Lingerie Loving Lesbians


"Would you like to show me what you are wearing?"

She stood up to let me take the floor. I let my gown slink to the floor. As I posed she smiled at me. I turned around to show her my g-string, I bent over slightly. When I turned around she had her legs slightly apart and was gently rubbing her pussy. I put my gown back on and walked towards her.

"Would you like a massage," she offered.

"Lovely," I said.

"But because I don't want to take off your sexy lingerie I can only do your neck and shoulders."


When was the last time I had a massage I thought to myself. We changed position so I was sitting on the edge of the bed and Emily was kneeling behind me. Her gentle hands did more caressing than massaging but I absolutely loved it. After a short while something came over me. I had an intense desire to lick her asshole.

"Your turn," I interrupted.


"Lie down on your stomach."

When Emily did I was able to better appreciate her fetish for nylon. There was something so lustful about the stockings stretching over her heels and covering a slender pair of already nylon clad legs.

I started by stroking her legs all the way up and down. My hands started to concentrate on her inner thighs and eventually her pussy. I enjoyed her tightly cleaved ass caused by the g-string. I put my hands under her stomach and pulled down her pantyhose to her mid-thigh. Two more layers to go until I could lick her behind. I decide to leave the flimsy g-string in place and pull it to one side as needed. I took my time in gently unclasping her bodysuit, sure that my attention to her pussy area would be welcome. Once undone I lifted up the bottom section so I could see all of her cheeks. I knelt down to kiss them all over occasionally letting my tongue loose. Finally I could take it no longer, I had to experience her ass. I first ran my tongue up and down her cleft then I parted her cheeks and g-string with my hands. In slow motion I descended my tongue on to her rose bud. The sensation was quite different from a pussy as you would expect. The flesh was a lot firmer and the muscle seemed to have a certain power and strength about it. I was enjoying myself and so was Emily. She started to lift her ass slightly in response to my licking. I became bolder and started to probe her inside with my tongue. Entry was difficult so I started using a finger to pilot my tongue in. Emily was softly groaning from time to time. After a while I abandoned the use of my tongue and forcefully put two fingers up her arse. Emily released the tiniest of squeals. With the help of a little spit I started pumping her arse with my fingers. How in such a short time had I found myself committing such dirty acts of sex? I was too far down the track worry about that now. Eventually I stopped and Emily rolled over on to her back.

"Your turn, I want you to sit on my face."

"As you wish Emily, but only if you lick my pussy."

She looked at me and giggled.

"I'll think about it."

I got up on the bed and started to straddle her.

"Other way, other way. You'll see why shortly."

I had knelt over her face so I was facing away from her.

I turned around and gently lowered my crotch so it was just above her face.

Emily slid herself up the bed sightly and started on my ass. She parted my cheeks and started probing my ass. I looked down to see Emily covered in lingerie, now with her pantyhose half way down her thighs where the garters attached to the stockings.

"See anything you like?" asked Emily.


With that she spread and lifted her legs and curled up her back allowing me a direct view of her pussy and arse. To make it easier for me she got her legs behind my back and gently encouraged me to lean forward to her pussy. I guess this was a 69er. I had had not been in this position before not even with my husband. I had only to pull her wet g-string to the side to be able to enjoy her. I lowered my head and started to lick her clitoris and burying my nose in between her lips. By now Emily was darting her tongue in and out of my own pussy. My arousal was increasing fast now and I was aware of my own moisture smearing Emily's face. Emily then went to my clitoris and started flapping her tongue over it. I reciprocated. Emily was getting there faster than me. When she started her orgasm she was sharply snapping her hips in to my mouth. This encouraged me to flick her clitoris with my tongue even faster. Her attention to me stopped as she squealed and groaned. I enjoyed her warm panting breath on my pussy. A few moments passed before Emily continued to take me to the end of my pleasure. She slipped one of her fingers deeply in to my pussy and removed it. She was licking my clitoris when she gently started entering my rear with her moistened finger. Although she had already orgasmed I continued to very softly lick her outer lips. Before long I was ready to orgasm. I felt weak and tingly and I was aware of the pores on my head and shoulders opening fully to release moisture from my overheating body. This climax was not as intense as my previous one on the couch but it seemed longer and deeper. During this intense feeling I must admit that I lost composure and was sucking on Emily's pussy, not in a stop start motion but with one continuous suction, breathing through my nose.

When all was done I put Emily's g-string back in place over her pussy although there was one of her lips that was sitting plumply outside of the material. The moistness in my kinckers had started to cool and I could feel it against my arse. I got down from the straddling position and lay down beside Emily facing the ceiling. She turned her head and gave me a peck on the cheek.

"Thank you," I panted.

"Don't say that, I enjoyed it too you know." Emily said firmly.

"Yes I know but.........I mean I have not been pleasured like that ever before and I feel like you have introduced me something I should have been doing years ago."

"Can I still stay the night?"

"What happens in the morning," I asked.

"I think a sleep in followed by some breakfast then...........I dunno," Emily proffered.

"Sounds good to me."

I smiled and kissed her gently on the lips.

"Good night sweetie."

With that Emily removed her pantyhose and high heels and attached the crotch of her bodysuit. We kissed a few times looking in to each others eyes.

"Goodnight," I said.

"Goodnight," she replied.

With that I turned out the bedside light and rolled over on my side. Emily did the same and moved in to position to spoon me. I held her hand to my stomach and we fell asleep.

Next morning:

I woke first the next morning. I got up and showered. I slipped in to some loose French knickers and my favourite brown silk gown. By the time I came out of the bathroom Emily was just awakening.

"I'll make some breakfast, okay."

She could only manage a whimper and nodded.

As I prepared breakfast I heard her turn on the shower. I felt good and still a little scared. I couldn't help but think I had done something terribly wrong.

"That will pass," I kept saying to myself.

Emily appeared in the kitchen wearing a pair of my black satin panties which kept revealing themselves through the same loosely tied mini gown she was wearing last night. Over breakfast we discussed mostly work but also about her future and ambitions. She hadn't decided on anything yet. I refrained from giving her too much advice, not that I had really had a career myself. After breakfast we cleaned up and went through to the lounge. I sat in the chair in the sun room.

"You don't mind if I read my book a little?" I asked Emily.

"No, that's fine. I think my nails need a file."

Emily got up and returned a minute later with a nail file.

As I resumed my book Emily sat down on the couch facing me. Although Emily was a honey, the book was good enough so that I wasn't taking much notice of her. It was only after a few minutes when I finished a chapter that I noticed how she was sitting. She was sitting, facing me directly with her feet on the couch and legs spread. Of course my eyes went straight to her pussy that was confined and bulging under the black satin. Emily was concentrating on filing her toe nails and had not noticed me looking at her, although she must have known the view I had. I started my next chapter with clitoris throbbing. It was useless. I had barely read a page when I decided I had to lick her one more time. I had to act quickly while she was in the same position. I put down my book. With that Emily looked up and saw me looking at her. She snapped her legs shut and continued filing her nails. I was determined and she was not going to deny me with that little trick. I walked over to her and knelt in front of her. Without saying anything I place my hands on the inside of her knees and forced them apart.

"Fuck me," Emily spat out suddenly. She grabbed my face with both her hands and pulled me in to her and started kissing me ravenously. My left hand dropped to her bulging pussy and I started to massage through the panties. Within a minute I was sucking her nipples and had two fingers pumping her. Emily started taking her panties off and slipped down so she was slouching the couch. She lifted her legs around her head so her ankles were behind her neck. This gave me full access to her clit. Within probably only 3 minutes of me deciding I wanted to pleasure her once more, Emily was orgasming under my tongue. Short and sweet.

I was not looking forward to this part. The goodbyes. I assumed it would be awkward. "Do you mind if I borrow some of your underwear?"

"Of course not." Emily spent a couple of minutes in my room. She came out looking a bit awkward.

"I have some things to do so I had better be off."

"Me too."

We kissed each other lightly on the lips then hugged.

"Well thanks for staying," I said.

"Well, we both enjoyed it. You've learned a lot and .....I owe you one."

"Emily, what happens at the office?"

"We'll see, one day at a time I guess."

"Good idea," I replied.

We said our goodbyes, not quite as awkward as I thought.

For the rest of the weekend I busied myself with housework, hobbies and family. I desperately needed to tell someone about this recent adventure of mine, but who?

Monday in the bathroom:

Monday came around and as it happened I had a morning of work to do to get ready for the rest of the week. Getting ready in the morning I was nervous. Obviously we could not reveal this affair to all and sundry at the office but the body language between us would be different. What to wear? What to wear? I decided to go with something not so sexy. I didn't need any distractions or encouragement. A pair of white, elastic, tummy high boy shorts for underwear, a simple white bra and a pair of sensible nude stay ups. I wore a pair of dark brown stretch pants with matching jacket with a plain white shirt underneath. As I walked up the stairs to the office my heart was thumping. What if Emily was already there? And even worse what if she was surrounded be a bunch of the other girls telling them about her after party antics?

Luckily nothing of the sort eventuated. Emily was not there at 8.40 when I arrived. I went to my desk only to happily realise that her desk was in full view of my seat. I would be able to ogle my 20 year old vixen from the comfort of my own desk. About 15 minutes later Emily walked in and oh my god!!! Firstly she was stunning and I began to feel flushed. Secondly her outfit was outrageous and extremely slutty. Emily was wearing stretch pink hot pants, a pair of tan lace top stockings held up by a broad white garter belt. On top she had a pale yellow short sleeved shirt that only came down to just below her belly button. Her high heels were also yellow. The overall effect of this was that I could clearly see the garter straps attached to her stockings below her shorts and also the garter belt itself around her tummy. I think I was the only one who saw her arrive and because her desk was right beside the front door she sat down before anyone could really notice. Once sitting she looked at my direction and smiled faintly and said good morning. It was only then that I noticed she had on a pair of reading glasses and she had put her hair up in a bun.

I actually managed to ignore her and get some work done which was just as well because I knew this day would not be a normal one. Dressed like that it was obvious that Emily had something planned.

At about 9.40 Emily caught my eye. I had not been looking at her for more than a second when she subtly waved something above her computer screen. The way she did it I was meant to see it but no one else. It looked like she had in her hand something beige coloured and soft. It took me a second to realise but she had a pair of nylons scrunched in her hand.

"5 minutes" she mouthed towards me while she held up her other hand with fingers spread. With that she pranced out of the office towards the bathroom. I enjoyed watching her slutty arse wiggle as she walked. What had I become? Only 72 hours ago the thought of kissing another woman would have slightly repulsed me, let alone spreading my legs to be molested by another woman. And here I was now planning to sneak off to the work toilets to make love to a female less than one third my age!! My heart began to quiver with the thought of our next encounter as if it were the very first time. But I was not sure if I was supposed to follow her. What did '5 minutes' actually mean? My question was soon answered. Emily gingerly stepped through the door but she had added to her already slutty wears. Over the top of her lace top stockings, her garter belt and her high heels she had put on a pair of light tan pantyhose. This only served to exaggerate the fact we could already see her underwear. When she walked (pantyhose over heels) towards her desk and turned I also noticed a yellow g-string cleaving her arse cheeks, this was over the top of her recently added pantyhose. The effect on me was immediate, my pussy was pumping. I was sold. Not only did I love the effect but here was this gorgeous 20 year old going to such lengths to seduce me.

My phone rang.

"If you want to know where I get most of my lingerie you had better me in the ladies bathrooms in 4 minutes."

It was halfway through her cryptic message that I realised who was talking. Emily then put the phone down, smiled and once again walked off towards the toilets. I was counting the time. I started to look around the room to see if anyone had noticed our interactions. I could not see anything unusual so my countdown continued. I busied myself by mostly shuffling papers around on my desk. Time was up. I confidently strode out from behind my desk towards the door. I walked down the hall towards the bathrooms. I entered gingerly. I was very unsure about this and to be honest I really felt like going back to my desk. In the bathrooms were 4 cubicles. I moved forward slowly, aware of the clip clop of my heels on the hard floor. Then I heard a voice like cough. Was that Emily. I assessed the cubicles from as far away as I could. I was almost certain that the only one locked was the farthest, the disabled persons cubicle. I moved towards the door and knocked and let out a tiny cough at the same time.

"Come in" said Emily in a slightly amused voice.

The snib clicked and I pushed through the door. My head was facing towards the floor and I shut the door as soon as I had entered. I was almost out of breath.

"Hi," I said panting.

"Hi," Emily replied in a whisper.

"Well first things first. The name of the place where I get a lot of my lingerie is Secrets in Lace."

I smiled at her.

"You'll have to write that down," I replied.

"I think I owe you..........."

The creak of the door closer was distinct. Some shuffling feet moved towards the cubicle 2 down from ours. At this point Emily and I silently lunged in to a hug. I looked down to see if our feet could be seen under the cubicle walls but the walls went all the way to the floor. Just as well or I would have been out of there. We released our grip on each other only to touch lips in silence. A few moments later our neighbour finished her business and left.

"I think I owe you one," said Emily.

"I haven't forgotten."

"Take a seat, I have a special surprise for you"

I sat down on the toilet seat. Emily knelt down in between my legs and started unbuttoning my shirt. She then slid one of my bra straps over my shoulder and started teasing my nipple with her tongue. I couldn't help but listen out for other people. I wasn't totally relaxed. Emily then stood up and turned around so her back was facing me and sat on my lap.

"Did you like my choice of lingerie?"

"I love it. I am amazed nobody noticed it."

Emily took my hands to her crotch and I started rubbing her through and under her hotpants. After a minute or two I had concentrated my efforts on her pussy although under her pants, pantyhose and g-string it was difficult to locate her sweet spots.

"You get to undress me," Emily stated as if this was a surprise to me.

She stood up and took my hands to the button on her pants. I undid the button then she bent over forward and let me slip her pants down to her ankles. Facing me was now a yellow g-string over the top of pantyhose and gartered stockings. I so loved the way the g-string split her arse so I lifted it up as high as it would go causing the pantyhose to pinch in around her cheeks. I then peeled off her g-string and resumed my massaging of her crotch. By now I had more feel and I could feel her lips parting as I caressed the seam of the pantyhose. Emily then put her hands under her pantyhose and started slipping them down her thighs. When all the way down Emily stepped out of her underwear and turned to face me. By now my pussy was moist and attentive.

"Take off your pants," Emily said forcefully.

I kicked off my shoes and Emily helped my take my pants off ripping them from my legs. I was exposed to her in nothing but bra and panties, and not particularly sexy ones at that. I panted at her pussy in front of me.

"Time for your surprise."

Emily moved her right hand towards her pussy reached in. I thought she was going to masturbate but she seemed to be entering her own pussy with another purpose. Emily slowly pulled out a pair of beige pantyhose. All I could say to myself was "oh my God."

I experienced a mix of emotions, disbelief, sensuality, surprise. The nylons were crumpled and glistening in places from her pussy juices.

"You can smell these while I lick you."

Emily handed them to me and I grabbed them like an addict getting their fix. While Emily got down to her knees I sniffed the pantyhose with one big inhale. I had never been so moved by a smell in my life. I was ready to orgasm right there. I kept inhaling.

Emily ripped off my stretch boy pants slipping them down my nylon legs. She started licking my clitoris. I could feel my pussy was dripping as it had never done before. I continued to inhale her juices spotted on the pantyhose she had gifted me. I was going to a whole other level and I knew I was losing control which scared me a little. I started dabbing my tongue at the pantyhose hoping to encounter her juices. I was about to orgasm faster and harder than I ever had before. By the slipperiness of her tongue over my lips and clitoris I could almost sense that my own pussy juice was dripping on the toilet seat cover. Waves of heat came over me and I started to tremble. I was breathing so hard my mouth started to dry out. Then it was upon me. The intense tingling of my labia and clitoris, the surges of pleasure coursing through my whole body like I had been injected with some drug. I was sniffing the pantyhose lapping up the musky sex smell they were imparting.

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