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Lingerie for Xmas


When my wife announced to me one day that she and her girlfriends were going lingerie shopping for husband "stocking-stuffers" (she seemed to think that was very funny), I was mildly surprised but more than thrilled. We'd been married almost four years and, while we still loved each other very much, things had gotten a little stale in the bedroom. I was all for anything that would liven it up, especially if it showed more of an interest on her part. I hadn't really been looking forward to the holidays, with all the family and office parties, but that suddenly changed.

I doubted she had been the one to initiate it, of course. I knew all her "girlfriends," as I was friends with their husbands as well and we all tended to hang out together, on and off, as couples. Of them all, Sara (my wife) was nowhere near as open-minded as Rachel, and even Deborah and Lori had shown a more racy side than my wife on the times we all got together and drank.

I'll always remember the time everyone came over for Halloween and Rachel and Lori dressed as "vampire hookers" -- supposedly without coordinating beforehand. I was shocked that their husbands would let them do it, since the costumes were pretty risqué and showed off their aerobicized bodies with amazing effect. My wife and Deborah had been a nurse and an angel, respectively, and they both looked good, but nowhere near as sexy as the other two. I got quite a few pinches from Sara that night for my ogling.

Anyway, their outing was set for a Saturday afternoon -- apparently they were all going to a spa first and then have a few drinks before they got down to some serious shopping (none of us were alcoholics, but it seemed like whenever the wives were together there was drinking involved). There was a game on and Rich, David and Joe (the other husbands) were all over watching it with me, so I was fine with the girls taking as much time as they wanted (I probably wouldn't have cared if they had taken the whole weekend, so long as Sara showed off her new bedroom attire when she got back).

The lingerie shopping spree was barely mentioned by the guys, not surprisingly. Up until then, none of us had been that open with each other about our sex lives, which I didn't think was too strange, being a guy. I think we probably felt a little uncomfortable discussing the hot night we were all anticipating. I didn't know about them, but I really wasn't planning on waiting until Christmas to unwrap my present. I'm all for holiday cheer and traditions, but it had been a long time since our last session and I was definitely all worked up. If worse came to worse, I was prepared to do some serious house-work bribery to make it happen.

The game was over around six and we hadn't heard from the girls -- sorry, women - yet, but I could tell that everyone was a little anxious. I don't remember who started it, but within minutes of the last play, the guys started making excuses to get out of there. I was sure they all wanted to be home when their wives got there, liquored up and feeling sexy. I know those were my thoughts, at least.

By the time I heard the front door open, everyone had been gone for awhile and I was already half hard in anticipation. I'm sure I had a grin on my face when my wife walked into the living room. It only faltered a little when I saw the other wives walking in behind her.

"Hi honey!" my wife called out, a little too loud. She was grinning even wider than I was, and her face was flushed -- either from drinking or from the thought of her recent purchases, I wasn't sure.

"Hi there," I answered hesitantly, staring at all of them bunched up together like schoolgirls. They all had the look of cats that'd swallowed canaries -- until they glanced around and saw that the room was empty.

"Hey, where's Rich?!" Rachel slurred, managing to sound confused, frustrated and drunk all at once.

"Yeah, I thought they were watching the game with you," chimed in Deborah. She sounded a little more sober, but I noticed that she had forgotten to zip up her sweater in the front, leaving her bra and quite a bit of cleavage fully visible.

It took me a moment to look away and process what she said, and by that time the women had all come in to the room and flounced into couches and chairs.

"Um, the game was over awhile back." I looked over at my wife. "Hon?" I was hoping she'd clue me in on why everyone was here in my house when I was hoping to get her alone and in bed. I silently wondered how long it would take to politely get them to leave.

"Oh, it's no big deal, Rachel," she said, ignoring me. She picked up one of several bags she had brought in and began going through them. "It was really a silly idea, anyway."

"What do you mean -- it was your idea in the first place!" Rachel threw back at her. She kicked off her shoes and casually put her feet up on the coffee table, not seeming to care that with her knees bent, her skirt slid down her thighs quite a bit. "Just because you're too scared to really do it doesn't mean it wasn't a good idea."

"What idea was that, darling?" I asked. I tried to nonchalantly drift towards the kitchen so I could get a better view between Rachel's legs. She was wearing black leggings under her skirt and with her legs up and slightly apart, I could plainly see the white oval of her cotton crotch puffing out slightly between her thighs. It wasn't like I was looking directly at her pussy, but considering how pretty and fit she was, I was happy with what I could get.

It was quiet all of a sudden, and fearing discovery I glanced up, but the other three women were looking at Sara. She had her head down and her face was even redder than before.

"Sara thought it would be funny if we gave you all a show," Deborah finally offered with a giggle. "You know, with what we bought today." She was lounging back on an easy chair just in front of me and facing away, and from my angle I had a pretty good view down her open sweater. I noticed now that her black bra had quite a bit of lace along the edges -- definitely not your typical work-a-day bra -- and the cup barely reached her nipples. In fact I could see a wide semi-circle of deep pink areola peeking out above each bra cup, contrasting nicely with her very pale skin.

I tried to imagine Deborah doing a catwalk in lingerie. She was the least athletic of the four, but her large breasts and curvy hips gave her a sort of sensual voluptuousness that I'd always found enticing, despite my usual preference for thin women. I decided I could definitely handle her giving me a "show."

"Do you really think we'd have gone through with it anyway?" Lori asked. She was lying back on one of our two couches, her shoeless feet up on the armrest and pointing towards me. She was wearing a skin-tight spandex shirt and runner's tights that showed off her flat tummy and athletic legs. At some point, probably when she slid down to prop her feet up, her tights had pulled up between her legs, giving her a distinct camel toe. I only caught a glimpse of it before she pulled her feet up towards her chest and turned on her side, but that was almost better, since the thin, stretchy material now showed off her perfect ass, and the camel toe was still visible -- only this time the indentation appeared where her cheeks and thighs met. I can still remember today the outline of her pussy lips and the sexiness of the whole image, likely because I knew I shouldn't be looking. My erection had now reached full staff and I barely resisted an urge to adjust it in my suddenly tight pants.

"...and with a little more wine, maybe," laughed Deborah. I had been distracted so only caught the tail end of her comment.

I heard Lori clearing her throat and her eyes caught mine. Her finely sculpted eyebrows went up inquisitively and I flushed as deeply as my wife. Before I looked away, I saw her lips curve in a knowing smile and I was positive that I was busted.

"You hear, that, Jared?!" Rachel called. "Bring out your best wine and your dream may still come true!" She laughed loudly and I knew she was just teasing me.

"How about two bottles and some Jack Daniels?" I only half joked. I'm afraid there was a plaintive note in my voice as I realized that my normally conservative wife Sara really had suggested a show and tell (or at least a show) for us guys. I wasn't exactly sure how I felt about her letting the other husbands see her in her underwear, no matter how decorative, but the thought of the other three wives displaying themselves in their finery to me made something inside positively ache from how perfectly amazing that would be.

I knew it was too good to be true, but that didn't stop me from rummaging around the kitchen for the liquor and some glasses. I only barely heard the mumbling of the wives gossiping as I opened the bottles and brought them out to the coffee table.

"Look at that, Sara!" Rachel exclaimed when I stepped back. "I think your hubby's got his mind set on seeing us in our panties!" There were some gasps and laughter, but I just looked at my wife to gauge her reaction. I saw out of the corner of my eye that all three women were reaching for the alcohol and noticed that Rachel went for the Jack Daniels. Yes, there's definitely some hope, I thought as confidently as I could.

Sara stared back at me for several long seconds with a strange expression on her face, something between disapproval and challenge. I shrugged and smiled in what I hoped was supportive encouragement. And then she forever renewed my respect for her intelligence and my joy at having married her in the first place.

"I would have done it, but I think Rachel was all talk. What do you think, Lori?"

"Um..." Lori looked over at Rachel's narrowing eyes and smiled. "Yeah, she's just blowing smoke. She probably won't even let Rich see any of it."

"She's just a...a pansy, you know!" Deborah giggled, taking a long swig from her wine glass.

I was a little surprised to hear the women criticize their erstwhile leader, until I remembered they might have been drinking for hours already and realized that they were probably just getting back at her for the times she had self-righteously teased them about being too prudish.

"Fine!" The word was so loud and so sharp that there was a moment of complete silence as everyone stared at Rachel. I couldn't detect even the hint of a smile. She was obviously pissed, and I was afraid she was about to get up and leave and we wouldn't hear from her for months.

"Come on ladies," Rachel fairly spit at them. "It's time to put your money where your mouth is!" She downed the rest of her glass, gathered up her bags and stalked towards the hall leading to the bedrooms. Before she disappeared, she turned and glared at each of them, her eyebrows raised in challenge.

There was another long pause while the other women looked around at each other.

"Is she serious?" Deborah whispered.

Again, my wife surprised me, but forever gained my gratitude, when she took a deep breath and let it out slowly as she stood up and said, "I think she is. And if she's going to let my husband see her half-naked, I sure as hell am, too." I could definitely detect the slur in her voice then, but I like to think she made a conscious decision, in that moment, to make me the happiest man in the world.

The other two women looked at each other again, their eyes wide, as Sara picked up her bags and walked over to join Rachel, who turned smartly and went down the hall. Both Deborah and Lori seemed to glance at me at the same time, then quickly looked down again, almost shyly, as they quietly stood and picked up their bags, only fumbling a little. Deborah let out a nervous laugh as she reached over to pick up one of the open wine bottles, but didn't say anything else as she followed Lori out of the living room.

By the time all four had disappeared down the hall my heart was racing and I had to pour a glass of whiskey for myself. Part of me wondered if they would all come back suddenly, giggling and laughing at me for being so gullible, but after a few minutes I allowed myself to hope that this was actually going to happen. I even arranged the chairs and table so that they would have room to walk, and I plunked myself down in the easy chair, glass in hand and my eyes fixed on the hallway.

The butterflies in my stomach made it seem like forever, but eventually I saw a head poking around the corner. I couldn't tell whose it was, but it was quickly withdrawn and I heard some fierce whispering before suddenly Rachel's strident voice echoed down the hallway. "Cowards! Out of my way!"

When she came marching out into the living room, I almost didn't notice what she was wearing, she seemed so angry. Her eyes were narrowed and flashed dangerously as she came closer, before her head came up and she kept her eyes straight ahead. I later decided it was more a determined look, but I'll admit that at the time I was actually afraid.

It wasn't until she came within a few feet of me and paused uncertainly that I noticed she was wearing a lacy white bustier, with matching garter belt, panties and hose. Classic lingerie - and damned sexy. She didn't have any shoes on, which might have disqualified her for some fashion show, but I could care less. She had a fake but attractive tan, which contrasted well with the white material. With her amazingly fit body, long blond hair, and pretty face, I almost forgot about how mad she looked. The lace and other fabric wasn't sheer enough to see underneath, but all the skin revealed by the small bikini and short bustier was enough to make me almost come in my pants. When she finally turned on her heel with a disdainful snort, I could see her cute little butt in the frilly panties and I thanked every god I could think of for giving me this opportunity.

Rachel had relaxed a little from the walk out and she managed to saunter more sensuously back to the hallway, even smiling over her shoulder and giving her butt a little shake just as she disappeared. I was sure that last move was mainly for the audience in the hallway, as her smile never made it to her eyes, which looked a little crazy even from my distance. I decided I was glad I was married to a very calm, even boring lady.

My calm, boring wife suddenly stepped out of the shadows of the hallway wearing nothing but a turquoise shelf bra and matching boy-short panties. She's not as fit as Rachel and Lori, with slightly wider hips and the barest hint of a paunch; but seeing her sashaying towards me, her full breasts spilling out over the top of the bra, nipples standing proud, a few strands of brunette pubic hair peeking up out of the low-cut bottoms, I realized I had never been so turned on. And this was my wife whom I saw naked almost every day!

Sara had apparently thought this out a bit and made a quick detour to our entertainment center. I was quite happy with that, as it allowed me to see how well her curvy ass cheeks filled out the tight panties. She put on some sort of techno-pop, which I was never a great fan of, but the beat seemed right and when my shy little wife started dancing to it, I wouldn't have cared if it was elevator music. She was really hamming it up, swinging her hips in a wide arc, doing an occasional bump-and-grind even. I had never seen this side of her, and maybe it was the alcohol, but I sincerely hoped we could recreate this again sometime.

When she got close to where I was sitting, she started thrusting her pelvis at me and I heard a giggle from the hallway where I could see three faces peering around the corner watching us. Sara didn't seem to care, and I certainly didn't. When she sat down on my lap facing away from me and started grinding her ass into me, I whispered in her ear how much I loved her and appreciated all this. She just turned her head, smiled, and gave me a long, wet kiss. After a minute she stood up, turned around and leaned over, pressing her exposed breasts into my face. It reminded me of a lap dance I had once had way back when before I was married, only this time I got to suck on the girl's nipples!

I did wonder for a moment how she had even thought of all this and how my normally reserved wife could suddenly act so naughty, but I quickly put it down to the wine and the excitement of the moment. It wasn't until later that she revealed she had been fantasizing about it for quite a while, and even later that I realized she had been planning on doing this in front of all of the husbands!

I have to admit that, at the time, part of me was hoping the next wives in line would take note of her technique. I doubted they would get anywhere as close to me, even in their inebriated state, but a guy could always dream, no?

When I had finished licking and sucking her nipples to full erection, she pulled away, only to squeeze and massage them for me with accompanying moans. She grinned at me before spinning around again, placing one foot carefully on the armrest and pushing her ass into my face. -- Now that definitely reminded me of a lap-dance, and even in the middle of it all I remember doing a double-take (I swear I've only had a few lap-dances in my lifetime, but I have a feeling that they're all pretty similar). When we finally talked the next day about what had happened, Sara admitted she had watched an instructional video on stripping in preparation, which, at the time, I thought was really cool of her, if kind of out of character.

Anyway, I couldn't help but kiss what was presented to me, and she responded by pressing back further and grinding her thinly covered crotch playfully against my nose. When she pulled away and stood up a minute later, she had an acute and very moist camel-toe, and I was hard as a rock. My nose was covered in the delicious smell of her arousal and my tongue still felt the ghost-sensation of a soft, pliable bump of a clitoris rubbing against it. I was almost ready to call it quits and take her into the bedroom, if I hadn't been so curious as to what else might be coming my way. I was in a daze as she walked off, swinging her hips to the music all the way back to the hallway.

I never did get used to that techno-pop dance music, but ever since then the sound of that pounding rhythm never fails to give me a hard on.

There was a long pause before the next one and I was finishing a second glass before Deborah's smiling face came around the corner. She really has a gorgeous smile and, combined with her friendly, fun sense of humor, I had already liked her quite a bit. When she came towards me in a sheer pink teddy that showed off all her sensuous curves, I fell in love. With all her spins and dancing around, showing off her full but firm butt, it wasn't until she got close that I noticed her hands were over her breasts most of the time. When she stopped in front of me, she winked at me and removed her hands, revealing that the bra part of the teddy was cut away in the center of each breast, revealing very large, very pink, and very erect nipples.

Deborah smiled shyly and blushed (the first time I'd seen her appear that way). I thought it was because of her nipples being bared a foot in front of my face (which would make sense), but then she turned to look back at the hallway, as if to see if anyone was watching. I looked, too, and it was dark, but it didn't seem as if anyone was there at the moment. When I turned back, Deborah had reached between her legs and was slowly pulling down a Velcro flap at her crotch, where I was treated to the wonderful sight of a well-trimmed patch of strawberry-blond pubic hair and, finally, the completely denuded lips of her pussy.

I felt my mouth go wide and I'm sure I started salivating. I hadn't seen another woman's pussy in at least six years -- unless you count movies or the internet -- and the effect was like having my brain sink into my groin while the rest of my body lit on fire (or something like that). I literally couldn't think. If I had had control of my limbs I would surely have reached up to grab her ass and pull her against my face. It didn't help at all that she appeared to be at least a little turned on by the whole thing, as there was a definite glint of wetness on her lips.

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