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Lingerie Mannikin


It was quiet. That kind of quiet you find on a working day in the late afternoon. The hubbub of the street held the promise of only a few more hours work.

It was even quieter in the small Soho lingerie shop I was in. I was the only customer in the store. It was darkened, with the only illumination coming from low-voltage lamps which lit the mannikins, all dressed in their sexy best.

A young woman sat behind the counter. She was probably in her early 20's, very buxom, with short dark hair.

I'd come to look for an item I'd seen in the catalogue, and told her what it was.

It was a mesh bodysuit, which had very large holes, almost like a net, which would allow everything to be seen, but still held in place.

I asked to be shown a few other items as well, and she went off to get them.

I browsed a bit as I waited, looking at the dildos in the sex aid area, and the handcuffs.

I looked up when I heard her coming back a few minutes later, only to find her wearing the outfit I'd asked to see. She was plainly naked underneath.

She stepped up onto one of the pedistals that held the mannikins, all lit up, and faced me.

She was very well lit now, and I stared for a few seconds.

Her nipples were dark brown, and upturned, hard as little rocks, sitting on huge tits that looked to be an 'E' cup at least. I looked lower and saw that she'd shaved all around her labia, leaving only a short triangular stubble which started about an inch above her clitoris, pointing down at it like an arrow.

Here's the pussy, the arrow seemed to say.

I just stared, not saying a thing.

"This is part of our live model service," she said in a professional, calm tone.

"Feel free to pose me as you would like, in order to better examine your prospective purchase."

Then she lay down and spread her legs apart. The tiny strip of net covering her labia was pulled into it slightly.

"For instance," she said, "this is a popular pose."

She lay there, thighs spread wide, her cunt fully visible.

"What would you like now?" she asked.

"Let me think," I said, reeling.

I moved closer and stared at her pussy. I could feel her reacting to me--mannikin or not.

"Pull your knees up," I suggested, "I want to see how it fits when she's completely open."

She obligingly drew her knees up to her elbows.

"Wider," I said.

She obeyed.

Now her thighs were almost parallel to her body, and her vagina and anus were covered by the thinnest string of net, spread wide open.

I moved a step closer and looked.

I didn't know what kind of game she was playing, but I knew she was playing at something.

Her face was flushed, and her breathing was a bit ragged. And at this distance I could smell her musk--she was wet.

It made me a bit sick, and a bit angry. This complete stranger was getting her kicks by using me as a voyuer.

Okay little girl, I thought, wanna play?

I wasn't turned on now that the surprise was over, but I was about to turn the tables.

I adopted the calm customer tone that matched her emotionless salesgirl one.

"Put your arms over your head," I said.

She did.

I then reached down and began plucking at the net garment, catching he skin as I did so, touching her tits, and the sides of her body.

"Gotta see how tight it is," I said.

"Of course," she answered.

But her body betrayed her by trembling slightly at my touch.

I deliberately brushed her nipples as I reached across her, and pulled the crotch of her net suit tighter when I plucked the fabric. It disappeared into her sloshing hole.

"Stand up," I said.

She did.

I stood behind her and stripped the net suit off of her, in a deliberately slow and seductive manner. I ran my hands over her bare shoulders, and touched her back and ass. I heard her breathing get heavier, and felt her body trembling, my arm around her, resting on he stomach as I dropped the suit to the floor, making her naked.

I kept my hand on her belly as I said, "Had to see how it would work in that kind of situation." Then I pulled my hands away.

"Yeah--," she gasped slightly, "had to."

I then took her by the arm, and led her naked, back to the sex aids..

I picked up a huge dildo--probably a half-meter long, and as thick as a soda can.

I handed it to her.


Try it," I said, "see how it fits."

She looked at me, her eyes wide, and maybe a little frightened, but put the dildo on the floor with a suction cup attachment, and squatted over it. She positioned the head of it between her large external labia, and biting her lip, began to lower herself.

"Wait a minute," I said then, and she stopped--before it had moved inside her. She looked relieved.

Why was she doing things that scared her? What was going on? I certainly had never had this kind of pulling power before, and frankly, I didn't want it.

I had to make her tell me. Push her, I thought, make her talk.

"Rub it along the edge of your cunt first," I said, somewhat roughly.

She obeyed, sliding the huge thing along her pussy lips. I could hear a wet squishing sound as the slid along it.

"Seems like you're awfully turned on for a mannikin," I said.

She blushed, but didn't speak, continuing to slide the dildo along her cunt lips.


I reached behind her, as she kept on, and grabbed some furry handcuffs.

She didn't notice, partially becaues I think she was really getting close to orgasm.

"Stop," I said, grabbing he by the waist with both hands. I pushed her down, and she nearly fell over. She trembled as I lowered her down.

"Now do it," I said, "You should be wet enough."

She moved to obey, putting the dildo onto the floor as I held her.

The she lowered herself onto the dildo as I watched. Inch by inch, it disappeared inside her.

I reached over and grabbed her hands, setting a pair of cuffs on each wrist. Then I attached the lower cuff of each set to her ankle.

Now she was bound, wrists to ankles, with her pussy stuffed with such a long dildo that she couldn't rise off of it. The cuffs prevented her lifting her bottom up high enough without falling over.

"Let me complete the picture," I said, grabbing a handful of nipple clamps.

I put one pair on each nipple, so that four cruel clamps grabbed those lovely tits.

I have to admit to being aroused when I held them--they were larger than anything I'd ever touched before, heavy melons in my fingers.

She whimpered a bit as the clamps bit into her, but I was harsh.

"Keep fucking it," I growled, and she lowered her eyes, and obeyed.

Then I reached down and put a set on each labial lip. Four more clamps hit her.

She still didn't tell me to stop.

Now she was starting to lose a little control though--she had started to moan, and the jangling of the clamps was causing her to wince as she thrust into the dildo.

I pushed her over, then.

She hit the floor hard, unable to protect herself, and she cried out.


When she looked up at me, her eyes were full of tears, and she blubbered a bit as she said, "I was only doing what you wanted! I just did what you asked! There's no need to be mean n nn."

"Ohhh it hur-hur-hurts."

I hadn't expected that.

I'd wanted a reaction, some indication as to why she was doing this--why she was using me like she was.

I felt so bad.

And I felt turned on, too.

She was still crying, and her femininity got to me. She was so big-titted, with a wide bottom and so helpless.

The poor, helpless girl, I thought.

I sat down and held her, as she cried, taking off the clips, and touching her.

She bawled now, in my arms, still handcuffed.

My cock was like a rock, and becoming like a rocket.

She was sitting on my lap by now as I stroked her hair and face, running my hands all over her.

And she felt it.

I don't know why, but her crying made me want her so bad I could taste it.

I petted her and murmured.

"There, honey, it's okay."

"I've got what you need."

And I pulled my pants down.

She was so willing to do what I want that it blew my mind.

She swiveled around and slid her head down to suck me, tears still streaming.

"You needed this," I said, "You needed this."

"Ohhhh," she moaned, mouth on me," mmmmmmm,"

And she pulled her mouth off of me to say, "I need you sooo much! I need it now, oh please. Oh you hurt me so mu-u-uch"

Somehow she knew her crying was turning me on.

And by God it was.

She leaned forward, leaving her big hips up in the air, and her shaved fanny right there.

And she cried for me, begging me to fuck her, to give her what she really wanted, a good fucking.

"I need-d-d you," she whimpered, "to fill me up, to stick me and fuck me, and prong me, and ram me and stab me and ---"

I was in her fast, shoving my penis within her wet pussy as hard as I could, and as deep.

I was going to fuck this gorgeous cow, and fuck her hard.

My balls slapped her outer labia as i rammed, getting wet from all of her juices.

She was wailing now, a low keening moan that kept going, like a siren, "unnnnhhhhhhggggunnnhhhhhhggggggg."

I spanked her, slapping her ass as I fucked her, and she cried out, "Oh! Oh spank me! Spank me!"

I hit her harder and rammed faster, and then my hand found her slick anus. I rubbed the top of it, and she moaned out "nooooooo, nooo pleasssse not that oohh nnoooo."

"Oh yes I am!" I cried out, full righteous fucking fury ahead--"yes I am!!"

And i slid my thumb inside her well-lubricated asshole, feeling the squirming of the muscle ring, as she fought me.

I went as deep as possible, and hard.

And we both came like skyrockets.

"Oh God!"

"Oh Fuck!"

I shot my come deep into her pussy, filling her and thrusting and orgasming better than anything before. I had never felt such total victory over a woman. She was mine, tied and broken, and made to cry as I took her.

"Oh thank you thank you thank you," she groaned as we lay there, spent, "I've never been taken like that before. Only boys have had me until now. Oh God you took me. Oh baby."

I found out that she had dared herself to tease the first customer who had asked for the lingerie I had asked to see.

She was so used to being the one on top, and controlling the situation, that she had just broken completely when I pushed her over.

Her little girl self, broken and crying had taken me forever.

And she still does.

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