tagIncest/TabooLingerie-Loving Son Gets Mom

Lingerie-Loving Son Gets Mom


My name is Chris. I am a 19 year old male only child. I am 5'9", 145 lbs, with light brown hair and a tight, feminine body. I also have a passion for sexy lingerie. I have always been obsessed with it.....especially my mother's sexy undergarments.

My mom is 42 years old and she looks like she's 30. She is a 5'5", 125 lb, brunette bombshell with 34C breasts and sexy legs. She divorced my father almost 5 years ago and now I live alone with her....and her collection of hot lingerie. She works as a secretary.

When I was 17, I discovered her collection of lingerie. She had a drawers filled with sexy bras, thongs, garter belts, thigh highs, corsets, baby-dolls, and bustiers. Most of her collection was from Victoria's Secret and Frederick's of Hollywood. I was in heaven. I began to wear it whenever I got the chance. I felt so naughty and slutty when I had it on. However, I had to be careful that mom never caught me. Finally, one day she did catch me....and that's when things got even better!

It happened just a month ago. Mom was off at work and I was home alone. Around noon I decided to raid her hot lingerie collection. I dressed myself in her white, lace bra and garter belt outfit, with matching thong and white lace-top thigh highs. This was my favorite outfit to wear of hers. I laid on her bed and began to stroke my throbbing 7.5" cock. I wasn't paying any attention to noises in the house. Then, out of nowhere....my mom entered the room! I quickly sprang off her bed and covered my crotch, but there was no hiding. I was in deep trouble....or so I thought.

Instead of mom yelling though she smiled. Before I could get a word out, she told me to relax and lay back down. "It's okay Chris, I've known for quite some time. I've just been waiting to catch you." I was shocked. Then she said, "It turns me on...the thought of my son wearing my lingerie...like a naughty little slut. So let's have some fun. Trust me, it will be ok. Just relax Chris....or should I call you Chrissy?" My cock immediately ached for her. Then, she began to undress.

As she took off her work clothes, she revealed a sexy black corset with garter straps connecting to black, lace thigh-highs. She had on no panties at all! I could see my mom's hot, shaved pussy! I was in heaven! This was what I always dreamed of! As I lay on her bed, she reached into her purse and pulled out a 7 inch dildo! I watched as she connected it to a strap-on harness and put it on. "If you want to be mommy's naughty slut, mommy has to treat you like a naughty slut! So come over here and suck this cock! Make sure you get it really wet, because you KNOW where it's going after this!" I quickly got on all fours at the foot of the bed and began to suck the strap-on dildo. As my mom's "cock" went in and out of my mouth, I could smell the warm, sensual juices of my mother's pussy! I sucked for about 5 minutes, then I was told to turn around!

There I was, on all fours, on my mom's bed, while wearing HER lingerie, waiting to be fucked! Mom positioned her hot body behind me and pulled my thong aside, exposing my tight, virgin, "boy-pussy". She applied some anal-lube and began fingering my pussy. "Don't worry Chrissy, this will feel real good, I promise. If you want to dress like a naughty girl, you have to be fucked like a naughty girl!" Then, she stuck it in! I was being fucked doggy-style by my own mother....and it felt sooo good! I moaned in ecstasy, louder and louder. I felt every inch of my mom's "cock" go deep into my "pussy". Then, she told me to lay on my back. She tilted my legs up in the air and exposed my throbbing penis and my ravaged anus.

My "pussy" didn't get a long break, as mom began to fuck me missionary style. Her beautiful boobs were out of her tight corset, and my cock rubbed against her smooth, firm stomach. She continued to fuck me as she sat up and began to jack me off. I came almost instantly! It was the BEST ORGASM EVER!! Cum drenched my body and the lingerie that I still had on. Finally, mom finished by lapping up all of my cum! My own mother drinking her son's sex juices! She then leaned over and shared the warm spunk with me by french-kissing me. It was truly a dream "cum" true!

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