Lingerie for Xmas


She must have seen my gaping mouth as she said, "Mmm...don't tempt me. Sara wouldn't like that very much, would she?"

Fortunately, she decided to reach over and take the glass from my frozen hand, giving me more time to devour her with my eyes. She sipped at it, coughing only a little, then reached down to briefly slide a finger between her pussy lips before reattaching the Velcro, much to my disappointment. She looked back at the hallway again, and then leaned over. I thought she would kiss me, but instead she brought her moistened finger to my lips, letting me taste her. I sincerely hoped my wife hadn't seen that, but most of me was concentrating on how sweet her pussy tasted and how the sensation and flavor was making my nostrils flare and my whole body tingle.

Unfortunately, Deborah had to head back, but I enjoyed watching her hips sway and imagining what it would be like to lie with her fully naked. With every move she just seemed to exude sexuality, and I wondered if there was any chance this would go further.

I quickly cut off that line of thought with a shake of my head. It was highly unlikely, even in the girls' inebriated state, especially with my wife there. Besides which, I had no interest in screwing things up with Sara. I firmly and adamantly decided in my mind to quit looking a gift horse in the mouth and to just enjoy the incredible experience that had, almost literally, landed in my lap.

After a few minutes that seemed to drag on forever, I began to worry whether that was the end of the show. I was very grateful for what I'd seen (and tasted, and touched), of course, but I was a bit disappointed, nonetheless. I almost poured another glass, but hesitated drink it. If there was more to come, I didn't want to be completely zonkered and I was already feeling a little loopy as it was.

Finally, I heard voices and saw some shadowy movement down the hall and my heart rate sped up again in anticipation. It was my wife, though, looking apologetic and wearing the same outfit, and I felt my shoulders slump. Oh well, I thought, how many guys get to see even one of their wife's friends in their underwear, anyway? I definitely had enough to fantasize about for years to come.

"Sorry, honey," my wife started, and I tried to keep the disappointment off my face. "We had a little willpower issue, but the wine has finally kicked in." I noticed that she held the other bottle, now empty, and she set it next to the full one on the coffee table. I couldn't help but grin as her meaning slowly hit me.

"There's just one thing, though..." She hesitated and looked away, a pained expression on her face. "The girls think it would be easier if you were undressed as well. At least Rachel and Deborah do. Lori...well, Lori is a bit out of it now."

"What do you mean?" I asked, the relief I had felt at hearing the show might go on quickly being replaced with nervousness at the thought of baring myself, even down to my boxers. I mean, it was only fair, I suppose, but I suddenly thought of how long it had been since I last worked out and whether the other wives would think I was attractive. I was still in pretty good shape, but I couldn't help but feel self-conscious. Hypocritical? Maybe. But I couldn't help it.

"Well, Lori thinks that you should be...naked. You know - all the way." Sara said, her eyes fixing on mine.

Uh, oh. I certainly hadn't been prepared for that. I don't care how many porn stories you read, or how much you drink, every man is at least a little insecure about letting it all hang out to unknown critics -- meaning women. I mean, my wife tells me I'm pretty thick, and long enough for her at seven inches...but that doesn't mean I wasn't pretty nervous at the thought of having three other wives examining me -- and likely comparing me to their husbands.

"What do you think?" I managed to ask after a short pause so I could swallow. I wasn't sure if she was just teasing me, anyway.

"I..." Sara's voice broke and she cleared her throat. I noticed that her cheeks were quite red. The rest of her body seemed flushed as well (and I could see a lot of it, as she was still wearing the sexy underwear she had on from earlier). "I'm ok with whatever," she looked away again, then sat down next to me and began nervously stroking my leg. Her hand slid dangerously close to where my erection was pushing up against the pant leg.

"Lori was pretty hesitant to even come out of the bedroom, so if that's what will do it...?"

She bit her lip, but when she looked at me her lips curled up in a barely-contained grin. I could tell by her wide eyes and her rapid breathing that she was at least as excited as she was embarrassed. I glanced down to see her nipples standing out stiff as I'd ever seen them and I almost wished she drank more often, if it affected her libido this much.

"Do you want me to?" I asked again. Her hand had found my cock by then and was squeezing it through my pants. I was becoming more interested by the second in the idea of getting naked, though there was still a queasy knot in my tummy - probably dating back to adolescence - at the thought of a bunch of girls (women) seeing me with a hard-on.

This time Sara kept her eyes on mine and her fondling became more aggressive. "It kind of...turns me on," she said, her voice low and throaty. Her nostrils flared and her eyelids lowered a bit, as if saying it out loud was exciting in and of itself.

Her smile came out in full force then, and I couldn't help but smile back. I didn't say anything else, but I didn't stop her as she began unbuttoning my pants, leaning forward to kiss me as she unzipped them. She lifted off my shirt first, then had me stand as she slid my pants down, her eyes on my face the whole time until she reached out to pull my boxers off. For some reason I was a little ashamed of the big wet spot on the front of them, and when she finally pulled them down and my cock sprang up to point at the ceiling, it felt like it was the first time she had ever seen it.

After a moment spent gazing at it, she smiled up at me in approval and I felt a little better. I looked over at the hallway, though, to see three intense faces watching us from the shadows and I suddenly got nervous again. Sara looked too and quickly took me in hand, literally, and began stroking. I gasped as she brought her mouth down over the head and rolled her wet tongue all around it. I closed my eyes and tried to forget about the audience, enjoying this rare occurrence for all it was worth.

Sara had never been all that into blowjobs, and they were even more infrequent since the wedding, especially after several years of marriage when sex in general had slowed down. Right then, however, she was a woman possessed, and by the time she had my full length in her mouth, one hand fondling my balls and the other stroking my ass, I was almost over the edge. I practically yelled for her to stop and had to push her head back or risk losing it. I usually had big orgasms, but I'd never been one to get hard again right away and I honestly didn't want to look bad in front of her friends.

She gave me a half-smile in mock disappointment, then wiped her mouth of saliva and pre-cum and pushed me back on the chair. With a melodramatic sigh and a long squeeze of her pussy through her panties, she turned and walked back towards the hallway, stopping to turn up the music on the way.

"Okay, Lori, he's all yours," I heard her say as she disappeared.

To say I was excited waiting for Lori's appearance is a huge understatement. Of all the wives, Lori had the best body -- even better than Rachel's -- and her cute face seemed to remind me of every cheerleader and sorority girl I had ever lusted after, all rolled into one. She was also a bit stand-offish and we had barely exchanged more than a few sentences since I met her. I hadn't really been surprised to hear that she had been the one to get cold feet. And now to know that she was about to walk out in her underwear, just for me to ogle, about blew my mind.

I was somewhat confused when Deborah appeared, wearing a laced-up black leather corset with thigh-highs attached by garters, with a tiny matching bikini. Stiletto heels, the first foot-wear I had yet seen, completed the picture. Definitely not disappointed -- as she looked hot in a dominatrix sort of way, especially when I noticed a long black riding crop in one hand -- but confused. As I watched, imagining what fantasy she was planning on acting out with her husband with that get-up, she walked over to the wall switch and dimmed the light quite a bit. Then she turned, just as a new song with a heavy beat came on, and I saw Lori appear at the hallway entry, several hands pushing her from the shadows.

Even in with the lights down, I could tell she was nervous, despite all the wine she must have drank, as she kept adjusting her outfit and looking back to whisper at the girls in the hallway. Finally, though, she took a few steps out and when she spotted me she forced a smile and brought her head up. I don't know about her, but the minute she came fully into view, I forgot all about her hesitancy. I barely noticed the few stumbles on her way from the hallway to my makeshift run-way between the couches. By the time she arrived in front of my chair, she looked confident, if a little woozy. She cocked her hip in a half-turn away from me that I'm sure I'd seen from cat-walk models on television. She did two more turns with almost perfect grace, as if she really were a model displaying herself for an audience. I could hear Deborah in the background describing the style of lingerie Lori was wearing, but it was like distant white noise that barely registered on my dazed psyche. I must have paid attention to some of it, though, as I somehow remember the name of what she was wearing, and I'm not a very knowledgeable aficionado of lingerie (I just know what I like!).

Lori wore something called a "Champagne Solstice Body" which translated to a nearly sheer, dark-red body briefer, but with indescribably intricate patterns of delicate lace that looked incredibly expensive. It had a plunging neck-line that revealed all of her cleavage, including a hint of areola. In the low light, her nipples showed as darker spots of color through the thin material. She wasn't hugely endowed, but her pert, grape-fruit sized breasts could not have been displayed with better effect. The scalloped-lace hem of the outfit angled diagonally upwards from where her thighs met, tap-pant style, and when she turned away I could see that the edge hugged her cute little ass just above the crease of her cheeks. I could not have imagined anything more lovely (and I don't believe I have ever used that word in a sentence), but at the same time sexy as hell.

It wasn't until she got within a couple feet of me that I realized how sheer the thing was. I could clearly see her brunette pubic hair, trimmed into an inch-wide wide line leading downwards. It was difficult to see what lay below that, however: two wide bands of black lace began right where her clit would be and ran down between her legs. The material was puffed out about an inch or so -- from the bulge of her labia, I guessed -- and I thought I saw a few stray pubic hairs poking out, but her pussy was effectively hidden. I couldn't tell if the crotch was closed by buttons or Velcro or what, but it was obviously made to be accessible. Somehow, not being able to see her pussy, yet knowing it could be exposed with a small stretching of cloth, made the whole package even more enticing.

I had been staring at her crotch for far too long when I realized she hadn't moved for awhile. I hoped I wasn't being too rude (I thought I should get a little break under the circumstances) and I glanced up to see if she was angry.

Lori was doing her own bit of ogling, it seemed, staring directly into my lap, her mouth slightly open and her eyes wide. The reminder that I was completely nude, with my obvious erection fully exposed, made my stomach turn over for a moment and I had a flash-back to a semi-imagined universal male memory of my dick getting stiff just when I was called to the front of the class. No one besides my wife had seen me naked for a long time, and I have to admit that I barely stopped my hands from grabbing a pillow to cover myself.

For better or for worse, Lori kept me from worrying about that for very much longer. The song had finished and another was starting up; this one slower but with an even deeper bass beat, like jungle drums. Lori smiled as if she recognized the tune then leaned over to grab my hands and pull me up out of the chair.

Unfortunately she was definitely drunk and leaned back with all her weight, pulling me up a little too fast. She nearly lost her balance as I banged against her, and for a moment we clung to each other on the verge of going over backwards. It wouldn't have been so awkward if we had been drunk at some party -- in fact, I probably would have thought it was funny, with a mild rush for being able to hold this beautiful girl so closely. In this instance, though, she was wearing sexy underwear and I had a raging hard-on with nothing covering it. The moment before my chest bumped into hers I felt the head of my cock bump against the lacy material between her legs, then push through it to an accompanying tiny sound of ripping.

I immediately knew something was wrong, but we were still teeter-tottering, trying to regain our balance. I heard her giggle and then heard the answering laughter from the hallway at our predicament. What they didn't know and even Lori hadn't seemed to realize yet was that at least a couple inches of my cock was now buried in something very warm and wet, and I had a good idea what it was.

As soon as we stopped swaying, I pulled back from her, tugging my cock out from where it had lodged. It was then that she gasped and we both looked down to see the wet tip bobbing there just in front of her thinly covered pubic mound. My heart stopped and I held my breath, waiting for her scream of outrage. It wasn't my fault at all, I knew, but I doubted that would make any difference to a drunk girl who had just had her pussy violated.

A few excruciatingly long seconds passed in which we just stood there holding each others arms, her looking down at my cock with a perplexed expression on her face and me trying to appreciate my last moments of marriage. I realize now that I was being melodramatic, but I wasn't thinking too clearly at the time, and really, there was no way to predict how the women would react, despite the fact that they had put me in that situation in the first place.

When Lori shook her head and started swaying to the music, pulling me with her, I breathed a long sigh of relief. My adrenaline was racing, though, and I knew it would be a long time before I could relax again, especially as I was still naked.

Even that bit of relative calm proved to be short-lived, however, as I suddenly felt Lori press closer and lay her head on my shoulder as we danced. My cock was now brushing against her abdomen and I'm sure she felt it through the thin lace. Fortunately, the darkness and the angle of our bodies kept Deborah and the others from seeing what was happening, because a few seconds later I felt her hand sliding in between us, her fingers seeking out and finding my cock.

I really don't remember what I was thinking for those next couple of minutes, as Lori explored, squeezed and stroked my length and even further down to my balls. I do know that I didn't protest one bit. I'm sure I was hoping the song would go one forever.

After a minute, though, Lori in her drunkenness took it a step further. With her free hand she turned my face towards hers and I felt her lips searching for mine. I think I was just in awe of the moment and the fact that my wife's hottest girlfriend -- one of the prettiest girls I'd even seen, in fact -- was kissing me. Again, I didn't protest at all.

I suddenly heard a loud "Hey!" and I recognized the voice of my wife and felt the vibration of feet coming across the wood floor. I tried to pull away then, but Lori's hand was on the back of my head, holding me tight while her tongue swirled around mine. My eyes flew open in panic and I saw beyond Lori's beautiful long brunette hair an angry Sara glaring at me from six feet away, with Rachel and Deborah holding her back.

"Calm down, Sara," I could hear Deborah's soothing voice. "It's no big deal."

"Yeah, girl," Rachel chimed in. "This was your idea in the first place. I thought you said you wouldn't mind."

I barely heard her response as Lori was completely ignoring them: I grunted against her mouth as I felt her directing my cock downwards to press again against the crotch of her outfit.

I thought I heard Sara say "I was just kidding before!" And then, "Anyway, all the guys aren't here," or something to that effect. I lost the rest of their discussion as I realized that it was a Velcro crotch closure on Lori's "Solstice Body," or whatever it was called, and it was now quite open. The second thing I realized was that Lori was extremely wet. Before I knew it, she had squeezed the fat head and two or three inches of the shaft past the tight opening of her vagina. I felt her other hand squeezing my butt cheek to pull me in closer, but since she was a little shorter than me, the angle wouldn't let much more go in without me bending down.

Lori was still lucid enough to keep her back to the other wives as we danced so they couldn't see what was going on. I risked another look in their direction and noted that Sara had allowed herself to be pulled back a few yards, and in the shadow I couldn't see the expression on her face. I was sure it couldn't have been good, but I could barely imagine what it might have looked like if she knew what was going on between Lori's legs right then.

I knew I should have pulled out and away at that point. I wasn't totally wasted, after all. But...for every small movement of our bodies, Lori's pussy would grind against me, the lips caressing my shaft as the few inches that were inside were pushed this way and that along the soft walls of her vagina. The friction along the sensitive skin of the corona was enough to make me bite my lip to keep from groaning in pleasure. At the same time, her firm breasts pointed upwards to such a degree that when they brushed against my chest, her hard nipples were high enough to rub against mine. As if that wasn't enough, she had begun sucking on my tongue like it was a little cock, mirroring what was going on between her legs.

Add all that to my feeling, at least at the moment, that she represented all the most beautiful girls I had always lusted after but never had a real chance with, and you might understand why I hesitated to pull away.

Even if those sound like the excuses of a horn-dog, I don't regret it -- well, not very much, anyway. I do feel bad if Sara hadn't intended any of that to happen, which she probably didn't, but it wasn't really my fault to begin with and one day I will die with a silly grin on my face still remembering that amazing moment.

For all that, the whole thing still had the potential to turn out very badly for me.

Apparently, Lori was getting pretty worked up by that point. I could hear her breathing hard and she was beginning to let out little whimpers and moans that I was worried the others might hear.

I wasn't sure exactly how it happened -- though I suspect Lori was the cause -- but suddenly we lost our balance and I was falling backwards against the chair. I didn't land in it, but fortunately my shoulders hit the cushion, so my fall to the wood floor wasn't as painful as it could have been.

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