and panting and screaming and cumming so hard! Vanessa's hips arched and strained against her lover's fingers as she felt the orgasm blast through her body.

And then it faded, slowly melting into a dreamy afterglow that threatened to send Vanessa right back into blissful slumber. She felt her lover's warm skin cradling her in a gentle embrace, and it felt so wonderfully soothing and relaxing that she didn't want to move a muscle. She just wanted to lie there with her eyes closed and let those soft, strong fingers caress her hip and melt her loose and sleepy mind even further with gentle touches.

She heard Jana's voice whispering in her ear like old velvet wrapping around her drowsy thoughts. "Such a pretty little kitten," Jana said, her accent thick and unrecognizable. "Such a sweet and sleepy girl, melting in my arms. So relaxed now, kitten. Dreamy and drowsy, limp and lazy. Like a cat in the sunbeam now, too peaceful to move."

Vanessa heard herself murmur affirmatively, and felt herself burrow back into the warmth of Jana's body. It was a purely instinctive reaction; her conscious mind was still swamped with sleep and sensual heat and post-coital bliss, barely even registering that it was her next-door neighbor talking. She didn't want to think about that just yet. She knew that if she thought about it she would wake up, and if she woke up then she wouldn't be able to stay here in this warm, happy place in her mind, and so it was just easier not to think about it. Not to think about anything.

"That's right, my kitten," Jana said, kissing Vanessa at the base of the neck to punctuate her words. "Too sleepy to move, too drowsy to think." Vanessa felt Jana's body untangle from her own, and she whimpered softly in protest as the other woman rose from the bed. "Shh, kitten," Jana said, putting a finger to Vanessa's lips. "Lie in the sunbeam, my sweet. I will return soon."

Vanessa rolled over towards Jana. Her eyelids fluttered halfway open, too sticky with sleep to complete the process. "I...I don't..." She struggled to find words to express her confusion. "Did we...?"

Jana leaned down to kiss her deeply and passionately on the lips. Vanessa couldn't remember ever being kissed like that by a woman before, and yet it felt utterly familiar. She could feel her body relaxing into the embrace, as though the kiss was drugging her with its intensity. Her muscles went limp with relaxation, and all her thoughts scattered into dreamy acceptance.

"We will talk later, kitten," Jana said. "After I shower, after you rest." She gazed deeply into Vanessa's eyes laid a hand possessively over her belly. "Rest for me now, sweet girl, and when I return I will answer all your questions." She nodded, and Vanessa found herself nodding right along.

"Good girl," Jana said. She passed her hand over Vanessa's eyes, and Vanessa found them closing of their own accord. Then she heard Jana's footsteps padding away on the plush carpet and knew the other woman had left the room. Even then, it didn't feel like she was gone; Vanessa could still smell the other woman's perfume lingering on the bedclothes, a heady floral mix of roses and carnations mingling with...

Vanessa's heartbeat quickened as she inhaled deeply. Underneath the perfume, Vanessa could smell the thick and heady scent of sex in the air. She could smell herself, still damp with arousal from the orgasm that had woken her, but more than that-every time she inhaled, she smelled the musk of another woman's cunt and knew that it was intimately familiar to her.

Thinking about it was hard-the urge to curl up on the soft mattress like a sleepy kitten and bask in the afterglow pulled at her like a magnet-but Vanessa struggled to remember. But the harder she tried, the more it seemed to dissolve into a dream. It felt more like fantasy than reality, but Vanessa had never fantasized about other women.

Had she?

Vanessa heard the shower start in the next room. She pictured the water sluicing down Jana's full, rounded breasts, coursing into the crease of her thighs, matting her dark pubic hair into a damp tangle as she washed. Vanessa felt the confusion thicken in her mind as her pussy tingled with heat at the thought-she'd never thought about a woman like this, soap-slick and fingering herself in the shower, but at the same time she could feel phantom memories like ghostly whispers at the back of her mind reminding her of unrequited girl-crushes and lesbian masturbatory fantasies.

Vanessa found her fingers drifting down between her thighs, unbidden. She knew there was something strange about all this, but she couldn't make sense of it. Every time she tried to piece together what happened last night, she found herself lost in a memory of Jana's storm-blue eyes holding her own in an inexorable grip. She couldn't remember what had brought her to her neighbor's apartment. She couldn't remember when exactly Jana's voice had transitioned from friendly conversation to a measured, hypnotic rhythm. She just remembered that lulling voice, that compelling gaze. Vanessa whimpered as her thighs clenched involuntarily around her fingers.

Jana had done something to her. Vanessa realized that now, even as the sticky warmth between her thighs built to a slow, delicious heat. Vanessa wasn't sure exactly what-it was getting harder and harder to separate her memories from her fantasies as her arousal deepened, and even more difficult still to separate her fantasies from Jana's. Everything tangled together into a web of drowsy heat that felt as soft as a cobweb, but held her like a silken rope.

All she could really wrap her head around was that if she stayed, Jana would return to find her here and fix her with that magnetic stare all over again. She didn't want that-at least, she thought she didn't want that. Or maybe she only thought she thought she didn't want that. Trying to untangle it in her head just made her dizzy. Whatever it meant, she could figure it out later, once she was back in her own apartment in her own bed.

But whenever she tried to move, her limbs felt heavy with sleep and her pussy felt sticky with desire. She felt too deliciously comfortable to leave just yet. In a moment, she decided. In just a moment, she would get up and head back to her own apartment. She would lock the door, go to her own bed, and really think about what she'd done with Jana last night. Her thoughts would be so much clearer without Jana's perfume filling her lungs, permeating her mind with that thick floral scent.

Vanessa nodded to herself, her eyes still tightly closed. She would definitely leave any moment now. She had time-the shower was still running, so Jana was almost certainly still lavishing attention on her soapy, full, heavy, pendulous tits. She was running a washcloth over them, tugging each long nipple to attention with her fingers, stimulating the aureolae into little pebbles as she washed herself clean. Vanessa had plenty of time before she stepped out of the shower, her skin soft and damp and smelling faintly of soap, and came back into the bedroom wearing nothing but a towel.

But before she did, Vanessa would leave. She'd pull her hand away from her slick, dripping snatch and snap out of her reverie, and she'd leave. She would worry about her clothes later-the important thing was to get out of Jana's apartment before the other woman came back and confused Vanessa all over again. Vanessa was sure she could figure it all out if she just had a moment to herself-maybe she did like women after all, maybe she was ready to kneel between Jana's spread legs just like she'd always fantasized about, but she knew that she couldn't figure it out in here. Everything felt too good here. It was so easy to sink into a reverie of warmth and softness and comfort and let herself melt into the pleasure.

That was why she needed to leave. That was why she needed to wake herself up, any second now, and go. She needed to stop masturbating, wake up out of this dreamy haze that lulled her into unquestioning acceptance, and leave. It was the only way to keep Jana from...from influencing her. Vanessa wasn't sure anymore just how much Jana had influenced her, not when all those lesbian fantasies swirled around in her mind like her fingers swirled on her clit, but she knew she couldn't think straight here. She couldn't resist lying in Jana's bed and jilling off. That was why she had to stop jilling off and get out of bed.

She tried one more time to rise, but it was no good-she was too horny, she couldn't think straight. She needed to cum. Once she came, she'd be less distracted. Then she could leave. She just needed a good fuck to clear her mind and then she'd be able to get up. She had time. The water was still running. As long as the water was running, she could lie here masturbating. She had plenty of time. She rolled her nipples between her fingers with her free hand, first one then the other, feeling the pleasure build. She heard herself whimper Jana's name, but it felt too good to stop.

She was so close now-her thumb strummed at her clit in a blur of arousal and she could hear her pussy squishing as her fingers pistoned in and out. Her hips bucked up and down instinctively, aching for release. She heard herself moan, imagined Jana hearing it in the shower as the other woman massaged her clit with the shower head and came again and again and again and again!

Vanessa gasped in bliss as her orgasm hit. She heard the water shut off, but the sound seemed distant and unimportant-she was cresting from peak to peak, cumming over and over again as her fingers pumped helplessly into her cunt. She knew she had to leave and leave now, or Jana would find her and hypnotize her and brainwash her into a good little sex kitten, a mindless and blank and docile fucktoy, an obedient and horny slut, a helpless lesbian pussy-licker oh fuck that sounded so fucking hot oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck...Vanessa's thoughts dissolved into a puddle of ecstasy as she came.

She didn't know how long it was before the orgasm finally melted into the warmth of afterglow. She didn't know how long it took her to collect her thoughts. She only knew that when she finally forced her eyes open, still unfocused and glassy with pleasure, Jana's eyes gazed right into them.

"That's my good kitten," she purred out, her voice husky with arousal. "I'm so glad you decided to wait for me." She leaned in, her damp body pressing into Vanessa's. She wasn't wearing a towel. She wasn't wearing anything. "After all...we have so much to talk about."


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