Lingerie for Xmas


The first thing I realized after the shock of hitting the floor had passed was that Lori had landed squarely on my pelvis, her legs suspiciously straddling my hips as she sat, bracing herself with her hands against my chest. The second and hardly unpleasant thing that I realized was that I was now buried to the hilt in Lori's pussy. I looked down between us to see the barest hint of white cock glinting between the deep red of her distended pussy lips, which by then had been pushed and pulled completely free of the split crotch of her body briefer.

I looked up into her eyes and saw a heady mixture of raw lust and intense, loving desire. - I may have imagined the latter, actually, but at the time I was almost more affected by the flattery that such a gorgeous woman really wanted me, than I was by her tight pussy clamping down on my cock.


I was now fully sheathed inside her whenever she pushed back against me, and when she moved, the sensations all along my cock, from the tip to my balls, were indescribably delicious.

It only lasted a few strokes, but I will always remember every detail of them, from the tickling of her pubic hair against my abdomen as she slid forward, to the soft pliable wetness of her labia against my scrotum when she bottomed out.

The tightness around my cock was almost enough by itself to make me come, but the pressure against the tip when it pressed against her cervix was what really put me over. I think it must be instinctual, and the penis realizes that it's close to the prize or something. In any case, it must have had a similar effect on her, since after the third stroke she held still, grinding her clit against my pubic bone while her whole vagina began to rhythmically contract. There was no way, especially after all the previous stimulation, that I could hold back in the face of those incredible sensations.

I was glad she chose that moment to kiss me again , because it helped to cover both of our moans as I felt my balls match her contractions and my penis convulse inside her. I don't know how I managed it, but I must have still had some amount of rationality and willpower remaining to me, because just as the first spurt shot up through my cock, I lifted her hips up so that my cock popped out of her with a loud wet sucking sound.

My pulling out of her probably had more to do with fear, honestly, as I had no idea whether she was on the pill or not. I had no wish to explain an unwanted pregnancy to my wife - if she didn't kill me anyway for what had just happened, of course.

I will always owe Deborah for saving me that day, though I have tried many times to repay her in small ways. Before anyone else could really tell in the darkness and confusion what exactly had happened (or so I hoped), I felt Lori being pushed off of me. When she had slid off to the side, her knees splayed unceremoniously, I looked up to see Deborah kneeling next to me, her anxious face staring down at the evidence of my guilt.

Fortunately, she had placed herself between me and the other two women, because I could feel my cock jerking several times, spurting the remaining cum all over my stomach and abdomen. When my body stopped quivering from the pleasure of that toe-curling orgasm, I looked down to see a white creaminess coating much of my cock, in addition to the pool of ejaculate on my belly. My heart went into my throat at the thought that I actually hadn't pulled out in time and that the first shot had gone inside Lori's pussy. I never did find out for sure, and for months I prayed that it had just been her arousal-induced lubricant that I had seen, but Lori never reported a pregnancy from that night - at least not to me.

I winced when Deborah reached for me, not sure if she wanted to be the first to punish me, but then I saw she had a pair of panties in her hand and she quickly wiped my cock and belly, leaving only the gleam of wetness. She gave me a very strange look, part arousal and part accusation, but at the moment I didn't have time to follow up on it.

"What the hell is going on?!" I heard my wife yell from behind her. Deborah was still bent over me, so Sara and Rachel couldn't exactly see the state of my slowly wilting penis at that point.

Deborah looked a little panicked for a second but then a smile came to her lips and she grabbed a hold of my shaft and began stroking. She turned her head to look at Sara and I heard her say with a note of guilt, "I couldn't help myself. You and Lori can't have all the fun, you know!"

I glanced over Deborah's shoulder to see Sara looking livid, obviously having spotted my cock in her friend's hand. I felt a strange rush of excitement I'd only felt once before, when I was in a car wreck; in that brief micro-second right before the other car hit, when I knew there was nothing else I could do to stop imminent destruction and possible death. I felt very alive in that moment.

Ironically, I also felt my cock give a jerk of response to Deborah's continuing ministrations and begin to swell and lengthen again.

Sara's eyes bulged and her mouth opened, but only a squeak came out, like she was so angry she couldn't even speak. I tried to enjoy my last few seconds before the end came.

"Sara! Come on, now..." I heard Rachel's surprisingly calm voice and saw her firmly pull Sara around to face her. I winced as I expected to see Rachel get hit. Sara had never been violent before, but then I'd never seen her this angry, or from such good cause.

"You talked about this yourself, remember?!"

I wasn't sure if I had heard Rachel correctly. I definitely didn't understand what she was talking about. I glanced at Deborah, who gave me a wink and then stared hungrily down at my stiffening cock.

"But...!" Sara sputtered.

"Don't try to deny it. We all heard you. Isn't that right, Deborah?"

Deborah grimaced, but slowly nodded her head. "Yes, actually, she did," she answered breathily. I guessed that she was starting to react to what was going on in her hand. I can't imagine she often had a chance to hold another man's cock, no matter that she was just doing it to help cover for Lori and me.

I risked turning my head to look for my short-termed lover and noticed that she was half-hidden from Sara and Rachel by the couch. That was for the best, I decided, because she was only just beginning to recover and sit up and her legs were still spread wide as she tried to get her feet under her. Even in the low light, I could see that her pussy was open and raw, covered in an obscene mix of pussy juice and what I guessed was one of my spurts of cum. I silently willed her to move faster or at least cover herself. I had begun to think that, with the help of providence and my quick-thinking angel of salvation (who was currently jacking me off), I might be able to survive this.

"I meant...if everyone was here." I heard a hint of uncertainty in Sara's voice and hoped that Rachel or Deborah would follow up on it. I was curious as to what my wife could have been talking about, but even more interested in saving my hide and avoiding a possible divorce.

"I didn't even think it would really happen, you know..." continued Sara before anyone could jump in.

"What?!" Lori had finally recovered herself and was shakily getting to her feet. Her tone was surprisingly even, though, and the incredulous sarcasm was obvious in her next question. "So that whole thing about 'share and share alike' and the pinky swear and all were just joshin', huh?"

Lori was standing now, with a hand barely touching the back of the couch to steady herself, and the two of them glared at each other with more venom than I had expected. I was just glad, though, that I hadn't been included in the argument yet. If I could have quietly snuck away at that point, I would have, despite the good feelings still coming from Deborah's stroking. I had thought she would have stopped by then, since the purpose of distraction had been fulfilled. I wasn't complaining, though.

"I was drunk!" Sara yelled, her heavy slur indicating that she hadn't exactly sobered up. I wondered then what had happened to that second bottle of wine. None of them seemed too clear-headed at the moment.

"Maybe she just wanted to play around with Rich!" Lori grinned evilly at Rachel. My chest constricted in fear of Rachel's reaction. What had happened a couple years before on a camping trip was still a sore point between the wives. It hadn't seemed to matter that everyone was drunk and it was arguably a case of mistaken identity. Sara had been a little too free even before that with her complements of Rich, and Rachel would always believe that she had wanted it to happen.

Rachel didn't have to say anything. The tightening of her lips and the flaring of her nostrils was enough. Sara flinched, probably reacting instinctively. I honestly believed she'd been an innocent and unwilling recipient of Rich's carnal desires. It was water under the bridge in any case, as Sara had apologized profusely and repeatedly since then and showed no interest in repeating the incident.

Rachel, though, was apparently reliving the whole thing in her mind. Her anger suddenly seemed to at least match my wife's, if not surpass it. The maleness in me couldn't help but notice in the middle of all this that Rachel had changed into a new outfit. A simple bra and bikini set, but the lycra-spandex material was nude in color and almost see-through to boot. She was close enough so that I could see her red nipples standing out against the lighter color, and a glance downward revealed that she was completely shaven, since there didn't appear to be a cotton crotch to obscure her large pink pussy lips. There was even a glossy smear on the material at her crotch to give away her previous excitement.

I would say that what came next shocked me to my core, but I was so unbalanced already from what had happened that it honestly just piled on to everything else in the whole surreal tableau.

As Sara and the rest looked on, Rachel dropped to her knees at my side, pulled aside Deborah's hands with barely an apologetic glance in her direction, and leaned down towards my cock. The moment before her open mouth engulfed the head seemed to last for minutes and I simultaneously noticed Lori's envious stare, Deborah's shaking of her head in disbelief, and my wife's strange look of angry resignation.

That was the first time I ever doubted my wife's story about what had happened with Rich. I couldn't fathom how she would just stand there and allow her friend to give me a blow job right in front of her, no matter how drunk she was.

But that's exactly what she did. Rachel was apparently quite experienced, or just a natural, as she had my complete and utter attention immediately. It would take too many pages to adequately describe her technique, from the initial swirling of her tongue around the tip to its eventual arrival at my asshole, while her fingers alternately stroked and squeezed every bit of my cock in a complicated rhythm that kept me on the edge of orgasm until I thought I would scream. I found out from my wife later that I actually did scream, though I wasn't cognizant of it at the time.

Every so often Rachel would put the whole length in her mouth, somehow touching her lips to the edge of my balls in a deep-throat maneuver that I had never experienced before. She would leave the shaft and tip wet and frothy with saliva on her way up and use that to lubricate her alternately long, then staccato-quick stroking.

I don't remember much about what was going on, but when I think back, I can't remember anyone saying anything -- or even moving for that matter. By the time I felt the pressure building in my balls and I knew I was about to erupt, it seemed that everyone was just staring silently at Rachel's display of skill. I know I felt an intense guilt at seeing Sara watching her friend pleasure me, if for no other reason than that it seemed painfully obvious at the time that she had never been able to match Rachel's ability to manipulate my response.

I was literally humping my hips up toward her face and yelling incoherently when I hit the point of no return. She had stopped me a few times already with an expert squeeze at just the right time and place, but this time she let it go, speeding up her stroke and sucking gently at the tip. I only realized afterwards that her finger was knuckle-deep in my ass, pressing against my prostate.

As the first long wave of orgasm hit, I looked over at Deborah to see her eyes transfixed, her mouth open and her hands between her spread legs. She had pulled aside the crotch of her little bikini and had one hand down low, her middle finger thrusting rapidly between her engorged lips. The other hand hung over her clit while her fingers flicked back and forth with lightning speed.

I heard a moan, but from Lori's direction. Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to see what she was doing before I felt my cock strain upwards and the first load of pent-up ejaculate streamed up through the shaft and burst out the tip into Rachel's mouth. She only jerked back a little and almost immediately increased the pressure of her finger in my ass, while the other hand tightened around my shaft in a slow, milking stroke.

I almost got scared towards the end; the orgasm went on so long. Between hearing Rachel's obscene gulping sounds, the wet squelching from Deborah, the smell of arousal and the image of four ladies in sexy lingerie to stimulate my mind, I had never been so turned on or had such a powerful release. I even think the nervous sense of the forbidden - and the threat of possible repercussions, knowing my angry wife was watching - made the whole experience that much more exciting.

In the end, after Rachel had finished draining me completely and had given my cock one last kiss, I could only lay there in a semi-conscious state of bliss. I could barely feel my body and I had no interest in moving, much less confronting any of the issues that might be lying in wait for me and Sara.

Thankfully, I was left there to recuperate while the women went back to the bedroom to change. Sweet Deborah had laid a blanket on me before she joined them, and then for awhile I could only hear a distant murmur of their voices down the hall. At some point I heard whispering in the living room near me, then a few minutes later the front door shut.

When I finally opened my eyes, I was met with the vision of my wife standing over me, her long legs straddling my hips. Her face was in shadow and for a moment my stomach fluttered in fear. I even looked closely at her hands to see if she was carrying anything weapon-like.

It was then that I noticed that she had changed and was now wearing a black mesh cat-suit that contrasted well with her pale skin. Her head was framed in my line of sight by the prominent globes of her breasts stretching out the semi-sheer fabric, and just a minor twitch of my eye below that...there was split-seam crotch, and Sara was quite obviously not wearing any panties.

There was only a lamp on that I could tell, and it was on the settee behind Sara. Even with the little light there was, though, I could see her damp pussy lips glistening where they bulged down between her spread thighs.

I took a breath and opened my mouth, not exactly sure what I was going to say or what it would lead to, but liking the uncertainty even less.

Before my tongue could move, I heard a stern shushing sound from Sara. "Don't say anything," she warned me.

My heart sped up in fear and anticipation as she took two steps forward to plant her feet just to the sides of my shoulders. I stared as her knees bent and she slowly squatted down, exposing her pussy even further to the light from behind her. It was definitely wet, and very open. I could smell her excitement and I wondered if she had been touching herself earlier while watching Rachel's performance.

As Sara let her weight fall forward on her knees and her pussy squished softly against my face, I mouthed a thank-you to whoever was watching over me, for giving me the best Christmas present I could ever have hoped for.


It had been quite a torrid night of love-making and in the morning Sara and I started up again with renewed excitement. No words were uttered, thankfully -- I think we were both afraid of what questions might come, or what accusations might be implied by battered egos. I had a renewed curiosity for what it was that made Sara feel so beholden to Rachel that she would let her give me a blow-job. For that matter, I wanted to know exactly what had been planned during their drunken girls-day outing.

I was perfectly happy to let silence reign, however, given what she had allowed me to experience, both knowingly and not-so-knowingly. I had rarely lied to Sara, and then only about relatively little things just to spare her ego. I didn't want to explicitly do so if I didn't have to (I already knew I wasn't going to risk telling her everything).

Finally, though, we had to talk about something. After a long shower where we couldn't keep our hands off each other, she laughingly pulled my cock from where it had been inquisitively probing, saying that she was too sore to do anything else for awhile. I was only mildly disappointed as I guessed that I couldn't have come again anyway. She asked if I was hungry and I volunteered to help make breakfast if she agreed to stay naked -- or better yet, to wear her new lingerie.

She raised her eyebrows at me and smiled non-commitally, stepping out to grab some towels. She threw one at me then stood watching as I dried off.

"You know, we all agreed before they left."

I looked up at her, almost guessing what she was going to say.

"We can't say anything to the other husbands. 'We' meaning you especially."

"What are you saying?" I responded. "Like I ever talk about our sex life with those guys."

"Hmph!" Her eyes narrowed. "I'm not sure you should include last night in 'our sex life'," she said, making finger quotes. "In any case," she continued while she dried her breasts, then scrubbed distractingly between her legs, "if there's even a hint that you got to see the other wives' lingerie, even in the box, Joe or even Frank are likely to cross-examine something incriminating out of someone. You know how focused guys can get on anything remotely sexual."

I looked up from drying my legs to see her smiling sardonically.

It was my turn to snort and I threw the towel back at her. "Don't worry -- I wouldn't want to mess up my chances for it ever happening again."

I knew before the words left my mouth that I had gone too far. I was only joking, but even as I said it, it didn't really sound like a joke -- probably because I would naturally love for it to happen again.

Instead of laying into me or worse -- giving me the silent treatment for the rest of the day, Sara surprised me by simply turning her head and looking at me sideways. She seemed to be contemplating her words for a moment before she took a long breath and said, "I'm glad you enjoyed it so much." She came towards me and reached a hand down between my legs, smiling dangerously. "Maybe the ladies and I can work out some equitable arrangement," she said, giving my cock several long tugs.

I interpreted her words in their most positive light, for sure, probably because she followed them by kneeling down and taking me in her mouth. It wasn't until a few weeks later that their true import came back to haunt me.

But that's for another story.

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