tagIncest/TabooLingerie Shop Fun Ch. 01

Lingerie Shop Fun Ch. 01


On Charisse's last day at the cabin, Jonathan decided he would take her to a lingerie shop as a surprise and see if they could find her a nice sexy outfit for her to model for him later on that night. He woke up that morning and made Charisse a light breakfast. He placed everything on a breakfast tray with care and went to the bed to wake her up. He set the tray on the nightstand next to the bed on Charisse's side and leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. Charisse's eyes fluttered open and she rolled over to pull Jonathan into her arms for their usual good morning peck. Her eyes lit up when she saw the breakfast tray Jonathan had prepared for her. He set it in her lap as she sat up in the bed and adjusted the pillows behind her.

"For you, my Chocolate Princess," Jonathan smiled.

"Awww, it's beautiful! And look, my favorite cereal, how did you remember?" Charisse inquired as she took in the sight of the breakfast tray. In the center of the tray was a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats. On either corner at that top of the tray was a cup of hazelnut coffee as Charisse refused to drink regular coffee and an orange which Jonathan had sliced into four pieces. Right above the bowl was a cute little porcelaine vase with flowers painted on it and a single yellow rose inside. Charisse inhaled the aroma of the coffee and the rose and felt as if she'd died and gone to heaven. She didn't know how she came to be so lucky as to have stumbled across this thoughtful, romantic man.

"I remember everything you tell me," Jonathan stated as he headed back to the kitchen for his own tray. He returned to the bed to see Charisse blessing her food. Jonathan admired that quality about Charisse. Neither one of them was overly religious but they both had their beliefs and blessing her food was the one thing Charisse did faithfully no matter where she was. Jonathan waited for her to continue blessing her food before joining her on the bed. He settled in and they ate their breakfast in comfortable silence.

Once they had finished eating, they adjourned to the shower to get ready for their day. He still hadn't told Charisse what his plans were for the day. He stood in the shower with Charisse as they bathed each other and closed his eyes as he pictured her in a sheer negligee or a baby doll outfit. He felt himself grow hard in anticipation of the evening to come and it did not go unnoticed by Charisse. They made love in the shower and gradually exited the shower and began to dress for the day.

"So, what's on the agenda for the day?" Charisse asked as she stood in front of the mirror brushing her teeth. Jonathan looked at her bent over the sink with a towel wrapped around her and couldn't understand why the most menial personal task could make him want to ravish her all over again. Jonathan shook his head to clear the sexual thoughts from it and replied telling Charisse it would be a surprise.

They exited the bathroom and finished dressing to get ready for their day. Jonathan donned his usual outfit of blue jeans, a t-shirt, and his raggedy tennis shoes. Charisse wore a blue jean mini skirt and a t-shirt to match Jonathan's and slipped on her sandals ready to get their day started.

Each day of the week had been something different and Charisse enjoyed every single moment. She climbed into the passenger side of the car and settled in wondering what Jonathan had in store for her that day. Jonathan ambled around the car to the driver's side after making sure Charisse was settled in and she watched his form enjoying the fluid way his body moved. She loved that Jonathan always made it an effort to open the car door for her whenever they went anywhere. He could never get her to sit in the car long enough once they reached their destination to open the door for her then, but he didn't mind. Just doing something simple like opening a car door, or holding a door open for her on any given building, made him feel a special connection to her. Not to mention, he wanted anyone in sight to know that they were together.

Jonathan slid in behind the driver's seat and reached over Charisse to open the glove compartment brushing the back of his hand across her breast intentionally. Charisse sucked in her breath at the tingling sensation that ran down her spine at the contact of his hand lightly brushing across her nipple and opened her eyes wide when she saw Jonathan remove a long box from the glove compartment and hand it to her.

"A gift...open it," Jonathan said, his brown eyes twinkling. Charisse looked over at him and smiled as she gingerly opened the box to view what was inside. Inside the box was a beautiful violet silk scarf. Charisse gasped at the sight of it and pulled it out to rub the silk next to her cheek.

"You like it?" Jonathan inquired, nervous that she was just trying to make him feel good about such a simple gift. He knew Charisse wasn't an extravagant type of person. She would never accept any type of jewelry from him, not being the type of person to wear jewelry. She didn't even wear a wedding band and although her ears were pierced three times each she rarely wore earrings.

Charisse smiled contentedly as she rubbed the silk against her cheek and felt her emotions begin to welling up inside of her. This was the first gift Jonathan had ever given her aside from the beautiful week they had just spent together and she was thrilled to have something tangible that she could hold on to to take back home with her along with her memories. Tears began to swell in her eyes as she thought of having to leave Jonathan in the morning.

Jonathan saw her eyes glistening and felt his heart contract at the sheer beauty of seeing Charisse's emotions written across her face. He reached over and ran his thumb under her eye just as a tear fell and caught the teardrop bringing it to his lips. Charisse watched Jonathan do such a simple loving act and felt herself grow warm all over. She shook her head and gathered control of herself and her emotions.

"It's a beautiful scarf Jonathan and I have the perfect outfit to wear with it."

"Well, you're going to wear it right now dear because there's a method to my madness," Jonathan responded taking the scarf from Charisse and placing it around her eyes using it as a blindfold. "It's not too tight is it?" Jonathan asked after tying the scarf behind her head.

"No it isn't, Baby. Kinda kinky. I like it."

"I bet you do," Jonathan chuckled leaning to grab a quick peck from Charisse's firm pouty lips before settling back on his side of the car to get ready for the drive into town.

They got to their destination, having made conversation along the way with Charisse once in a while trying to get Jonathan to reveal to her where they were going. Jonathan knew Charisse hated it when someone ruined a surprise for her so refrained from telling her anything. He parked the car, climbed out and walked around to help Charisse out of the car. He smiled to himself as he realized that this was the first time he'd ever been able to help Charisse out of a vehicle. He led her inside the store and finally removed the blindfold.

Charisse blinked her eyes adjusting to the light in the store and looked around. Charisse took in the sight of the different types of lingerie and underclothes made especially for women and laughed. Jonathan was certainly full of surprises and this one, she liked a lot. Jonathan watched Charisse's reaction and felt joy come over him at the happiness he saw on her face. Knowing he'd done something that made her face glow and her eyes light up with merriment made him feel as if he were on top of the world. He made a mental note to take her to a lingerie shop every chance he got.

They walked hand in hand throughout the store as Jonathan and Charisse pointed out different outfits and fingered the materials of the outfits. Then, simultaneously they both saw it. Not having to communicate with each other they both walked towards the sheer purple baby doll outfit complete with thong. The outfit was rimmed with black fur. Imitation fur, but fur nonetheless. Charisse and Jonathan reached up at the same time to remove the outfit from it's rack and knowingly smiled at each other. Jonathan couldn't wait to get back to the cabin for Charisse to model the outfit for him so he pulled her to the dressing room and gently closed the door. The doors to the dressing room were all high up enough to show the feet of anyone inside as a security precaution for the store. Charisse anxiously strippped herself of her clothing and Jonathan helped her to put on the outfit.

Charisse turned around and Jonathan sucked in his breath. She looked absolutely hot. The top of the baby doll outfit hugged her full breasts nicely and showed just enough cleavage. The outfit flared open just under her breasts and Jonathan could see the top of her thong just under her belly. The color of the outfit seemed to make her skin look even darker and smoother.

Jonathan sat down on the bench having felt his legs grow weak at the thought of what was to come later on that night. Charisse sashayed over to him with her sexy walk and straddled him, whispering in his ear as she played in his hair, "You ever done it in a dressing room?"

Jonathan felt his pulse quicken knowing what Charisse was up to. She didn't wait for an answer as she kissed him very thoroughly. Jonathan held on to her ample hips as she kissed him and grinded her pelvis onto him making him feel as if he would bust through his jeans. Charisse moved down and knelt before him releasing his throbbing hard on from his jeans. She took him into her mouth and Jonathan threw his head back unable to keep quiet from the pleasure she was giving him.

As Charisse was pleasuring Jonathan, the sound of his moans had escaped the dressing room. A sales associate curious as to what was going on, walked by and gently opened the door where the sensual sounds were coming from. She stood stock still as she watched this brown skinned woman sucking off a guy who's skin tone was a shade darker than hers. The man's facial features spoke of the Indian race. The woman was thick all around but sexy with it and the guy was slender but cut with it. He looked as if he worked out occassionally. The unlikely duo made her panties get wet as she stood there watching. She wanted to move and give them some privacy but her feet seemed to be glued to the floor.

Jonathan opened his eyes a brief moment and noticed the hot Latina standing in the doorway just off to the right. She hadn't moved from the spot where she was standing when she peeped in the door. It looked as if she tried to hide herself but Jonathan could see every inch of her body. She was a different kind of thick all solid and firm with breasts that matched the size of Charisse's and thighs that looked as if they could crush a walnut. Jonathan winked at her and saw her blink as if coming out of a trance. Jonathan cocked his head motioning her to come all the way inside to get a better view and as if being controlled by a puppet master, she complied.

Jonathan pulled Charisse onto his lap moving her thong to the side so that he could place his fingers into her already wet pussy. He slid his fingers inside easily and marveled at the fact that she was so wet just from sucking his dick. Normally, he would have to go down on her to get her this wet. He thought that it must have been the idea of being in a semi-private area in a public place that made her so hot and wet for him. Jonathan plunged his tongue into Charisse's mouth as he pumped his fingers in and out of her tight pussy feeling the juices run down his hand.

The girl stood inside the door watching in amazement at how connected the two of them seemed to be. She could see that this wasn't just sex to them. There were very strong emotions involved. She hoped that they would change positions in a way that she could see the girl's face. She knew he wasn't a bad looking man. Not supermodel fine, but attractive enough. Her wish was granted as Jonathan turned Charisse around and placed his nice thick cock inside of her. The woman didn't notice Charisse's face as she was mesmerized by the contrast of colors watching Jonathan's slightly lighter dick sliding in and out of the woman's dark pussy lips. The woman could feel herself getting wetter and licked her lips wishing she could join in.

Charisse opened her eyes after several moments, having kept them shut enjoying the feel of Jonathan's strong arms guiding her into position and the way it felt when Jonathan entered her waiting pussy with his thick, hard cock filling her up. When she opened her eyes, she noticed the hot Latina standing in front of them watching. Charisse thought she should be upset at this intrusion but it only served to turn her on more and she thought she should give this woman a show she would never forget. Remembering where she was, Charisse kept her sounds to a minimum but her movements became much more pronounced.

The woman looked at Charisse's face and sucked in her breath. She was a very nice looking woman and her eyes were so brown they looked almost black. The woman couldn't tear her own dark blue eyes away from Charisse's very dark eyes. The woman watched as Charisse's eyes seemed to get even darker with each gyration. The woman wanted to see what her tits looked like. If she had big areola's or small ones. If they looked as nice hanging out of the baby doll outfit as they looked all snuggled up inside. She was itching to just walk over and release them and play with them. She had never been with a woman before, having tried to fight her attraction for them due to her family beliefs that it was just wrong to be attracted to both sexes. Seeing the two of them together awakened feelings inside of her that she thought was buried. She'd never seen two people make love in person before. And making love is what they were doing. It wasn't sex and it wasn't fucking. They were making love. They were communicating with their bodies what they felt for each other emotionally. She could see it in each of their eyes.

Charisse felt her orgasm come on at the intense look this woman was giving her and began to grind faster and harder. Jonathan, having noticed how the woman was looking at Charisse was close to his orgasm as well and Charisse certainly wasn't making things easier the way she was grinding on him. He felt Charisse's pussy lips begin to tighten on his dick and knew she was on the verge of cumming. He wanted to cum with her and allowed the feeling to take over his body.

The woman watched as Jonathan and Charisse both threw their heads back in pleasure and allowed their orgasms to overtake their bodies. They didn't scream out their release verbally but their bodies showed her just how intense the orgasm was for each of them. She watched their bodies tense up, heard their breathing coming in fast short gasps and continued to watch as both of their bodies began to spasm uncontrollably enjoying the way they held on tight to each other. She grinned knowing that the man would have bruises on his legs later from how hard the woman had gripped them. She slipped out of the room before they finished coming back down from their orgasm and found a restroom to relieve her own sexual tension.

Jonathan and Charisse exited the dressing room, once again composed as if nothing had just transpired just a few short minutes ago. Charisse could still feel her pussy lips twitching from her orgasm. There was something about that hot Latina woman watching them that made Charisse crazy. She wished the woman would have hung around longer so that she could at least find out her name. They went to the counter and Jonathan, thinking like Charisse was, asked about the Latina. The woman behind the counter rang up their purchase and explained that the Latina woman was on break and wouldn't be back for an hour.

They left the store and climbed into the car having to pull over into a secluded spot on the way back to the cabin as they were still hot and aching for each other. After making love in the car and being on the road again, Charisse looked over at Jonathan and nonchalantly stated that there was something she forgot to get at the lingerie store.

Jonathan, knowing exactly what Charisse was thinking turned the car around and headed back in the direction they had just come from.

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