Lingerie Lust Ch. 01


We wandered around for a few minutes as several of the ladies made free with our bodies and then Jane announced, "OK, let the girls go and get changed into the last set." We returned to the changing room and indeed there was only one item left for each of us.

"I can't wear this, Mum!" She giggled and held up a pair of latex pants which seemed innocent enough until I saw a small dildo attached inside.

"You haven't seen mine!" I retorted, showing her a similar garment but with a double dildo - smaller on the inside but much larger on the outside. We stood there just giggling for a minute then I said, "That's show business! Let's get on with the show."

The notes called for us to be topless so I helped Debbie into her pants. I checked she was ready for it by slipping my finger inside her before carefully inserted the dildo into her pussy. It's a good thing she was as wet as I was down there, it slipped inside with no trouble as we both pulled the pants up tight. She did the same for me, including the finger check which lingered a little longer than necessary. Jane's notes said I should enter the room hiding the 'extension' behind my hands and not to reveal it until she told me.

Debbie led the way, confiding, "It feels strange, Mum. Like walking around with a man's thing in me. I could get used to this." She smiled.

"You should try this one - every time that great dong moves, I can feel the one inside me move too!" I wiggled my hips, causing the black penis to sway and bob. I felt every motion in my pussy.

As we entered, Jane started speaking again. "This is the final display ladies. These are from our extensive latex range. We just haven't time to show you them all but these are two of the ..." she made a dramatic pause, "... more interesting items. Come here please, Debbie." Deb stood in front of her as Jane reached round and pulled the front of her pants down exposing the dildo in her pussy. Folding the latex out of the way as best she could, Jane demonstrated the black rod, glistening with Debbie's juices, sliding in and out to my daughter's obvious pleasure.

"Lovely Debbie. Go and show the ladies. Meg ..." She beckoned me over, "Meg has another surprise for us." She motioned me to take my hands away and I walked towards her with that dong swinging with every step. It was doing things to me I never imagined and I felt the inside of the latex getting slicker and slicker as my juices flowed. Jane demonstrated the inner penis as she had done with Debbie and I was conscious of them all watching it slipping in and out. Jane encouraged me to join Debbie in showing it all to the ladies. At one stage I moved behind my daughter and caught hold of her. I pushed the black penis between her legs and started simulating the sex act while playing with her breasts. This brought a great round of applause from the audience before Jane called a halt with the words, "Ladies, weren't Meg and Debbie great models for us tonight? Thank you, girls."

We left to more loud applause and as soon as we got back to the changing room I hugged my daughter close and kissed her.

"Did you enjoy yourself tonight, Deb?"

"Oh yes, Mum. It was great!" With that she kissed me, but this was a full sexy kiss and I felt her tongue probing at my lips as she squeezed my breasts and rubbed her body against mine. "Can we go home Mum. Now?" Her voice was breathless with desire. We broke apart and quickly got dressed in our normal clothes. "You go and get the car started, I want a quick word with Jane," she told me.

I started the car and didn't have long to wait before Deb came out with a carrier bag in her hand. She got in and belted up. "What's in the bag?" I asked as we moved off down the road. She opened it and showed me the pants I had just taken off. "You've got a job to finish," she said, fondling the black penis. "And you're right, it sure was better than watching the soaps!"


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